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How one dog mom took a dog idea and turned it into a successful dog business: The Mommy Bus

As dog lovers here at FIDO Friendly magazine, we all adore the canines who share our lives. Have you ever felt like you are the go-to person for everything your dog needs, wants and desires? Do we see hands in the air and tails wagging to that question? Well, the folks at paw-ticular company we stumbled upon feel the same way. "I felt like I was Mannie's personal little bus," dog mom and biz owner Diane Dellefave shared with us.

Her idea for a company was born. So fun and unique is her business idea, we wanted to share this story with our readers and give you an opportunity to win some swag from the company, too!

We call this "A Mommy Bus is Born."

FIDO Friendly: Hi Diane, how did you get the idea for this company?

Diane Dellefave aka The Mommy Bus: As any pet owner is sure to know, bringing a new dog or cat into your home is a wonderful experience. In my case I welcomed a Yorkie as my new best friend, his name is Little Mannie. The fun and joy he instantly brought to my everyday life was almost overwhelming. His youthful exuberance made each and everyday an adventure. I made it a habit to take Little Mannie for long walks each day, sometimes going for miles at a time to local dog parks or on a nice scenic trail. Like most puppies he would run and play with other dogs for hours on end. Sometimes he would tire himself out so much from the running, jumping and playing that he would simply plop down on the ground, ready for a nap. My little guy was so tired that I would scoop him up into my arms and carry him home, singing songs about the adventures of the day. During one of these songs I referred to myself as the Mommy Bus; acting as Little Mannie’s personal bus, I would pick him up like a passenger and take him to his destination. I was the driver he could trust.

I had always liked riding buses when I was younger and the name Mommy Bus reminded me of that. As a child my grandma, or as I called her, Nanny, would often take me on the bus to go shopping with her. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve trips I took with Nanny. It only seems natural that one day I would share my fondness for riding the bus with a loved one. I decided to make Little Mannie a true Mommy Bus, a special fashion pet carrier designed to look like a bus.

We both love the Mommy Bus so much that I want to share it with everyone who owns a small dog or cat. I hope you and your furry friends enjoy it as much as we do.

FIDO Friendly: Well that is so clever! What a unique and fun idea for dog lovers. Tell me more about the actual product, the "Mommy Bus."

Diane: Celebrities don’t show up to the red carpet in a run down, beat-up family car, they show up riding in some serious style. We already know you treat your pet like a rock star/diva; why else would you be looking at our stylish carrier. Give your pampered four legged friend the sweet ride he or she deserves and make them the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. 

Easy Access Top Entry
Open/Close Front Window
Large Outside Storage Pockets
Zippered Wheel Compartments
Carry Handles & Adjustable Shoulder Strap
Washable Bottom Pad Cover
Interior Safety Strap
LENGTH measure from neck to bottom
HEIGHT measure from paw to spine

FIDO Friendly: I understand that you have new products to the line besides the Mommy Bus. By the way, I use my Mommy Bus to transport all my dog's items since he is a bit too big for it. I love it!

Diane: When we set out to create a stylish and unique pet carrier we soon came to the realization that if our pets were going to be carried in style we should look great too! The solution was easy; create a clothing line. Something different. Something cuddly yet chic! A line that reflected the unconditional joy and love found in sharing life with your best friend. Our design team worked diligently to incorporate unique designs, soft materials and vibrant colors with the latest decoration techniques in these fun fashions. Hence the birth of MoBu Couture; “Pet Inspired. Human Desired”.

FIDO Friendly: We are also giving our fans an opportunity to win products from you, kicking off November 10. In the meantime, I understand you have a special offer for a special cause right now. Tell us more.

Diane: My little Mannie is diabetic and since it is National Diabetes Month, we are offering gloves for $10.00 where a percentage of the profit will go to the American Diabetes Association.

FIDO Friendly: Where can our readers learn more?

Diane: Just follow this link: and our main link is

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