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Two GREAT Travel Accessories from The Grommet

We received two great travel accessories from to review and both are unique and much appreciated by those of us who travel if no more than for a weekend getaway, these two products are must haves for 2018.


The PACK Gear is a handy travel organizer that fits neatly in to your luggage or to simply hang on the door making clothes and sundries easily accessible. Four closable compartments keep your stuff accessible and securely in place. 



AirScale is a two-in-one luggage scale AND phone charger! This is such a brilliant concept.  The unit is very sleek in design and will hold and weigh up to 88 pounds. When my husband and I travel we seem to return with more items than what we started out with so being able to weigh our bags ahead of time helps us breath a sigh of relief and gives us the chance to redistribute items if necessary.  The AirScale is capable of charging Smartphone’s 2.5 times and includes a USB cable, luggage strap with hook and carrying pouch.


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