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The Weather Channel Falls in Love with its New Weather Therapy Dog

It's official! The Weather Channel has a new weather therapy dog to help spread love, comfort and service to hard-hit communities after severe weather strikes.  After weeks of traveling to rescue shelters across the United States and an overwhelming response from weather and puppy fans, The Weather Channel® has selected Butler, a shepherd mix, as its weather therapy dog.

Butler is a 35-pound, 1.5 year-old male shepherd mix who was rescued from the Humane Society of Charlotte, North Carolina, just four days after arriving at the shelter. Butler stole the hearts of producers, on-air talent and representatives from American Humane Association. The perfect therapy dog, Butler is affectionate, loves to kiss and sit in the laps of others. He is attentive, well mannered and energetic, and will play a vital role in the health of communities in times of disaster.“We searched far and wide for a dog who met the criteria to become our network’s severe weather therapy dog – and we fell in love with Butler,” said David Clark, president of The Weather Channel network. “As the number of families affected by severe weather continues to grow each year, The Weather Channel is happy to welcome Butler, who will help bring joy to these families in their time of need.”

The decision to search for a therapy dog came out of the growing need to help people in hard-hit communities recover after severe weather strikes. Last December, The Weather Channel announced a partnership with American Humane Association and launched the nationwide search to find the perfect dog. In searching, several criteria had to be met. Viewers and visitors nominated rescue dogs from all over the country.

 “Butler will bring the healing power of animal-assisted therapy to help individuals, families, and communities in their times of greatest need,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane Association. “We are looking forward to deploying with The Weather Channel and America’s newest national emergency response volunteer to make a difference when crisis strikes.”

In the weeks and months following a natural disaster, Butler and American Humane Association handler Amy McCullough will visit schools, hospitals, shelters and other locations in hard-hit communities to bring comfort and service. Fans of The Weather Channel can share in Butler’s journeys and follow his trail on Facebook

The Weather Channel Therapy Dog Announcement

We are proud to announce The Weather Channel Therapy Dog!

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