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Animal Aid USA

When true magic happens.

You might think of fairy tales and slaying dragons when you hear the word “prince.” But this story doesn’t involve goons or goblins, or mermaids and elves. It does however involve magic, from a real life prince living in south Florida.

Prince Lorenzo Borghese has a rich heritage steeped in Roman culture and art. His storied paternal ancestors include the cosmetics icon Princess Marcella Borghese, Napoleon’s sister Paulina Bonaparte Borghese as well as Pope Paul V (Camillo Borghese) and Cardinal Scipione Borghese, who both had an enormous influence on Italian art and also helped finish St. Peter’s Basilica (where the Borghese family name and crest appear). And instead of spending time in the towers of castles saving damsels in distress, this down-to-earth real-life prince charming is an animal welfare activist and humanitarian who has saved the lives of thousands of four-legged friends.

Borghese might be most recognized as “The Bachelor” from ABC’s reality show. Or you may have seen him on UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, or Esquire network’s Lucky Bastard. But the handsome prince is using his celebrity status to save homeless animals.

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