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A Perfect Read for Pet Lovers

The Endless Path

by Laurie Plessala Duperier and Ganimedes Duperier

The authors of this magical and moving memoir, Laurie Plessala Duperier and her chocolate Laborador Ganimedes, shared a very special bond and life together. Laurie helped “Gunny” through many serious health challenges, and Gunny inspired Laurie to change her life and to find her true calling.

Laurie was able to access Gunny’s thoughts with the help of an animal communicator resulting in a fascinating and entertaining human and canine collaboration. Most of the book’s chapters begin with a quote from Gunny. He introduced Chapter 1 saying that he hopes “this book will inspire people. I like to think that this could be a start of the human race understanding the animal kingdom.”

The Endless Path takes us to Hong Kong and Switzerland where Laurie practiced international corporate law, as well as Spain where she met her husband and walked the ancient Christian pilgrimage Camino de Santiago (a physically challenging path) many times. Unfortunately, Gunny had serious health issues in each of those countries as well as when his family moved back to the United States.

Laurie adored Gunny and advocated for him ensuring that he had the best medical care even when doctors disagreed with her ideas (her instincts always turned out to be right). Sometimes Laurie consulted Gunny about his care and asked if he wanted certain procedures. Gunny had a warrior’s spirit and lived to be 15 years old despite his illnesses.

While exploring Gunny’s feelings we learn that initially his thoughts were basic like “I want a new bed. Mine is not comfortable.” After a near-death experience in Switzerland Gunny’s musings become more philosophical. He shared memories from prior lives and revealed how surprised he was when he first saw his reflection in a puddle and discovered that he was a dog in his current incarnation. He preferred being human because dogs have less control over their existence. He also explained that he felt a duality in which he had human thoughts but his nature forced him to do canine things like “eat disgusting things.” He confirmed Laurie’s notion that they were soul mates and described their encounter in a past life.

Their love story continues as Gunny contacts Laurie from the great beyond.

The Endless Path’s provocative and seminal tale of love and communication between species fills one with hope and a new awareness of possibilities in the universe. As Gunny observed, “We are all connected to the same consciousness. Life is life, souls are souls.” We learn a great deal from that adorable philosopher.

The Endless Path is available on Amazon and from Barnes and Noble.

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