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  • Above all, Do

    ife is all about choices. Right now, you can choose to continue reading this blog entry or tune out and click on another entry in FIDO Friendly’s blog (though I hope you’ll do both).

    If you are still reading this, then the incentive worked. We all have internal incentives which keep us going, whether they are voluntary incentives or those which are necessary to keep our lives performing to their...

  • Fido gets down and dirty

    Here at FIDO Friendly, we pride ourselves in bringing you the best Fido-friendly accommodations, complete with reviews and photos.

    As the spring and summer travel seasons approach, check out the list of “Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels In America” recently released.


    We visit all of the accommodations we review and are proud to present Fido-friendly establishments to our...

  • Child a poet and you didn’t know it?

    April marks the 14th anniversary of National Poetry Month. To help celebrate, budding Emily Dickinsons and Edgar Allan Poes are encouraged to participate in the 3rd annual “Paws for Poetry” Contest.  To enter, children ages 5-12 are to write a poem to, and provide a photo of, their favorite animal friend. The contest is co-sponsored by kids’ virtual field trip Web site Meet Me at the Corner...

  • Just who is the top dog in pop culture?

    Proving that Snoopy is the hippest dog of all, “Joe Cool” himself was named the top dog in pop culture by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and AOL’s The ranking, created in celebration of the AKC’s 125th anniversary, brings together canines from diverse backgrounds for a candid look at how dogs have been woven into every aspect of American culture from film and literature to sports...

  • To Lie or Not to Lie

    That is the question.  We’re referring to the couch.

    A recent question on our Facebook page raised a resounding voice from our friends and fans. We asked “Do you allow your dog on the furniture?” Answers were fun, varied, but definitely firm in their stance.

    One friend tells us “Yes, they are part of the family and very well behaved!”

    Another reports, “Yes and no. No to the leather, yes to...