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Travel Tips

  • When traveling with pets in extremely hot weather, you will want to make sure the air conditioning...

  • As far as feeding your pet, you might want to curb the usual amount so as not to create too many...

  • If you and your pet are the active sort, bring plenty of towels. You can wipe your feet at the...

  • If you know your dog will jump on the furniture and bed, bring a couple of sheets to use as...

  • Check ahead for daycare and pet sitters before you travel. Needing one may present itself when you...

Recent Articles

  • Adventures in Pet Sitting

    Adventures in Pet Sitting: Woofs & Wine in the South of France

    Adventures in Pet Sitting: Woofs & Wine in the South of France

    It’s impossible to regard housesitting as a job when the rewards last a lifetime.

    By Jane Thomas

    When nursing a broken heart—or a severely dented ego—three things are essential to recovery: a stunning location, free-flowing wine and dogs. A brutal twisting of events saw me spending a new year’s eve scouring the Internet for the...

  • Woodinville’s Wine Country

    Willows Lodge sits at the heart of your wine tasting experience in Woodinville

    Over 100 wineries welcome you and Fido to partake of the sights, smells and tastes of this growing wine country.

    By editor, Nicholas Sveslosky

    Passion is infectious. Any wine enthusiast and dog lover who wishes to be infected with passion

    should grab Fido and head to Woodinville Wine Country in Washington. With over 100 wine tasting rooms, and the variety of wine makers and personality to go...

In The Blog

  • We are loopy for Loopies!

    What goes best with a water-loving Lab you ask? It’s the Water Loopie from  

    After you soak the toy, toss it in the water to be retrieved. The pretzel shape lifts the dogs face high on the water decreasing ear infection and water intake.

    With six ends to grab and made of neoprene, they float no matter how soaked they get providing hours of beach, pool or lake fun.  Nylon bite...

  • TopVet Splash Pet Shampoo

    I was sent a bottle of Splash Plus Clear Skin Shampoo to try out on my black Lab, Junior. Junior and his rescue brother Jake travel all over the country with us each year for our annual pet adoption tour: Get Your Licks on Route 66®. So many different climates to be exposed to and Junior seems to be bothered the most with itching.

    Recently he had be scratching, we call it the ‘spring scratch' so...