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Paw & Order: Fido as Sherlock Bones

Sherlock Bones meets Paw & Order
Taking a bite out of crime, one canine at a time.

CSI MOVE OVER, Sherlock Bones is in town, and he’s here to deliver paw and order. The scales of justice swing in Fido’s favor with canines working in tandem with humans,  unearthing what only a dog’s nose knows. From arson investigators and evidence finders to cadaver dogs and bomb detectors, dogs have earned their rightful place as law enforcement ambassadors.

When it comes to keeping kids safe, Siren is on the scene, ready for action. 
Photography Dayna Hilton

Safety first. That’s the message of fire safety dog, Siren. 
Photography Dayna Hilton

Fire safety dog, Siren, checks in for any Facebook messages. 
Photography Dayna Hilton


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