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Honey Creek Resort State Park

Plenty of places to roam with your dog along the shores of Rathbun Lake.

By Susan Sims, Publisher

Wow. Double wow and double bow wow wow. If you find yourself lucky enough to be in Iowa, make a trip to the Honey Creek Resort located in a state park!

Last October we checked in mid-week and beat the crowds. It was a beautiful Indian Summer day so we took our dogs down to the beach for a game of fetch. It was only later that I learned the beach was off-limits to our furry companions. Ooops! I do understand however as at peak seasons I am sure the beach would be packed with family enjoying the lake.

We stayed in cabin number six within walking distance to the lodge and Rathbun Lake, the second largest lake in Iowa. Our cabin boasted two bedrooms and two baths with full kitchen and dining room with living room and fireplace. It was nice and cozy and near the lodge and restaurant.

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