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The BrilliantPad is Brilliant!

What will they think of next you may ask? Well I can say from experience that the automated self-cleaning indoor dog potty is something I never thought I would see.

After adopting Honey in Joplin, Missouri last year during our annual cross-country pet adoption event, Get Your Licks on Route 66®, I was faced with a potty training dilemma. Having never adopted a small dog before, I found out the hard way they are a little different in the potty training arena.

Although I didn’t think I needed the Brilliant Pad after several months of house training since Honey was doing pretty well at letting me know when she was ready to use the outdoor facilities. However, Honey is very sneaky when it comes to her number two activities. Just when I thought we had made it through another successful week of house training 101, I would find a little ‘surprise’ either in the living room, laundry room or dining room. Those were her favorite places to leave surprises.

We blocked off the dining room, which eliminated that special place to ‘eliminate’. So other than watching her like a hawk 24/7, we just became accustomed to her little surprises.

Enter the BrilliantPad. The BrilliantPad works automatically and replaces soiled pads with a fresh pad and seals inside the waste roll eliminating most odors. You may hand-crank the unit too if you wish. It does not take up much room and we have it stationed in one of Honey’s dumping grounds, the laundry room. 

Check out their website for more details and how to pre-order. As for Honey, she has used it this week so we are cautiously optimistic. Although it’s still a work in progress, she now has the approved site to leave her little presents. Thank you Brilliant Pad!

*FIDO Friendly was provided product for review.

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