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Helping your FIDO Enjoy The Ride!

FIDO's new friend guest blogger, Steven Appelbaum, President, Animal Behavior College shared these great tips to help FIDO enjoy traveling in the car. 

Many dogs don’t like going for car rides because they often wind up someplace (i.e veterinarian, groomer etc.) they don’t like.  So the first order of business is to teach all dogs that don’t enjoy riding in the car to change their minds!

Make it a point to take the dog to the car and not drive anywhere. Don’t even turn the motor on. Simply sit, feed and praise your dog in the car for about 2 minutes. A small treat every 20 seconds will work. If she isn’t food motivated, play with her and a toy or gently pet her. After 2 minutes take the dog back inside. That counts as one lesson. Try to do 1-3 lessons per day.

The next day add another 30 seconds to each lesson. Work up to 7 minutes per lesson. Then cut the lesson duration down to 5 minutes and try turning the motor on while you sit and reward your pet.  Work that up to 7 minutes. 

From there, start with very short trips.  5-7 minutes tops. If possible keep the dog next to you and make sure she is in a canine restraint system that is V9DT rated.


These simple tips will help make car riding more enjoyable for you and your furry friend!  Look for more great ideas from Steven Appelbaum in the coming months and you can get more information about him (and Animal Behavior College) here                                                                                                                   

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