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Molly Tuttle—A Kind and Conscientious Fashion Blogger

A documentary inspired a total life change and the creation of a unique blog.

By Penny Eims

Molly Tuttle’s Popular Blog, Fashionveggie, something that she refers to as her "passion project," was not a well-planned out venture. Instead, she tells FIDO Friendly that it was a "very impulsive move." The blog, which includes fashion, books, travel and more, came to be after Tuttle watched a screening of the documentary, Cowspiracy, with her boyfriend on October 15, 2014. She told FIDO Friendly that she turned to her boyfriend at the conclusion of the movie and said, "well, I am going to be vegan now."

One month later, her Fashionveggie blog was created. Tuttle had never followed blogs in the past and she never considered creating her own, but after making the life-changing decision to become vegan, she knew that her biggest challenge would be transitioning away from wearing leather. After searching the Internet for a vegan fashion blog to follow, and coming up empty handed, she decided to do it herself—Fashionveggie was officially born. Tuttle told FIDO Friendly that she "loves knowing that she is helping the animals by making animal-friendly shopping more accessible for the mainstream."

Tuttle refers to herself as a free-spirited animal lover with a passion for fashion—on her blog, she explains, "it has become a passion of mind to find beautiful and unique pieces that are animal friendly. I want to help people express themselves and find their personal style, all while being kind and conscientious—and having fun!"

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