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Historic German city in Gillespie County is a howling delight!

By Susan Sims, publisher

Put on your walking shoes, leash up your friendly Fido and head to Fredericksburg where 150 shops stand ready for your visit. Many shops are Fido-friendly and should your four- legged companion need a respite while you soldier on to boutiques and restaurants, simply saunter over to Dogologie where doggie products line the walls and where for an hourly rate, you can crate your furry companion at The Dog Pause.

Where else can you shop till you drop and when Fido is not allowed in a certain establishment have him cared for right in town? Located inside Dogologie, The Dog Pause offers an affordable place to safely leave your dog while you enjoy all that Hill Country has to offer. This is especially important should you wish to visit the National Museum of the Pacific War. The six-acre museum boasts interactive exhibits serving as reminders of the war with heart wrenching stories. Reservations at The Dog Pause are suggested for the weekends.

Flora and Fauna

You and Fido will love the eye candy over at Wild Seed Farms where you won’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. Beautiful rows upon rows of flowers grown on acres of open fields prompts you to visit the garden shop to purchase a little bit of Texas to take home and grow your own. Dine al fresco with Fido at Brewbonnet Biergarten and experience domestic beer and Texas wines with specialty food products and sandwiches.

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Magazine  >  Issue 64  >  Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole

Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole

Four Seasons Resort And Residences Jackson Hole redefines “ski bum.”

By Nicholas Sveslosky, Editor

There are few locations with an atmosphere of luxury, skier’s edge, stellar views, top spa treatments, seclusion opportunity and a chummy socialization environment, and of course the Mangy Moose Bar. And it’s not surprising that one of the top ski resort hotels is at the number one US rated ski resort. Jackson Hole Wyoming has been touted the number one ski destination three years in a row from 2011-2013 by Forbes Magazine, and number one in 2013 and 2014 by Ski Magazine.

The awards for both Jackson Hole and the Four Seasons Resort And Residences Jackson Hole go on and on: Four Seasons Resort And Residences Jackson Hole received Top Honors from leading travel authorities AAA, as well as Conde Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure in 2014, and have been the only five star and five diamond resort in Wyoming since 2006; and the town of Jackson, Wyoming was recently awarded the AFAR Experiential Travel Award for Best Domestic Destination in 2014. Basically, this is a great place to plan your ski vacation. And your petite pooch is welcome to tag along with you.

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Fido’s Inner Zen

If you’ve ever wondered whether Fido needs a few more different activities, perhaps more relaxing, yet fun like doglates, doga, dog paddling, surfing or even canoeing, you may just be on the right track.

By Claudia Bensimoun

Today more and more dog lovers are using non-traditional healing techniques for mind and body in the forms of new canine exercises and sports. By focusing on what keeps Fido calm, focused and content, dog lovers can learn to appreciate the importance of keeping Fido Zen, or in the moment. Just ask these dog experts who are not only committed to keeping Fido happy, but for their quest in seeking out what really makes our furry best friends Zen.

According to dog toy expert, Nina Ottosson, Sweden, her dogs feel Zen when out hiking in the forest and picking wild mushrooms.“We love to be in the forest, there we walk, train, track and pick mushrooms. At home we play with my games that my dogs really love to do as well. This is our Zen to feel good. I think the most important for the dogs is to be with their family, and don´t leave them alone too long, because dogs are flock animals. Dogs need activities, and love to discover new things together with their owners, but this can be to go for walks in new areas with new smells, as well as training for new tricks,” says Nina Ottosson, Dog Activity Toys and Puzzle Games, Sweden.

“We know that dogs give us unconditional love. Return that love with love for your dog,” says Dr. Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, MRCVS, Tufts University “If a dog has all his basic needs met, combined with an entertaining environment such as interesting hiking trails, different woods to explore, good veterinary care, regular attention to health and wellness, regular feed times and his essential needs are being met, you’ll have a Zen dog,” explains Dr. Dodman. “A Zen dog is when every need is met. Dogs need to shake it up. Variety is the spice of life.”

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Magazine  >  Issue 64  >  Swiss Icon Barry

Swiss Icon Barry

Rescue dog from the 1800’s receives recognition, and gets exhibition of his own.

By Deborah Stone

You may have heard of Barry der Menschenretter, as his fame is global. Over the years, poems and novels have been written about this legendary dog’s feats and movies have documented his prowess and courage. There’s even a monument to him that stands at the entrance of an elaborate pet cemetery outside of Paris. Regarded as the most well-known rescue animal in the world, Barry is also viewed as a symbol of Switzerland and a shining example of loyal help and service.

“Born in 1800 in the Hospice at the Great St. Bernard Pass, a charitable travelers’ shelter high in the Swiss Alps, Barry became a companion to local mountain guides, who helped those in need. Dogs such as Barry were originally of mixed breeds and their sturdy bodies, strength and excellent sense of direction were well-suited to the harsh and forbidding environment in which they worked. One of their most important tasks was to locate snow-covered paths and to break trails through deep snowdrifts. Upon discovering those travelers who had succumb to exhaustion and cold and become buried in the snow while attempting to cross the pass, the dogs would bark furiously to draw attention to these unfortunate souls. This special collaboration between man and dog proved to be extremely successful and over the next 200 years, more than 2,000 lives were saved within the region.

Of the dogs that assisted in this endeavor, Barry made an indelible impression on those who knew him. He was the most tireless helper and is credited with rescuing more than forty people from an icy death. After twelve years in the mountains, Barry left the Hospice. A monk took him to Bern, where he died peacefully at the ripe old age of fourteen. By then, he was already a household name to many. Subsequently, the head of the Hospice arranged for a taxidermy mount to be prepared for Barry’s posterity and put on display in the original Natural History Museum of Bern.

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Magazine  >  Issue 64  >  Brandon McMillan

Brandon McMillan

Brandon McMillan, TV host of the CBS weekly series, Lucky Dog, is passionate about rescue.

Interview By Publisher, Susan Sims

Brandon McMillan, host of the weekly CBS TV series, Lucky Dog, is passionate about rescue and concerned over the epidemic of pets being euthanized in shelters across the United States.

As a young boy who grew up with exotic animals like tigers and bears in the house, Brandon learned compassion and understanding of animals at an early age. He sat down with FIDO Friendly magazine publisher, Susan Sims recently to talk about the success of his TV series, training animals and his latest project to train service dogs for wounded veterans.

FIDO Friendly » Congratulations on Lucky Dog being picked up for its second season, are you surprised at the shows audience being so receptive?
Brandon McMillan » I am and I’m not. I’m surprised at how fast the show has gained steam and the overwhelming support I’ve gotten from people all over the world for my mission. Having said that it never ceases to amaze me how dog lovers come together and stick together so strongly for such a serious cause. This mission is my everything. I pour my heart, sweat and tears into it. I just want to represent shelter dogs the way they should be.

FF » What is your earliest memory of growing up with animals?
BM » I must have been two and my mother was feeding a baby tiger in one arm and she had me in the other. We were both her babies. We grew up together. I remember walking around the house when I was a little kid probably three years old and we would have baby tigers and bears walking around us. It was normal; it wasn’t a strange house. At first if you walked in there you would think it was like Ace Ventura; that was just the norm. We had a house full of exotic animals. You name it, my parents trained it.

FF » Did you think as a young person you were looking at any of these animals as pets or were you instructed otherwise?
BM » No, pretty bad idea to treat animals of that caliber as pets. Usually the people who treat a 300-pound cat as a pet, that’s who generally does not make it out alive. One of the first rules my parents taught me when I was young was know your animal and respect it. It didn’t matter if you were training a tiger or a Chihuahua, they always told me to understand the animal and how it works.

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Magazine  >  Issue 63  >  Timeless


Journey back in time to the Hotel Del Coronado.

Thirty-Two years ago, my husband to be took me for a romantic holiday to the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California. Built in 1886, the historic hotel was a fine example of how a landmark can be restored and maintained by keeping the ‘bones’ of the building while offering new and modern conveniences.

Fast-forward to June this year and wowza, the grand lady looks fabulous and Fido is welcome to join you!

What was different? For starters, walking to the beach through the corridor where photos of the past adorn the wall, you will find the fun and Fido-friendly candy/dog shop Spreckles. Spreckles beckons you and Fido to step inside to enjoy the sights and smells and choose a yummy chocolate turtle for yourself and doggy cookies for your pal. This is also a great store to bring something back for Fido just in case he was not able to make the trip with you. Artwork of the stores black Lab namesake, Spreckles, adorns the walls along with fun photos of dogs just being dogs.

Walking with your leashed pal on the beach is a must and a few miles down the coast is the famed dog beach. Release the hounds and let them enjoy romping in the surf with other friendly Fido’s for as long as you like and as long as your dog’s stamina will allow.

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Magazine  >  Issue 63  >  Ski and Explore New Mexico

Ski and Explore New Mexico

Luxury, great people, amazing culture and most importantly, dog gone fun!

Hidden from highways and byways, New Mexico had time to grow deep in its cultural roots before major transit brought tourists into this artist colony. Known for their artistic movements in sculpture and design, adobe style buildings, vast and talented Native American communities, a huge alternative healing and spiritual community, and the many shades of brown, New Mexico is a culturally rich destination for you and Fido to explore.

Whether it’s skiing some of the steepest terrain in North America in Taos, taking in the rows upon rows of art galleries in Santa Fe, or bonding with locals of Red River, there is something for everyone in New Mexico.

Just off the plane on your way to Santa Fe, and a little hungry? Head over to Body, an all vegan-organic health food restaurant, yoga and spa studio. Dogs are allowed and you can rent a private room or dine al fresco with Fido. The food is deliciously healthy, and though you may not be able to pronounce most of what is on the menu, you will, however, be taken through each item by the very friendly staff who are eager to see you healthfully satiated.

After your glow from this organic health food spa, it’s time to head to your first stop in Santa Fe. The town of Santa Fe is an artsy colony type of town that people drive thru and end up moving to. You’ll likely adopt adobe architecture and find out how many different shades of brown there really are!

There are a few hotels you and Fido will want to cool your heels at. Believe it or not, Santa Fe has one of the few Four Seasons Resorts that does not have a weight restriction for dog visitors. Perhaps that’s because they have large jet tubs in each room. Unfortunately, Fido will have to watch from the sidelines on that one, while you bliss out to candles and enchanting music. Don’t worry; there is plenty for you and Fido to explore at this resort.

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Magazine  >  Issue 63  >  Leashes and Lovers / Lesson number 19

Leashes and Lovers / Lesson number 19

A dog’s guide to “stay” in a relationship.

By Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Lovers Matchmaker

Dogs are amazing guides for us to learn how to sustain a relationship and they reveal that with three rules: A Blank Slate, Loyalty, and Compromise.

First, dogs live like every day is a Blank Slate—an opportunity to begin anew, and forgive and forget.

For instance, isn’t it amazing how your dog comes running to greet you every time you come home, no matter how you behaved toward your dog before you left? It’s as if the slate is always wiped clean and you have a fresh start with every entrance. Your dog is always delighted to see you and say, “Hi!”

Anne (a reporter/anchor), laughingly admits she’s a little envious of her husband’s diverted attention. “When it comes to the first kiss in the door when my husband comes home from work, he goes straight to Henry [their dog], and he gives Henry kisses first, so if anyone’s getting a little jealous in this family, it’s a little bit of me.”

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Magazine  >  Issue 63  >  FIDO Friendly Presents 25 Days of Gift Giveaways

FIDO Friendly Presents 25 Days of Gift Giveaways

On the first day of gift giving my human gave to me! The pupular 25 days of gift giving is back, where one lucky pup wins a prize each day of December! It’s easy to enter and luck of the draw if you win. Go to and enter daily for your chance to win one of these Fido FABulous prizes!

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Magazine  >  Issue 63  >  Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar

Sixth annual month long pet adoption tour Get Your Licks on Route 66® spokesperson.

Interview by Publisher, Susan Sims

This year’s Get Your Licks on Route 66® Official Spokesperson is actress, best-selling author (Math Doesn’t Suck, Kiss My Math) and animal lover Danica McKellar. Danica, best known for her role as “Winnie Cooper” on The Wonder Years, was recently seen competing on Dancing With The Stars.

FIDO Friendly » What is the memory of your first dog growing up?

Danica McKellar » Growing up we had always had cats as pets…but then when I was about 13 we got a German Shepherd named Jarro—we pronounced it Yarro—he was actually from Germany, where he had been training as an attack dog.

We got him because during my time on The Wonder Years I’d been receiving threats from some disturbed funs. Jarro came to us as a very professionally trained all-business animal but it wasn’t long before he became a beloved family member and big bundle of love.

FF » How many pets did you share your home with?

DM » For the majority of my teenage years we had Jarro and our two cats Sabrina and Puffers. The cats were great, but of course very independent as cats are prone to be. Jarro was amazing; he obeyed every command but also somehow knew when you were upset and he would come right up to comfort you and not leave your side if you were having a bad day. He had these big brown eyes and he always seemed to be smiling.

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Magazine  >  Issue 62  >  From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love

For Medalist Gus Kenworthy and his friend Robin Macdonald, rescuing and re-homing abandoned strays from the streets of Sochi, Russia was all in a day’s work.

Back in early February, 2014, the world was shocked at the culling of stray dogs prior to the Winter Olympic Games. Sochi, like many places in Russia, is home to several thousand stray dogs. Olympic silver medalist, Gus Kenworthy, an American freestyle skier, AFP Overall World Champion for the 4th year in a row and avid animal lover from Telluride, Colorado, competing in slopestyle at the Winter Olympics was saddened by what he saw. Together with his friend, Robin Macdonald they pledged to bring some of the dogs back home. Kenworthy and Macdonald share some insights into why dog adoption plays an important role in their lives.

“I instantly fell in love with the dogs and felt that I needed to do anything I could to bring them back to the US with me. Luckily, my friend Robin Macdonald was in Russia with me and he was able to deal with the process of bringing them home,” explains Kenworthy. “A lot of the dogs that were rescued were brought back by members of the media, staff, spectators and coaches in addition to the athletes. The Sochi strays got a ton of attention because the whole ordeal was taking place during the Olympic Games. I would definitely encourage anybody to rescue an animal whenever they get an opportunity, whether that’s while they are traveling, or just rescuing a pet from their local shelter.”

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Magazine  >  Issue 62  >  The Benefits of Canine Retreats

The Benefits of Canine Retreats

Top Dog Sports Camps—Where Fido can be the camp champ.

For dog lovers dreaming of their own perfect pet vacay with Fido, canine camps are guaranteed to capture every dog lover’s quest for adventure. With so many stimulating canine camps to choose from, you can work up a thirst hiking and participating in your favorite dog-related sports. Canine sports camps are committed to not only the perfection of all dog sports, but to giving back the fun that all pet parents should have with their dogs, in a way that is making a real difference. When you sign up for dog camp with your best friend, you’re both in for a fun time.

Hikes, agility, dock diving, nosework, herding, clicker training and plenty of other exciting activities for both you and Fido have been especially crafted so that no matter your energy level, everyone can enjoy their experience. Depending on both you and Fido’s level of fitness, age and health, you can choose to sign up for less strenuous activities, or just hang out and enjoy the beauty of the Montana landscape where Yellowstone Dog Sports is located.

Located near Red Lodge, Montana, Yellowstone Dog Camp offers canine massage, agility, swimming, dock diving and even nosework..

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Magazine  >  Issue 62  >  Psychology Leashes And Lovers

Psychology Leashes And Lovers

When you’ve had a bad day, your dog can sense your fatigue and apprehension.

Silence is more than just the lack of sound. In the right hands, silence can be salve for your wounds, a place for you to grow, a doorway to enlightenment, and even a classroom for those of us seeking stronger, longer human relationships. When sitting quietly with your dog for a few moments, you can practically feel your blood pressure go down.

And, it’s as if when you’ve had a bad day, your dog can sense your fatigue and apprehension. He may simply come and sit beside you, nuzzling his wet nose against your hand with no need for words, as if his presence is enough.

But how can silence help us communicate more effectively? After all, silence is the lack of communication, right? Wrong. Silence is merely the lack of sound. And if dogs can teach us anything, it’s that you don’t need sound to communicate.

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Magazine  >  Issue 62  >  Loews Coronado Bay Resort

Loews Coronado Bay Resort

A Dog Lover’s Dream

Sometimes what makes a great Fido-friendly destination is an excellent location and what activities there are available to experience with your dog at and around the hotel. Other times, it may be the amenities and hotel staff going above and beyond to welcome you and your dog that make for a special destination. And on rare occasions, a destination excels at all of the above. Loews Coronado Bay Resort has it all!

FIDO Friendly was lucky enough to review the Loews Coronado Bay Resort several years ago. Pups and dog travelers alike will love the 28 million-dollar newly renovated digs at this resort. New bar, new rooms, new everything, but one thing true to the Loews Coronado resort remains the same, and that’s the Loews Loves Pets program.

Included in your stay are pet amenities of food dish and water bowl, complimentary clean up bags for Fido’s business and a flyer of the do’s and dont’s of the Loews Coronado Bay Resort pet rules. There are several relieving stations around the property, and a short walk to the gate will take you to a small grass area to run around for those Fido’s on voice command. Also included, is a list of Fido-friendly restaurants, groomers, daycare options, dog parks and veterinarian locations a short distance away from the hotel.

There is plenty to explore at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort, which is situated within the seaside community of Coronado on Crown Isle, a private 15-acre peninsula. The resort is surrounded by water, with rooms offering views of its private marina, the Pacific Ocean, Coronado Bay Bridge and the San Diego skyline. The property is adjacent to the Coronado Cays residential community, four miles from downtown Coronado Village and 15 miles from San Diego International Airport and a short drive to some of San Diego’s world famous attractions.

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Magazine  >  Issue 62  >  Traveling With Fido In Thailand

Traveling With Fido In Thailand

Touring ancient Siam with a furry friend in tow

When I told friends that I planned to travel to Thailand with my dog they thought I was crazy. “But they eat dogs out there!” one pal shrieked in horror. Two months later, on a beautiful December day, my four-legged friend and I disembarked in bustling Bangkok, my drowsy pal was greeted with a welcoming pat at immigration and then we’re whizzing in a taxi to Sukhumvit. I had been concerned that I’d have problems getting in from the airport, but it was easy to find a taxi that would take me and my small dog, as long as she traveled in her crate.

Wanting to be right at the heart of this historic city with its fascinating mix of canals and temples, historic buildings and bustling markets, we stayed at The Plaza Athenee, a sumptuous haven with glittering chandeliers and an art deco staircase just a short stroll away from the city’s main sights. You’d think dogs would be disorientated in such a big, brash city, but Greek rescue dog Mavri very quickly had the measure of the Soi (soi means street) dogs and, as long as I kept her on a leash, we had no problems ambling along sidewalks or sitting out at cafes.

Most mornings I would head out to visit gems like the fabulous 18th century Grand Palace full of beautiful architecture and intricate carvings, or the city’s exotic and chaotic Chinatown, or I would hire a boat and explore the vivid fruit and food stalls of the Damnoen Saduak floating markets. Meanwhile my pet, who found those blistering, early morning pavements a bit too painful on her paws, lounged in the air conditioned luxury of our deluxe junior suite overlooking the pool.

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Magazine  >  Issue 62  >  Healdsburg


Hike and bike and sip your way through Healdsburg, California.

Healdsburg is home to over 150 wineries, most are pet-friendly and considered one of the top ten wine destinations in the Country. This 1800’s town is often compared to Tuscany for its climate and rolling hills dotted with vineyards.

The northern California town offers great restaurants, shopping, wine tasting, antiquing and art galleries where Fido is welcome to explore right along with you. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, boating, canoeing and camping. Golf courses are also considered some of the best in the San Francisco Bay area.

Ride a bike

Wine Country Bikes offer various tours throughout Dry Creek, Russian River and Alexander valleys. This is also a fun way to visit the wineries. With Fido at doggy daycare, a sample ride can take you to Quivira Winery for your first wine tasting of the day. For another trip sans bikes, Fido can enjoy outdoor vistas on the estate. Next up, Lambert Bridge. Established in 1975, Lambert Bridge Winery is one of the oldest post-prohibition wineries in the Valley. After checking out the lighted barrel room, pedal over to Bella Vineyards and Wine cave. This is a unique experience with its year-round average temperature of 61F. The caves natural humidity of 55% allows for less evaporation of wine from the barrels and are environmentally friendly. Your well-behaved leashed Fido is welcome. And finally, Mauritson Winery. The Winery has been in the same family for six generations. Since 1868, the family has been growing grapes in the Dry Creek Valley and also welcomes Fido. Carrie Mauritson and resident labs, SoHo and Chelsea, are just as much a part of the team. They provide organic dog treats when you visit.

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Magazine  >  Issue 61  >  Love of the Sea

Love of the Sea

The Kona Kai Resort on Shelter Island is a timeless San Diego Bay treasure.

The Kona Kai Resort and Marina is located at the very tip of Shelter Island in a relaxed yachting community surrounded by San Diego harbor, with sweeping views of San Diego Bay. Only minutes from downtown San Diego and the San Diego International Airport, Kona Kai is an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the nearby city. With water on all three sides, a private beach and a long paved walkway encircling the island, you and Fido will truly be able to enjoy the freedom that this resort has to offer.

Home to California’s only privately owned beach, guests at Kona Kai enjoy the sparkling blue waters of the San Diego Bay, white sand and gorgeous views of the Marina, all surrounded by 11 acres of lush gardens. Perched from its spot on Shelter Island, Kona Kai serves as the perfect launch pad for guests to enjoy nearby marine attractions such as the USS Midway Museum and Seaport Village.

Choose from one of the 129 guestrooms, or splurge and go for a suite. Your pack will know you’ve arrived in style, and complimentary water dishes and biscuits will have your dog wagging for what’s next. Newly renovated guestrooms feature pool and marina views with the deluxe guestroom boasting a private patio.

Start your day off right with breakfast in bed before you decide what activity to tackle. Just out the back of the hotel, there is a private marina where guests and their furry companions have a choice of different water activities, including stand up paddle boarding and kayaking.

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Magazine  >  Issue 61  >  Door County

Door County

Historic Door County Wisconsin is a Pet Paradise for Fido.

Let me begin by saying, I could live here. We’ve all been on vacation where the place and time spoke to us and it just ‘felt’ good. Well, Door County feels good! Known as the New England of the Midwest, Door County is one of Wisconsin’s most traveled destinations. It’s easy to see why as each tiny hamlet has a charm and history all its own.

Who can resist visiting towns with names such as Egg Harbor, Sister Bay, Sturgeon Bay, and Ephraim?

From lighthouses to an island once owned by a wealthy inventor, you can spend weeks here and still not see it all. And the best thing is, Door County is Fido-friendly.

Base camp for this trip was the Country House Resort located on 27 wooded acres. I stayed in the Carriage House over the garage and my room included a fabulous large Jacuzzi tub. The balcony was the perfect size for morning coffee and water view. The private shoreline just begs for a game of fetch and with an outside dog wash area, no need to worry about bringing back a dirty dog to your pet-friendly room. There is so much thought gone in to their pet amenities, they even provide sheets to cover the furniture if your Fido loves to make himself at home. There is so much to see and do in Door County however, it’s hard to break away from this resort surrounded by trails and places to picnic.

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Magazine  >  Issue 61  >  Mutt Everest

Mutt Everest

Rescue dog, Rupee becomes the first dog at Mount Everest Base Camp!

When Joanne Lefson, an animal rights crusader, and a former professional golfer rescued Rupee, he had minutes to live. Born and ‘raised’ on a hot, dry dumpsite in an Indian desert, Leh, Northern India, Rupee was on death’s doorstep. At five months of age, Rupee is hardly the picture of health. He is dehydrated and very thin. Rupee’s neighborhood is abundant with strays. There are no shelters here in Leh.

“In Leh, you cannot buy dog food and resources are incredibly scarce. Many people that have adopted a street dog, feed them the basic diet that they themselves eat, chappati, rice and dal-Laddaki food. His first veterinary visit was in Delhi where he got his full check-up and all the vaccines needed to fly to Nepal and back to South Africa,” explains Lefson.

Joanne and Rupee started off their journey on Expedition Mutt Everest in the Himalayan town of Lukla on October 12, 2013 with the intention of raising awareness for all homeless dogs and to promote adoption.

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Magazine  >  Issue 61  >  Healing While Paying it Forward

Healing While Paying it Forward

The John & Schoep effect—how one pay it forward event has changed lives forever.

The original intent of my famous John and Schoep photo was as a "pay it forward" gift to a man who loved his dog and thought his best friend was at the end of his long and happy life. It turned in to so much more than that.

Over the course of a few years, John and I had occasionally talked about doing a photo session, and on a sunny, hot afternoon in July of 2012, I took a photo of the two of them in the cool waters of Lake Superior. It was one of the most touching moments I have ever seen between two beings. People have often asked me if the photo was set up. It wasn't. The love between the two of them is not something you can create artificially. As a narrative photographer, I capture what is going on in front of me, without direction or interruption. I do not pose or say "look here" because it ruins the moment. Love at it's best is without interference by outside influences, and the John and Schoep photo is my greatest example of that. The session took less than 5 minutes, and in those 5 minutes, lives were changed forever.

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Magazine  >  Issue 61  >  One Million PIBBLE March

One Million PIBBLE March

Rebecca Corry and her pibble, Angel will make history on May 3, 2014.

Rebecca Corry is a writer/actress/comedian, founder of the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc. and organizer of the One Million PIBBLE March on Washington DC May 3, 2014. Rebecca has been traveling around the country for four years with her own precious Pibble rescue, Angel, raising money and awareness for selected non-profits who are dedicated to saving and rescuing Pit Bull Terriers. Stand Up For Pits has sold out in every city since the first Los Angeles show and continues to grow every year. Publisher Susan Sims sits down with Corry to talk about Stand Up For Pits and her upcoming historic endeavor, the first ever PIBBLE March on DC.

FIDO Friendly: Why are you taking on this huge task of organizing a march on Washington?

Rebecca Corry: I do everything I do to help save this beautiful breed, because of my precious Angel. Angel came into my life 5 1/2 years ago and changed everything. She had battery acid burns all over back, had been bred abused with horribly home cropped ears and sat in the LA South Central Shelter as a "leave alone" for over 2 months. Thank goodness, another angel, named Tomika Johnson saw the kindness Angel had and gave her a second chance. Angel lived her life at the hands of monsters yet had nothing but love to give. Having Angel has taught me so much. She has been and continues to be a gift in my life every moment of every day. So knowing what I know and seeing what I've seen, who would I be if I did nothing? It became clear to me early on that doing nothing was not an option. Pit Bull Terriers are innocent voiceless victims that need a voice and not just mine, they need all of us to be their voice. What is happening to this breed is a direct reflection of a broken society and that banning and throwing away the victim (Pit Bull Terriers or any "Pit Bull type dog") is not the answer. Fear based ignorance and discrimination enshrined in law goes against the very fiber of what our country was built on and will no longer be tolerated.

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Magazine  >  Issue 60  >  Feature Giveaway

Feature Giveaway

Jazzy Ann for adoption and over $1,500 in prizes for one lucky pack.

The Clatsop County Animal Control and Shelter in Warrenton, Oregon, provides care and protection for hundreds of dogs and cats along Oregon’s northern coast by finding new, loving homes for the county’s four-legged friends. The shelter strives to protect human and animal health, safety and welfare through law enforcement; promote responsible stewardship of animals through public education; and provide care, shelter and adoption for injured or homeless cats and dogs.

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Magazine  >  Issue 60  >  Yapping it up in a Yurt

Yapping it up in a Yurt

In search of an adventure during the mundane weeks of “off-season” in the resort town where we reside, I decided to take my pups to an area of Colorado we had not yet explored: Colorado’s Western Slope Wine Country. I pinpointed a region called Garvin Mesa, which overlooks Paonia, a quaint Rocky Mountain town nestled half way between Aspen and Delta in western Colorado.

Being a wine enthusiast of both European and Californian wines, I was curious to discover what Colorado wineries had to offer, not to mention their rumored pet-friendly estates. Visions of my two enthusiastic Bernese Mountain Dogs romping merrily around a Vineyard whilst sampling a fine Cuvee, was more than I could imagine of an idyllic wine tasting experience.

To add to the adventure, I decided to book us into a pet-friendly Yurt recommended to us. A Yurt is traditionally a large round tent that the Nomads of Mongolia have used as transportable homes for centuries.

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Magazine  >  Issue 60  >  Out of Africa & Into Switzerland

Out of Africa & Into Switzerland

Like so many of life’s firsts, a trip to Southern Africa’s most Fido–friendly hotels can be an inspiring respite from regular travel.

Eikendal Lodge, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Eikendal Lodge is nestled in between lush vineyards at the foot of the Helderberg near Stellenbosch, and offers every guest a chance to revitalize their senses with the idyllic vineyards.

Amenities: Pets are allowed on the wine estate, winery and restaurant, permitted they are on the leash at all times. There is plenty of room for running and hiking off leash.

Activities: Fly Fishing clinic on the farm, cellar tours daily, wine tasting at the Eikendal winery, several hiking, jogging trails that wind through their vineyards and swimming pool. Guests are invited to visit the cheetah cubs once a week at the Haas Veterinary Clinic on Eikendal Lodge.

Attractions: The Anatolian Shepherd Guarding Dog Project and the Cheetah Outreach Program are a few minutes away.

Komati Gorge Lodge Fly-Fishing & Wildlife Reserve
Recognized by its majestic cliffs, winding river, thorn bushveld and Highveld grasslands, it is less than three hours from Johannesburg on the Drakensberg Escarpment. Here you can enjoy modern accommodations with breathtaking scenes of natural beauty and wildlife.

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Magazine  >  Issue 60  >  Does this Collar Make Me Look Fat?

Does this Collar Make Me Look Fat?

Obesity is defined as an excess of body fat that is likely to result in health issues or problems with body functioning. Obesity in pets is associated with joint problems, diabetes mellitus, respiratory compromise, and possibly a decreased life span. Obesity in dogs is most commonly caused by excessive food intake in combination with lack of physical activity. According to a 2012 study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 52.5 percent of dogs (approximately 36.7 million) in the U.S. are considered overweight or obese. That means, one out of every two dogs in this country has a weight issue.

These facts have definitely been especially worrisome for veterinarian and author Dr.Ernie Ward of Calabash, North Carolina. In 2005, Dr. Ward founded the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention ( to help raise awareness on the dangers of excess weight in dogs and cats. Dr. Ward also wrote a book about his concerns with Chow Hounds: Why Our Dogs Are Getting Fatter- A Vet’s Plan to Save Their Lives.

According to Dr. Ward, dogs are overweight for the same reason people are overweight…

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Magazine  >  Issue 60  >  Night of the Black Stallion

Night of the Black Stallion

Claire dashed out from under the warm down sleeping bag waking me with a jolt. A full moon flashed like a beacon on and off as broken troublesome dark clouds sprinted across a rebellious looking sky. The calm sedate evening that I had gone to sleep with was now replaced with belligerent winds whipping a layer of dust and dirt over my face. A few feet to my right Claire’s braced rigid stance and barking turned into snarling rage. Flaring rows of clean sharp teeth appeared, letting me know we had trouble. But not until I heard the wild high-pitched squeal from the hollow distance did I know what was happening.

The flywheel on the ancient windmill behind us convulsed with dizzying speed spitting out water into an overflowing small round tank held together by rusty corrugated steel. The year was 2006, and I was 2000 miles into a 5000-mile single horse long-ride. As we crossed the high desert of NW New Mexico, Claire and I slept with no tent. I slept in my clothes and quickly slipped on my headlamp, grabbed for my boots, and yelled, "Claire NO. NO, Claire. Stay!"

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Magazine  >  Issue 60  >  Daytime Dudes and their Dogs

Daytime Dudes and their Dogs

Publisher Susan Sims sits down with three daytime TV actors to dish dog.

My secret is out; I have been watching The Young & The Restless (Y&R) for the past 30 years. My long time and dearest friend, Debbie McGinn, suggested I watch this soap while recovering from surgery. I was on bed rest and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Having never watched a soap opera before, I chuckled when hearing of other ladies having to get home to ‘watch their stories.’ Fast forward and well, I am one of those ladies. Thank goodness for today’s technology, I set my DVR and can have a regular Y&R soap-fest any day of the week, or wait to catch up over the weekend.

This preface is only to say why I was delighted to hear from the publicist for Y&R about a feature covering a few of the actor’s in the award winning TV show. Three of the shows heartthrobs are here to ‘dish’ about their furry companions and what they have learned from their dogs.

Billy Miller aka Billy Abbott
Billy Miller was raised in the Dallas suburb of Grand Prairie, Texas and subsequently attended the University of Texas, Austin where he received a degree from the school’s prestigious film department. Miller has been a consistent presence on screen since he began his acting career following a dare from friends and joined the cast of The Young & The Restless in September 2008 as ‘Billy Abbott’…

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Magazine  >  Issue 59  >  Feature Giveaway

Feature Giveaway

Two puppies for adoption and over $1,100 in prizes for one lucky pack.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) provides animal adoption and community programs to the northern Virginia and D.C. metropolitan area, as well as animal rescue and control services within Arlington County. For more nearly 70 years AWLA has remained committed to its mission to improve the lives of animals through sheltering, community services and humane education. Over 3,000 companion animals benefit from the League each year with 92 percent of sheltered animals in 2012 either being placed for adoption, reunited with their owner, or transferred to one of many of AWLA’s network of rescue and rehabilitation partners.

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Magazine  >  Issue 59  >  Hot Springs: This Historic Spa Town Rejuvenates Fido and Family

Hot Springs: This Historic Spa Town Rejuvenates Fido and Family

Bathhouse Row, mountain trails and gardens lift the spirits

In Hot Springs, Arkansas, the watering stations are geared to humans, who can fill all of the bottles and bowls they desire without paying a dime.

Each day, nearly a million gallons of 143-degree water flow from 47 springs on the west slope of Hot Springs Mountain. The waters originate from 4,400-year-old rainfall that percolated into the earth, bubbling back up fortified with revitalizing minerals. For centuries, Native American peoples such as the Quapaw came to the “Valley of the Vapors” to bath in the thermal waters before Spanish explorers led by Hernando de Soto discovered their peaceful haven.

In 1914, convinced the town’s waters cured his Civil War injuries, Colonel Samuel Fordyce erected the opulent Renaissance Revival-style spa that still bears his name. To this day, many “take the waters” to treat headaches, arthritis, hypertension, skin disorders, lung diseases and even depression.

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Magazine  >  Issue 59  >  Picking Pet Insurance

Picking Pet Insurance

Pet health insurance is on the rise as dogs move from being “just pets” to members of our family. But how do you know which policy is best? A well-meaning dog owner could spend days researching just to end up with a monthly bill for a policy that does not cover their dog’s genetic disorders or the injury they suffered doing agility. We researched four of the biggest companies for you so you can get back to the thing you love most—spending time with your dog.

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Magazine  >  Issue 59  >  On the Mother Road, Again

On the Mother Road, Again

FIDO Friendly magazine is heading out for fifth annual pet adoption tour.

We are gearing up for our 5th annual month long pet adoption tour: Get Your Licks on Route 66®! We travel an entire month from LA to Chicago, stopping at shelters to support adoption. Ford is once again our car sponsor and you might just see us in their F150 covered in sponsor logos traveling down America’s Favorite Highway stopping at shelters along the way to support adoption events.

Let’s take a look back at last year’s tour to share some of the fun and excitement of places we visited along with accommodations and doggy daycare. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Date: October 5, 2012
Place: Riverside, California
Shelter: Riverside County Animal Control;

FIDO Friendly editor at large and author Arden Moore was on hand to sign books at the Riverside County Animal Control shelter event. It was a busy day with many pet adoptions and on a sad note; I noticed a young family with a beautiful German Sheppard waiting for the facility to open to surrender their dog. I inquired as to why and was told ‘he is a bad dog.’ Pressing further, I discovered this ‘bad dog’ had torn a hole in their screen. Asking about the dog’s demeanor, the pet guardian confided that the dog got along great with people, pets and kids. Another reminder about the importance of education needed so people understand the commitment they are making when adopting an animal.

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Magazine  >  Issue 59  >  Ashley Bell

Ashley Bell

Nominated actress and animal lover Ashley Bell is the 2013 official spokesperson for the 5th annual month long pet adoption tour: Get Your Licks on Route 66®.

Growing up in a vegetarian household surrounded by pets, it is little wonder that Ashley grew up to be a compassionate spokesperson for all animals. She sat down with FIDO Friendly publisher Susan Sims to talk about all things dog along with her documentary, Love and Bananas.

FIDO Friendly: We were so happy that you were able to lend your celebrity status to this years life saving tour and sorry that your dog Honor, who is featured with you on the Fall cover had passed away after the photo shoot.

Ashley Bell: It’s so great to talk with you and such an honor to be part of this magazine and everything and especially have that photo shoot with Honor. Honor passed away a little bit after that and its such a beautiful reminder, a keepsake for my family and I to have that, to have her smile, its so important and meaningful to me, so thank you.

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Magazine  >  Issue 59  >  In Tune with Katrina Parker

In Tune with Katrina Parker

Before Parker had the opportunity to share her voice with the nation, a health issue forced her to take a two-year break from music. Following her recovery, a friend convinced Parker to attend a private L.A. audition for season 2 of NBC’s hit show The Voice. She gained a spot on Team Adam led by Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and talks with FIDO Friendly on how that experience changed her life.

FIDO Friendly: How have things changed for you as an artist since being on season 2 of The Voice?

Katrina Parker: Wow, how hasn’t it changed me? For me it wasn’t just something that gave me exposure, I think that it has transformed me in a lot of ways. Everything about it was out of my comfort zone, and everything was a challenge. Doing the show was so hard and such a challenge for me personally and professionally and it really changed me, it showed me that like the plants that only get as big as the pots they are planted in, you have to put yourself in to a bigger pot.

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Magazine  >  Issue 58  >  Salty Dog Coast

Salty Dog Coast

Bring your appetite for oysters and bring Fido for seaside fun to Franklin County, Florida

With names like Apalachicola, St. George Island, Eastpoint, Carrabelle and Alligator Point making up city destinations for you and Fido to explore, you can set your watch to ‘island time’ and jump right in with the locals for a howling good time.

She sells seashells down by the seashore

If shelling were a vocation, I would make a pretty good ‘shell seeker.’ On St. George Island, a 22-mile barrier island, pristine pet-friendly beaches offer up clear gulf waters for swimming, kayaking and the preverbal game of fetch with Fido. The shells are in abundance here and you can become quite picky as I soon found out by realizing my first ‘batch’ of shells needed to be tossed to make room for the more glorious shells.

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Magazine  >  Issue 58  >  5500 and Counting

5500 and Counting

Making America a no-kill nation, one painting at a time

Those of us involved in rescue try and do our part. We may volunteer our time at the local shelter, take pets to a venue for adoption day, foster a rescue and of course, adopt our dogs from a shelter.

But what if one day an idea began to form; an idea that you could do more? Two people, Mark Barone and Marina Dervan had such an idea and this is their story.

Successful artist Mark Barone is painting 5500 portraits of dogs who have been killed in shelters. Eventually, these works of art will be housed in a museum to help bring about social change and with the goal of raising twenty million dollars. One hundred percent of the monies raised will be donated to no-kill shelters, rescue and foster groups, towards medical needs, spay and neuter costs, rehabilitation programs and marketing campaigns for education.

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Magazine  >  Issue 58  >  Doga


Stay in the Present Moment with Doga

Fido and you can stretch your way to peace and tranquility.

Daily exercise and brain health go together. Just thirty minutes of Doga can reduce depression and stress in both humans and dogs. Dogs participating in a class of Doga experience a profound sense of bonding with their humans and mental wellness. Doga combines meditation, gentle stretching and massage for dogs and their pet parents alike.

At Morris K9 Campus, Robin Lash (CPDT-KA) teaches this class in tandem to make sure that these human-canine teams leave with their needs fulfilled. “Team teaching is something that has set us apart from other Doga classes. Our Doga classes are super pro dog. Dogs are never used as props while we go through our human yoga sequence. Each pose our students practice with their dogs has a purpose and we avoid practicing anything that is unsafe or could be stressful for your dogs,” says Lash who has been teaching Doga for over four years at K-9 Connection. Robin’s training philosophy is to use positive motivation to build trust and understanding.

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Magazine  >  Issue 58  >  Feature Giveaway

Feature Giveaway

One puppy adopted just after this photo shoot and over $700 in prizes for one lucky pack.

Helen Woodward Animal Center is a private, non-profit organization where “people help animals and animals help people.” Founded in 1972 in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., the Center provides services for more than 57,000 people and thousands of animals annually through adoptions, educational and therapeutic programs both onsite and throughout the community.

Reminiscent of a private coastal estate, host hotel for the photo shoot L'Auberge Del Mar is located in the heart of the picturesque village of Del Mar on 5.2 acres of gracefully landscaped grounds with a private pathway to the beach.

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Magazine  >  Issue 58  >  A Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His Dog

Wilfred Season 3 premieres June 20 on FX with back-to-back episodes.

Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Happy Feet) stars as “Ryan” and Jason Gann, who co-created and starred in the Australian series, plays the title character “Wilfred.” Series regulars also include Fiona Gubelmann as “Jenna,” Ryan’s beautiful neighbor and Wilfred’s owner, and Dorian Brown as “Kristen,” Ryan’s sister.

During filming the third season, Elijah Wood took some time to visit with publisher Susan Sims.

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Magazine  >  Issue 57  >  Chesterfield Palm Beach

Chesterfield Palm Beach

A stylish destination that operates on island time

The Chesterfield Palm Beach is a small luxury boutique-styled hotel within walking of the shopping utopia of Worth Avenue, often referred to as the Rodeo Drive of Florida and an ideal destination for a postprandial stroll with your dog on a balmy night.

Because this hotel is considered “home” to many “swallows ”, namely returning guests escaping colder climate during the winter, many of the regular pooches that visit are greeted by name by the hotel’s very dogcentric staff.

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Magazine  >  Issue 57  >  Top Dog Cars for 2013

Top Dog Cars for 2013

Automakers’ 2013 Fido friendly choices are real tail-waggers.

Our pups love to ride in the car with us wherever we go. But just like any family, we want to make sure that our four-legged loved ones are as safe and secure as everyone else. So it’s important to have a vehicle that provides enough room for dog crates and safety harnesses to keep Fido safe and secured.

This year, automakers are rolling out a long list of vehicles that should make us canine companions sit up and wag.

Here are a few of the finest models for Fido in 2013.

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Magazine  >  Issue 57  >  Feature Giveaway

Feature Giveaway

Two puppies ready for adoption and over $1,100 in prizes for one lucky pack.

The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue (TAO) is an animal rescue group based in Fort Worth, Texas and founded by Judy Obregon. Obregon’s mission is to help those with no voice. Strays no one knows about, that are dumped and have to fend for themselves. She visits neighborhoods that are known dogfighting areas, and speaks to families and children about animal cruelty. Model dogs Paris and Blaze are healthy and beautiful seven month old dogs who were abandoned and left to die, without a source of food, water, or shelter. They required three weeks of hospitalization and major fund raising for their medical care.

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Magazine  >  Issue 57  >  Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Life as we know it with Katherine Heigl and her love of dogs.

Emmy Award-winning actress Katherine Heigl knows how to deftly deal with camera-touting paparazzi at movie premieres and award shows. Her bigger challenge is eluding her pup posse at home in order to arrive at these soirees not sporting dog hair on her designer gowns.

“Once I get on my dress, I try to avoid my dogs, but if I can’t and they jump on me to say goodbye, I rely on sticky rolling brushes—they are a godsend,” she laughs. “Of course, I’ve been out on errands in black leggings and it looks like I’m sprouting fur on my legs. You know what? When I’m not in public or being photographed, I love being covered in dog hair. I love my dogs.”

Check out the current issue of FIDO Friendly to read the rest of this article.

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Magazine  >  Issue 56  >  19th Floor is close to heaven

19th Floor is close to heaven

Trump International Hotel & Tower® Chicago has a soft spot for canines.

With a touch of a button your drapes part to reveal ten-foot floor-to-ceiling windows and the river and lake view. Cozy and comfortable, the Trump Chicago oozes trendy and Fido under 25 pounds receives the royal treatment.

The fully equipped kitchen allows for staying in-room for days and weeks at a time when room service is not your cup of tea. Prepare oatmeal on the electric stovetop, slice apples and cheese and enjoy a peasant lunch with wine, all with Fido by your side and a view to die for. A Sub Zero, equipped with an icemaker and an electric teakettle made me feel right at home.

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Magazine  >  Issue 56  >  FireSky Resort & Spa

FireSky Resort & Spa

Lucky canines unite at this luxury Scottsdale, Arizona retreat.

Pet-lovers know that Kimpton is the ultimate in welcoming pets: no pet fee, no weight limit and all sorts of critters are welcome at Kimpton (even those pesky cats!). The FireSky Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, exudes a gracious ambience from start to finish. Our dog’s names were written on the chalkboard welcoming them along with a few other Fido friends.

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Magazine  >  Issue 56  >  ANNIE


Shed your stress and relax at this new resort that caters to canines and their people. By Arden Moore

Animal trainer, William Berloni, is the 2011 Recipient of the Tony Award® Honor for Excellence in Theater. Mr. Berloni’s Broadway animal training credits include the original Sandy in Annie and countless others for stage and screen. As an author, he has written Sandy: The Autobiography of a Star published by Simon and Schuster, Doga: Yoga for Dogs by Chronicle Books and his latest book, Broadway Tails is published by Globe Pequot Press and available now in stores and online. Proceeds of that book will be donated to the Sandy Fund at the Humane Society of New York.

Mr. Berloni has received the ASPCA Humanitarian Award and the American Humane Association Craven Award for his work on Broadway. Mr. Berloni, his wife Dorothy and their daughter Jenna, live on a farm in Connecticut with twenty-two dogs, four cats, four horses, a pony, two llamas and a miniature donkey. Mr. Berloni is currently the Director of Animal Behavior for the Humane Society of New York and is involved in helping animals that need homes.

FIDO Friendly sits down with animal trainer, William Berloni.

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Magazine  >  Issue 56  >  Top Ski Resorts

Top Ski Resorts

A winter wonderland waits at these Fido-friendly ski resorts.

No reason to leave Fido out of all the winter fun at these pet welcoming resorts.

Montage Deer Valley
Canine concierge’s Monty and Jonah make appearances in the hotel lobby several times a day to meet and greet guest’s staying at the Montage Deer Valley. These Bernese Mountain Dogs are just as comfortable taking photos, shaking paws and smoozing with guests as they are frolicking in the snow.

Stowe Mountain Lodge, Stowe, Vermont
For over a century Stowe has attracted the world's most discerning travelers, who have cherished the beauty of the area's covered bridges, sparkling lakes, rambling woodlands and majestic peaks. Those who frequent Stowe treasure its ability to welcome the world, while still remaining the quintessential small New England town, and the creation of Stowe Mountain Lodge reaffirms the mountain's reputation as a world-class resort and ski destination in Vermont.

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Magazine  >  Issue 55  >  The Dog Days of Destin and the Emerald Coast

The Dog Days of Destin and the Emerald Coast

Beaches aren’t the only attraction for you and your fur-kids

Powdery white sand and clear emerald waters add up to paradise for the multitude of vacationers who converge upon the Gulf Coast every year. But for those of us wanting to take our furry family members with us, finding Fido-friendly places to stay can be paw-stopping.

Enter Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals. They pride themselves on offering “Pet-friendly Travel for Pet-WELCOMING Memories.” Representing affordable accommodations ranging from small studios and one or two-bedroom condos, to golf villas and sprawling homes, owner Renata Circeo-Loudon caters to fur-kids and their vacationing families.

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Magazine  >  Issue 55  >  Victoria Stilwell—A Shelter Dog’s Best Friend

Victoria Stilwell—A Shelter Dog’s Best Friend

Star of the TV hit show, “It’s Me or the Dog” rallies for shelter pets as spokesperson for Fido Friendly’s “Get Your Licks on Route 66” tour.

Victoria Stilwell is big into providing second chances—especially if you happen to be a dog.

The no-nonsense star of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog” show spends many hours dealing with mutt mayhem and feuding families, but relishes the time she spends in her Atlanta area home with her husband, Van; daughter, Alexandra and a pair of rescued dogs answering to the names of Sadie and Jasmine.

When approached to be the spokesperson for the Fido Friendly’s fourth annual “Get Your Licks on Route 66” pet adoption tour, Stilwell quickly said yes.

“The appeal to me is that this special Route 66 tour highlights the plight of homeless animals,” says Stilwell. “I am happy and honored to be the spokesperson and to raise awareness and encourage people to attend the adoption days in their communities.”

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Magazine  >  Issue 55  >  Say Ah to Dog Spa Resort

Say Ah to Dog Spa Resort

Shed your stress and relax at this new resort that caters to canines and their people.

After a non-stop work schedule that included hosting National Dog Party Day™ in three cities, I needed to step away from my computer keyboard and my cell phone and take a break. With my well-traveled dogs, Chipper and Cleo, we headed for the new Dog Spa Resort in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

Thanks to owner Paula Terifaj, a veterinarian, and her canine host, a sweet Pit Bull named Brad Pit (spelled with one T), we were able to rest, relax and rejuvenate in a stress-free setting during our 48-hour stay.

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Magazine  >  Issue 55  >  Surf’s Up, Doggies (and Goats)!

Surf’s Up, Doggies (and Goats)!

Dog packs and a pair of goats are taming the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Hanging 10 is, well, so blasé. These days, it’s all about hanging 20. That’s because when it comes to surfing, dogs—and a couple of goats—are definitely s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the limits and landing in the record books.

Less than six years ago, canine surfing was a novelty displayed by a handful of agile and athletic dogs gliding through the Pacific Ocean. Today, canine surfing has exploded into a sport of international interest, drawing coverage by ESPN and national news shows like ABC’s Good Morning, America and setting YouTube on viral fire with amazing action clips that pet lovers all over the globe can’t stop watching.

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Magazine  >  Issue 54  >  Get Your Licks on Route 66 - 2012

Get Your Licks on Route 66 - 2012

PAW-SOME UPDATE!!  Check back often for pictures and updates from our tour  (see  below - updates are posted with our Shelter Stop Schedule)

Thank you to ALL who have come out on the tour so far and we can't wait to meet MORE of you as we continue our Pet Adoption Tour!  As of October 11, 2012 there have been 60 ADOPTIONS (so far) ...... !


What: Fourth Annual Pet Adoption & Humane Outreach National Tour
Why: In search of loving homes for rescued pets
Where: From California to Chicago
When: Friday, October 5, 2012 - Friday November 2, 2012


Victoria Stillwell - Get Your Licks on Route 66

For the fourth year in a row, FIDO Friendly magazine is setting out on America’s Favorite Highway for this exciting month long pet adoption tour! The Get Your Licks on Route 66 Tour will raise awareness to the plight of homeless pets, vital services that participating animal shelter and rescue partners provide to their communities, and engage younger generations through humane education programs that are available.

Victoria Stilwell from Animal Planet's series 'Its me or the dog' is our official spokesperson and Animal Radio offers media support along the route where you can listen in to find a tour stop near you!

Check back often for updates and sponsor information.


Oct. 5
Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter
6851 Van Buren Blvd.
Riverside, CA  92509

First stop on the tour was successful with over 27 pets adopted! Arden Moore  the ‘pet edutainer’ stopped by to talk about pet CPR and throwing dog parties. Jake and Junior were having fun at the Ruff House Pet  Resort.  Here is one of our happy adoptees, and his new forever family:


Oct. 6
10-2:00 p.m.
Victoria Stilwell appearance 12-1:00 p.m.
LA Animal Services East Valley
14409 Vanowen Street
Van Nuys, CA 91405

Official kick-off with special appearance by tour spokesperson, Victoria Stilwell. Victoria visited a classroom in session, answered many questions and signed autographs. Host hotel: W Residences in Hollywood. Host doggy daycare: Petrock Hotel in Encinio, California.

Oct. 10
2nd Chance Center For Animals
Appearance by Mayor Gerald W. Nabours 11:00
Sam’s Club
1851 E. Butler
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Traveled via Paradise Valley, Arizona - Host hotel: The beautiful Hermosa Inn
in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Jake and Junior were treated to a doggy massage along side my husband and me. Dining al fresco in the historic courtyard under muted lighting was enchanting. The staff was very attentive and loved the boys, as you can see in this picture:


Oct. 12
Watermelon Ranch
10248 Coors Bypass
Albuquerque, NM 87114


Oct. 13
Lucky Paws *** With Special Celebrity Guest TRAVELIN' JACK !! **
Balloon Museum
9201 Balloon Museum Drive Northeast 
Albuquerque, NM 87113

We met Travelin Jack and he pawtographed one of his books! Here is Jack wearing his own festival t-shirt in front of our Ford Escape:

Oct. 14
Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society
La Montanita Co-op
913 W. Alameda
Santa Fe, NM

Oct. 17
Amarillo SPCA
2800 Soncy Rd.
Amarillo, TX 79119

Host doggy daycare: LeChateau Pet Resort -


Along the historic route 66 heading toward Amarillo, found a couple of great photo ops. Travelin Jack from Albuquerque told us to be sure and stop by the historic Fido-friendly Blue Swallow Motel.   Operating since 1939, it is a registered landmark and Travelin Jack posed in front of one of the many murals lining the back of the motel.




Thanks to all the volunteers from the Amarillo SPCA who take their time to help place pets in to new forever homes.  

On to Oklahoma City!



Oct. 19
Best Friends of Pets
2140 W. Memorial Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Oct. 20
12-4:00 p.m.
Woodland Hills Mall
7021 S. Memorial Drive, Ste. 225B
Tulsa, OK 74133

Oct. 21
1-4:00 p.m.
Joplin Humane
Firefighter Dayna Hilton and her fires safety pups in attendance.
140 E. Emperor Lane
Joplin, MO 64801

Oct. 24
2-8:00 p.m.
Wayside Waifs Humane Society
3901 Martha Truman Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64137

Oct. 25
12-6:00 p.m.
Castaway Animal Rescue
1328-A West Sunshine
Springfield, MO 65807

Oct. 26
Time TBD
Humane Society of Missouri
1201 Macklind Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110

Oct. 27
Sangamon County Animal Control
Landmark Ford
2401 Prairie Crossing Drive
Springfield, IL 62711

Nov. 2
2-7:00 p.m.
PAWS Chicago
1997 N. Clybourn Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614


Tour Sponsors:


Animal Radio sponsors Get Your Licks on Route 66


Tour Wheel Sponsors

1-800-Help-4-PetsBeverly Hills Chihuahua 3       Cardinal Pet CareBig Bear Cool Cabins   Frankenweenie Unleashed   lincoln bark   Magic Paw  Spring Naturals   the fifth paw    Waglet Works        Rocky & Maggie's Petshop        epi-pet   Fresh Scents   By Nature Pet Foods      Paws by Baby Feet   Dog Tuff




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Magazine  >  Issue 54  >  Trump Hotel – Las Vegas

Trump Hotel – Las Vegas

The Trump International Hotel™ Las Vegas is a sophisticated, non-gaming, luxury hotel situated high above the Strip located directly adjacent to the Fashion Show Mall and across the street from the Wynn Resort. From the white-glove adorned doormen to the fine Italian marble, this ultra-luxury resort welcomes guests to a private oasis with a world-class spa and fitness center and exceptional gourmet dining—exactly the perfect spot for Fido and family.

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Magazine  >  Issue 54  >  Bringing Home Puppy: the First 90 days

Bringing Home Puppy: the First 90 days

Expect the drive home to be a blur. Whether you have just adopted a puppy from a shelter, rescue group or reputable breeder, your head will be full of questions:

Am I crazy? Is this the right puppy for me at this time in my life? What’s this dog going to do when we get home? Is he going to pee on my carpet? Will he listen to me? What have I done?

People speak of buyer’s remorse when making a major financial investment, such as purchasing a new car or a home. But one of the biggest emotional investments you will ever make is adopting a dog.

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Magazine  >  Issue 54  >  Doc is In - Ouch! Do dogs sunburn?

Doc is In - Ouch! Do dogs sunburn?

By definition, a sunburn is redness of the skin with or without skin blistering that is caused by exposure to excessive amounts of sunlight. Sunburns are a common problem for people, but not very common in most animal species.

Dogs that have thick fur or pigmented skin are somewhat protected by the damaging ultraviolet light. However, dogs with light color fur or a thin hair coat are more likely to be affected.

According to Dr. Chris Reeder, a veterinary dermatologist with the Animal Dermatology Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky, “All dogs are susceptible to sunburns, but sunburns are more common in dog breeds such as Dalmatians, that have short, light colored hair coat and light pigmented skin.”

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Magazine  >  Issue 54  >  Fido Hits a Home Run

Fido Hits a Home Run

The batter lines up, the pitcher gets ready to sail the ball across the plate, and tails are wagging at stadiums across the country, as more and more ball clubs are welcoming Fido to their rosters.

Several Major League Baseball (and minor league) teams invite well-behaved dogs that are current on their vaccinations to take part in “bark in the park” or “dog days of summer” events at their stadiums. Events generally include a parade at the stadium, prizes for Fido team fanatics, and sometimes a giveaway prize and/or special promotions. Here are a few of our favorite heavy hitters:

A Boomer Revolution

The official canine mascot of The York Revolution baseball team, Boomer performs important duties like greeting fans, patrolling the perimeter, kissing babies, and cleaning up any food remnants along the concourse.

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Magazine  >  Issue 53  >  Tenaya Lodge

Tenaya Lodge

One would think that the Tenaya Lodge valet parking and bell staff would have hung up the “closed” sign and ran the other way when they saw two SUVs arrive with four people and four excited dogs, all set for a weekend getaway in adjoining rooms. But this resort’s staff is seasoned regarding the traveling canine circuit, and they were all smiles, warm greetings and helping hands amidst the chaos of dogs prancing around the portachere.

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Magazine  >  Issue 53  >  Buying a Car With Fido in Mind

Buying a Car With Fido in Mind

Dog lovers are a passionate breed. Whatever we do and wherever we go, we want to keep Fido close by our side. And just like every parent, our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our loved ones. So no matter when or how we travel, we want to make sure that our pups are properly safe, secure and comfortable for the journey ahead.

Top features In Fido-friendly cars

  1. Fold-flat seats—room for canines and cargo
  2. Space for crates—and hooks to secure them to
  3. Easy in/out—for all ages and abilities
  4. Good air flow—to keep pups comfortable
  5. Easy to clean—to control mud and fur collection

Other Fido Friendly models

Subscribe to the current issue of FIDO Friendly and gander at the top picks for 2012.

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Magazine  >  Issue 53  >  Sleeping With the Pack

Sleeping With the Pack

Let sleeping dogs lie, so the saying goes, except our readers tell us the best night’s sleep they get is when said sleeping dog is lying by their side. Slumber is peaceful pillow to pillow, tail to tush, snout to sheet. More and more people not only admit but embrace the notion of being dog tired and letting dogs retire to bed with them.

Foster Roster (goes with image of a lot of dogs on the bed) Terry Casillas of Gulfport, Mississippi, knows all too well the comforts of Cocker butts, nubbies pressed side by side, and the pleasures of sleeping with dogs. “We have seven dogs of our own plus anywhere from one to seven foster dogs, and we let them all sleep on the bed,” Casillas admitted. Featuring a pack of Cockers, a Schnauzer and a Yorkie, Casillas admits that usually one of the dogs will snore. She’s always slept with dogs, starting at age 26, and for folks who think it is wrong? Well, she says then they “shouldn’t have a dog.”

Grab the current issue of FIDO Friendly to see pack slumber parties, and also some tips to keep Fido off the bed if your pack party is too crowded.

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Magazine  >  Issue 53  >  How to Break a Dog Into Show Business

How to Break a Dog Into Show Business

It’s a dog-eat-dog world. Ask anyone in the often tumultuous yet oh-so-rewarding showbiz industry how reliable and steady the work can be, and a plethora of eye rolls and replies are guaranteed to ensue. Imagine then how competitive yet rewarding a showbiz career for dogs can be. Here at FIDO Friendly magazine, we wondered if they can make it there, can they make it anywhere? And just how hard is it to land a television or commercial gig? Is there really such a notion as a dog agent?

Check out the current issue of FIDO Friendly to see some canine stars that reveal what it takes to get aboard the stardom express.

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Magazine  >  Issue 52  >  Marvelous Montage Deer Valley

Marvelous Montage Deer Valley

FIDO Friendly magazine chooses the Montage Deer Valley as the Best Ski Resort in America

What makes a great ski resort great? For starters, Deer Valley, which has been named the number one ski resort in North America four years running by readers of Ski Magazine. And as much as we here at FIDO Friendly magazine love powder hounds, our vote has clearly been cast because the Montage Deer Valley is, in our opinion, the best ski destination simply because they welcome both canine and human alike. The white fluffy stuff is an additional perk…

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Magazine  >  Issue 52  >  25 Days of Gift Giving

25 Days of Gift Giving

Enter & Win!

Each day in December enter for a chance to win the prize of the day for 25 days! Enter as often as you'd like and check back often to see if you are the lucky winner. To see Today's contest as well as others visit our Contest page

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Magazine  >  Issue 52  >  Top Ten Naughtiest Dogs of the Year

Top Ten Naughtiest Dogs of the Year

We all know Christmas and Hanukkah mean celebration, and that festive spirit includes our beloved dogs! Many of them are on Santa's "good boys and girls" list, but what about the ones who maybe did something naughty this year? 

We won’t tell Santa if you won’t, Schooner. Sharon Gilbert’s Viszla decided to take her undergarments to a fa la la new level. Gilbert shared, “Schooner likes taking my bras, chewing the straps off and tearing the whole bra apart.” 

Thanksgiving just might be Cocker Spaniel Heidi’s favorite holiday. Jonathan and Stella Rowlett told us, “One year, as we were preparing our Thanksgiving dinner, Heidi was eyeing the turkey dumplings on the counter. Heidi always gives you the "you-haven't-fed-me-for-a-million-years" look.” 

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Magazine  >  Issue 52  >  Fido’s Florida: Destinations Where Dogs Rule

Fido’s Florida: Destinations Where Dogs Rule

The Sunshine State is rolling over for its four-legged visitors!

Pack the squeaky toys and the sunscreen for a Florida vacation both you and your dog will love! Did you know that Miami has a restaurant that’s exclusively for dogs? That you and your pal can dine alfresco in Palm Beach at a restaurant owned by celebrity chef Daniel Boulud? That Tampa has a world-class art museum that hosts a weekly Yappy Hour? That Orlando hosts a pet festival almost every month of the year? There’s no reason to leave your BFF in a hotel room while you’re out having fun. From Fido-friendly beaches and bark parks to top restaurants, hotels, and local attractions, here are a few five-woof vacation spots:

If You Go:

Orlando Convention & Visitors Bureau

Note: In Orlando, most hotels have partnered with theme parks on packages, which are a better value than paying by the night. Check the hotel websites for seasonal offers.

Best Beds:

Best Bowls:

Tampa Convention & Visitors Bureau

Best Beds:

  • Loews Don Cesar Beach Resort & Spa, 3400 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach (727) 360-1881;; from $219 per night.
  • Tradewinds Island Grand, 5500 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach (727) 360-5551;; from $159 per night.
  • Sheraton Riverwalk 200 N. Ashley Drive, Tampa (813) 223-2222;; from $135 per night.

Best Bowls:

Tail Waggin’ Good Times

Sweet Treats and Canine Chic:

  • DoggieDoor, 329 Park Avenue North, Winter Park (407) 644-2969; Owned by the same folks who run Orlando’s popular lifestyle store, Bullfish (where you’re welcome to shop for cool human stuff with your dog!), The Doggie Door features all things canine.
  • Metropolitan Dog Spa, 151 East Washington St., Orlando (407) 333-4766; While Fido has a day of beauty, dog owners gather for a quiet cup of tea or to browse the store.
  • Pawsitively Posh Pooch, 1425 4th St. North, St. Petersburg (727) 892-9303; Drop by Posh Pooch to browse Chanel’s Closet for designer duds, grab a bon-bon for your buddy from Coco’s Pawrisian Bistro, or give Fido an ooh-la-la spa treatment at the Gucci Poochi Spa.
  • Downtown Dog, Hyde Park Village, 1631 W. Snow Circle, Tampa (813) 250-3647; This boutique welcomes canine browsers along with their humans. See the owner’s dogs, Lucky and Valdano, on the website or submit your own pooch photo for the pin-up section.

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Magazine  >  Issue 52  >  Hero Dogs

Hero Dogs

Inaugural American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™
Presented by Cesar® Canine Cuisine to recognize extraordinary acts of heroism performed by ordinary dogs. 

Based on the shared belief that having a relationship with a dog can truly improve every life, CESAR® Canine Cuisine has partnered with American Humane Association for The Hero Dog Awards, to shine a spotlight on the thousands of dogs who are making a difference by providing comfort to people in need everyday.

The Hero Dog Awards celebrates, honors and recognizes the thousands of heroic therapy dogs who truly transform lives. Hero dogs are therapy dogs, military dogs, guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, hearing dogs, law enforcement dogs and ordinary dogs doing extraordinary things. No matter how big or small, a Hero Dog provides unconditional love and support for those that need it most.

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Magazine  >  Issue 51  >  Fido, Al Fresco!

Fido, Al Fresco!

More frescos and more Fidos means more frequent doggy visitors dining out.

FIDO NEED NOT BE POCKET-SIZE to dine al fresco style. Snitch knows that Europe is too far to go for lunch, so Café Borrone in Menlo Park, California, is a favorite local eatery. Jann Hayes of Half Moon Bay, California, shared, “They have a generous outdoor seating area with umbrellas, no smoking on the patio and the wait staff loves having dogs visit.”…

…Be sure to check out all the extra pictures not shown in print!

Shall I start with the appetizer or perhaps go right for the main course, Hairy Putter seems to ponder.
Photography Louis W. Bohannan

“Waiter, I’ll have one of these, one of those and a few of the yummies over there,” so says Hairy Putter. 
Photography Louis W. Bohannan


Deciding his meal, Hairy Putter ponders the menu before selecting his al fresco fare.
Photography Louis W. Bohannan

Kevin and Buddy are Fido al-besto pals and visit the PICK-QUICK Drive In for Puppy Patties.
Photography courtesy PICK-QUICK Drive In


Surf’s up for Porkchop when he and Maggie Alexander head for some healthy grilled fish.
Photography Maggie Alexander


Taking a beach break, Porkchop loves the ambience at Pacific Beach Fish Shop in San Diego.
Photography Maggie Alexander


Snitch waits for his water and treats while visiting Café Borrone in Menlo Park.
Photography Jann Hayes


Move over Beethoven, Snitch knows a cup of ice cream from Culvers in Wisconsin hits the spot.
Photography Jann Hayes


The chicken atop this salad catches the eye of Toshi, who waits his turn for a bite at Taggia in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Photography Candice Ball





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Magazine  >  Issue 51  >  Paw & Order: Fido as Sherlock Bones

Paw & Order: Fido as Sherlock Bones

Sherlock Bones meets Paw & Order
Taking a bite out of crime, one canine at a time.

CSI MOVE OVER, Sherlock Bones is in town, and he’s here to deliver paw and order. The scales of justice swing in Fido’s favor with canines working in tandem with humans,  unearthing what only a dog’s nose knows. From arson investigators and evidence finders to cadaver dogs and bomb detectors, dogs have earned their rightful place as law enforcement ambassadors.

When it comes to keeping kids safe, Siren is on the scene, ready for action. 
Photography Dayna Hilton

Safety first. That’s the message of fire safety dog, Siren. 
Photography Dayna Hilton

Fire safety dog, Siren, checks in for any Facebook messages. 
Photography Dayna Hilton


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Magazine  >  Issue 51  >  Howl-o-ween on a Boo-string Budget

Howl-o-ween on a Boo-string Budget

Goblins and ghouls, candy corn and cornstalks, doggy costume contests and parades: it’s that time of year when Fido gets a scary groove on and dons the Halloween garb.

Continued from Bowser on a Budget story this issue, here is another ghouling costume. 

Pupto Bismol

No tummy aches with Surf Dog Ricochet to the rescue. This adorable Pupto Bismol creation is the handiwork of Judi Fridono of San Diego, California. For less than $20, this costume requires pink fleece, an iron-on t-shirt transfer (with artwork made on Adobe® Photoshop®), a headband for neck accessory, pink hair ties for ankle accessories, a disposable plastic bucket for the bottle cap, mailing labels for "pupto bismol" words and a shoestring to tie the bottle cap on the head. No in-dog-gestion here at FIDO Friendly.


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Magazine  >  Issue 51  >  Tailgate Mascots

Tailgate Mascots

Fido’s got football fever and the sidekicks to prove it.

Pigskin puppies, huddle close and get ready for the game plan! Gridiron season has an ongoing love affair with canine mascots, and so inspired was FIDO Friendly by Cathy Flamholtz’s Dogcrazy Newsletters that we’re showcasing a few canine sports mascots.

Check out more images here not found in print!


Butler Blue knows who the real big dog on campus is.
Photography courtesy Brad J. Ward, BlueFuego

Go team go, the biggest little dog is ready to cheer you on, Butler Blue beckons.
Photography courtesy Jennifer Driscoll Photography

In a league of his own, Butler Blue starts the season off on the right foot—er—bone.
Photography courtesy Brent Smith, Butler University

Scotty beckons “Go, Tartans, go!” as mascot for Carnegie Mellon.
Photography courtesy Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon’s Scotty seems to eye up a winning touchdown for his team.
Photography courtesy Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon Highland Ambassadors give Scotty a pup talk with Professor Larry Cartwright.
Photography courtesy Carnegie Mellon University

The ever watchful eyes of the SIU Saluki stands ready to cheer the teams to victory.
Photography courtesy Southern Illinois University Athletics Department

Faux fur and real fur, both costumed mascot and canine sidekick attend a SIU sporting event.
Photography courtesy Southern Illinois University Athletics Department

Photography courtesy Chandelle Arner, Boise State University

Photography courtesy Karl LeClair, Boise State University

Photography courtesy Chandelle Arner, Boise State University

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Magazine  >  Issue 51  >  Feature Giveaway

Feature Giveaway

Win everything pictured here!

You can enter the giveaway once per day by submitting your full name and email address. To enter and view complete details, visit our Facebook page at


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Magazine  >  Issue 51  >  Put Your Garden to Bed

Put Your Garden to Bed

Preparing your garden for a quiet winter gives way to healthy plants next year. 

IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE to another summer and hello to winter. Whether it is cleaning up the vegetable garden or preparing sod for the cold, here are some easy tips to prepare your yard for winter and ensuring a beautiful, healthy spring garden…

These easy step-by-step instructions will unleash your inner crafter. It’s that time of year for autumn picnics, soaking in friends, family and games! Don’t run to the store; create your very own Fido-themed beanbag toss, straight from the heart…


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Magazine  >  Issue 51  >  Eva La Rue and Omar Miller

Eva La Rue and Omar Miller

Eva LaRue and Omar Miller, stars of CSI: Miami are teaming with Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods®, PETCO® and independent pet stores to celebrate National Guide Dog Month in September and raise money and awareness for guidedog organizations across the country. “We want people to realize that this is more than just a fundraiser for a good cause,” said Miller. “This is really about empowering the visually impaired with the life-changing gift of a guide dog. Guide dogs and training are provided atno cost to qualifi ed applicants who are blind or visually impaired. With 10 million visually impaired people in the US, the demand for guide dogs continues to grow.”

“Every seven minutes someone in America becomes blind or visually impaired,” said LaRue. “Guide dogs are heroes, providing safe mobility, loving companionship and restoring confidence to their handlers.”

Photography: Anthony Mongiello

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Magazine  >  Issue 50  >  White Gold

White Gold

She's Hot in Cleveland and around the world. Everything she does strikes gold. Betty White, pet ally, fittingly graces our 50th issue cover.
By Arden Moore, Editor at Large
Photography iStock/Jbrizendine (Small Dog)

GOODNESS, SOMEWHERE in the dictionary next to the term “golden” should be a Betty White reference. Beloved as the lone survivor of television classic sitcom, The Golden Girls, she shares her home with a Golden Retriever named Pontiac in the Golden State of California.

For nearly 65 years, she has delighted television audiences with golden moments as characters named Sue Ann Nivens, Rose Nylund and today as Hot in Cleveland’s Elka Ostrovsky. Far from the Hollywood red carpets, she has championed the cause of companion animals and wildlife as president emeritus of the Morris Animal Foundation and trustee with the Los Angeles Zoo—she is still a trustee and will celebrate 40 continuous years on the board this June. She has happily spent a lifetime plucking pet hair off her clothes and sharing her sofa with a lap cat or a snoozing canine.

But trying to conduct a sit-down interview with America’s Ageless It Girl these days is as challenging as trying to teach a nectarhungry hummingbird how to sit and stay. At 89 years young, Betty White is picking up speed, not slowing down.

“I’m the luckiest broad on two feet,” explains White in a quick comment obtained for this story…


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Magazine  >  Issue 50  >  FIDO Friendly’s Best Of

FIDO Friendly’s Best Of

We love sharing the best of the best in the FIDO Friendly world. As you peruse through our 50th celebratory golden issue, we wanted to share even more juice for you. Please enjoy these additional treasures…


San Francisco, California (SF)
Sally Stephens of SF dishes with us as we named our best of the best.

What makes SF a city that people like to visit with their dogs?
SF, the city of St. Francis, recognizes the value of the human-animal bond and the positive benefits, and strives to facilitate positive interactions, for both you and your dog.

What sort of activities and events are available for dogs in SF?
A wide variety of activities and events for people and dogs means choosing from monthly Chihuahua meet-ups in Stern Grove to weekly Frenchie Fridays in Dolores Park (French bulldogs) to weekly walks on Ocean Beach. Pet Pride Day, a yearly celebration of dogs, organized by SF Animal Care and Control, has dog costume and trick contests, Frisbee® dog demonstrations and booths from dozens of animal groups and companies. The SF Giants has a yearly Dog Days game in August to bring Fido to.

How many dog parks/beaches/business/restaurants are there for dogs to take part in?
SF has 29 areas designated for off-leash play in various city parks, including some pet-friendly beaches and trails in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). Some favorite city parks include Stern Grove, Bernal Hill, McLaren Park and Duboce Park. In the GGNRA, favorite spots include Fort Funston, Ocean Beach, Crissy Field, Baker Beach and Lands End. Many of the downtown hotels welcome dogs with their people.

Where can folks learn more who wish to travel to SF with their dogs?
The SF Dog Owners Group (SFDOG) is in the process of revamping and will have a calendar of dog events when completed.

What are some doggie extras that make the town so very dog welcoming?
With more dogs in SF than children, off-leash space in city parks and the GGNRA’s hard-work are major contributors to helping make SF so dog welcoming.

(Left to Right) Whitney (15) and Shasta (16) are the darling miniature American Eskimo dogs of David Landis – whose daily play area is Alta Plaza Park in the Pacific Heights district of SF.

Resident San Franciscan, Sharon Castellanos, showcases why this is a Fido-friendly city.

Here belated dogs, Nikki and Fox, walk up the back of Bernal Hill. We salute these two explorers, who are eternally missed by Andrea Patterson.

At the Golden Gate Bridge, this pooch of Beverly Ulbrich, is ready for some SF fun.

Katie Hall shares this subtle canine moment, which shares a thousand words.

Jan Stephens shares a “picture of two old buddies” — me at 64 years and my dog, Scarlett, at 14. It was taken at Ocean Beach by friend, Shehla Khan.

Here's Rocky the French Bulldog running at full speed and Rookie, the black lab in the background at Fort Funston, belonging to Mark Rogers.

This is Chocco at Crissy Field, West Beach, shot by Dave Caldwell.

This is Ruby in a doggy wheelchair (she developed a neuro disease), but still very much enjoying the Fort, sporting a huge stick. This is the cover of the book, Almost Perfect, by Vicki Tiernan.


Portland, Maine (PM)
FIDO Friendly sat down with Alison Goddard (AG), PR & Special Events Coordinator with the Greater Portland Convention & Visitors Bureau and Wendi Smith (WS), Publisher and Owner of Maine newspaper, Downeast Dog News to find out why PM is a wagtastic area.

What makes PM a city that people like to visit with their dogs?
AG: Many accommodations include hotels, restaurants and bars allow dogs; for example, Port Hole has a patio that allows dogs while you sip on a refreshing beverage and Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth allows dogs and offers pet pampering services.

WS: By some estimates, almost 17,000 dogs live in Portland, helping to make Maine’s largest city a great place to visit with your dog. There are at least 46 dog parks or dog-friendly beaches—many of which provide free plastic dog “clean up” bags—in the Greater Portland area; 30 hotels or motels that permit dogs in guest rooms; 25 restaurants with dog-friendly sections; 12 doggie day care centers; dozens of pet stores, groomers, dog walkers and trainers, dog clubs and play groups; two independently owned self-serve dog washes; one top-notch dog shelter; and one monthly newspaper for “people who love dogs.” PM is also home to Planet Dog, a socially responsible company that designs eco-friendly dog toys and donates 2 percent of every sale to the Planet Dog Foundation to fund the training, placement and support of service dogs. If your dog needs health care while visiting, Greater Portland has more than 60 practicing veterinarians, including at least one who specializes in alternative treatments such as acupuncture.

What sort of activities and events are available for dogs in PM?
AG: Many companies observe Friday as take your dog to work day. PET ROCK in the park is an annual event, benefiting HELP!FixME (spray/neuter program), including product vendors and services, animal rescue organizations, working dog demonstrations, food vendors, live music and an adoptable pet parade.

WS: The Woofminster Amateur Dog Show & Cover Challenge, Paws in the Park and Pet Rock in the Park are events you won’t want to miss. Dog lovers routinely turn out for vaccination, microchip, nail clipping and other special clinics offered by Portland pet stores. American Kennel Club shows held in neighboring Scarborough feature Portland canines, and the Maine Dog Tracking Club meets at the Barron Center. Fundraisers to support pet adoptions are a frequent event throughout the city.

How many dog parks/beaches/businesses/restaurants are there for dogs to take part in and would you provide names of them please?
AG: Restaurants/bars that allow dogs on sidewalk seating areas are as follows:

  • Beal's Ice Cream: 12 Moulton St, 828-1335
  • Bill's Pizza: 177 Commercial St, 774-6166
  • Black Tie Cafe: One Union Wharf, 756-6230
  • Flatbread Pizza Company, 72 Commercial St, 772-8777
  • Gilbert's Chowder House: 92 Commercial St, 871-5636
  • Gritty McDuff's: 396 Fore St, 772-2739
  • Nosh Kitchen Bar: 551 Congress St., 553-2227
  • Portland Lobster Company: 180 Commercial St, 775-2112
  • The Farmer's Table: 205 Commercial St, 347-7478
  • The Grill Room, 84 Exchange St, 774-2333

WS: The latest edition of petMAINE, as well as list dog parks, beaches and restaurants.

Where can folks learn more who wish to travel to PM with their dogs?,,,

What are some doggie extras that make the town so very dog welcoming?
AG: Our Ocean Gateway VIC offers water bowls as do many other businesses in town.

WS: Blogger Greg Closter once wrote, “Dogs in Maine, by and large, enjoy many of the same benefits the people in Maine enjoy. Open spaces and rural living mean that a romp in the woods is never too far away. The ocean and the state’s many lakes mean that a warm summer day can easily be tempered with a plunge in the water …” Closter also points out that although many cities and towns have leash laws, they aren’t strict about enforcing them as long as your dog is under control. The city is so dog-friendly in fact that it named its resident baseball farm team the Sea Dogs, and became home to one of 18 Black Dog gift shops. Along with the locally owned Fetch dog and cat boutique, that shop is located in the Old Port section of the city, where dog bowls on the sidewalk are a common site.

Austin, Texas (AT)
Brett Chisholm of Houston Dog Blog and LIFE+DOG magazine shares his insiders scoop on AT and why it is oh-so-very FIDO Friendly.

What makes Austin a city that people like to visit with their dogs?
AT perhaps is best known for its über-hip festivals South by Southwest (SXSW) and Austin City Limits. While exploring, you'll constantly see signs, bumper stickers, T-shirts and more with the unofficial city motto: "Keep Austin Weird" on them. The city has a thriving arts scene that is a breeding ground for up-and-coming musicians. It's one of the biggest small towns you'll ever encounter, and it's one of the friendliest towns in the state for Fido.

What sort of activities and events are available for dogs in Austin?
The culinary scene in AT in something you don't want to miss, and you don't have to on your trip with Fido. Most every restaurant in the city has a patio with outside tables, and your canine companion is welcome to enjoy the ambiance with you. There are numerous festivals downtown on the infamous 6th Street, and AT is one of the most outdoorsy cities in the entire nation. Barton Creek Greenbelt is an 8-mile tract of green space with over 800-acres of space to experience with Fido by your side.

How many dog parks/beaches/business/restaurants are there for dogs to take part in?
In AT, there are literally too many to mention. Within an hour of AT, you are in the heart of the Hill Country with the historic town of Fredericksburg to the west, wineries and cliffs to the north, San Antonio and San Marcos to the south, and heaven in-between. You can take your dog with you in many retail establishments and they're welcome almost anywhere with a patio.

Where can folks learn more who wish to travel to Austin with their dogs?
They should always make sure to pick up a copy of LIFE+DOG when in the area. wink

What are some doggie extras that make the town so very dog welcoming?
AT is an outdoor-lover’s dream. As such, it's inherently prepared for the dog lover as well with wide sidewalks, an unbelievable amount of parks and green spaces, a progressive culture, a variance allowing dogs on restaurant patios, and a general Texas attitude welcoming strangers as part of the family.

Lori Gustin, the dog mom and voice of fab blog, shares some fun and frolicking images of Gus exploring Austin, Texas.

Lori tells us she enjoys taking Gus to Barton Springs, the Zilker Botanical Garden and walking along Lady Bird Lake.


Provincetown, Massachusetts (PM)
If Cape Cod, the ocean air and a general overall sense of Fido welcoming sounds too good to be true, think again. PM rolls out the red carpet beach style for canines and company. Robert Sanborn of the Provincetown Visitors Bureau shared this fab info about this must-visit locale.

A haven for tourists from all walks of life, PM extends its friendly hospitality to not only those who use two legs to get around, but to those on all fours as well. Since the Pilgrims first dropped anchor on November 16, 1620, dogs have played an important part in the town’s history. Its first canine residents—an English Mastiff and an English Springer Spaniel that traveled to PM in 1620 aboard the Mayflower—arrived in the New World to provide protection and hunting. Since then, this seaside community has become the ultimate canine resort on the East Coast.

Pilgrim Bark Park
Opened in 2008, the Pilgrim Bark Park is a non-profit, off-leash dog park and animal welfare resource. It allows dogs to run free and socialize with other pets on an acre of land, with a small-dog section. Local artists designed and painted benches, poop bag stations, kiosks, signage and a super-sized doghouse at the park’s entrance. There are also three fire hydrants just outside the park, painted to look like canine versions of PM’s police officers, firefighters and public workers.

There are more than 30 pet-friendly hotels, inns, b&bs, private cottages and campsites. Many even designate a special Pet Ambassador. From fenced-in yards and shaded front porches at seaside cottages to outdoor hoses and towels for beach-bound dogs, PM makes visitors and their pet guests feel welcome.

Several of PM’s most recognizable restaurants offer outdoor patio and beachside seating for diners and their dogs.

Downtown Commercial Street caters to the canine crowd with complimentary water bowls, fountains and dog biscuits set out on the street by local business owners. Several pet supply stores offer pet enthusiasts everything from day-to-day supplies to pet souvenirs, the latest in canine fashions and pet objets d’art. Canines can also have their likeness memorialized in art by a pet portraitist.

Dogs love the freedom they have on PM’s three miles of year-round, off-leash beaches and trails. Pets are also welcome to roam the Province Lands Bike Trail Loop, a 5 ¼ -mile trek that begins on Race Point Road and winds through the town’s dunes and forest. Adventurous pets are welcome to join their owners for whale watch tours, sunset cruises, kayaking, parasailing, a sightseeing trolley, sailing charters and walking tours.

Special Events
Every fall, the Carrie A. Seamen Animal Shelter (CASAS) hosts Pet Appreciation Week, where visitors can participate in canines games and contests, a pet parade down Commercial Street, a dog T-dance at the Boatslip and a blessing of the animals at St. Mary’s of the Harbor Episcopal Church.

Bay State Cruises allows leashed dogs on their Fast Ferry service to PM at no additional charge. Cape Air is also pet-friendly, allowing accompanied animals on flights for a $10 fee.

Photo by Robert Sanborn


We wanted to share these wacky pics with you!

Fenway Bark




Nemacolin Wooflands





Adventure Dog Ranch



Canyon View Ranch


Wow, you blew us away with the exploring nature of the dogs in your life. We received so many stellar examples that we’re building a future article around it. In addition to our top five dogs in print, here are some more doggone amazing Fido explorers.

James Steven Cisneros of Los Angeles, California
Our exploring always includes running and nature, and camping whenever possible. Almost every day, Sundance and I explore trails and paths in Griffith Park where we run the local trails and take in the beautiful landscape. Sundance's longest adventure was a road trip from southern California to Washington, traveling the Hwy 1, visiting the coast of California (SB, SLO, Big Sur, Carmel, Santa Cruz, Sonoma), the Oregon Coast, and Long Beach, WA. We also spend fire-cracker-holidays at quiet campgrounds huddled on the futon in the back of the truck. No matter where we are, every morning we find a trailhead, leash up, and run through beach, woods, mountain, desert, and town.

Cheryl Lawson of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Precious is the perfect travel companion. A frequent flyer, Precious has flown via United, Delta, American and recently, Southwest airlines. When I pull out the bag that doubles as a wheelie bag and backpack, Precious knows what it means. People are always surprised at the end of a flight when they realize Precious has been flying with them without making a sound. Before we fly, I do my best to take her on a nice walk. Precious understands it's nap time when she gets on the airplane. Car and RV rides are great with Precious. She'll sleep quietly or look out the window as if she knows the story of each place we visit.



Michael Uy, San Diego, California
Here are few of Abbie’s adventures:

  • Abbie's sizzle reel,
  • Abbie's dog surfing,
  • Abbie paragliding,;
  • Abbie paddleboarding,;
  • Abbie climbing trees,
  • Get out. Do more with your dog,

We were so touched by all of the giving and philanthropic Fidos out there, that we could have filled an entire magazine with your stories and photos. We heard from both Jenifer Whiston (JW) of Brown Dog Designs and Maggie Marton (MM) who shared their hearts with us.

Who is your dog who made a difference and how did this all get started?
JM: I have three dogs that have made a difference, Teal, gone since 09, Mallie, 9 years old, and Drake, 4 years old. Mallie and Drake serve as current Search Dogs for Vail Mountain Rescue Group. Teal was my first search dog, and his job was not only to find people but to teach me the ways of search.

MM: Emmett is a seven(ish)-year-old Staffie/Plott mix who works as a “pet therapist”. Whenever Emmett meets someone new, he leans against them and looks up into his or her eyes. After a few seconds, he rests his head on his new friend's knees. I decided to harness his heart-melting power with therapy work. Because he's tolerant, stubborn, solid, energetic, and exuberant, we work with children in reading programs and at the mental health facility.

What sort of things has this dog done to make a difference?
JM: Drake and Mallie use their amazing sense of smell to search for missing people in the woods and in avalanches. Usually we search for people who want to be found. Occasionally, we search for people who don’t know they are lost but who are delayed in their return. Although there is some research about how the dogs do this, it is by no means a simple feat. It is truly amazing when they find a missing person in extreme weather conditions and extreme terrain.

MM: We visit approximately 15 kids under age 12. Many have abused animals or have witnessed animal abuse, or even abused themselves. But when Emmett walks through the door, they scream, "Emmett!" They rush him, throw their arms around his neck and smother him with kisses. For the hour that we're there, the kids engage and work together to teach Emmett new tricks. They take turns handling him, and shower him with love and kindness (and treats). No matter what those kids have been through, for that hour, they're all just plain kids. The first day, there was a hysterical girl whom Emmett trotted right up next to and sat down. The girl reached out to pat him, and he slurped the tears off of her face. Instantly, the little girl started giggling, "He likes me!" She rubbed his belly, asked questions about him and told him that he was the sweetest dog she ever met. Since then, I've collected dozens of similar stories of Emmett helping these kids to be happy.

How can folks pitch in and learn more to help out?
JM: To simulate a real mission, I hide people in the woods so the dogs can practice finding. Dogs learn through repetition and reinforcement. I have to hide lots of different people to keep the dog reliable at finding. If I hide the same person over and over, the dog may learn to only find that person. Practice also teaches the dog to independently work out wind and terrain features to efficiently get to the missing person.

MM: Train and test to become a pet therapy team. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. You literally change lives, whether you’re visiting a senior, reading with kids or working with people with special needs, you’ll see your dog transform their spirits. If your dog isn’t up for it (and not all dogs are), encourage your local schools and public libraries to welcome therapy dogs.

What is on this dog’s horizon for future projects to help out?
JM: Both Mallie and Drake train continuously to be prepared for the next search. I work to make sure Mallie and Drake are focused and motivated to find the next lost person for many more years to come. Saving a life is the greatest thrill to them.

MM: Emmett has to retest to renew his registration this year (gulp). I’m hoping he passes with a higher level rating so that he can visit with more patient populations. As a bully breed, Emmett faces a lot of discrimination. But I’m proud – and honored – to have him serve as a breed ambassador. Inspired by our classroom and library experiences, I decided to pen a children's book about Emmett and his job as a "library dog" in the hopes that it will help encourage other kids to give reading a try!


To whet Fido’s palate, here are some more inspirational images to get your fresco mojo on and ready for doggie dining at its finest.

Chef Mark Bodinet at Copperleaf in Cedar Brook takes time to share fine cuisine with his Fido:

Nemacolin’s doggie room service menu:

Inn by the Sea’s Doggy Menu
Housemade Dog Biscuits: Rolled oats, peanut butter, wheat flour, honey
Meat Roaff: Steamed rice, raw vegetables, natural ground beef, dog cookie
Doggy Gumbo: Angus beef tips, steamed rice, raw vegetables, dog cookie
The Bird Dog: Grilled chicken, steamed rice, raw vegetables, dog cookie
K-9 Ice Cream: Topped with crumbled dog bones


We’d be remiss if we didn’t share some of our favorite additional images of the Best FIDO Friendly hotel Fido packages. Check out the following hotels with pawsome FIDO Friendly packages.

Hotel Vintage Plaza

Delamar Greenwich Harbor

Fess Parker

Heathman Portland 

Ritz Carlton




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Feature Giveaway

Win everything pictured here!

You can enter the giveaway once per day by submitting your full name and email address. To enter and view complete details, visit our Facebook page at

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Magazine  >  Issue 50  >  Paths Less Traveled

Paths Less Traveled

Breaking barriers and making progress, Fido’s travel reaches new heights.
Carol Bryant

FIDO Friendly’s Facebook page is hopping, which is where we found out our readers have explored many modes of transport with their globe-trotting canines. One of our most widely-traveled explorers is Cosmo Havanese, whose mom, Diane Silver, shared some photo memories with us. Pictured here is Cosmo on a gondola with Diane in Italy.

Next up, Diane is snowshoeing while Cosmo is about to go “zooming.” This photo was taken in the Italian Dolomites, where they stayed in Trentino.

Getting ready to board the train from Italy to Milan, Cosmo is eager and ready to go with Diane.


A view from Lake Como, Cosmo and Diane take in the landscape.

Fidelco Guide Dog in balloon basket - Photo by Bev Theodore of Sky Endeavors (Bill Costen, Pilot).



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Magazine  >  Issue 50  >  Table For Two

Table For Two


International chef Jordi Farrés, with his assistant BJ, BELOW, serve up an aperitivo for both (that is, depending on how hungry Fido is).

Recipe Jordi Farrés
Photography Corina Landa

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Magazine  >  Issue 49  >  Oogy


Former bait dog is now a model canine citizen helping children understand the negative effects of prejudice and stereotyping.

I first saw Oogy on a 2008 Valentine’s Day episode of Oprah. I was instantly in love with the big dog with one ear whose face looked slightly deformed. As the large dog climbed onto the lap of owner Larry Levin, it was clear to me that Oogy was a special dog in more ways than one. Although at first blush, Oogy seemed an unlikely candidate for such enamor, I was smitten just the same.

Alison Sweeney

Perhaps it was the background of the former bait dog puppy who had been so badly mauled, and who would require several surgeries to help heal his wounds, that pulled at my heartstrings. The mauling had left him with one ear and a broken jawbone, which was partially removed. Or perhaps it was his adoptive family who appeared with him that day, people whose lives had clearly been touched and changed forever with their unconditional love for Oogy. Whatever it was, thoughts of Oogy stayed with me for days, so it was with great excitement when I learned, two years later, Larry had written a book about Oogy, Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love, which made The New York Times best sellers' list…

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Magazine  >  Issue 49  >  10 Ways to Keep Fido Safe While Flying

10 Ways to Keep Fido Safe While Flying

FIDO Friendly takes the canine headache out of planning your next doggy airline excursion.

…Closer to Earth’s soil, when preparing to travel with Fido, always plan ahead. Ask if your dog is allowed in-flight and if so, what the restrictions are. What is the temperature in the cargo area? What happens if the flight is rerouted or layovers are late? Where do I check on Fido? How much does the flight cost for my dog? What official documents are needed? Ask, call, research and visit FIDO Friendly’s magazine, website and blog for the most up-to-date information. Fido deserves to have the same service and in-flight experience to get from point A to point B and beyond, and there’re no bones about it!

Fly Illustration

No matter how prepared I felt, I was still nervous when flying with my black Labrador Tasha to Colorado. Is it too cold? Will she be thrown about? Does she have to go to the bathroom? These and other similar thoughts of concern floated about my mind until I finally saw her come out of the oversize luggage area. Her tail was wagging—we had made it!

Flying with your dog can be a stressful situation. Being unprepared to take a flight with Fido, where he will be placed down below as cargo, can add unnecessary stress when taking a trip. Here are ten checklist items to keep the stress level down and both you and Fido happy!

There may be more to add with each specific case, i.e. going to a different country, having more than one dog, etc. But here is a good starting point.

1. Kennel = Den

First and foremost: have an airline-approved crate, and be sure that Fido thinks of this crate as his den. You may need to spend time getting your dog comfortable with being in his crate for long periods of time. There will also be a lot of loud noises on the plane and strange people walking around in the cargo loading area. Here is a suggested exercise to get Fido crate-trained for air travel:

Depending on the size of your dog, you may need two strong people to help with this exercise. Have Fido inside his crate and pick the crate up and walk it a little ways. Place the crate inside your car. While he is still inside the crate, drive to a park or busy location. Plan to do this on the weekend. Again, have two people carry the crate out of the car with your dog still inside. This way, Fido can get used to loud noises and a busy environment while being handled inside his crate.

2. Outfit the Crate

There are certain items that you will want to place on the outside and inside of the crate to make it ready for travel. Place a few bright orange LIVE ANIMAL stickers on the outside of the crate. Most airlines will do this as protocol, but it doesn’t hurt to have them on the crate before you arrive at the airport to let people know there is a dog in the crate. The next thing is type up a one-page profile of your dog that includes your contact information with cell phone number. You would want to include a letter that states something to this effect: Hi, I’m Tasha. I am a nice Labrador retriever, and I don’t bite. Please contact my parents if I am lost, and I’ll probably need to be fed and walked if our flight is delayed so I can relieve myself. I’ll be forever grateful! Tape this to the outside of the crate, and title it something like: IF I’M LOST OR DELAYED. Make sure water and food dishes are attached to the inside of the crate. You may want to include a couple of soft toys that your dog loves and maybe a T-shirt that has your smell. Be sure to tape a small bag of food and a leash to the top of the crate.

3. Flight Time

Check the length of the flight and try to book a direct fight when at all possible to avoid plane changes or delays, not to mention lost luggage. It is important to match the length of the flight with that of your dog’s temperament and what he can handle. Whether Fido is being shipped as cargo or is riding in the cabin will help determine what Fido will experience during the flight. Consider whether Fido can be in his crate for six hours or for whatever length of time will be necessary to arrive at your destination.

4. Different Birds

Each airline has different requirements and policies where flying Fido is concerned. Check with the airline’s policies when flying with Fido regarding the following: appropriate feed times; when to arrive at the airport; kennel requirements; required veterinarian records; costs involved; and weight limits. There may be more requirements for different airlines.

Check with the airline to make sure that where Fido is placed is climate controlled and pressurized. Most airlines will do this, and if they do not then you will want to choose another airline that does pressurize and control the climate where your dog will be located. Also, when flying in certain weather, you will want to know if your dog will be exposed to the elements or sheltered before the flight.

5. Clearance Clarence

This is one of the most important steps: get a clean bill of health certificate from your veterinarian for Fido to fly. Your dog cannot fly without veterinarian records stating that he is in good health. Most airlines require veterinarian health certificate records no more than 30 days out (with some airlines requiring the certificate date no more than 10 days from your departure date). This is important to take into account not only for your departure date, but your return date as well. Fido will need the same 30-day advance clean bill of health on the return flight. If Fido has his clean bill of health check-up on day 1, and you fly on day 20, your return flight must depart before day 30; otherwise your dog will have to get another check-up before returning.


6. Feeding Time!

Your dog may or may not get nervous about the flight. It is a good rule of thumb to feed your dog anywhere from four to six hours before your flight time. (Not the time you’ll arrive at the airport, but the actual take-off time for your plane.) Give him minimal water to avoid full bladders.

7. Exercise a Go-Go

Every dog has a different level of energy. A young Labrador runs on high octane and will need to expend this energy before being cooped up in his kennel for a long flight. You will want to check with the airport you are flying out of as many locations are now installing dog-run areas. An airport that has an onsite dog area is a perfect place to play with your dog and keep his spirits light right before placing him in his crate. This will also give him a good chance to relieve himself before the flight. DO NOT SEDATE YOUR PET. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) do NOT recommend tranquilizing your pet prior to flight. Sedation could lead to injury if your dog’s crate moves during the flight and your dog is not able to brace himself. The increased altitude may further cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems for sedated animals.

8. Go With the Flow of a Time Line

Departure day has arrived, and it is important to stay focused. It is best to make a time line itinerary that you can follow. This will ensure that your dog receives the proper care and attention needed to make this a safe flight for him. The night before: place Fido’s collar on him with your cell phone number on his tag.

9. Nervous Nelly

You have decided to make the flight with your dog, but sometimes no matter how safe something feels, we can still get a little nervous about sending Fido down to the belly of the plane. Even though we know the probability of nothing happening to him is in our favor, the separation and inability to see what his environment is like can be unnerving. It is important to give plenty of reassuring hugs and kisses to your dog. When you’re calm and confident, then your pet will follow your lead and realize there is nothing to worry about. If you are emotional about the separation and the trip, then your pet may pick up on this and become concerned about the adventure. This is where exercising your dog with play before the trip helps settle the nerves. By keeping the mood light, you can relieve any tension that occur due to the situation. Once on board the aircraft, ask the flight attendant to confirm that your dog is loaded and secure. They may be able to give your dog a little extra water in the dish that you provided in his crate before take-off. This will reassure you that your dog is with you on the flight. (This is especially important if you have a connecting flight.)

10. Reunited

Before taking the flight, ask the ticket person where you will be picking up your dog. Almost all airlines will have your dog come out of the oversize luggage area, while some may have you go to their cargo building separate from the baggage claim building. A short drive may be required.

I can’t imagine going anywhere without Tasha if I can help it. She adds so much to my adventures that I feel like something is missing if she is not by my side. In Colorado, half the fun was seeing her play in the snow and bounce everywhere with excitement as if to say, “What’s next?! What’s next?!”

Taking the extra time to become mentally and practically prepared for a trip involving out of the ordinary logistics will make all the difference to you and your dog.


These are general guidelines, and policies differ between airlines. Be sure to inquire with the airline you are flying regarding their specific guidelines. It is now a law that all airlines must report animal shipment mishaps. The Safe Air Travel for Animals Act, passed by Congress in April 2000, finally came into effect on June 15, 2005. Here is a website to check leading airline statistics regarding death, injury or lost pets, and which airlines have the best safety records:, and click on Air Travel Consumer Report. For pets flying in the cabin of the airplane, please view the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website:

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Magazine  >  Issue 49  >  Fido Forges Into Destruction & Out of Devastation

Fido Forges Into Destruction & Out of Devastation

Japanese disaster affects man’s best friend in epic proportions.

As one pack of dogs and their handlers boarded a plane bound for a country convulsed by destruction, another sought assistance fleeing the devastation of a once, pristine Japanese landscape.

Hundreds of thousands of Japanese residents experienced the country’s largest recorded earthquake on March 11, 2011. Mother Nature’s collision course continued as the earthquake spawned tsunamis up to 33 feet that went crashing six miles inland. The probability of survivors grew dim, as totals of those expected lost in the tragic fury rose to insurmountable numbers.

This is when a team of six dogs and their handlers boarded a plane for Ofunatio City on the northeast coast of Japan. On March 14, task forces began their daybreak mission.  Four of the six dogs deployed were rescues turned rescuers. Recruiting rescue dogs for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) is one of the tenets of which founder Wilma Melville is most proud. “Our teams were in Japan for five days. Thousands of people who had loved ones missing were assured no one was left behind. That in and of itself is our success,” Melville reported.

The dogs typically pinpoint where search and rescue efforts should begin. In an earthquakeravaged zone, many people could survive with the void spaces created as structures collapse. Sadly, in the areas affected by the tsunami, the Japanese death toll escalated. Depending on the direction of the wind, search dogs were moved by the handlers to give them the best positioning for covering an area.

SDF dogs are highly trained in direction control. Melville explained, “For the handler, a 150 to 200 pound person, he or she does not have to climb all over every inch of rubble. The dog can be sent out 50 to 75 yards in one direction, move left or right according to a handler whistle signal, and then be brought back.” SDF dogs are helpful in indicating areas where no one is alive, so the need for resources in that area, especially where time is critical, can be assessed…

Despite Internet rumors, animals left in Japan will not be euthanized. Shelters exist that are taking in pets until plans can be made for reunion or return. As of press time, Geoffray was waiting to hear if and when her husband would evacuate and/or when she would be returning to Japan.

What is next for Geoffray and her military family? FIDO Friendly will continue to report their unfolding story on our blog. We asked Geoffray when she would reunite with her family. “Either me coming back to Japan or my husband having to evacuate with them to a safe haven, wherever that may be,” she reported…

KINSHIP CIRCLE ANIMAL DISASTER AID is an animal advocacy and disaster response organization that deploys emergency aid for animal victims of natural and human-caused disasters. Our responders reflect a wide range of training and certification: Search and rescue, veterinary care, crisis sheltering, fire and water rescue, large animal and technical rescue, wildlife rehab... In recent years, Kinship Circle has helped animals in: Japan Earthquake-Tsunami, Brazil Floods-Mudslides, Chile Earthquake-Tsunami, Gulf Oil Disaster, Haiti Quake, Iowa Floods, Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Brenda Shoss, Executive Director, Kinship Circle, told FIDO Friendly, "For animals, Japan’s tragedy is trifold: Earthquake, Tsunami, Radiation. In fact, the disaster still unfolds for animals with expansion of the radiation exclusion zone. As more people vacate their homes, more animals are left behind without food or care. Working with Japan animal NGOs, Kinship Circle tracks leads for animals trapped at deserted homes. We also do search and rescue in ravaged parts of northern Japan, including Fukushima and Iwate Prefectures.”

Follow News & Photos About Animal Disaster Rescue In Japan:

To Support Animal Disaster Rescue & Relief In Japan:

Mariaelena Geoffray, whose story we shared with you in our June article wanted to share, “I have to thank Susie Atheron, of Canine Creek in Tehachapi, for getting the word out so quickly and helping with my situation and also JEARS (Japan Earthquake & Animal Rescue and Support, Animals With Fur, Japan for contacting me constantly making sure everything was OK with the pets, and also, Little Cavaliers for posting my situation online. You all have no idea how much you social networking has affected my situation and also helped others!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

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Magazine  >  Issue 49  >  Sea of Puppy Love

Sea of Puppy Love

Inn by the Sea rolls out a foamy coastline ready for Fido and family.

Overlooking the untouched beauty that is Crescent Beach, Maine, Inn by the Sea is an eco-sensitive celebration in hospitality featuring water-view dining; full-service spa with 57 guest rooms, suites and cottages; acres of protected seaside plantings—and it is completely Fido-friendly. Inn by the Sea holds the esteemed honor of being one of the first luxury hotels in the US to accept pets. We embrace and rejoice in that standard.

Pets stay free and are provided water bowls, beach towels, cozy L.L. Bean dog blankets, handmade treats at turn down and information upon check-in of area Fido-friendly “must-sees” and “go-tos.” With all these “extras,” could Inn by the Sea possibly up the bark any higher?…

Inn by the Sea

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Magazine  >  Issue 49  >  Fido’s Bucket List

Fido’s Bucket List

Channeling his inner puppy and living his best life, free spirit Fido-style.

A few years ago, a movie was released called The Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson. In it, the character listed the things he wanted to do before he passed from this Earth. What about Fido?...

More Fido’s Bucket List Ideas

1) Take a Fido-friendly trip across country, to a five-star resort, to a local attraction, to visit friends and family.

2) What are some things you have done with your dog in his or her lifetime that are forever etched in your mind?

3) We'd love to hear from our readers about your Fido's "must-do" list by leaving a comment here.  Check out the May/June, 2011 issue of FIDO Friendly magazine for ideas in many categories and help your dog(s) live his best life "paw-ssible!"

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Magazine  >  Issue 48  >  Beach Blanket

Beach Blanket

Exploring the PCH from San Diego to Huntington Beach
By Eileen Barish

The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) showcases the beauty and majesty of California as it meanders along one of the prettiest stretches of coastline anywhere in the world. Popular with tourists and locals just about any time of the year, traveling this ocean-hugging road reveals the storied beauty, excitement and diversity of California. You and your canine cohort can explore leash-free beaches, visit quaint seaside towns, stay in stylish hotels and share some excellent al fresco dining along the way.

Starting in San Diego, the experience begins with a near perfect climate and endless outdoor fun. There’s no doubt it will inspire even the laziest pooches to get off their haunches and sniff out a bit of excitdanaement. California’s second largest city is a happening place with revitalized downtown neighborhoods to tour, such as Little Italy, East Village, the Victorian National Historic Gaslamp District, Old Town and the city’s 1,200-acre gem—Balboa Park.

If water-filled fun is what you and the pooch crave, you’re in for a treat. The town’s beaches are plentiful, from the coves and cliffs of La Jolla to the Silver Strand of Coronado. Ocean Beach Park is San Diego’s most pupular beach…it’s the “in place” for leash-free canines any time of day. Also, include Fiesta Island in your water plan; it’s every canine’s dream of Fantasy Island.

Expanding your horizons, you can’t go wrong with an excursion to Coronado, a unique combination of quaint small town ambience and sophisticated luxury.  For some outdoor pleasure, the northernmost section of North Beach is where you’ll want to be. On a typical day, dozens of dogs will be doing their thing…rolling in the sand, splashing in the waves and fetching Frisbees.

For some strolling fun, window shopping and people watching, there is not a better place than the historically preserved downtown, especially along Orange Avenue, Coronado’s charming main street. It’s lined with bookstores, antique shops, home, garden and gourmet food shops. Don’t be surprised to find a water bowl outside any number of stores and an offer of a dog biscuit or two.

Dana Point Harbor: Surfers at Huntington Beach, Surf City USA | Photo credit: Surf City USA - Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau

Next stop is La Jolla, a Mediterranean-style village graced with a rocky coastline punctuated by scenic beaches. Within this strikingly beautiful setting, you’ll find a shopping Mecca worthy of its weight in people watching. In summer, dog times are restricted to before 9 am or after 6 pm (no restrictions in the winter). For some divine R&R, take the Cliffside Stairway to the beach or find a sweet spot with Spot on the grassy knoll atop the bluffs and practice your best laid-back routine.

Heading north to Dana Point, you’ll be treated to a spectacular harbor with dramatic coastal bluffs. A jaunt to seven-acre Heritage Park rewards with fabulous views of the marina. The Dog Fun Zone is where your pup can run free. When day is done, Pines Park is the place for sunset watching. Guaranteed, your pup will have plenty of canine company. Cozy up on a bench and wait for your “ahhhh” moment to begin.

If you and the dawgs are into quaint and artsy, the picture perfect artists’ colony of Laguna Beach is the next stop on this PCH excursion. “First Thursdays Art Walk” is a festive citywide evening with more than 40 galleries participating. When you and your buddy want some quiet lounging or a bit of Rexercise, Alta Laguna Park is a hilltop oasis that dishes up views and walking trails for you and old brown eyes. Or make your dog’s day at Dog Park, a leash-free zone from dawn to dusk every day except Wednesday.

Laguna Surfers: Surfers at Huntington Beach, Surf City USA | Photo credit: Surf City USA - Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau

Keep your dog’s tail wagging as your adventure continues to Huntington Beach, the finale on this Southern California section of the fabled PCH. First on your agenda should be the Doggie Bus to Huntington Dog Beach where leash-free abandon is de rigueur. If you happen to be visiting in July, don’t miss the Surfin’ Paws Dog Jam on Dog Beach, the dog surfing competition and free dog surfing lessons. What a way to spend the day! Hungry for more? A Fido foodie highlight is The Park Bench Café where a truly unique dining experience awaits. Your pooch can saddle up to the café and choose from a menu designed for canine connoisseurs.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to this part of the California coast. Part two of this PCH travel itinerary will continue north in a future issue.

Ocean Beach, a short drive from downtown San Diego, is a trip back to the seventies with its retro feel and shops. At the end of the main drag near the beach is an ice cream store with funky and unusual flavors. A scoop for you and another for the-you-know-who is a perfect way to end the day.

Where to Stay
Well-located and beautiful, pet-friendly hotels:

Manchester Grand Hyatt, One Market Place, San Diego, CA 92101; (619) 232-1234
Westin San Diego, 400 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101; (619) 239-4500
St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, One Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, CA 92629; (949) 234-3200
Shorebreak Hotel, 500 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92648; (714) 861-4470

Award-winning author and nationally known pet-travel expert, Eileen Barish’s books have been reviewed by more than 500 publications. A contributing writer to national magazines such as Newsweek and a frequent guest on CNN and other networks, Eileen’s sage advice on pet-travel has enriched the lives of thousands of pet parents. Her current books include Vacationing with Your Pet, the best-selling directory of 25,000 pet-friendly accommodations in the US and Canada, as well as the state guides to dog-friendly activities for Arizona, California, New York, Oregon, Texas and Washington. Her books are available at all major bookstores, or by calling (800) 638-3637.

Image 1: Photography courtesy San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau
Image 2: Photography courtesy Surf City USA - Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau

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Magazine  >  Issue 48  >  Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney

24/7 animal advocate.

By day, actress Alison Sweeney plays Sami Brady, a pro at “cat fights” on the daytime drama, Days of Our Lives. On Tuesday nights, she hosts the inspiring show, The Biggest Loser.  And 24/7, she happily Champions causes that keep pets happy, healthy and in loving homes.

Currently, she is playing a role perfect for her: spokesperson for the new $1 million fitness challenge for pets. The Hill’s® Science Diet® Weight Loss System’s 2011 PetFit™ Challenge is open to people looking or smart ways to get their overweight dogs and cats back to healthy weights…

Listen to our chat with Alison Sweeney on FIDO Friendly Travel Talk on Animal Radio® for February 2011!

Photography courtesy The Hill’s® Science Diet®.

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Magazine  >  Issue 48  >  What Makes a Doghouse a Home?

What Makes a Doghouse a Home?

Raise the roof, summon the neighbors, Fido's abode unleashes all boundaries.

By Carol Bryant & Tiffany Keeth

It all started with a vision. And blueprints. And a contractor. For some dog owners, crafting canine dreams into reality is a passion, and these folks say, “You can do it, too!” Creating a unique abode or addition with the family pooch in mind need not be a laborious task. Move over home makeover shows, the dogs are taking over the neighborhood.

Lifestyle expert and best-selling author Moll Anderson lives the creed, “change your home, change your life,” and that includes Fido’s living space. An eclectic mix of Dr. Phil and Martha
Stewart, Anderson turned a doggy dilemma into a canine can-do! “My dog, Sophie, is a rescue and had suffered abuse the first nine months of her life,” Anderson shared…

Lifestyle expert and designer Moll Anderson offers FIDO Friendly readers this exclusive how to do your own ultimate dog bath/shower:  A dog bath is something every doggie/homeowner needs to make their life just a bit easier. It doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re a handy guy or gal just make sure you truly know your way around plumbing a bathroom, if not work with an amazing contractor to make sure this easy project is done correctly.  What do you need for your own doggy bath?

Basic things you need to get started:

An amazing contractor, waterline, hand shower, faucets, drain, and beautiful tile.

The key thing to remember when you’re designing your doggie bath tub: you are trying to make bath time easier on you and your pet, so don’t throw practicality out the window.  One of the biggest complaints I had was the back pain from bathing Sophie (my dog). The back pain comes from leaning over during the process. Building a dog bath is the same as how you would build a tile shower—the only difference is that the dog bath is elevated and the dimensions are specific to the size of your dog and your needs.

The first step is to measure the height of your lower back area. Work with your contractor and build a mock-up of the tub based on the size of your animal.   Have your contractor set the mock tub up on a couple of sawhorses. Check the height by literally reaching down inside and pick the perfect height for you. If your husband or partner shares the duties you may want to compromise on a height in between.  Once you have the perfect height and size figured out, let your contractor take over to make sure that the dog bath is built, lined, and sealed properly.

Photo 1 & 2: Photography Ron Sturgeon
Photo 3: Photography courtesy La Petite Maison

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Magazine  >  Issue 48  >  When Disaster Strikes

When Disaster Strikes

Call to ACTION

When disaster strikes, FIDO Friendly has your three-course canine call to action. Hurricane Katrina. Her images resonate, and the global effects of the devastation remain raw. A poll conducted by the Fritz Institute in April of 2006 revealed 44 percent of people chose not to flee when warned of Hurricane Katrina because they would not leave their pets behind. News reels showed the devastated residents begging for assistance from rooftops and seeking refuge in a football stadium, but where were the dogs amongst them? In many cases, they were abandoned, lost or awaiting the impending devastation with their family members…

Rather than tell you, let us show you step-by-step what FIDO Friendly magazine recommends packing in Fido’s first aid kit

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Magazine  >  Issue 47  >  Bed, Bark & Beyond

Bed, Bark & Beyond

Rocky Mountains, luxury beds and Fido fun abound at this Denver nugget

In  the heart of a bustling metropolitan downtown beats the heart of a Fido-friendly four-diamond hotel. Go mile high and take a trek to Denver, Colorado, for some Rocky Mountain hospitality at The Westin Denver Downtown (formerly known as Westin Tabor).

Despite its hub-of-the-city location, parking is plentiful at the on-site parkade. The attentive valet service took care of our needs and displayed extreme graciousness to our pooch. The rooms are some of the largest we have stayed in, and Fido is welcome to do some “chillaxing” on Westin’s Heavenly Bed®. So divine are the pillows, bed and linens that Westin makes them available for purchase…

With a grassy area for Fido nearby, access to a host of Fido-friendly stores and amenities at the 16th Street Mall, the Westin Denver is a picture-perfect hotel when staying in the Denver area...

Go Mile High and take a trek to Denver, Colorado for some doggone Fido friendly fun!!

We visited the Denver, Colorado region and stayed at the Westin Downtown Denver where we discovered just how Fido welcoming and enjoyable the nearby 16th Street Mall area is.

In the heart of Denver’s downtown area is a mile-long pedestrian mall. This tree-lined region is a mile long and brimming with shops, chain stores, quaint boutiques, and plenty of cafes and eateries.

FIDO is welcome to explore this region with you, as it is conveniently located in the heart of the downtown Denver district.

Many of the restaurants and cafes allow Fido to eat with you outside as you watch the passersby and enjoy the feel of a small town within the surroundings of big city. We chose the Corner Bakery Café, where toasty panninis, grilled sandwiches, and divine desserts made for a delectable outdoor dining experience (highly recommended: the lemon bars).

Be sure to stop by the Barkin’ Boutique and Bakery for some Fido gourmet treats and goodies  (note: we love the glow-in-the-dark “My Mummy Loves Me” Halloween shirt).

Stop for some gelato, window shop, have a sample of Rocky Mountain chocolate (the apples are oh-so-worth the trip), and grab some Broncos souvenirs along this downtown district’s pathways.

Check out this video FIDO Friendly shot and make this one of your “places to spend a day” the next time you are in the Denver area.

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Magazine  >  Issue 47  >  Chewing Through the Apron Strings

Chewing Through the Apron Strings

Learn how to cope and plan when leaving Fido at the kennel for the first time.

I can only imagine that the feeling is somewhat similar to a parent dropping their child off at daycare for the very first time—the fear of some smelly, strange child with a wet drippy nose coughing on your dear little one; the thought of an over-size bully picking on your sweet diminutive angel; or worse yet, the idea of your well-behaved mini-me bringing home bad habits.

Moreover, what about the atrocious facilities? Could any dungeon possibly be as clean and nurturing as the warm, loving paradise my baby has never gone a day without? Perhaps calling it a “dungeon” is still too kind—what if it is more like an uninviting, repugnant, concrete shell feebly held up by four, bleak, weary walls with the Wicked Witch of the West as the warden?

Oh, the horror!

These are the exact thoughts that sped through my mind when I realized I would have to board my Fido for the very first time. As a first-time pet parent, and what friends and family would describe as nothing less than an overzealous mother, I had always vowed to never kennel my pup. Imagine living in a world of lollipops and rainbows to all of a sudden being thrown into a world of cold cages, squealing dogs and no midnight cuddling? Drama Queen—I think not! Used to nothing less than premium kibble, all-natural baked goods, 24-hour fold-down service and an endless amount of tummy rubs, my Fido’s life defines luxury. If you catch yourself nodding your head in understanding and have never boarded your dog, there may come a day when you are faced with the harsh reality of having to travel without Fido. Never fret! Funny as it sounds for me to say, as I am affectionately known to be a worrywart, you must suck it up, face your fears and learn how to let go. Besides, you might actually come to fi nd that Fido will have a wagtastic time on his very own pawcation.

Here is the Full, Exclusive Interview with Fetch Doggie Daycare…

FIDO Friendly interviewed Portland, Oregon’s Fetch Doggie Daycare co-owner, Britt Mueller-Anderson to hear how she and husband, Adam Mueller, set their daycare apart from the rest of the pack.

FIDO FRIENDLY: How long have you owned Fetch?

BRITT MUELLER-ANDERSON: We purchased Fetch in June of 2009, and celebrated our one year anniversary by having each dog that came in that week create paw-print keepsakes for their parents.

FIDO FRIENDLY: What was the defining moment that made you decide to own a doggy daycare/boarding?

BRITT MUELLER-ANDERSON: After dog-walking my way through a liberal arts degree and then dabbling in a career working with exchange students, I realized the best part of my day was when I was with the dogs—nothing else gave me that deep-seated sense of fulfillment. To some, the work I do might seem frivolous, but to me and the dogs, it is very meaningful. When I saw a chance to actually make a living at it, I took a leap of faith and have not looked back since. Adam came to volunteer at Fetch when the recession eliminated his long-time job operating a printing press. He was looking for something to occupy him during the day, but soon discovered that he was a natural working with dogs. The dogs took one look at Adam and fell in love, and he has returned their devotion by devoting himself to their happiness ever since.

FIDO FRIENDLY: What makes Fetch so much more special than other daycares/boarding?

BRITT MUELLER-ANDERSON: Several things make Fetch stand out. For one, we are a real mom-and-pop kind of business. Every time we get a new dog at Fetch, we welcome that dog (and their human) into our family. Second, we are a relatively small facility (in terms of dogs, not square feet). This means that each dog can receive one-on-one attention, and it also allows us to take in dogs that other daycares might shy away from. For example, we have been able to work with dogs in wheelchairs, dogs that are completely blind or deaf and dogs that have been rescued from abusive homes. We pride ourselves in being able to fully integrate these dogs into our pack.

FIDO FRIENDLY: Tell me a little bit about your facility and program(s).

BRITT MUELLER-ANDERSON: We are equipped with approximately 3,200 square feet of indoor play space, plenty of toys, play-structures and comfy furniture. A full day of daycare is $25, and a pick-up by 12:30 PM is $17. We also offer 5-packs and 10-packs that can save you 5% or 10%, respectively. For multi-dog families, the second dog receives a 50% overall discount. We offer two types of boarding: boarding with daycare and boarding without daycare. Boarding with daycare is $35/night. These dogs spend most of their time frolicking with the daycare group and are only in their private kennels for eating meals and sleeping at night. Boarding without daycare is $25/ night and is an ideal option for older and/or less social dogs. These dogs are given one-on-one time with a staff member morning, noon and evening, but are kept separate from the daycare group. We have 13 kennels, so we are neither too crowded nor too small. Each private kennel is 5’ x 5’. Our boarding kennels are arranged so that the dogs can see each other which the dogs seem to really appreciate.

Fetch Doggie Daycare, 2021 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Portland, OR 97212; daycare rate ranges $17-25 per day, boarding ranges $25-35 per night, discounts are available based on length of stay or daycare packs; (503) 281-0508;;;

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Magazine  >  Issue 46  >  Fixing Fido

Fixing Fido

Veterinarians travel the world to help abandoned street dogs.

By Jeremiah Alley, Film Producer of Fixing Fido

There was an incredible beauty to the Amazon clouds as they filtered the morning sun over the murky water. Locals, arriving to the market by boat or motorcar, began to unpack their wares. As the market opened up, I observed and pondered numerous things: amongst them—could we have packed heavier cameras? Did I really just eat grilled palm tree larva at 7am? And most importantly, why are there copious amounts of mangy looking dogs? Where did they all come from? Where do they all go? Who is responsible for them? And doesn’t anyone else but me notice they are here?

The toughest part for me was witnessing what seems like downright neglect and indifference toward hundreds and thousands of dogs. It appeared that the entire notion of a “pet” is not a part of their cultural vernacular. All these animals—more than 100,000 street dogs in Iquitos, Peru—have the potential to be amazing companions and become someone’s best friend. The locals just haven’t gotten “it.” Yet.

Fixing Fido is currently a work-in-progress, most recently filming with Dr. Jeff Werber, Lassie’s vet, and a group of young French veterinarians as they changed the lives and mindset of people toward Fido.

Go to to check out recent clips, see behind the scenes photos and learn how you can support the project. You can also follow the project on twitter @fixingfido.

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Magazine  >  Issue 45  >  Blind Ambition

Blind Ambition

Nicollette Sheridan sat down with FIDO Friendly to talk about National Guide Dog Month and joining Natural Balance Pet Foods, PETCO and independent pet stores to support the cause.

FIDO Friendly: Tell us about your role as spokesperson for National Guide Dog Month and how did you become involved?

Nicollette Sheridan: Natural Balance is a company that I believe in. I love their organic kibble and so does my very finicky dog, Oliver. They are people who truly care about animals and have huge hearts. When it was brought to my attention that Natural Balance, PETCO and independent pet stores were raising money to help the blind with gifting these incredibly smart and loving dogs to comfort and guide them through their lives—I couldn’t wait to help in any way I could. Guide Dogs of the Desert is a wonderful organization that provides all services to the blind at no charge. I had the privilege of spending time with them and working with their puppies and grown guide dogs. The money being raised in the month of September will enable Guide Dogs of the Desert and all guide dog schools across the country to help raise many more dogs in their programs that will help give the “miracle of independence” to so many more people in need. Every PETCO across the country is participating. When you make a purchase at PETCO or a participating independent pet store near you—you can round up your payment and every penny will go to aiding a blind person in need. Or you can simply make a donation. Quality of life is something we all deserve so let’s make a difference and help the blind find their way.

FF: What do you want our readers to know about these special dogs?

NS: Dogs like to have a job. Purpose is as important to them as it is to us.

Photography Christopher Ameruoso

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Magazine  >  Issue 45  >  Slowly, But Insurely

Slowly, But Insurely

With so many options and plans available, FIDO Friendly covers the questions readers need to ask.

When six-year-old Labrador Retriever, Katie, went in for a routine spay, she didn’t recover as expected. Transferred to Michigan State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, it was discovered Katie had a very rare complication of her spleen, requiring its removal. During the 10-day period to save Katie’s life, she received 26 units of plasma and nine units of blood from 30 donor dogs. “Her bill totaled more than $18,410 of which PurinaCare Insurance paid $14,468,” Anne Hatfield said on behalf of Purina. Like its human counterpart, we never know when the need for health insurance will arise. Dogs suffer accidents, injuries, mishaps and unexpected diagnoses as we all do. Fido lovers know all too well the sacrifices made in the name of dog. They rely on us, but will the funds be there when the time comes? For many, pet health insurance is becoming a viable option. Knowing the insurance is there for routine usage as well as emergency situations or disease diagnosis and treatment means peace of mind to most of all. With so many different insurances available, just where does one start? Is it worth it? How much will it cost? FIDO Friendly magazine dishes out the questions every dog owner should ask prospective pet insurance companies. What to Ask, and more…

Checkout These Websites for More Information
PetFirst (Petfinder)
Go Pet Plan
Pet Assure
Pets Best
Petcare Insurance

Photography courtesy iStock

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Magazine  >  Issue 45  >  Love It or Leaf It! Our Top 10 Leafy Destinations

Love It or Leaf It! Our Top 10 Leafy Destinations

That’s not a typo but rather what Fido will be doing as you crunch through autumn’s quilt that blankets our nation’s trees this fall. Not sure if you’re a leaf peeper? Do you love the gorgeous fall foliage and rich hues turning green leaves to goldens, oranges and reds? Then grab the camera, pack some apple cider and a few Fido biscuits and head for less-than-greener pastures, as FIDO Friendly presents the Top 10 Leaf-Peeping destinations.

Washington County Maine
Looking to the trees and wishing to escape the tourists? Head over to Washington County for a tranquil natural fortitude. Regionally, the birch, oak, aspen, maple, and ash trees produce a vibrant array of burnt oranges and fi ery reds. Also famous for being the world’s largest blueberry producer, take home a few quarts and sample the pies and pancakes while visiting. This area is generally the first place the sunrises each morning on US soil. Washington County is comprised of 85 percent woodlands, eight percent lakes and four percent bogs, so one can imagine the bountiful beauty gracing the landscape in the autumn months.

Acadia National Park in Mount Desert Maine
In 1947, a fire destroyed many spruce-fi r trees in this historic park and left behind pockets of space for the rich colors of fall to showcase themselves. Considered to be one of the best views in the state of Maine, the top of Cadillac Mountain at 1,532 feet is the highest point along the north Atlantic seaboard. Fido is welcome to color gaze with you. The “peak” season is generally considered to be mid-October but this varies. Certain lakes and trails prohibit Fido but the majority of Acadia welcomes the canine variety.

Lake Champlain Vermont
Complete with its own seven-day fall foliage calendar, Lake Champlain is one of North America’s best places to fish. Instead of walking or riding through fall foliage, the waters of the lake invite a boat ride amidst historic lighthouses and forests of fall foliage. The Fido-friendly resort of Basin Harbor Club and Resort is located right on the lake. While in Vermont, check out Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury. Situated on this glorious land is 400 acres of nature, leaves and the famous Dog Chapel.

Catskill Mountains New York
Located in New York’s Hudson Valley and within 100 miles north of the city, nestled away is this beautiful mountainous region harboring vibrancy and golds galore. During the last two weeks of September and up until mid-October Fido is sure to “start spreading the news” in this historic region. Harvest festivals, farmers markets, orchard picking and craft fairs line the charming towns that surround the Catskills. Often called “America’s First Wilderness,” there’s enough here to do to make a complete week’s vacation out of it. There is a unique leaf identification and peak peeping map online.

Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania
Known to many as the “honeymoon capital of the world,” Pennsylvania is home to 127 tree varieties, so early fall reveals a glorious blanket of ambers, purples, oranges and more. Pack a picnic and take Fido to the Delaware River area where eagles soar, a rural countryside graces the landscape and sightseeing is at its most spectacular finest. State parks and wineries galore are scattered throughout this section of the state.

Shenandoah Valley Washington DC
Spend some time exploring Washington DC with Fido (including hiking Arlington National Cemetery together) and then head over to the nearby Virginian Shenandoah Valley. Located 90 miles west of the Capital Beltway, Shenandoah National Park features over 500 miles of trails and close to 200,000 acres of land. Take the scenic route and let Fido sniff the aromatic pleasures gracing the grounds along Skyline Drive. This 100+ mile road meanders throughout the length of Shenandoah National Park.

Blue Ridge Parkway North Carolina
Spanning 469 miles and connecting the Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks, this scenic drive is riddled with nature areas, trails and plenty of overlooks to pit-stop and take in nature’s beauty. Explore your inner hiker and take Fido to Grandfather Mountain along the parkway in Linville, North Carolina. Of special interest is Blowing Rock in the town of the same name. A 4,000 foot cliff overhanging a river gorge.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park Texas
Yee haw meets dog paw and Fido’s ready to hit the fall trail. Nature’s spectacle displays her glory at McKittrick Canyon, one of the most prized locations in the entire state. Enchanting in this region are the leaves plus the cacti. Rock enthusiasts rejoice at Permian Reef. Trees of the region include Alligator Juniper, Ponderosa Pine and Velvet Ash. Guadalupe Peak is the highest point in all of Texas at 8,749 feet. For those less inclined to high the 80 miles of trails, a 4×4 road runs through the park for scenic driving.

Aspen Colorado
Though images of ski slopes and powder hounds, Aspen is not only king of snow. Rich yellow-gold leaves glisten on the aspen trees at their peak every fall. The John Denver Sanctuary is small yet rich in beauty and the nature Denver sang about in so many of his songs. Behold the quaking aspen tree of North America while visiting Denver. Listen closely when autumn’s breeze shakes the leaves and they “quake” and shimmer in the wind. Backpack through San Isabel National Forest where over a million acres of mountains are sure to take both yours and Fido’s breath away.

Great River Road Wisconsin
Located in the western region of the state, this area winds 250 miles along the shores of the Mississippi river. Quaint towns pepper themselves along the route for plenty of sightseeing, leaf peeping and Fido pit stops. Steamboats including the Delta Queen may pass by, as visitors are welcome to 50 local parks and beaches. The road generally parallels the river but where it does sway from it, vistas and spectacular farmlands are abundant. Learn more.

Illustration Corey Olin
Photography courtesy istock/Elena Thewise

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Magazine  >  Issue 45  >  Chile Dogs Heat Up

Chile Dogs Heat Up

Earthquake shakes writer back to the States.
Story and photography by Lorraine Chittock

Will you stop scratching?” I mumble from a deep sleep. Fleas. When I reach over to comfort Dog, my hand grazes the wall. Vibrating. Like crazy. Raised in California, I don’t usually get alarmed by earthquakes, but our cabin is constructed of wood, on stilts and perched on an extremely steep hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Chile is having an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. During the next 90 seconds the capital of Santiago will be displaced almost 10 inches west in what will be Chile’s second worst earthquake. We’re in La Ballena, 200 miles north of the epicenter.

When the shaking worsens, I fling open the window and jump out stark naked onto the deck. Boxes fall from atop the wardrobe as I lift Dog and Bruiser outside. Once my canine companions are safe, I reach back inside to grab a comforter to drape around my body. My laptop containing all the files for my new book Los Mutts, my passport, clothing and shoes stay inside. In a fraction of a second I have decided what’s truly important in my life.

We keep watch on the ocean—calm though at this moment a tsunami is devastating several coastal towns including Talhuanaco where our pack once camped for months. No electricity. The blackout will affect 93 percent of Chile’s population. Amazingly, there is no damage to the three-bedroom cabin we rent for $200 a month.

Six hours before the earthquake, I’d clicked “purchase” for an airline ticket to Dallas—a speaking and book tour awaits me. Santiago’s International airport suffers structural damage. All flights are canceled. Communication is sporadic, but I’m able to reschedule. I check for news on how animals are coping.

Two years before, Mount Chaitén had erupted in Patagonia. Just as in New Orleans at the time of Hurricane Katrina, residents of Chaitén were forced to evacuate the volcanic eruption without their pets. More than 600 dogs were left behind. Animal lovers in Chile mobilized to create their country’s first animal rescue operation. One of the first organizations on the ground was CEFU (Control Etico de la Fauna Urbana or Ethical Treatment for Urban Animals,

The 2010 earthquake affects a greater area. Entire cities are devastated and families are forced to leave in search of food and supplies. CEFU immediately begins gathering volunteers and medical supplies to help the animals. Many of the photos in Los Mutts are taken in Chile, including a few featuring CEFU in action.

While animal lovers rise to the occasion, I scurry around getting ready for our flight. Leashes. I can count on one hand the times I’ve needed them in the past four years. During my first months in Mexico I was stunned by how few Latinos used them, even on busy streets. Owners trust that their dogs will watch for cars. With street dogs, of which there are many, rules of the road are often passed generation to generation by traffic savvy canine mothers. Pups not paying attention get injured, or worse. Though limping canines are not a rare sight, startlingly few bodies lie on highways, considering the huge preponderance of loose dogs.

On quiet streets I cautiously began doing the same with Dog and Bruiser. Wandering off lead gave them the freedom to sniff dogs they liked and avoid those they didn’t. Snarls were exchanged but rarely escalated. More than four years later and with stray mutt encounters in the hundreds, Bruiser and Dog each had only one scratch on both their faces. America will be different. I put their old leads in crates that I’ve purchased from Chile’s Home Depot. At the airport I drop off the luggage at the ticket counter before driving our trusty van to the customs office—a gift for the Chilean government, since I’m unable to legally sell it. Dog, Bruiser and I take a taxi back to the terminal. Because of earthquake damage, huge tents are erected for flights within Chile. The three of us enter and exit through three. Each time Dog and Bruiser are shooed by officials assuming they’re strays. “Son mis perros. They are my dogs,” I reply laughing. A simple misunderstanding; I still haven’t put on their collars. While living miles from the nearest town, there’s never been a need.

Also unfamiliar is tarmac, cement and glass. I feel like a country-bumpkin. Bruiser’s grin of excitement spreads to anxiety when we arrive at the American Airlines counter. Dog recognizes the sheets I put inside her crate and immediately dashes “home” and curls up inside. Bruiser, a dog who loves his freedom more than any other, is horrified about being incarcerated. He didn’t fare well flying from his native country of Kenya to San Francisco. But there is no way to return to America other than by air. Driving back is out of the question. I watch horrified as two men carry my beloved, captive canines to a conveyor belt. Dog and Bruiser watch horrified from inside their plastic cages. What have I done?

Once I arrive at Gate 27, I grill everyone in an American Airlines uniform regarding if my dogs are on board. On the tarmac at the bottom of the airline stairs two personnel reassure me that my dogs are already in cargo. I’m relieved. And scared. Dog and Bruiser are both 13 years old. For four years I’ve entertained fantasies of meeting someone with a private jet so we could fly as a pack. That person never materialized. There is no choice.

It’s a very long 12 hours. I had booked a seat as close to the front as possible to ensure I’m one of the first to disembark. Once out of the plane I jostle through other passengers who stroll leisurely along the hallways. The woman at passport control takes forever to stamp my documents. At baggage claim I drag two big boxes off the conveyor belt onto a trolley. I’m so focused on my luggage, I don’t notice two animal crates already on the ground. Dog and Bruiser!

Ten feet and paws prance, leap and bounce in ecstasy after 14 hours of separation. Airline officials watch with misty eyes. No one says, “Dogs aren’t allowed outside their crates!”

An American Airlines worker asks if I need help. “Yes, please!” Two loose dogs are added to my two huge boxes, two big dog crates, a duffl e bag plus laptop. I’m only 105 pounds. “The dogs need to be back in the crates,” the worker says apologetically. Dog whimpers with heartfelt sounds I’ve never before heard.

If you want to smuggle illegal goods into America, dogs could be the ticket. Instead of lining up like everyone else on the plane, we’re led to a special agriculture section. I’m the only one in line. “Rabies?” the man asks. I hand him all my paperwork: the rabies and distemper certificates from the vet and the form from SAG, Chile’s governmental agricultural office.

Meanwhile, the airline bellhop is asking numerous questions about my exotic dogs. After such a long absence, I’ve forgotten my Kenyan mutts resemble dingoes to many Americans.

“What’s in your boxes?” asks the official baggage controller. “Four years worth of junk!” I reply. Americans know about stuff. It’s flowing from everyone’s garage, cupboards and storage units. The boxes are sealed shut with duct tape. I’ll never be able to get all my “junk” back in the box should the man want to do a search. While crossing numerous land borders, the novelty factor of two traveling dogs meant we were often waved through customs without further ado. This man too nods his head for us to pass. Maybe America isn’t so different? The airline bellhop wheels everything out to the taxi stand. Because of the earthquake craziness, booking a rental car to drive a further two hours to a friend’s farm seemed too much. Instead, I’d secured a complimentary stay at Dallas’s W Hotel. “Doggies, we’ll adjust to the US in style!The first five taxis don’t take pets. Finally a large dog-friendly taxi arrives. The driver is an elderly man who looks like he’s stepped out of a documentary on sharecropping in the Deep South. “They ain’t gonna bite, are they?” the faux sharecropper drawls. “No, of course not,” I reply. Smart man. He knows if Dog and Bruiser climb aboard, his taxi becomes their territory. We skim through 6 am. traffic. Greeting us at the W Hotel is the most refreshing sight we could possibly imagine: an elegant outdoor fountain with endless streams of cascading water. The dogs are parched. While the bellhop removes boxes and bags from the taxi, Bruiser and Dog drink deeply from Dallas’s most appreciated dog bowl. The leads get hopelessly tangled while maneuvering through the double set of entrance doors. “I’ve forgotten how to do this,” I mutter. At reception I unleash Dog. She stands dutifully by my side. Gold tiles in the elevator lobby reflect three sets of eyes: all like deer caught in headlights. We share an elevator with a cluster of Dallas women. Big hair bobbing, one remarks with a Texas twang, “Ya’ll have such well-mannered dawgs. Mine are jus’ misbehaving, they’ve never acted so sweet since the day they was born.” Little does she know if the “wrong” dog wandered through the lobby, Dog and Bruiser would quickly turn into demons. “Why thank you,” I reply. Our room is huge and overlooks high-rises adorned with huge squares reflecting the cityscape. Mirrored tile everywhere. I’m dizzy from so many manmade materials. Four years in Latin America brought me closer to natural panoramas like the Andes Mountains, Tierra del Fuego and the Atacama desert—not cityscapes. A scalding rain-forest shower pummels feelings of uncertainty from my body and soul. As I dry, Dog barks maniacally. I rush from the bathroom stark naked. She’s crouched low to the ground, her tail swishing back and forth furiously. My jet-lagged brain decides there must be a rodent hiding beneath the plush ottoman. “At the W? This is America in style?” I crouch beside her and peer cautiously. My two eyes look back. At the base of the ottoman is mirrored tile. “Doggie! You’re barking at your reflection!” America is going to take some getting used to…

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Magazine  >  Issue 45  >  Rainy Day Schedule

Rainy Day Schedule

FIDO Friendly’s got an umbrella of rainy day games to keep pooches busy until the sun shines again.

Rain, rain go away, come again another day, especially when Fido wants to play. Unto each life a little rain must fall, but that doesn’t mean a day of boredom and/or mischief for Fido. Using a little ingenuity, a bit of resourcefulness and some new technologies, Fido won’t mind the wet weather. Indoors means fun time, too.
Where’s Fido?

Hide and go seek is a perfect year-round game for dogs of all ages. Not only does this game work perfectly on rainy days, but it heightens a dog’s sense of smell in a fun and rewarding manner. Start out with a few of your pooch’s favorite treats. This game will require two people initially. One person stays with Fido in a room while the other hides. When ready to be sought, the hidee lets out a “come, Fido” or “whoo hoo” sound to initiate the game. As Fido scours room to room, occasionally let out a verbal signal. Once found, praise him like he just won an Olympic medal and reward with a treat. Repeat. One caveat: Be sure the favorite Limoges vase or grandma’s heirloom plates are removed fi rst.

When the rain is falling and Fido needs some fun, pull out a Fido board game and let it rain cats and dogs outside…you’ve got paws of fun inside til the storm passes! Here are two videos of this Fido having fun with Nina Ottosson games courtesy of Kelly Ladouceur of KLAD Cockers.

Need more?  Not to worry, courtesy of, these four videos will have fido begging for rain!
Nina O. Tornado
Nina O. Dog Brick
Premier Tug-a-Jug
Premier Kibble Nibble

Photography courtesy artist istock/picworks

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Magazine  >  Issue 45  >  TV Tattooed Rescuers Leave Their Mark

TV Tattooed Rescuers Leave Their Mark

An army for the animals, Rescue Ink proclaims: “Abusers are Losers!”

Have you ever read a really good book and envisioned what the characters might look like if they were to lift themselves off the pages and into real life? What if those characters were super heroes who brandished formidable symbols of sorted pasts all over their skin? And instead of names like Superman, Spiderman and Captain America they called themselves Big Ant, Johnny O and Joe Panz? Their mission is not to save America but to give animals in a need a responsible home, swooping in on their motorcycles and busting abusers’ mindsets one a time. These are the super heroes called Rescue Ink and this is one day in the life of these non-caped, tattoo-laden crusaders. Feeling like Lois Lane waiting with bated breath for Supermen to emerge, this reporter was left flying high as one cape-less inked crusader after another explained their role in animal rescue. Trading capes for muscle shirts, stylized emblems for tattoos, these heroes rode into town on choppers instead of being dropped from them. Their technique and appearance intimidating, FIDO Friendly invites readers to walk a day in super hero boots, as Rescue Ink lives their creed, “Abusers are Losers.”

FIDO Friendly magazine reporter, Carol Bryant, spent a day with Rescue Ink recently. To accompany our story in the October 2010 issue of FIDO Friendly magazine, check out this video showing these real-life crusaders who rescue animals and say “Abusers are Losers!”

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Magazine  >  Issue 45  >  Going Green With Fido

Going Green With Fido

Eco-friendly products can help reduce your dog’s carbon paw print.

By Doreen Disbro and Tracie Hall

…Feeding a raw diet or making your own dog food at home is one way to become greener with Fido. With both diets you can choose exactly what he or she eats, including organic and sustainably grown meats and vegetables. It’s important to do your research first, however, because not knowing your dog’s nutritional needs could cause health problems

Green Tips
For food, toys and even beds, FIDO Friendly has your needs covered from head to tail. Go green with these recommendations:

Pooper Scooper
: Switch from plastic grocery bags to biodegradable bags like those from Poop Bags.
Accessories: The Good Dog Company carries a wide-range of hemp and certified organic cotton corduroy harnesses, collars and leashes.
Toys: Purrfect Play’s wool balls are hand formed from sustainably produced dye-free wool. Each toy is processed using only gentle non-toxic soaps.
Sleepy Time: Big Shrimpy recycles clean polyester fiber waste to make their durable and fluffy pet beds.

Checkout Doreen Disbro and Tracie Hall’s website,

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Magazine  >  Issue 45  >  Dogs For Humanity

Dogs For Humanity

Karen Biehl sat down with FIDO Friendly magazine to talk about her passion for animals and her celebrity pooch Eli.

FIDO Friendly: You have raised close to $10,000 for the Bark for Life event. How many times have you done this walk?
Karen Biehl: We have done it every year since 2006, for a total of 5 times.  I believe Eli’s donations are as follows:

2006 – $1101.76
2007 – $1501.76
2008 – $2076.76 (may 2176 or 2276, but not sure)
2009 – $1776.76
2010 – $3186.76
The Spirit of 76 is a family joke, so my brother – who is also an MD – always makes sure Eli’s total ends in a 76.

FIDO Friendly: What is it about this event that has you and Eli so dedicated?
Karen Biehl: It’s for a great cause, and it is a wonderful opportunity for dogs to help humans by doing what they do naturally – being cute and walking.  People respond better to a dog asking for donations than they do to humans.  The event itself is really fun too – Eli loves being outside where there is space, and there are always many wonderful vendors there.  This is Eli’s opportunity to give back to people, since he has been blessed with good fortune, despite a rocky start.

FIDO Friendly: Do you attend other events with Eli?
Karen Biehl: All the time!  We go to 2-3 events a week on average.  Eli and I recently marched in the Puerto Rican Day Parade along with Inky Blue Sea Animal Rescue, to help raise awareness for the organization and what they do for homeless animals in Puerto Rico.  Eli was dressed as Puerto Rican boxing champ Tito Trinidad.  We also go to a variety of fundraisers for animal shelters like North Shore Animal League, Animal Haven, Inky Blue Sea Rescue, Sean Casey Rescue, Bideawee, United Action for Animals, BARC, the ASPCA, Stray from the Heart, the Humane Society etc. These are in the form of art gallery exhibits, wine tastings, red carpet events, parties at clubs, bars, boat trips, fashion shows, book signings, day trips out of the city for outdoor dog festivals, doggie ice cream socials, swim parties, and just about anything you can think of.  Last year, we participated in the Pup Crawl across the Brooklyn Bridge, to support animals affected by the foreclosure crisis (through BARC). Eli has been nominated for a Dogcatemy Award at North Shore Animal League’s DogCatemy Awards several times, and has been a celebrity guest and has presented an award at the event. Eli also has attended many red carpet events for human causes, such as RedLight Children, Designers for Darfur, City Harvest, the Ronald McDonald House, Susan G. Komen and Harlem School of the Arts. We also go to a lot of small dog meetup group parties – in particular the New York City Chihuahua Meetup Group – where the dogs can run around and play while their owners socialize.   Eli also enters Halloween contests every year – he won the Times Square Dog Masquerade in 2007, and has placed in Tompkins Square’s Halloween Parade several times, won “Best Mommy and Me” at the Chihuahua Halloween contest in 2008, and won the grand prize at Animal Fair Magazine’s Halloween Party in 2008.  Eli also won the Macy’s Petacular Costume Contest in 2007.

FIDO Friendly: Eli’s pretty famous in his own right. Where else has he appeared?
Karen Biehl: It all started in 2006 when I entered Eli in the Barking Beauty Pageant, and he won.  His prize was a full spread in New York Dog Magazine.  I was so inspired that I entered him in others contests.  Well, he then won New York Tails Magazine’s “Best New York Tails Contest” and as his prize was on the cover of their magazine, with an article.  He then won MilkBone’s “Make You and Your Dog Famous Contest” in 2007, and his prize was being on the cover of the MilkBone small biscuit box, which he was from late 2007 to early 2008.   Eli also won “Most Smoochable Pooch” in New York State in the Kibbles n’ Bits Smoochable Pooch Cover Dog Contest, and was a finalist to be on Kibbles n’ Bits.  He has been in ads for Bloomingdales and Bank of America, in Harper’s Bazaar, in numerous books and calendars, modeled in “Rip the Runway” on BET while Snoop Dogg was performing, has modeled at Pet Fashion Week and at the Pre-Westminster Fashion Show, has been on Halloween costume packages and their ads on websites.  Eli and I were also featured on the dating reality show “Wingman” which aired on Fine Living Network in 2009, and also were featured on “Man Bijt Hond” on Dutch TV later that year, and in 2006, we had a cameo on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”.  Eli has played Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua Tinkerbell in “15 Films About Madonna” which aired on A&E in late 2006, and was in the short film “Dog Run” by Francisco Valera which showed at the New York Latino Film Festival in 2009.  Eli also played the role of Heather Hills in the Lorenzo Borghese (the 2006 Bachelor)  web series spoof of the Bachelor for dogs – “America’s Next Top Dog: The Princess”.  Eli is also currently in Little Pim language dvd’s for toddlers.  He was nominated 2008 NYC Celebrity Dog at the Pre-Westminster Fashion Show in 2009.  He also will be featured on an Animal Planet special this fall, but I can’t say more about that just yet.  He was also “married” to Vanilla (owned by Ada Nieves) on WE’s web series “Puppy Weddings”.  Other shows include Good Morning America, Martha Stewart, Animal Precinct, and numerous news shows. Eli is also listed in the imdb, which is not very common for a dog: Eli and I also write a column for the Examiner – the New York Celebrity Dog Examiner, where we do review of celebrity events, interviews with celebrities, give tips for aspiring dog models and do product reviews.

FIDO Friendly: Where did you and Eli first meet?
Karen Biehl: We met on a busy street in Flushing, Queens, where I met his last owner to see if t was the right fit.  I found him through craigslist. Eli had already had 2 owners prior to us meeting, at only the age of 1 year and five months.  The day after I got Eli, I took him to the vet for a checkup, and she commented that he seemed very attached to me already.  It’s like we were meant to be. I feel that Eli had these other owners until I was ready to adopt him.

FIDO Friendly: What have you learned from Eli?
Karen Biehl: Oh, the list is endless.  When I adopted Eli, he had already had several homes, had a tapeworm and needed knee surgery.  He was shy at first, and his first knee surgery took him months to recover from, but once we got through it, things changed for us.  During the Barking Beauty Pageant, I wasn’t sure if Eli would be able to perform his talent.  Before we went on, I told him that it was up to him to decide what he wanted- whether to do it or not – and I would love him either way.  When Eli aced his talents, I got chills, and had the feeling that he would win the pageant, and that this was the beginning of our mission together.  That mission is to go for your dreams, regardless of your past – and that you can do whatever you want, and don’t let anybody stop you.  This is what Eli has taught me.  Before Eli, I had kind of given up on a lot of things and wasn’t quite sure what to do with my life – at one point I had wanted to be an opera singer, but that never panned out, and then I lost interest.  Because of Eli, I get to express the creative side of myself that likes to dress up in costumes, and it is much more fun than performing opera for me. I also learned that I enjoy being on film and have since focused on that more for myself, with or without Eli.   I also never did any fundraising before Eli, and through him, that became a big focus in my life.  On my own, I could probably never even raise $100 for the ACS, but by using Eli’s picture – and his message – people want to donate.  It’s really pretty amazing, if you think about it.  Eli has opened up so many worlds for me – opportunities that I never dreamed would be available to me.

Photography Arthur Eisenberg

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Magazine  >  Issue 44  >  Yurts


Yurt Locker

When Fido has that particular scratch that needs itching, the one that can only be relieved by a ruffing-it adventure, there are many options— all of which Fido will be up for. Camping or backpacking may be Fido’s favorites, but when you don’t want to have to haul all the gear while your dog just runs around with his tongue sticking out of his mouth, the perfect option is to rent a Yurt…

More Yurt Listings

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Magazine  >  Issue 44  >  Fort-Lauderdog


Fort Lauderdog
Image courtesy Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau
By Sandy Robins

…Your dog will be welcome at a variety of venues on Las Olas Boulevard. The lobster salad at Johnny V will be a meal to remember without sabotaging your calorie count so that you can then go and splurge on ice cream made from imported Belgian chocolate at Galleo, a little farther down the tree-lined street. Be sure to check out the unique Herringbone and Hound boutique that carries original clothes and accessories for both people and their pooches.

You can buy a weekend permit to Canine Beach from the ranger on duty for $7.00. It’s situated where Sunrise Boulevard meets the A1A and open Friday, Saturday and Sunday year-round.

You can walk your dog for free along the beach sidewalks between Sunrise Boulevard to Seabreeze Boulevard between 6 am and 9 am daily, and your pooch is welcome at any time at Riverwalk Linear Park, the picturesque area situated along the New River in the downtown area.

To meet and mingle with the local pet set, head for Bark Park at Snyder Park, which offers two acres of fenced-in fun with an agility course. It’s situated at 3299 SW 4th Avenue. Be sure to bring proof that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date. Swimming is also available at Snyder Park’s East Lake every day of the week.

Fort Lauderdale plays host to a variety of events and festivals. January 2nd and 3rd kicks off with the Las Olas Art Fair. Sixteen other events are scheduled for the first two months of 2010.  So there will definitely be something on whenever you visit. Be sure to check if your dog is welcome, too. However, he’s definitely invited to the Jazz brunch in Esplanade Park on the New River that takes place on the first Sunday of every month.

Your pooch’s wagging tail will be an endorsement of what fun you can have in Fort Lauderdog. So make a note to come back again next year.

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Magazine  >  Issue 44  >  Large Dogs

Large Dogs

Living Small

By Julia Szabo
Image by iStock/Christopher Bernard

If you live in a small place, you can’t have a dog, right? Wrong! That’s one of the most common myths about dog ownership, and it’s high time it got debunked. Right now there are millions of wonderful dogs awaiting adoption at animal shelters across our country; thousands are put to sleep each day because there aren’t enough people to adopt them. These dogs would never judge your place too small. If they could talk, they’d call it cozy, and they’d be more than happy to also call it home sweet home!…

(See full article on page 40, Issue 044.)

Small Space Resources worth “Ruffing” Over

  • Oh! stacking chair by Karim Rashid; $49 at The Container Store
  • Prince Aha stool by Philippe Starck doubles as a side table or seat; remove the end caps to reveal storage space for Fido’s toys; $110 at Design Within Reach
  • MasterGrip Overdoor hook; $7.99 at The Container Store
  • Gallon-size glass Cracker Jar with metal lid; $ 6.99 at The Container Store
  • The Throver by Crypton looks like a blanket but works like a tarp; perfect protection for beds and sofas, and dogs love snoozing on them; $149
  • Use a good-looking, wall-mounted feeder so you won’t trip over Fido’s bowls; find at These Creatures
  • Corral your home library with the Conceal Bookshelf, cool enough to be sold at the Museum of Modern Art; $15 from MoMA Store.
  • PawSafe cleaners are paw-fect for cleaning up after dogs; the product range—including toy cleaner, toilet cleaner, and window cleaner—is made of plant surfactants, so it’s safe to use around kids and pets
  • An excellent online resource for movie posters that feature dogs is Posteritati.
  • The aptly-named will enlarge your photograph into a poster for a reasonable fee.


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Magazine  >  Issue 44  >  On the Move

On the Move

On the Move

The Andrews family is moving from Wyoming to Wisconsin, complete with four kids, three moving vans and a carload of questions, such as “did we remember this” and “what if we forgot that?” Where does Fido fit in this mix of mayhem, moving and minivans? Enter pet relocation services. Fido is a valued family member, so finding the right pet travel expert is essential. Whether traveling 10 miles or across 10 states, Fido is fragile, precious and must be handled with care. One such service is, which handles every detail of a pet’s travel arrangements, from pick-up at the guardian’s residence to booking airline flights and delivery on the receiving end…

(See full article on page 38, Issue 044.)

5  things FIDO should NOT do when you are packing:

  1. Attempt to stow away in your cosmetics bag.
  2. Re-enact a scene from Home Alone and fall asleep in the attic.
  3. Leave a “when nature calls” present for you in the zippered compartment.
  4. Decide to hide your underwear.
  5. Shred your boarding pass to pieces.

5 Do’s and Don’ts for flying Fido:

  1. Do have access to cool water in a non-spillable clip-on bottle
  2. Do include proper identification on collar and leash. (include cell number)
  3. Don’t medicate Fido with sedatives before flying unless instructed by your veterinarian.
  4. Don’t feed Fido close to boarding time. Allow at least 4 hours between feeding and flying.
  5. Do acclimate Fido to the carrier prior to using it on relocation day.

Learn more about pet relocation by watching this video and visiting these links:

Moving Resources
Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association
Pet Travel
Dog Owner’s Guide to Moving Day
HSUS tips on moving with Fido

Photography courtesy iStock/Shorrocks

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