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5500 and Counting

Making America a no-kill nation, one painting at a time

Those of us involved in rescue try and do our part. We may volunteer our time at the local shelter, take pets to a venue for adoption day, foster a rescue and of course, adopt our dogs from a shelter.

But what if one day an idea began to form; an idea that you could do more? Two people, Mark Barone and Marina Dervan had such an idea and this is their story.

Successful artist Mark Barone is painting 5500 portraits of dogs who have been killed in shelters. Eventually, these works of art will be housed in a museum to help bring about social change and with the goal of raising twenty million dollars. One hundred percent of the monies raised will be donated to no-kill shelters, rescue and foster groups, towards medical needs, spay and neuter costs, rehabilitation programs and marketing campaigns for education.

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