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In Tune with Katrina Parker

Before Parker had the opportunity to share her voice with the nation, a health issue forced her to take a two-year break from music. Following her recovery, a friend convinced Parker to attend a private L.A. audition for season 2 of NBC’s hit show The Voice. She gained a spot on Team Adam led by Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and talks with FIDO Friendly on how that experience changed her life.

FIDO Friendly: How have things changed for you as an artist since being on season 2 of The Voice?

Katrina Parker: Wow, how hasn’t it changed me? For me it wasn’t just something that gave me exposure, I think that it has transformed me in a lot of ways. Everything about it was out of my comfort zone, and everything was a challenge. Doing the show was so hard and such a challenge for me personally and professionally and it really changed me, it showed me that like the plants that only get as big as the pots they are planted in, you have to put yourself in to a bigger pot.

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