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Mutt Everest

Rescue dog, Rupee becomes the first dog at Mount Everest Base Camp!

When Joanne Lefson, an animal rights crusader, and a former professional golfer rescued Rupee, he had minutes to live. Born and ‘raised’ on a hot, dry dumpsite in an Indian desert, Leh, Northern India, Rupee was on death’s doorstep. At five months of age, Rupee is hardly the picture of health. He is dehydrated and very thin. Rupee’s neighborhood is abundant with strays. There are no shelters here in Leh.

“In Leh, you cannot buy dog food and resources are incredibly scarce. Many people that have adopted a street dog, feed them the basic diet that they themselves eat, chappati, rice and dal-Laddaki food. His first veterinary visit was in Delhi where he got his full check-up and all the vaccines needed to fly to Nepal and back to South Africa,” explains Lefson.

Joanne and Rupee started off their journey on Expedition Mutt Everest in the Himalayan town of Lukla on October 12, 2013 with the intention of raising awareness for all homeless dogs and to promote adoption.

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