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Get Tough Against Dog Fighting by Nancy Kay, DVM

The ASPCA has teamed up with The Dodo to call attention to the inadequate sentencing of those involved in dog fighting. As it currently stands, federal sentencing guidelines categorize animal fighting as merely a “gambling offense” associated with a prison sentence of six to twelve months. Those convicted of dog fighting are typically sentenced to a jail term of only six months, and approximately half of these offenders end up on probation and serve no jail time whatsoever. In my opinion, such sentencing is ridiculously lenient.

In April, the United States Sentencing Commission is scheduled to reevaluate their sentencing guidelines for criminals accused of dog fighting. They will be accepting public opinion on this matter until 3/21/16

What sort of sentencing do you feel those involved in the blood sport of dog fighting should receive? Please make your opinion heard by March 21. Simply fill out a simple form on the ASPCA website.  Guided by our public opinion, let’s hope that the Sentencing Commission does the right thing.

Please let me know what you had to say to the Sentencing Commission and I will enter your name into a drawing for an ASPCA dog fighting advocacy kit containing all kinds of goodies for you and your dog.

If you would like to respond publicly, please visit:


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