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CBD Dog Treats: All-Natural Pain Relief for Pets

Pot for Pups?  Not, exactly! You won’t see veterinarians prescribing weed for your dogs anytime soon, but there is a new market of cannabis-based products that can be very helpful for distressed pups

CBD and THC, also known as cannabinoids, are the main chemical substances found in the cannabis plant. CBD is primarily extracted from the hemp plant and it does not get you high like THC. The CBD compound interacts naturally with the immune and nervous systems of dogs to provide them with the calming and pain-relieving benefits of cannabis-based medications, just without the “buzz”.

The success that medical marijuana has had for cancer patients and for those with chronic illnesses has led people to believe that cannabis-based products can provide the same relief to their pets. Pet owners are leaning towards more holistic pet medicines that use hemp-based CBD oils to help manage their dog’s pain. CBD-products have been known to alleviate chronic conditions such as arthritis, stress responses, and digestive issues for dogs everywhere.

Our friends at Simplewag, partnered up with a Denver-based company,

Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats, to share some information about the benefits CBD dog treats can provide to your canine.


Jennifer Chiongbian, founder of Bark Avenue, is a lifelong pet owner and professional pastry chef who set out to create delicious treats for dogs suffering with chronic pain.  With her knowledge of the cannabis industry and the advice from a qualified veterinarian, she created a wholesome and well-balanced CBD dog treat.

Many people who use cannabis-based products for their own pain management know the benefits and are keen on sharing it with their pets.  Pet owners want to see their pet happy and healthy, so if cannabis-based products can provide that. Why not?

Most customer testimonials have been positive and appreciative, with many customers saying that these CBD-infused treats have improved mobility in older dogs, and lessened the pain for dogs suffering with chronic illnesses. One customer shared, “Love this product! I have a 10 year old Dachshund with a leg birth defect. I tried this product and I noticed the difference in him being able to navigate the stairs much more easily, and noticed a spring in his step. And loves to beg for more.

Would you give your dog CBD-infused pet treats? Let us know what you think!

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