Blog  >  A new season brings new reasons for a getaway to the Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive

A new season brings new reasons for a getaway to the Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive

Late fall and winter are the perfect times to relax and get away—and no pup knows that better than pawsome doggie blogger Hamilton Barkley of Hami in Miami.

In fact, Hamilton is returning with his humans on another amazing trip to Orlando. Last year, while his people visited the local theme parks, Hamilton enjoyed his very own vacation. And according to him, the Wyndham makes it easy for other doggies to do the same.

The Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive offers spacious, pet-friendly rooms and Hamilton cannot wait to rest his head on those pillow top mattresses and BeWell bedding again. He has spent over a year with the memory of those comfy beds: “It was like sleeping in a cloud of coziness,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton is especially excited for this visit as the cooler fall weather allows for even more time outdoors enjoying The Wyndham Orlando Resort’s walkable neighborhood. There are so many exciting sights and sounds nearby, as well as many pet-friendly restaurants with outdoor patios! Any pup will enjoy easy access to ICON Orlando 360. Being located right next door, you are never more than a stick throws away from something amazingly fun to do!

Of course, no Florida vacation would be complete without some pool time! The lush tropical landscaping, romantic lagoons right outside the door and walkable path around the perimeter of the resort are just a few of the daydream worthy moments from his last stay. Nicer weather equals more time for pups to roam the 22-acre property Hamilton said.

The rooms also feature all the upscale touches humans and dogs alike will enjoy.

“It had everything a sophisticated pup like me could need. Free WiFi? Gotta have it! 40-inch flat screen TV to watch Animal Planet on? Check!” Hamilton said. “Plus, a sliding glass door for quick access to the gardens and grounds… a super duper plus for my bathroom breaks.”

Hamilton said. “If your humans are thinking about visiting Orlando, and they are taking you (they better be taking you because vacations without dogs are not vacations) then the Wyndham Orlando Resort is the place to go!”

Stay tuned for details on Hamilton’s latest visit at or on Instagram @HamiltonBarkley, and book your pet-friendly getaway today at

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Blog  >  You’ve Trusted BISSELL to Clean the Floors in Your Home, Now Let Them Clean the Air

You’ve Trusted BISSELL to Clean the Floors in Your Home, Now Let Them Clean the Air

Life happens. People are constantly exposed to contaminants and odors from nasty allergens, pet dander, smoke, dust particles, and lingering cooking smells in their home. That’s why BISSELL, an established leader in cleaning solutions and floor care, has decided to take on a new venture and clean the unseen by launching the all-new air400 to clean and purify the air in your home.

The air400 is designed for performance and uses a three-stage filtration system, including a pre-filter, HEPA filter and a charcoal-activated carbon filter. The HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants, including smoke, dust and pollen, plus your pet’s hair and dander, while the carbon filter assists with odors, providing instant relief from pollen and other allergens. Both the HEPA + pre-filter and the carbon filter are long lasting, and only need to be changed once every six months*. What’s best is that a white triangle light illuminates on the control panel to indicate when the filters need to be changed.

The air400 features a unique CirQulate™ system that has the ability to circulate air in a 400-square foot room three times per hour and automatically checks air quality, providing optimum filtration. The Air Quality Display even provides real-time feedback on the air quality in your home. Designed to run all day and night, it features a shutoff timer that can be set for one, four or eight hours to help save energy. Plus, its library-quiet performance enables the air400 to blend into your home, unnoticed. It also has a Night mode feature, which contributes to a peaceful sleeping environment – an added bonus for pet parents, as they don’t have to worry that their pets will be afraid of the noise from the unit.

People aren’t the only ones who can suffer from allergies; even our pets can suffer too! BISSELL is a trusted brand that’s been cleaning your floors for over 140 years and now they want what’s best for you and your pet by helping you both breathe easy with clean, purified air.

The BISSELL air400 is available for purchase at It can also be purchased online through Amazon and other retail stores including Best Buy, HSN and Walmart.


*Filter life may vary based on runtime and existing air conditions.



FIDOFriendly received product for this review

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Blog  >  Giving Kids the Gift of Mobility

Giving Kids the Gift of Mobility

Rebecca Orr, Marty Parazynski and Jeffrey Shorr of Bella’s Bumbas, a nonprofit organization that donates the mobility assistance chairs it designs to children who suffer from spina bifida or similar conditions, visited the Amherst, NH headquarters of Walkin’ Pets by to meet with Mark Robinson, Founder and President of Walkin’ Pets by to reaffirm their partnership.

Through this partnership, Walkin’ Pets has committed to providing wheels for every Bella’s Bumbas wheelchair built. Since the beginning of the partnership in March 2017, Walkin’ Pets has donated over 1,156 wheels to Bella’s Bumbas. Giving the gift of mobility to over 575 children.



Bella’s Bumbas wheelchairs are donated to children in need, families receiving wheelchairs only cover shipping costs. When the wheelchairs are no longer needed, Bella’s Bumbas requests that the wheelchair be given to another child that needs it. So far, wheelchairs have been donated to 48 states and 22 countries around the world.

Bella’s Bumbas also visited the charity, NuDay Syria in Derry, NH. Where they hand delivered five wheelchairs for Syrian refugee children. Instead of wrapping the wheelchairs in traditional packing material, these chairs are wrapped in blankets and clothing for the refugee children. Representatives from Walkin’ Pets went with Jeff, Rebecca, and Marty as they made their delivery.


 For More Information about Bella’s Bumbas visit:

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Blog  >  Revol - Your Pups Palace Awaits

Revol - Your Pups Palace Awaits

After wrapping up their successful Kickstarter earlier this year, Diggs, an innovative pet products company, is excited to announce that their revolutionary Revol dog crate is now available for purchase directly from their website. With additional crate sizes and accessories launching soon, including crates for dogs up to 50 pounds, Diggs continues to be an innovative leader in the pet market.

“So much research was put into designing a crate that not only looks good but also sets new standards for the industry,” said Diggs CEO Zel Crampton. “We tried so many dog crates out there for my dog, Louise, and all of them made me feel too guilty leaving her in it. Revol not only looks like the opposite of a “dog jail,” but is designed to be a welcoming, comfortable, and safe home for your dog. In fact, when developing Revol we took inspiration from infant industry quality standards, because our dogs really are like family.”

Diggs’ Snooz crate pad was created to fit perfectly in the Revol and provides dogs with a luxurious and safe place to relax. In addition to meeting the same rigorous safety standards as Revol, Snooz is made with orthopedic, high-quality CertiPUR-USTM memory foam and is water and tear-resistant.

Why Revol

  1. Safe + Sound
    • Stronger and more durable than a standard wire crate, the Revol flat-folding dog crate is made from reinforced plastic, high-strength steel mesh wire and high-quality aluminum for a crate that keeps your dog safely contained - out of harm’s way and away from your oh-so tasty couch cushions!



  1. Look Ma, One Hand!
    • Now you can set up and collapse your pet’s home with one hand thanks to Revol’s patent-pending collapsing mechanism. Just give it one quick twist and you can put the Revol up or down in one second flat!


  1. Save Paws + Jaws (and Fingers)
    • You won’t need to struggle or get hurt opening the crate, and your pup won’t get hurt trying to get out, with Revol’s safe design and easy-to-use door locks. The unique, diamond-shaped mesh pattern and solid, single-piece frame prevent injury to jaws and paws. Altogether, Revol was made to play nice with everyone’s body parts.


  1. Perfect for Puppies
    • With a puppy divider, a removable tray for easy cleaning, and a ceiling hatch that allows you to calm and treat your pup without them squirming through an open door, Revol is designed to grow with your dog. From the potty-training phase to den-loving days, this is your dog’s home within a home.


  1. Made to Move

      Need to move your Revol? No problem! Revol is made with a light, easy-to-collapse frame, two ergonomically correct handles, and strong wheels to make it easy to move. This means you can toss it in the trunk or store it away in a closet quicker than you can say, “the in-laws are coming!”


  1. Home, Sweet Home
    • Revol is a quiet and welcoming space your dog will love for life. The large side door is easy to slide open and keep open; perfect for dogs that no longer need to be contained, but love to have a space to call their own. And with a softer, cozier, more rounded shape, there's no better place to curl up and take a nap.


The small Revol crate is available for retail with free shipping on the Diggs website for just $224.99, and the Snooz crate insert for $79.99. For more information or to purchase, visit




*FIDO Friendly received product for review.

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Blog  >  How One Dog Can Change the World: The TruDog Story

How One Dog Can Change the World: The TruDog Story

Have you ever loved a dog so much they changed the course of your entire life?

I think every dog lover has had at least one profound experience with a dog that impacts their life forever. That’s exactly how one dog changed the lives of millions of pups and their pet parents. This is his story.

Have you heard of TruDog? It’s a revolutionary pet company that is changing the pet care industry from the inside out. And it all started when founder Lori R. Taylor’s vibrantly healthy Great Dane Truman was diagnosed with cancer at a young age. One day he was healthy, happy, well-loved… a few short weeks later his family was preparing for a world without him.

His illness and death devastated Lori and her family, leaving her searching for answers as to why her beloved fur baby had died so young. What could she have done differently? What she found sparked a ripple-effect change in the way we care for our dogs today.



After talking with leading experts in the field of canine nutrition and compiling thousands of hours of information, Lori uncovered a secret that big name dog food manufacturers don’t want you to know- what’s in your dog’s kibble can kill him. Filled with carcinogens, chemicals, and waste products, there’s very little in your dog’s high-heat processed kibble that you would call wholesome nutrition. Why this why Truman had died of cancer at such an early age? Lori believed commercial kibble was the root cause of her young dog’s cancer.

On a search to find a prepared wholesome food choice for her dogs, Lori was sorely disappointed by what was available on the market. Frustrated, she took action to fill the void by creating her own nutritious, wholesome dog food, supplements, and treats for dogs that not only meet AAFCO nutritional guidelines, they allow dogs to flourish with optimal nutrition, raw freeze dried quality ingredients, and no additives. And TruDog was born… named after Truman the Great Dane whose life continues to inspire pet parents to make informed nutritional choices for dogs all over the world.

Today, TruDog has boosted the nutrition of over eight million bowls of dog food in the last year alone. This family owned, USA based small business is on a mission to give pet parents the tools they need to help dogs live longer, healthier, happier lives.

All because of the love of one good dog.

To learn more or order wholesome food, treats, supplements, and grooming products for your favorite canine, visit


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Blog  >  FIDO Friendly BIG DOG Black Friday Contest - 2018

FIDO Friendly BIG DOG Black Friday Contest - 2018

BIG DOG Black Friday 
Your chance to win great prizes!
There are several prizes in the 
Big Dog Black Friday Contest! 
Send in a high-resolution image of your pup in holiday attire and enter for your chance to win the following FIDO FABulous prizes!
Winning photo will appear in an upcoming issue of 
RUN DON'T WALK to grab your GoDogGo - The fetch machine for ALL ball-crazy dogs & Santa's favorite Automatic Ball Launcher for 19 years - Designed to suit your pups fetching style. The safest game of Automatic Fetch play! 
Featuring a proprietary blend of organic full spectrum hemp oil, turmeric, papain and bromelain, these chews are ideal for seniors, those with chewing limitations and dogs preferring a softer consistency. Benefits may include easing anxiety, promoting healthy joints and digestion, maintaining the body's normal inflammatory response, addressing discomfort, seizures, and more.

Looking for high quality dog supplies? Manufactured with breathable skin friendly inner liners, designed for outdoor activities with your sidekick. You can trust Julius-K9 USA who have supplied their customers with high quality products for over 21

BarkYours is your online destination for dog-inspired crafts and gifts for the holidays, featuring thousands of unique items from a long list of creative and talented artists.  
Visit today.    Winner receives a Dandy Randall t-shirt, exclusively sold on 

Keep your pets looking and feeling their best with 100% Organic grooming and wellness products by Shake. Made in the USA. Learn more at

Bedtime4Dogs specializes in organic, US made, eco-friendly products to help your pup fall asleep. Buy an EaudeBedtime and get a month of Bedtime Bones® Free-FIDOBFBOGO. Make their bedtime as special to them as they are to you! 
The Everything Coat is the warmest dog coat you'll find. After fitting thousands of dogs with coats, we've combined the best features of our best selling coats into one. Sold exclusively at The New York Dog Shop.

Our calendars are 12x12 format with beautiful photos suitable f or framing. Each of our photos captures the breed in its  perfect environment. We have most of the popular US breeds. Our calendars make the best Christmas presents for under  $20.00. A perfect gift for everyone.


Enter for your chance to win these great prizes by sending in a high-resolution image of your pup in holiday attire.  Mail your image to with subject line BLACK.
Deadline to enter is November 23rd.
One winner will be chosen at random and be notified via email November 24 and announced online after confirmation of receipt.
Good luck!


All sponsors are liable in sending products to the winner. By emailing in your entry you agree to hold FIDO Friendly harmless should product not be delivered. Fulfillment is solely the responsibility of sponsors of the Black Friday contest. You agree that you own the rights to these photos and there will be no compensation paid for use of your photo entries. Winning photo may appear in a copy of FIDO Friendly magazine without compensation.

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Blog  >  Yappy Thanksgiving Contest - 2018

Yappy Thanksgiving Contest - 2018

Gobble Gobble!
Let the HOWLiday fun begin with our Yappy Thanksgiving Contest!

Send in your high-resolution image of Fido in his festive Thanksgiving costume and have a chance to win these great prizes.  Deadline to enter is November 22 and One winner will be chosen to receive all the prizes November 23rd.

Your winning entry will appear in an upcoming issue of
FIDO Friendly Magazine!


Enter for the chance to win the following prizes!

Link AKC GPS Smart Collar

Link AKC GPS Smart Collar


"Our GPS smart collar keeps track of your best friend's activity, location, health, and so much more.

"Choose between the Classic or Sport look for the style that best fits your best friend's lifestyle."

Sleepypod Air

Sleepypod Air carrier maximizes the space available for in-cabin air travel. It features a trolley pocket for attaching to a luggage handle, ultra plush bedding that's machine-washable, and pockets for essentials. 

It's veterinarian recommended and a Fear Free 
SM Preferred Product.


Gift ORGANIC! Give the gift of healthy training with Crazy Dog's Organic Train-Me! Treats. Available in two delicious flavors: organic chicken and organic beef. These treats are certified by Oregon Tilth and packed full of organic fruits and veggies.

Send your high-res image along with your name, city and state and dogs name to with 'gobble' in the subject line.


*FIDO Fine Printe: By entering this contest you agree to allow FIDO Friendly magazine to use your image both online and in print without compensation. You further agree to hold FIDO Friendly harmless should prizes shown not be awarded as each sponsor is solely responsible in prize fulfillment.

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Blog  >  Personalized Ornaments for FIDO or Friends - Perfect for Gifting!

Personalized Ornaments for FIDO or Friends - Perfect for Gifting!

This fun ornament would make a great gift for your favorite pet! Perfect for a family member, friend or co-worker too.

The ornament is handcrafted, fired, glazed and then fired again. The ornament can be stamped with your pet's name (smaller font may be used if the name is more than 5 characters). The text can be left in white or painted as shown (painted text is $2). Text colors include metallic silver, metallic gold, black, light blue or pink. The ornament is approximately 3.75 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall.

Each ornament comes with a red or white silky cord and is gift boxed with a ribbon ready to give.

See more and order yours today!

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Blog  >  PetWell Pet Massagers For FIDO’s Stocking - PROMO CODES TOO!

PetWell Pet Massagers For FIDO’s Stocking - PROMO CODES TOO!

PetWell pet massagers - - which are such great stocking stuffers/gifts for the pet parent! 

 Featuring five different massagers specifically targeted to meet different needs, PetWell pet massagers are under $20, great for all pets, (especially senior buddies) and they help:

 - Relieves tension and stiffness

- Improves flexibility

- Increases range of motion

- Reduces pain and swelling

- Accelerates healing time

- Eases anxiety

- Promotes healthy digestion


And, they're available  on Amazon,   and in Petsmart stores nationwide!

Also available for Black Friday on



Black Friday starts 11/21 – 11/24: 25% off sitewide + free shipping on $25+ (promo code: BLACKFRIDAY25)

Cyber Monday – 11/25 – 11/30: 20% off sitewide + extra 10% off $100+ (promo code CYBER10), and an extra 15% off $200+ (promo code CYBER15), plus free shipping on $25


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Blog  >  Wishes Come True for Animal Welfare Organizations with the Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes Grants

Wishes Come True for Animal Welfare Organizations with the Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes Grants

The Petco Foundation, in partnership with Petco, announced the 51 stories that earned their animal welfare organizations a grant award during the Petco Foundation’s sixth annual Holiday Wishes campaign. Since 2013, the Petco Foundation has awarded more than $3.4 million to animal welfare organizations across the nation during the annual Holiday Wishes campaign. Grants include a $100,000 grand prize 50 finalist awards ranging from $5,000 - $50,000.


Thousands of pet adopters from every corner of the U.S. submitted stories about how their pet changed their life for the better. Each winning story earned the animal welfare organization where the pet was adopted a Holiday Wishes grant. The adopter also receives a Petco shopping spree of up to $1,000.

“We want to thank all the pet adopters who shared their amazing stories, and we hope by celebrating some of these stories, others may be motivated to adopt a pet this holiday season,” said Susanne Kogut, Petco Foundation president. “It’s truly inspiring reading story after story about how the love from an adopted pet changed so many lives in different ways. And, for the adoption groups that make it all possible, well, it’s like a visit from Santa Claus delivering a Holiday Wishes grant award to support their year-round dedication and lifesaving work.”

The 2018 winning stories range from funny to inspiring to heartwarming. A few may even evoke a tear, but every one is a unique example of how the love of a pet can change everything.


Some of the selected stories include:


  • Adopted Dog Helps Parkland Survivor Heal From Trauma: After surviving the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., 16-year-old Annagrace Myers wondered how she could ever feel safe or normal again. As therapy dogs arrived in Parkland, snuggling and calming anxious kids, Annagrace was reminded of how much she’d wanted a puppy. Her parents knew the time had come to give Annagrace her wish. The minute Annagrace met Auggie at the Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue, she fell in love with her. Auggie’s constant companionship helps Annagrace feel safe and ready to move forward.



  • Boy Shares Special Bond with Bunny: Will Leclair has been obsessed with bunnies since he was three. What began with a bedraggled stuffed bunny and “playing bunnies” progressed to drawing bunnies, writing about bunnies, wearing bunny t-shirts and more. When he was eight and his love for bunnies hadn’t slowed, his parents decided it was time to bring home a real bunny from the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter. Now Oreo makes the family laugh every day and his antics delight school kids on his Instagram account:  Oreo_the_fluffy_bunny.


  • Formerly Homeless Dog Helps Homeless Family: Robert Dykema had everything when he adopted Meaty. But just two months later, Robert and his partner, along with Meaty, found themselves evicted … and homeless. With no one who would rent to them because of the eviction, and no homeless shelter nearby that would allow dogs, the small family was forced to live in their car. “Meaty kept us safe – with his keen ears, he always alerted us when someone was near our car. At night, temperatures dipped below freezing, and the only thing keeping me warm was Meaty lying on my chest,” explained Robert. But Robert felt terrible subjecting Meaty to that lifestyle and asked for help from Front Street Animal Shelter, where he adopted Meaty. Could they board Meaty for a short period of time until Robert could find a place to live Front Street sent out a plea to the community to help. And they responded! Soon animal lovers came forward to help Meaty and his family. The community’s generosity helped the trio get back on their feet again and find a permanent home.


  • Shelter Kitten Alerts Pet Parent of Low Sugar Levels: Reeka Carnline wasn’t planning to adopt another cat. But when she saw Merrick on the Facebook page of one of Austin Pets Alive’s foster families, something told her she had to have him. Immediately, Reeka and Merrick were inseparable. Then, something incredible happened. At just 12-weeks-old, Merrick began alerting Reeka, who has Type 1 Diabetes, when her blood sugar was falling too low in her sleep. “He cries; he licks and nibbles my lips, ears, and nose until I wake up,” Reeka wrote. “Merrick is a grey furry God-sent angel, and I do not know what I would do without him. He’s my miracle kitty.”


Holiday Wishes award celebrations will happen throughout the holiday season at Petco locations across the country.

All animal lovers can help make even more Holiday Wishes come true by voting for their favorite Holiday Wishes story at From now until December 19, 2018, the “People’s Choice Award” will allow the public to vote for their favorite winning story and give the top five organizations the chance to receive additional grant funding from $5,000 to $25,000. Results of “The People’s Choice Award” will be revealed before Christmas.

Animal lovers can join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtags #holidaywishes and #petcofamily. To learn more about the Petco Foundation’s lifesaving mission, visit

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Most people know Ricochet as the iconic surf dog that made history 10 years ago when she jumped on the board of a boy who is paralyzed, becoming the first ever canine-assisted surf therapy dog.


Since then, she’s assisted hundreds of kids with special needs and people with disabilities. 

But what many people don’t know is… Ricochet is a certified goal-directed therapy dog with extraordinary healing abilities. She has been working with service members and veterans with post-traumatic stress (PTSD) for over seven years. 

The connection she makes with people defies present-day scientific understanding. "Superman has x-ray vision, but Ricochet can see right into your soul", said retired Marine Staff Sergeant Persons B. Griffith IV (Griff), who suffers from combat related post-traumatic stress. 

Ricochet is extremely sensitive, empathic and intuitive. She mirrors the emotions of those she works with through her subtle and not so subtle behaviors. “Somehow she knows their triggers,” said Judy Fridono, Ricochet’s guardian. “She assumes responsibility for their well-being and alerts them to potential triggers in the environment. She will stop and plant (refusing to move), or she’ll redirect them to a less anxiety provoking area”, said Fridono.

“The last time I worked with Ricochet, she alerted to a mall security guard by leading me away from the area we were in. She took it a step further by guiding me behind a bench where we were able to ‘take cover’ like I did when we took fire on the battlefield”, Griff said. 

Ricochet’s behavior helps Griff (and others she works with) identify deep seated emotional trauma which can then be addressed with therapists. As a result, the healing process often advances more quickly.



Ricochet and Griff met through a six-week canine therapy clinic provided by Paws'itive Teams, and Naval Medical Center San Diego's Wounded, Ill and Injured Wellness Program.


After the clinic ended, Griff volunteered for Ricochet’s Waves of Empowerment program. From there, Griff was cast to be in the IMAX film, Superpower Dogs with Ricochet because of their soul-to-soul connection. The film premieres in March, 2019


Both Fridono and Griff’s objective with these videos and IMAX film is that they can be a catalyst that gives hope to anyone with emotional trauma who is suffering in silence or contemplating suicide. The statistics are staggering… 22 veterans with PTSD die by suicide every day! 


Retired Marine with PTSD says "Ricochet has soul vision… she can see right into your soul."


Fridono believes all dogs have these healing powers. Unfortunately, we often misinterpret their cues as bad behavior. In doing so, we miss the magic every dog is capable of. Her wish is that others will gain a better understanding of the sentience of dogs, and how they are always communicating with us… we just have to listen.

If you'd like to learn how to better interpret your dog's behavior, or if you'd like to unleash their healing power, please visit

If you have PTSD, please visit to discover how a pet dog, emotional support dog or service dog can help you. 



The behaviors in the videos are NOT what you want a service dog to do. A service dog should make it easier for you to go into social situations. Ricochet fulfills a very specific niche with her healing power. She's most effective at the beginning of a service member's treatment, when they are still uncovering their issues. She helps them go very deep into their soul, which can provide additional insights during the discovery and recognition phases of recovery.

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Blog  >  Voters in California and Florida Pass Critical Animal Protection Laws

Voters in California and Florida Pass Critical Animal Protection Laws

Photo courtesy of GREY2K USA Worldwide.

The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) commends voters in California and Florida for passing critical animal protection measures on Election Day that will improve the lives of millions of farm animals and thousands of racing Greyhounds across the country.

California voters approved Prop. 12, requiring cage-free housing and more space for three types of animals typically confined in cages inside factory farms: baby veal calves, mother pigs, and egg-laying hens. Prop. 12 also ensures that veal, pork, and eggs sold in the state come from operations meeting these cage and crate-free standards.

“From voting at the ballot box to shopping at the supermarket, consumers have played a significant role in demanding more humane food choices by rejecting cruel and unsafe methods still commonplace at industrial-style factory farms,” said Matt Bershadker, president and CEO of the ASPCA. “The passage of Prop. 12 will protect countless farm animals from cruelty and we applaud California voters for speaking out against these horrific practices.”

In Florida, voters passed Amendment 13 to phase out commercial Greyhound racing by 2020. Forty states have already banned greyhound racing, but there are still 17 tracks operating in the U.S. – 11 of which are in the state of Florida, where a racing dog dies every three days. Amendment 13 ensures that thousands of dogs will no longer be forced to run for their lives and can be adopted into loving homes.

“Dog racing has declined sharply in recent years as people have become more aware of how this ‘sport’ forces dogs to run for their lives, endure extreme confinement, and suffer severe injuries and painful deaths on Florida’s dog tracks,” said Bershadker. “The ASPCA is grateful to Floridians for passing Amendment 13 to finally bring an end to this cruel activity.”

For more information about the ASPCA or to join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade, please visit



About the ASPCA®
Founded in 1866, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is the first animal welfare organization in North America and serves as the nation’s leading voice for animals. More than two million supporters strong, the ASPCA’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, the ASPCA is a national leader in the areas of anti-cruelty, community outreach and animal health services. For more information, please visit, and be sure to follow the ASPCA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Blog  >  One Product Made to Outlast and Outperform the Others

One Product Made to Outlast and Outperform the Others

There is nothing quite like taking a cruise with your four-legged friend. Watching them hilariously pop their heads out of the window to catch the breeze never gets old. However, what does get old is cleaning up after them when they’ve made a mess in your car. The fur, the mud, the dirt, and the countless other things our dogs bring into our cars after a day outside — or even after a quick trip to the pet store — can be tough and tiresome to clean.

Luckily, car seat covers can help eliminate some of the time and hassle when it comes to keeping our cars clean.  Using them will undoubtedly protect and prolong the life of our car seats. We have a three-dog household, and when we take trips these covers are a necessity.



Before we discovered 4Knines, we had many other car covers in the past. No other brand seemed to outlast and outperform our covers from 4Knines. In less than a year, we went through three cargo liners and two seat covers. After only a few uses, there were already so many signs of wear and the lining started to thin out.

However, our 4Knines covers are made of a heavy duty material that’s padded, so they are less likely to thin out and break apart over time. Better yet, the material is water resistant and non-slip, so these covers can withstand dogs that like to get dirty.



Currently, we’re using the 4Knines Split Rear Seat Cover with Hammock as well as the Cargo Liner. I love the way these covers look in our car and I have been more than satisfied with the fit and functionality. We feel at ease knowing our leather seats are protected from scratches and damage that come along with pets riding in the car.

We will undoubtedly recommend 4Knines to anyone looking for a solution to transport their dogs without having to worry about muddy paws, claw marks or flying fur. The company makes products that are made to last a lifetime, and are backed with a lifetime warranty. With loads of size and color options, anyone can find a cover that works perfectly for them.

For more info and to ORDER yours check out

About the Author: Fanta and Friends is made up of a pack of three Labrador retrievers from Houston, Texas. Instagram @FantaandFriends

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Blog  >  12 Stays of Christmas - by Tamra Bolton

12 Stays of Christmas - by Tamra Bolton

Give yourself the gift of an unforgettable holiday escape and enjoy spending time with your best pal this year.

The holidays can be a wonderful time to share with family and friends, but sometimes our dream is to escape the stress and busyness that surrounds the season and spend time with our furry friends and relax.

If "all you want for Christmas is a real good tan" or if you'd rather stroll down "city sidewalks, busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style" or if "walking in a winter wonderland" or "taking a sleigh ride" is more your style, there is a stay that fits you and your pampered pooch's wish list. FIDO Friendly has found some luxurious places to escape to this season, ones that fit every taste.

From sunny beach getaways to high adventure in the mountains, one of these twelve stays of Christmas is just right for you and Fido.



The Arrabelle

The Arrabelle at Vail Square in Vail, Colorado is like taking a European ski vacation without the hassle of overseas travel. The elegant old-world charm of The Arrabelle makes you and your pooch feel pampered from the time you arrive. 

With plush red velvet pet beds, which you can have embroidered with your pet's name, to the homemade doggie treats and personal water bowls, your pal will think he is in doggie heaven. During your visit, you can check out a Fit Bark, a Fitbit for your dog, to monitor their sleep and activity. For you, there is a complimentary bottle of Henry Wine, honoring the first canine member of the Vail Ski Patrol. 



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Blog  >  Paws of War Receives Donation, Aims to Help More Veterans with New Location

Paws of War Receives Donation, Aims to Help More Veterans with New Location

Paws of War, an organization that helps veterans and first responders to obtain and train companion and service dogs, is moving to a new, larger location. The new location will help them provide their important services to more veterans and first responders. One local construction company, NDA Construction, lead a community effort that made all the difference. The new Paws of War location will be at 127-6 Smithtown Blvd in Nesconset, New York. They are in the same shopping center, but will now be in a new location within it. The public is invited to attend a grand opening event on Friday, October 19, 2018 at 11:00 am. Refreshments and a light lunch will be served.


"We have long outgrown our space and it was preventing us from helping more people,” explains Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War. “We are so grateful that NDA Construction and the community of sub contractors they brought on have stepped up to make it possible for us have a larger and more functional space. Their donation of time and resources has made it possible for us to help many more veterans and first responders. We couldn’t have made this move without their kind donation.”


The new space will be 3,400 square feet, which is double the size of the old location. It has been built out to provide more areas that will be used to help veterans during their training sessions. The group will now also be able to help those veterans and first responders who are wheelchair-bound or who use scooters. Their prior space was not sufficient for those in wheelchairs to properly participate in the training programs.



NDA Construction and its sister company NDA Kitchens have veterans working for them. The company is owned by Ed Rowland, who started it in 1992. Since that time, they have built a solid reputation for building and design. Through NDA Kitchens, they offer custom kitchen remodeling in the Long Island area. 


“It would have been a real financial strain for Paws of War to try to move to a larger facility without receiving some assistance from a builder,” explained Rowland. “We believe in what they are doing and wanted to step up and help make it easier for them to continue doing it on a larger scale. We’re helping them, but then in turn they are helping people who have given a lot for all of us.”


Since the organization started in 2014, they have supported over 100 veterans with service dogs that were rescued from kill shelters and given the proper training. They have rescued 455 dogs from kill shelters and have graduated 102 dogs from the training program. Their mission is to help veterans and first responders who are in need of service dogs, whether for emotional issues, PTSD, depression, or for physical conditions. The new location will make it easier for them to help even more be able to get the assistance they need. 

“I started in the program over a year ago,” says William Wurm, who is retired from the US Army and served in Iraq. “And now we are busting at the seams. This new space is going to be so ideal for all of us who make Paws of War a second home.”



Paws of War is an all-volunteer organization that provides assistance to military members and their pets and provides service and service dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD. To learn more about Paws of War or make a donation to support their efforts, visit their site at:


About Paws of War

Paws of War is a 501c3 organization devoted to helping both animals and veterans. The Paws of War goal is to train and place shelter dogs to serve and provide independence to our United States military veterans that suffer from the emotional effects of war such as PTSD. In turn each veteran can experience the therapeutic and unconditional love only a companion animal can bring. To learn more about Paws of War, visit the site at

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Blog  >  PureLUXE Pet Food is Formulated To Provide Elite Nutrition For Millennial Pet Parents

PureLUXE Pet Food is Formulated To Provide Elite Nutrition For Millennial Pet Parents

Made in America’s heartland with farm-to-table fresh flavor, PureLUXE combines a special blend of ethically sourced and hand-selected micro-nutrients. The food uses targeted, holistic nutrition to meet the special needs of the “citi-fied” pet and the concerns of their millennial pet parents … who want an elite food for their pet children.

Around the world there are millions of dogs who live in a “citi-fied” urban environment with their concerned millennial pet parents who only want to feed their dog the best. City life can mean limited space and opportunities to let pets run and play. This in turn can lead to other problems such as eating out of boredom which can lead to obesity. With this “citif-ied" lifestyle in mind, PureLUXE has formulated a line of grain free dry pet foods made with the finest ethically sourced ingredients and micro-nutrients to provide sustainable energy, immune support, healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

“We are in the business of making a luxury, gourmet pet food for ‘citi-fied’ animals and their millennial parents who treat their fur babies like human children,” says Pat Mendicki, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for PureLUXE Pet Foods. “Our number one ingredient in each of our diets is either fresh turkey, lamb or salmon all naturally preserved. You won’t find any corn, wheat, by-products or unethically sourced ingredients. This is elite nutrition that provides luxurious results for the most pampered pets.”



PureLUXE is designed for indoor, “citi-fied” pets, who like children .. may have food sensitivities. It features grain free, low glycemic and non-glutenous ingredients. Specifically avoiding the use of chicken meal, the number one ingredient in PureLUXE food is fresh turkey, lamb or salmon along with double the omega three fatty acids and a proprietary blend of micro-nutrients including coconut oil, cranberries, taurine, L-carnitine, pre-biotics, active pro-biotics, and kelp.

PureLUXE pet foods support the body on a cellular level in order to provide luxurious results represented by the visible health of a pet’s eyes, skin, nails, coat/fur and stool. The PureLUXE formula can also help reduce stress and anxiety associated with indoor, citified pets who often are susceptible to loud noises and separation anxiety.

PureLUXE for dogs comes in six specifically formulated diets.

The first is the Elite Adult Turkey Dog formula. This is a great tasting, nutritionally satisfying diet for adult dogs that want to be in peak condition whether they are lounging on the sofa or jogging with their owner. Four lbs. bag (MSRP of $21.00) and 24 lbs. bag (MSRP $70.00).



The Elite Adult Lamb and Chickpeas Dog formula is for dogs that have sensitivities to specific proteins or glutens. This hypo-allergenic formula is for dogs who do well on a lamb based diet, but cannot intake chicken, beef, wheat, soy or corn. Four lbs. bag (MSRP $23.00) and 24 lbs. bag (MSRP $75.00).

The Elite Adult Salmon and Split Peas formula is an alternative to chicken, beef or lamb based diets. It contains all the same nutrition as the other adult formulas and is sure to please pets with its palatable yet superior ingredients. Four lbs. bag (MSRP $23.00) and 24 lbs. bag (MSRP $75.00).

The Elite Healthy Weight with Turkey, Salmon and Lentils formula is designed for senior, less active or overweight dogs. This calorie focused formula will support the nutritional needs of a dog while providing a very tasty meal. Four lbs. bag (MSRP $23.00) and 24 lbs. (MSRP $75.00).

The Elite Small Breed Dog Formula also offered with mini kibble, is made with turkey, split peas and salmon and is geared for the specific needs of dogs with smaller frames than medium or large sized dogs. Four lb. bag (MSRP $21.00) and 11 lb. bag (MSRP $40.00).

At PureLUXE, transparency and ethics are number one. With all the recent pet food recalls because of toxic food ingredients and unethical manufacturing processes, PureLUXE strives to gain pet owners’ trust and confidence by producing an elite dog food made with the finest ingredients.

“We feel so strongly about this trust that if a customer buys our food they can go to our website, plug in their bag of PureLUXE’s production code and we will send you a detailed report about the nutritional value of the food you are feeding your dog that day,” said Mendicki. “Elite Nutrition is more than just saying what’s in the bag … it should be verified and proven. PureLUXE is a gourmet pet food of the highest quality and is the perfect food for your privileged, “citi-fied" pet."

For more information about PureLUXE and its full line of pet foods please visit the website at

E.A.T.™ PureLUXE (Ethical, Accountable and Transparent)

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Blog  >  Diary of a Dog - Paws Up from Pet Paradise in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Diary of a Dog - Paws Up from Pet Paradise in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Ever wonder what the Directors of Barketing are up to while pet parents Greg and Susan work adoption events for the life saving tour, Get Your Licks on Route 66® ? Read the letter from Honey, the youngest of the bunch from a day at Pet Paradise in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.


Gooooooood evening, mom! It's Jake, Junior and Honey here -- the humans said you wanted to hear about our day, so they helped us paw out this message to you. :D 

Well, we're happy to report that we have been having SO MUCH FUN on our little vacation! Not only are all the humans super nice, always making sure to give us lots of cuddles, but all the other doggies that we've met here are really fun, too! We also go to go in the pool which was so much fun! I (Honey) wasn't as fond of it as Jake and Junior were, but I still rocked my life jacket! wink Junior also loved the toys, and our human pal Mia had fun throwing them for him to fetch! Jake made friends with a yellow lab named Chester.



Food-wise we've been a little bit picky, but the humans have been keeping a close eye on us to make sure we're at least eating some of each meal, because with all this playing we need to keep our energy up!



Well, that's all for now, but we love you so much and can't wait to see you soon! Nighty-night~



Furever yours,
Jake, Honey + Junior ��

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Blog  >  The Best Bully Stick Holder for FIDO

The Best Bully Stick Holder for FIDO

Everyone knows that out of the countless types of dog chews, bones and toys on the market today, Bully Sticks are one of the most popular.

So, because there are lots of concerns regarding the safety of Bully Sticks we created a device that's going to give dog owners the peace of mind great pup parents deserve!

The EverChew™ ring uses a patented rawhide pin-locking mechanism. The latch pin passes through a pre-drilled hole in the Bully Stick, holding it in place. Then a rubber latch absolutely secures the pin, no matter what the dog does. Pin removal is double action—it takes two fingers and it’s undefeatable by a dog’s teeth.





The EverChew™ mechanism DOES NOT ALLOW THE DOG TO CHOKE on the last chew portion or swallow a large piece whole. In fact, it takes up to 6 hours for dogs to tear out and shred the last of the chew into soft, wet, safe-sized pieces. This also prevents any digestive blockage.



Well, we've got that covered too. The EverChew™ comes equipped with All Natural Bully Stick Chews that are made exclusively in the U.S.A, and sourced from only the finest raw materials from USDA inspected facilities With many pets today suffering from Beef allergies, we know how important it is to have:

  • NO GMOs


There you have it folks! That's the bottom line. Now your dog can safely consume their favorite treat, and you'll be happy knowing that EverChew™ has your back.

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Blog  >  Veteran and Service Dog Throw First Pitch at Cardinal’s Game

Veteran and Service Dog Throw First Pitch at Cardinal’s Game

September is Service Dog Awareness Month, and to kick off the month, the St. Louis Cardinals invited U.S. marines veteran, David Fuller and his rescue service dog, Katie to throw out the first pitch at their game against the Cincinnati Reds over Labor Day weekend.

David and Katie were paired together through former Cardinal’s manager, player and Hall of Fame member, Tony La Russa’s non-profit organization Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF). They have been together since 2016 as part of the veterans program which uniquely matches veterans experiencing PTSD and other challenges with rescue dogs and guides the veterans through a 10-month program training the animals to become skilled service companions, saving both ends of the leash. David’s daughters, Sadie and Alathea Fuller joined their dad for the game.

David warmed up with the help of Katie and gave her a kiss for good luck before taking the field. Newly called up from Triple-A Memphis on Friday, Cardinals’ pitcher Tyler Webb served as catcher.   

The ceremonial first pitch is part of Purina Dog Chow “Service Dog Salute” campaign from now until Veterans Day – the goal of the program is to help drive awareness of the important work of service dogs and raise funds for the expansion of ARF’s veterans program to pair more veterans with rescue dogs, just like David and Katie.

Learn more and get involved in this campaign by visiting

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Blog  >  Seven Remarkable Canines Named Finalists for 2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards®

Seven Remarkable Canines Named Finalists for 2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards®

 America has spoken and following nearly a million votes cast by animal lovers across the country and a celebrity panel of dog lovers and experts, seven remarkable canines have been named finalists in the 2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards®, sponsored by the Lois Pope LIFE Foundation and Zoetis Petcare (a U.S. business unit of Zoetis), and broadcast nationally on Hallmark Channel.

These heroic canines each took top honors in their individual categories from a field of 266 nominees and now a combination of America’s voters and a panel of celebrity judges will determine which dog will be named the 2018 American Hero Dog.

The public is invited to submit one vote per day through September 5 at The seven finalists will be flown to Los Angeles to take part in the star-studded Hero Dog Awards gala on September 29 at the Beverly Hilton, which will be broadcast as a two-hour special on Hallmark Channel this fall. The seven category winners for 2018 are:


LAW ENFORCEMENT/ARSON DOG OF THE YEAR: “K-9 Flash” from Detroit, Michigan

EMERGING HERO DOG OF THE YEAR: “Willow” from Las Vegas, Nevada

GUIDE/HEARING DOG OF THE YEAR: “Frances” from Staten Island, New York

MILITARY DOG OF THE YEAR: “Sgt. Fieldy” from McAllen, Texas

SEARCH AND RESCUE DOG OF THE YEAR: “Ruby” from East Greenwich, Rhode Island

SERVICE DOG OF THE YEAR: “Roxy” from Canton, North Carolina

THERAPY DOG OF THE YEAR: “Chi Chi” from Phoenix, Arizona


Over the past eight years, more than 8 million votes have been cast for more than a thousand dogs seeking the coveted title of American Hero Dog. The program reaches more than 1 billion people each year and draws the support and participation of top celebrity dog lovers from all over the world.

“The American Humane Hero Dog Awards celebrate the tremendously important roles dogs play in our lives,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, American Humane president and CEO. “The American public and our special judging panel now have an extraordinarily tough task ahead of them in determining who our top dog will be because all are worthy winners.”

“It is an honor to support an effort to recognize the best of our ‘best friends,’” said philanthropist Lois Pope, who has been the awards’ presenting sponsor for seven years. “From those who defend our country to those who help us heal, guide us, protect us, and help find the lost, every single contender exemplifies the courage and heroism we seek to spotlight in the Hero Dog Awards campaign. Through this national forum we have helped educate America about the lifesaving, life-affirming work of our nation’s canine heroes.”

“So many of our animals are heroes to us in ways both big and small. We at Zoetis Petcare understand this and join American Humane in recognizing and celebrating the remarkable ways in which these special dogs improve – and often even save – lives,” said J. Michael McFarland, DVM, DABVP, Executive Director, Zoetis Petcare Marketing. “We are proud to be the Corporate Sponsor for the Hero Dog Awards and, through our K-9 Courage Program, to also sponsor the Law Enforcement/Arson Dog and Military Dog categories for this important effort to strengthen and unleash the powerful bond between people and animals.”

For more information about the 2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards®, and to vote daily in the contest, please visit

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Blog  >  Pet King Brands Donates $240,000 of ZYMOX Ear Products to Help 12,000 Pets in Need

Pet King Brands Donates $240,000 of ZYMOX Ear Products to Help 12,000 Pets in Need

Ear infections are among the top health issues seen among dogs in animal shelters, rescues, humane societies and animal sanctuaries across the U.S.  According to Nationwide Insurance, pet medical claims for ear infections were the #2 most common medical condition to prompt a visit to the veterinarian in 2017.


These infections can cause a myriad of symptoms, including: pain, discharge, irritability and even hearing loss if left untreated. Ear infections can also make it more challenging for shelters to adopt out afflicted dogs.

To assist animals suffering from ear infections and increase adoptions of rescued dogs, pet health products company Pet King Brands, Inc. today announced it donated 12,000 bottles of ZYMOX PLUS Advanced Otic ear products, marking the company’s largest donation to date.  The novel product is part of the enzymatic family of products for the successful management of pet ear infections.

Dedication to animals in need is not new for Pet King as they have employed an animal advocate for nearly 10 years. The position has grown into an entire department dedicated to Cause Marketing and is a guiding principal of Pet King President Pamela K. Bosco.

“We receive stories all the time regarding the impact ZYMOX has had on pet ear health.  We are also aware that shelters are overcrowded and under-funded with a large pet population suffering from painful ear infections,” Bosco said. “We realized we could help on a large scale. We want pets to become more adoptable, sooner. Plus, ZYMOX is very easy to use, which reduces the demands on the shelter staff.”

Pet King Brands will continue to help in the cause of promoting pet adoptions, reducing homeless pets and supporting pets in shelters through other substantial donations in the future.

About Pet King Brands, Inc.

Pet King Brands is led by President and Founder, Pamela Bosco, who first introduced ZYMOX to the veterinary world in 1998.  Based on years of research, she knew she had a product that was going to change the way people managed pet ear infections.  Today, the patented LP3 Enzyme System is in all the products Pet King produces from the ear products to skin topicals to shampoo and conditioning rinse, and brushless oral care products.  ZYMOX remains a stark contrast to other products on the market; offering effective solutions that are easy to use, free of harsh chemicals and antibiotics and made in the USA. 


The ZYMOX and ORATENE lines represent true advances in the field of veterinary health.  Bosco owes her discovery to her brother, Michael Pellico, the bioscientist credited with adapting his enzyme technology in Biotene®, the #1 dentist recommended product for people suffering from Dry Mouth, and making it safe for use in pets.   Pet King Brands’ unwavering commitment to the well-being of pets is the reason they take such great pride in delivering high quality products that are safe as well as effective.  ZYMOX and ORATENE are now available through veterinarians and select retailers.  To learn more, visit

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Blog  >  Pawplexer - The Solution to Make Treats Last Longer & Not Stink

Pawplexer - The Solution to Make Treats Last Longer & Not Stink

Ever wished you could make those expensive treats last longer? Prefer not to have bully stick stink rubbed all over your carpet? Us too!

What makes the Pawplexer unique is the rubberized center portion that is perfect for holding a bully stick, jerky, or your dog’s favorite treat. 

Made in the USA using the same high-quality ingredients as the rest of the Benebone family, the Pawplexer can hold its own as a chew toy but doubles as a way to challenge the noggins’ of the craftier dogs out there. 

The best part about the Pawplexer is its versatility. There are many chew options that you can insert into the Pawplexer. As shown below, we recommend bully sticks that are spiral and circular in shape to give your dog’s mind as much exercise as his/her mouth. Other options include: chicken’s feet, straight bully sticks, braided bully sticks, etc. The possibilities are endless.

What are the Pawplexer sizes?

Currently, the Pawplexer is available in 2 sizes: small and large. In the future, we hope to introduce a mini Pawplexer for the tiny dogs. However, we often see tiny dogs going to town on our regular sized Benebones. Since you can control the size of the chew you insert into the Pawplexer, this new chew will make any sized dog a happy dog.


The Pawplexer was thoughtfully designed to provide even more interactive fun for your dog.


Benebone is an American small family business, producing top-quality dog chews.

·         Made in the USA – Because home is the best place to ensure quality,  our manufacturing, design, material and ingredient sourcing, design work, and tooling are all in the USA. We are committed to supporting American small businesses.

·         Honest Products – We believe in simple, honest products. So, materials and ingredients are clear. Our nylon chews have only 100% real food ingredients, such as bacon, chicken or peanuts.

·         Form Follows Function – Dogs don’t have thumbs, so our products tend to be irregular in shape, ergonomic, and in almost constant motion. Interaction and challenge makes for a happier pup.

·         Helping Dogs in Need – We are fully committed to the welfare of dogs through product donations and community involvement.

·         Satisfaction, Guaranteed – We believe in the lost art of customer service. We listen to every customer, and personally respond to every compliment, complaint, and request for assistance. We guarantee satisfaction to every customer.

Available on and independent pet retailers – priced under $40.

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Blog  >  The Petco Foundation & Victoria Stillwell Celebrate Unsung Heroes

The Petco Foundation & Victoria Stillwell Celebrate Unsung Heroes

The Petco Foundation and world-renowned pet behavior expert Victoria Stilwell are honoring six Unsung Heroes across the nation for their lifesaving efforts on behalf of animals. The heroes are featured in the Unsung Hero video series posted at:


These honorees are dedicated to saving animals in their communities. They are local heroes who are committed to creating a lifesaving nation and are doing extraordinary work every day to help save and improve animal lives.


“There are heroes in every community who dedicate their lives to helping animals and are true lifesaving champions,” said Susanne Kogut, president of the Petco Foundation. “Honoring a few of these people and telling their stories is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to all of them. And perhaps these stories will inspire others to become heroes for animals, too.”



“Seeing firsthand the outstanding work being done by these people in their communities was truly inspiring,” said Stilwell. “It was a tremendous honor capturing on tape the spirit and passion of what they do every day, and I’m very excited for a wider audience to witness their amazing work via the Unsung Heroes video series.”


Each Unsung Hero received a $10,000 grant for the organization they work for or volunteer with. Animal lovers across the nation helped select the Unsung Hero national winner, who received an additional $25,000 grant.



The Unsung Heroes include:

Shannon Wells of the KC Pet Project (Kansas City, KS) – Operations Manager Shannon Wells gives of herself above and beyond. Her own “pet project” was creating a special Parvo Ward at the shelter to care for puppies with this deadly illness, nursing them back to health and saving more than 500 parvo pups to date.

Sarah Saunders, Bayou Animal Services (Dickinson, TX) – During Hurricane Harvey, Sarah Saunders, operations manager, was an integral part of reuniting pets with their owners. Working day and night, Saunders never gave up on the people and pets who depended on her.

Catherine Lemunyon, Arenac County Animal Control (Standish, MI) – Catherine Lemunyon, animal control officer in Arenac County, is a one woman show, saving animals, finding homes and preventing animal cruelty. Day and night she works for the pets in her county, doing anything she can to create a better life for them.

Grace Hamlin, W-Underdogs (Atlanta, GA) – Disabled Veteran, Grace Hamlin, started W-Underdogs as a way to keep the kids in her neighborhood away from gang activity and teach them to care for the pets in need in their area, giving the boys and girls confidence, skills and a safe place to better themselves.

Anne & Kerry Smith, Cat Adoption Team (Portland, OR) – Retirees Anne and Kerry Smith started as “regular” volunteers but quickly became exceptional volunteers, bringing gentleness and skill to their work.

Tae Bennett, Humane Rescue Alliance (Washington, D.C.) – Tae Bennett was a member of the HRA team, and was often referred to as the “heart” of the organization. Sadly this award is given posthumously as a tribute to Tae’s incredible dedication and in support of his coworkers who miss his loving compassionate spirit every day.


About the Petco Foundation

At the Petco Foundation, we believe that every animal deserves to live its best life. Since 1999, we’ve invested more than $200 million in lifesaving animal welfare work to make that happen. With our more than 4,000 animal welfare partners, we inspire and empower communities to make a difference by investing in adoption and medical care programs, spay and neuter services, pet cancer research, service and therapy animals, and numerous other lifesaving initiatives. Through our Think Adoption First program, we partner with Petco stores and animal welfare organizations across the country to increase pet adoptions. So far, we’ve helped more than 5.5 million pets find their new loving families, and we’re just getting started. Visit to learn more about how you can get involved.

About Positively
Positively is the flagship pet training and lifestyle brand created by world renowned pet behavior expert Victoria Stilwell – star of the hit international TV series It’s Me or the Dog. By providing Stilwell’s premium-quality content across its many platforms, Positively is committed to enriching the lives of both pets and their people through a better understanding of how animals think, feel and learn. The comprehensive multi-platform brand is comprised of websites, books, pet products, subscription video services, a premier educational institution, and a global dog trainer network.

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Blog  >  The PetSafe® Two Point Control Leash & 3 in 1 Harness - Perfect Choice for Comfort & Safety for FIDO

The PetSafe® Two Point Control Leash & 3 in 1 Harness - Perfect Choice for Comfort & Safety for FIDO

2 Point Control Leash

Reduce leash pulling and have more control on walks with your dog with the PetSafe Two Point Control Leash. Designed for use with the PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness, this double-ended leash includes two leash snaps that attach to both the front and back of your harness. This allows you to safely and effectively redirect your dogs pulling. When you want to give your dog more freedom, the leash easily converts to a single four foot leash.


  • Discourages Leash Pulling - The PetSafe Two Point Control Leash is designed to provide you with more control and reduce leash pulling when used with the PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness
  • Double-Ended - Two snaps attach to the front and back of your harness to help safely and effectively redirect your dog's leash pulling
  • Padded, Free-Floating Handle - The handle is padded for your comfort and self adjusts to your dog's movements
  • Prevents Leash Tangles - The swivel hardware helps keep the leash from becoming tangled as your dog moves
  • Reflective Nylon - The PetSafe Two Point Control Leash is made with reflective material for added safety on your walks
  • Converts to Single Leash - When added control isn't need, the leash converts to a single four foot leash.
  • Made of nylon with reflective strips


PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness

The PetSafe® 3 in 1 Harness is the perfect all-inclusive harness. Designed for maximum comfort, adjustability and safety, the 3 in 1 Harness is great for everyday use. With different leash attachment options, the 3 in 1 Harness can be used as a standard back clip or a no-pull solution with the front clip option. It also features a car safety restraint option to limit your dog’s movement in the car, creating a safer driving environment for the pet, driver and passengers.


  • No-Pull walking solution with front leash attachment
  • Standard harness with back leash attachment
  • Car safety restraint with seat belt loop
  • Reflective nylon stitching for night visibility
  • Neoprene lined strap padding for comfort
  • 5 points of adjustability
  • Made of nylon

System Includes

  • 3in1 Harness
  • Car control strap
  • Training Guide


To see more and order yours today click here!

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Blog  >  Why NOW Is The Time to Book Holiday Pet Care

Why NOW Is The Time to Book Holiday Pet Care

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas may still be months away, but Pet Sitters International (PSI) is advising pet owners to start the search now for professional pet sitters for their holiday pet-care needs.

PSI, the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters, recently surveyed nearly 1,000 members and found that 65 percent of the professional pet sitters say they are usually fully booked for holiday pet-sitting visits at least two to three weeks prior to the holiday—and nearly 11 percent are fully booked at least two months in advance.

More than one-third of the responding pet sitters begin accepting holiday assignments a year in advance.

“Finding a pet sitter you trust allows you to truly enjoy your holiday, so pet owners shouldn’t delay in seeking professional pet sitters to watch their pets while they’re away visiting family, attending holiday parties or simply shopping late,” said PSI President Patti J. Moran.

PSI members try their best to accommodate last-minute bookings, but if they are completely booked, they indicated they recommend other nearby pet sitters as well as PSI’s Pet Sitter Locator.

PSI provides pet owners with access to the largest online directory of professional pet sitters free-of-charge and recommends that pet owners only select professional pet sitters to care for their pets.

“Knowing that a beloved pet can enjoy the stress-free environment of its own home during the holiday season can provide great peace of mind for pet owners,” Moran said. “But, it’s important that pet owners understand what to look for and what questions to ask when selecting a professional pet sitter.”

PSI advises pet owners to ask seven important questions when interviewing a potential pet sitter:

  1. Does the pet sitter have the proper business license for your city or state, if required?
  2. Is the pet sitter insured and bonded?
  3. Can the pet sitter provide proof of clear criminal history?
  4. Does the pet sitter provide client references?
  5. Will the pet sitter use a pet-sitting services agreement or contract?
  6. Is the pet sitter a Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS®) and/or has he or she participated in other pet-care training, such as pet first aid?
  7. Is the pet sitter a member of a professional and educational association, such as Pet Sitters International?

PSI also warns traveling pet owners that not all pet-sitter directory sites and apps are created equal.

“When it comes to finding pet care, don’t prioritize convenience over quality,” explained PSI Vice-President Beth Stultz-Hairston. “Just because you can quickly find and book the services of a pet lover with a profile on a pet-sitting or dog-walking app doesn’t mean you are choosing a qualified pet-care provider.”

“While booking an on-demand pet sitter or dog walker may seem appealing, it’s important for pet owners to do their due diligence to ensure they are leaving their pets in good hands,” Stultz-Hairston added.

PSI recommends pet owners schedule an initial consultation with a potential pet sitter prior to booking services and offers a free pet-sitter interview checklist on the PSI website.

For more information about PSI, visit To search for a professional pet sitter in your area and to download the Pet-Sitter Interview Checklist, visit



About Pet Sitters International

Founded in 1994 by Patti J. Moran, author of Pet Sitting for Profit, Pet Sitters International (PSI) is the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters, with member pet-sitting businesses in the United States, Canada and more than 20 other countries. PSI members have access to the widest array of business services and educational resources available in the professional pet-sitting industry. PSI’s Pet Sitter Locator is the largest online directory of professional pet sitters, and pet owners can visit to find local professional pet sitters.

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Blog  >  The Safety Dog Leash Will Change The Way You Walk FIDO

The Safety Dog Leash Will Change The Way You Walk FIDO

Ever feel like you need a third arm when you’re walking your dog?

Juggling a flashlight, an umbrella, a poop bag, or whatever you need can be quite challenging with a single hand. The Safety Dog Leash enables you to do things that are nearly impossible to do when you’re holding a leash. Text, adjust your hat or glasses, tie your shoes, hold a waste bag, carry an umbrella or flashlight, et cetera while safely maintaining your grip on Rover. The Safety Dog Leash is a sturdy wrist band that connects to any leash leaving your hand available to hold things or to perform other tasks.

The Safety Dog Leash can also be secured on inanimate objects like a chair or rail when seated outside at a restaurant, a fence, a bike rack, or on any object located anywhere you might be spending time with Fido.

Richard Sargis invented the Safety Dog Leash because arthritis in his hand made holding a leash difficult. He was inspired by a frightening incident during which his dog, Rocco, got loose on a walk. Richard and his wife Christina own and operate the business which they started in their garage.

Safety is of paramount interest to Richard and Christina and they are happy to provide people with a worry-free way to ensure their beloved pets are always firmly attached to their human’s wrist via their leashes. As we all know, losing control of your dog even for a few moments can have tragic consequences.

In addition to being a safe and helpful alternative to holding a leash in your hand, the Safety Dog Leash is special because senior citizens in assisted living facilities and veterans residing in nationwide veteran’s hospitals will be assembling the products. Both populations are certain to enjoy being gainfully employment and receiving compensation for their work. The seniors and veterans will sign personalized “Made in the USA by ____ “ cards which will be included in the product packaging.

Safety Dog Leashes are available in red, blue, green, and pink. The Safety Dog Leash is recommended for dogs 70 pounds or under. Also, your dog will still be able to tug on your arm so take into consideration your personal strength and health when using the Safety Dog Leash.

See more here and order yours today!

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Blog  >  Eusoh, Crowdsourcing for Pet Expenses

Eusoh, Crowdsourcing for Pet Expenses

Fact: 2.1 million pets are insured in North America with the pet health insurance sector reaching $1.2 billion dollars in written premiums. These numbers are increasing every year, but it only accounts for a fraction of pets. Fact: Only 1% of pets in North America are insured.

What about the 99% of pets that are uninsured? What option do their owners have when the unexpected happens. Will they have the funds available or have enough in their savings when their pet needs an emergency surgery?

Eusoh, pronounced (you-so), offers an option where there wasn’t one before. It uses technology, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and another important element, the sharing power of the community. It’s described as a “Platform where pet owners can join or create group for the purpose of sharing pet expenses.”



How does it work? First sign up and register your pet with information (breed, age, weight). Now, here’s the community aspect of Eusoh: You can join an existing group or create your own group of your most trusted friends, family, work colleagues. There will also be established groups based on activities (Example: “Running with Dogs”), or location (Example: “Pet Owners of Hollywood”).

Once you’re in a group, there’s a subscription fee of $10/month. There may be a special discounted rate for early adopters, so get on it quick. Then you will be placing your initial “pledge” of $60. This “pledge” serves as a digital wallet where funds will be used to share expenses with others.

What happens next is that you or someone in your group will upload an invoice or receipt to the system when a veterinary procedure is done. The key is that the person turning in an invoice or receipt should pay the veterinarian upfront. Once the invoice or receipt is reviewed, the group will share in the expenses and the member who turned it in will be reimbursed.



Members will never pay over their $60 initial pledge. There may be months when no one has any veterinary procedures and no one pays. As compared to insurance where you pay an ever increasing monthly premium, on Eusoh, you pay only when something happens to you or someone in your group.


Eusoh ( is a new way of paying expenses. It’s innovative. It’s different. Most of all, it’s something you should have just in case something happens to your pet.

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Blog  >  Tailgating Pet Safety Tips - Keep FIDO Safe

Tailgating Pet Safety Tips - Keep FIDO Safe

Tailgating season is upon us, which means lots of yummy food, big crowds, and friendly (or not so) rivalries. Make the most of the season with the following tips from leading animal welfare nonprofit Michelson Found Animals Foundation, and ensure that your fav tail wagging friend can safely partake in the fun too.  


  1. Make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag with the correct information. It might sound like a no-brainer but 1 in 3 pets will go missing at some point, and an easy preventative action you can take is having an up to date collar and keeping your pet on a leash when possible. 


  1. Avoid burnt paws. If the pavement is too hot for your bare feet, well guess what — it’s too hot for your dog’s paws. Always check the pavement before bringing your dog outside. If you can’t avoid walking your dog across hot pavement, invest in a product that protects its feet. If your dog doesn’t like the feel of protective coverings such as boots, try a topical product that creates a protective wax barrier between your dog’s paws and any surface they touch.


     3.  Know what you can and cannot feed your dog.

TOUCHDOWNS: Lean Hamburger, Chicken Breast and Cheese

Lean protein is A-Okay for pets! When it comes to non-fatty cuts of meat, pretty much anything goes. Feel free to feed your dog bits of lean fish, pork or beef. These cuts should be low in fat, free of sauces and bone-free. Pets can also eat cheese, just make sure they only have a small portion. Dairy and fat can upset a pet’s stomach, so cheese should just be a special treat and not a staple.

PENALTIES: Hotdogs, Fatty Burgers and Bones

Lots of fat and sodium can upset delicate pet tummies, so avoid them or keep them at a minimum. We know feeding your dog bones is ingrained in our culture, but it’s a common misconception that this is safe for animals. Giving your pet leftover bones is very dangerous. Bones, particularly cooked ones, are prone to splinter and harm your pet’s internal organs.

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Blog  >  Time To Hit The Road Jack - TRAVEL TIME!

Time To Hit The Road Jack - TRAVEL TIME!

Part 3

TRAVEL TIME! Everyone’s ready for that road trip.  Travelin’ Jack shares a few of his favorite tips to ensure a safe, comfortable and FUN trip for everyone.

  • Car Safety. Travelin’ Jack reminds you to secure your pet while traveling. Harnesses or a crate in the back seat works great too!   
  •  More Car SafetyTravelin’ Jack says NEVER leave your pet in the car even for a few minutes.  Heat escalates in an enclosed car and pets overheat rapidly.  IF there is a chance the pet has become overheated, go IMMEDIATELY to the closest vet for assistance.
  • Travel Sickness or Fear of Travel. Travelin’ Jack says plan ahead for your pet’s special needs. Does Fido get car sick or fearful?  Be prepared for travel sickness needs with meds from your vet. 
  • Pet Accoutrements.  Travelin’ Jack ALWAYS likes to sport his newest T-Shirt, bandanna, and his backpack with all his collector’s pins…bragging rights about where he’s visited! 
  • My Favorite Things. Travelin’ Jack always takes his favorite blanket, toys, and doggie snacks.  Familiar pet items make a happier Fido!
  •  ParksTravelin’ Jack reminds you that parks are a dog’s best friend (well almost …his person is #1 we all know!).  Check each park’s rules and pet policies.  Follow their rules. 
  • Potty StopsTravelin’ Jack says Stop about every 2 hours. Take a short hike & potty break in the great outdoors.  Good spots include Visitor Information Centers & roadside rest areas. 
  • Leash RulesTravelin’ Jack’s rule: ALWAYS be on a leash in strange places.  Make sure the leash is secured on Fido, and in the owner’s hand before opening your car door.  Bring spare leashes.


Cover photo & this photo courtesy of LuAnne DeMeo

Dining Tips

  • Pack your dog’s normal food.  Pack each meal portion in a plastic sealable sandwich baggie.  Makes dinnertime quick!  Then toss the empty baggy….so Easy.
  • Dining Al-Fresco. Many restaurants offer ‘PET-IO’ dining on their patio.  Some even offer treats and bowls of water for the dining pooch.
  • Picnics are always enjoyable, whether en-route to your destination or while enjoying an outdoor adventure.
  • Carry-out options for the hotel room. Everyone can relax for dinner together with Fido.
  • Drive-In Restaurants.  If Fast Food is the menu du jour, check out the area Drive-Ins.  It’s quick, inexpensive…and includes Fido.


 Photo by Jill Lane

Lodging Tips

  • Hotel pet amenities.  Many pet friendly hotels offer special pet amenities and services …from food bowls, Welcome doggie gifts to Pet-Sitting & even Paw-dicures! 
  • Never leave your pet unattended in the room. If you need to go somewhere that doesn’t allow pets, check out pet sitting services or doggie-day care. Many hotels have that information. 
  • Some hotel properties DO allow the pet to stay in the room unaccompanied, make sure Fido is comfortable in his crate, with toys and treats.  Always leave an active cell phone number with the front desk in case of a problem.
  • Be a great Ambassador!  Check with the Hotel staff for the property’s various pet-friendly options.  AND what is NOT pet friendly! Most public areas of hotels are pet-friendly, but don’t assume. 
  • Always clean up after your pet. The Golden Rule.

 Photo by Jill Lane


So there you have it! These easy tips are sure to make your next road trip fun for everyone. Happy Trails to you and Fido too! 

 Follow Travelin’ Jack at

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Blog  >  The K9 Garage Door Kennel Net Turns Any Garage Into A Safe And Secure Outdoor Area For Dogs

The K9 Garage Door Kennel Net Turns Any Garage Into A Safe And Secure Outdoor Area For Dogs

Dogs, like humans, love having space to roam as well as the stimulus that they receive through a connection to the outdoors. But many owners don’t have the yard space or a fenced in area for their dogs to roam freely. Now With the K9 Garage Door Kennel Net any home garage can quickly and easily be turned into secure additional space to roam while providing the stimulus of a see-through barrier that connects dogs with the outdoor elements.

“There is nothing worse than a bored canine without enough space to play,” says Rod Carter, President of Ramah, Inc. “That pent-up feeling often leads to destructive behavior like destroying furniture or breaking things around the house. That’s why we designed the K9 Garage Door Kennel Net. It is a strong barrier that stretches across a garage door opening providing dogs with additional space as well as a direct connection with the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors.”


This industrial strength nylon net stretches across open garage door entrances providing dogs with additional room to roam and the added stimulation provided by an outdoor environment.


The K9 Garage Door Kennel Net (MSRP $369.99) is a six foot tall red or black industrial strength nylon braided netting that turns the garage into an outdoor executive suite for your dog. How often do we see dogs run to the front door to catch a glimpse of something and not be able to see out. Now dogs can watch birds, feel the breeze and see neighbors passing by without the fear of them taking off after other dogs, vehicles or even the mailman!

Available in sizes for either a two car or one car garage, the K9 Garage Door Kennel Net is anchored to the walls on either side of the garage door. The net is designed to safely secure any size dog while the enclosed section of the garage provides them with protection from the elements. Installing, setting up and taking down the net is a simple procedure including a weighted bottom and an all-weather ground adhesive strip that seals to the garage floor for added barrier protection.

“The K9 Garage Door Kennel Net is a great way to give your dog some extra space and protect them from running away unsupervised,” added Carter. “But just as importantly it gives them a direct connection with the outside world providing them with the kind of stimulus that is so important to their health and well-being.”

For more information please go to



Fido Friendly received product for review

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Blog  >  Tito’s Vodka x Imgur’s 2nd Project Stardust Winner Announced - Will Benefit Humane Society

Tito’s Vodka x Imgur’s 2nd Project Stardust Winner Announced - Will Benefit Humane Society

The popular community-powered entertainment platform Imgur is teaming up with Tito’s Handmade Vodka for “Project Stardust”, an initiative celebrating individuals who are making a difference in their communities.

Imgur and Tito’s will identify one Imgur user (“Imgurian”) per quarter who is making a positive change in their local community. Each recipient will be awarded $5,000 to continue their inspiring work. Project Stardust will run from April 23rd through early 2019.

“Imgur’s vision is to lift the world’s spirits, and we are building an entertainment platform that is a special blend of community, authenticity, and positivity,” said Roy Sehgal, Imgur COO. “We’re gratified that Tito’s shares this vision and are excited to work together to honor these inspiring Imgurians from across the country.”

The first Project Stardust was awarded to Imgurian @thequicksilver, a native of Pittsburg, Kan., whose “Upvotes for the Needy” posts led to a series of generous donations to several local charities. @thequicksilver plans to use this award to continue his mission of spreading positivity in his hometown by purchasing food and housewares for local needy families.

On July 31st, the second quarterly prize will be awarded to @TheAnimalLady, a native of St. Cloud Minnesota who began sharing information and animal GIFs on the Imgur platform with fellow users - teaching them about what the humane society does, what to do if you find a stray animal, and why it's important to adopt, not shop. She is a huge Imgurian who saw the post for Project Stardust and will be using the funds to support the Tri-County Humane Society where she works. The funds will help the organization reach its goal of moving to a larger building and help fund day-to-day operations.


Cover photo and this photo credited to @TheAnimalLady

"For the last 21 years, we’ve been fortunate to witness the power one person can have in their community,” said Nicole Portwood, VP of Brand Marketing, Tito’s Handmade Vodka. "We knew Imgur was the perfect platform to launch this project and inspire more people to spread the love in their own communities.”

About Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is America’s Original Craft Vodka. In 1997, Bert “Tito” Beveridge, now a 50-something geophysicist, obtained the first legal permit to distill in Texas and created Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Tito’s distills its corn-based vodka using old-fashioned pot stills and the vodka is naturally Gluten-Free. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is distilled and bottled by Fifth Generation Inc. in Austin, Texas, and is available in Liter, 1.75L, 750ml, 375ml, 200ml and 50ml sizes. For more information, visit

About Imgur

Imgur is the easiest way to discover and enjoy the magic of the Internet. It’s where you’ll find the funniest, most informative and inspiring images, memes, GIFs, and visual stories served up in an endless stream of bite-sized fun. Powered by a passionate community of people from all around the world, anyone can join to share cool stuff and vote the best to the top. You’ll always find something on Imgur to make you smile and brighten your day.

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Blog  >  First and Only Dedicated Ride Hailing Car Service for Pets, Debuts in NYC

First and Only Dedicated Ride Hailing Car Service for Pets, Debuts in NYC

Pet parents across New York City can rejoice that there is now finally an on-demand car service dedicated just for pets!  SpotOn is a brand new app and state-of-the-art ride-hailing car service debuting in Manhattan this August 2018!  This new pet-friendly car service will cater to pet parents who are otherwise regularly turned down by standard NYC taxis or other car services. Perfect for pet parents who can’t fit their 60lb dog into a bag, to ride the NYC subway.  It is not easy to get around this metropolis with your pets; SpotOn is the perfect solution for city dwellers to get to the Upper East Side from SoHo with their pets.  

Created by Aparna Srinivasan, founder and CEO of SpotOn, who is a dog mom, and a seasoned pet industry entrepreneur for the past 15 years. Aparna found it very difficult to get a ride with her two big dogs Krishna and Raja, (who has since passed), and thought, “It should not be that difficult to offer a pet-friendly car service, that pet parents can order with the tap of an app and their ride would be there in minutes.” 

The concept for SpotOn was born and after testing the model in Los Angeles in early 2017, Aparna knew she had to launch in New York City knowing how many Manhattan pet parents don’t have their own transportation. SpotOn goes way beyond your typical car service being specifically geared towards pet safety, comfort, convenience and affordability for pet parents.   

“Every pet that comes into one of our cars has the option to be put into a safety harness, or pet carrier by that is crash tested.  Safety and comfort for our riders and their pets is the utmost of importance for us, I would want these features and services when I am riding with Krishna,” said Aparna Srinivasan.  “In addition, there will be pet amenities in each car such as a: water; antibacterial wipes, lint rollers, backseat covers, and treats for dogs and cats.”  Each car will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes in-between rides.

“From Mastiffs to Calicos to Cockatoos, our drivers are capable of taking pet parents and their pet companions anywhere in the city,” said Aparna. “In addition, we have drivers that are pet first-aid and CPR certified that can transport your pet to appointments when you are too busy to go with them.” 

Launching in New York City this summer, SpotOn plans to expand to all major U.S. cities and beyond. will be available on the Apple store and Google Play in the beginning of August 2018. 

SpotOn is dedicated to bringing their riders and drivers, an exceptional and safe experience while using their platform.  SpotOn will have 24/7 customer service via chat and or phone. “We are currently taking applications for drivers and already have a team of drivers ready to go,” stated Aparna Srinivasan.

SpotOn matches drivers with passengers who request rides through their mobile app.  Whether interested drivers want to offset costs, cover bills or fund their dreams, being part of the SpotOn driving force will let them become their own boss, and set their own hours.  Pet lovers interested in learning more on how to become a driver for SpotOn can go to and fill out the ‘Become a Driver’ form for additional information.

“SpotOn is literally creating a brand new career opportunity within the pet industry, that just did not exist before,” said Nancy Hassel, President and founder of American Pet Professionals.  “The opportunity that Aparna and the SpotOn team are giving people to have a new career in the pet industry, and basically become their own boss with little overhead is tremendous.  I can not wait to see how this takes off in cities across the country and helps pet owners get from point A to point B with their pets, safely.” 


For more information about SpotOn go to or call 833-4-SPOTON, (833) 477-6866.

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Blog  >  FIDO Friendly Magazine 10th Annual Cross-country Pet Adoption Tour: Get Your Licks on Route 66®

FIDO Friendly Magazine 10th Annual Cross-country Pet Adoption Tour: Get Your Licks on Route 66®

FIDO Friendly Magazine Presents the 10th Annual Cross-country Pet Adoption Tour: Get Your Licks on Route 66® 2018


It’s that time of year again where FIDO Friendly  powered by Nissan, travel down the Mother Road, stopping at shelters along the way to support adoption events from September through October.



The cross-country pet adoption tour kicks off September 8 in Los Angeles at the LA Animal Services


Come out to meet Emmy Award Winning TV Host of the weekly CBS series Lucky DogBrandon McMillan, who will be filming his show and signing autographs. There will be a lot of great pets available for adoption.


Animal Radio, the most listened to pet show where over 350,000 pet-lovers tune-in weekly,  is our Media Sponsor for the 10th year and you can listen to their weekly show to find out where the events are being held.





In the first nine years, we have helped place over 11,000 pets in to new forever homes!  We bring our giant spinning wheel filled with prizes provided by our sponsors where a donation gives you a chance to win fabulous prizes and all proceeds go to the shelter at the end of the day.


Thanks to our sponsors who have signed up thus far to help us save lives, one shelter at a time! Please visit their websites to see the great products they have to offer and hope to see you at one of our shelter events!



Media Sponsor

Animal Radio


Vehicle Sponsor



Companion Sponsor

Tito’s Vodka

Tito's Vodka





Pet Box Sponsor



Advocate Sponsor




Buddy Belts


Buddy Belts


Hands on Gloves

HandsOn Gloves


Rolf C. Hagen


Rolf C. Hagen


Pet Insurance Sponsor

Embrace Pet Insurance


Community Sponsor

Cosequin Joint Health Supplements











ZenDen Pets

Zen Den





Spinning Wheel Sponsors


Handicapped Pets

Shed Defender

Outward Hound

Charlee Bear

The Company of Animals

The Honest Kitchen

John Paul Pet

Blue Dog Bakery

Old Mother Hubbard

Affordable Allergy Testing

Royal Animals

PureLuxe Pet Food

Brilliant Pad
Bike Tow Leash
The Emergency Tag Help 4 Pets

EVENT LOCATIONS AND DATES – WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE – Come Meet FIDO and help our mission to give every dog a home & leave NO Dog Behind®!


September 8


Van Nuys, California

Come out and meet tour spokesperson and TV Host of the weekly CBS series Lucky Dog, 

Brandon McMillan who will be filming his show and signing autographs.


Event held 11-4

LA Animal Shelter

14409 Van Owen Street

Van Nuys, CA


September 13

Sedona, Arizona


Event held noon-4

Humane Society of Sedona

2115 Shelby Drive

Sedona, Arizona 86336


September 15

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Event held 10-3


10428 Coors Bypass Rd.

Albuquerque, NM


September 16

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Event held noon-4


3561 Zafarano Drive

Santa Fe, NM


September 19

Austin, Texas                         OFF-ROAD FIRST TIME IN AUSTIN


Event held 4-7

The Jackelope

1523 Tinnin Ford Rd.

Austin, TX


September 22

Midwest City, Oklahoma


Event held noon-4

Midwest City Petsmart

7177 SE 29th St.

Midwest City, OK


September 23

Tulsa, Oklahoma


Event held noon-4

Woodland Hills Mall

7021 S. Memorial Drive

Tulsa, OK


September 25

Joplin, Missouri

Event held noon-4


Frank Fletcher Nissan

2327 S. Rangeline Rd

Joplin, MO


September 27

Springfield, Missouri

Event held noon-4


Event held noon-4

3500S S Glenstone Ave

Springfield, MO



September 30

St. Louis, Missouri


Event held 10-3

Tiles Park

K-9 Carnival

9551 Litzinger Rd.

St. Louis, MO


October 6

Chicago, Illinois


Event held 11-3

Paws Chicago

1997 N. Clybourn Ave.

Chicago, IL


October 7

Springfield, Illinois


Event held noon-4

Scheels Sporting Goods

3801 S. MacArthur Blvd.

Springfield, IL


October 13

Kansas City, Missouri

LAST EVENT! Thanks to all or our sponsors who made this trip possible.

Event held 10-2

Wayside Waifs

3901 Martha Truman Rd.

Kansas City, MO





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Blog  >  The PAW-fect Travel Kennel for FIDO or Fluffy - Collapsible Too!

The PAW-fect Travel Kennel for FIDO or Fluffy - Collapsible Too!

Portable & Compact Travel Essentials!

What can be better than the dog and cat travel kennel with hard top and hard floor? One that is also collapsible makes this carrier ideal. It makes a lot of sense when you are not using the kennel and packs up quickly and easy to assemble.

Looks like a well-made suitcase and it’s soft grey color is soothing to the eye.

  • A pet carrier that gives you the best features of both hard and soft carriers! 17" long by 13" high by 14" wide, it's suitable for cats, small dogs, and other pets.
  • A hard top and hard base give you sturdy protection for your pet, and gives your pet a firm surface to stand on.
  • The soft sides can be folded down so the whole carrier fits into a neat little package -- just the top and bottom zippered together. Takes up very little storage space while it's not in use.
  • A padded mat in the floor gives your pet a comfortable place to lie down and a non-slip surface to stand on. A see-through mesh door lets him or her keep an eye on the world outside.

See more here and order yours! $79.99



Add their self-heating mat and you have the perfect travel tandem.

  • Package includes two mats: 1 large (22" x 18.5") and 1 small (17" x 11")
  • Self-heating. Includes a layer of mylar film, the same super-insulating material used in spacesuits. Absorbs, holds, and reflects your pet's body heat, and insulates them from cold floors
  • Super comfy. A velvety cover on top and padded with thick, soft, hypoallergenic foam that will stay springy for years
  • Rubberized underside so they stay where you put them, and won't be a slipping danger if someone steps on them

See more here and order yours! $39.99



*FIDO Friendly magazine received product for review.

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Blog  >  Charlottesville’s Draftsman Hotel Offers PAW-fect Amenity - Hotel Dog Bulleit

Charlottesville’s Draftsman Hotel Offers PAW-fect Amenity - Hotel Dog Bulleit

Having officially opened their doors in May 2018, The Draftsman is a new addition to the Autograph Collection, Marriott International’s curated portfolio of high-design boutique hotels. Each Autograph Collection hotel is marked by exceptional standards of design, craft, and vision. For The Draftsman, that vision includes a certified therapy dog who serves as greeter, playmate, and all-around best boy.

“Bulleit absolutely loves being around people. He’s thrilled to greet new guests and wander around the library and lobby, but we are most excited about having him interact with the incredibly tough kids next door at UVA Children’s Hospital once he completes his therapy dog certification,” said General Manager, JP Roberts.

Bulleit is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier named after Bulleit Rye Whiskey and was born 21 miles from the hotel at Shady Lane Family Farm in Free Union. Roberts and Bulleit have completed the necessary training courses in order to register for therapy dog certification as soon as he is old enough.

Roberts adds, “Even as a puppy, Bulleit had an incredible demeanor — loving, calm, and eager to bond with people. And to think that he can share that love with children who are going through some very scary and painful times is so powerful to us. Our hope is that Bulleit can bring these brave fighters some smiles, and some moments where they can forget their battles and remember how to be kids again.” 

In addition to his visits to the Children’s Hospital, Bulleit is onsite at The Draftsman to brighten the days of the guests and anyone who stops by to meet him. “Lots of hotels are pet-friendly,” says Roberts, “but we decided to take it a step further and have an official hotel dog.”

Bulleit completes the vision for the hotel, which is named for Virginia’s founding fathers and draftsmen: Thomas Jefferson (The Declaration of Independence), James Madison (The Bill of Rights), and James Monroe (The Monroe Doctrine). These men were not only instrumental in shaping our country, but they were also dog owners. Thomas Jefferson brought Briard sheepdogs home from France and put them to work at Monticello. James Monroe kept dogs at Montpelier, and today the site welcomes leashed dogs on landscape tours and in the outdoor cafe. And James Monroe’s daughter Maria had a small spaniel living with them in the White House.

Bulleit reflects Charlottesville— friendly, outdoorsy, and committed to making life better for everyone in the community. He is one of the most lovable ways that The Draftsman provides an experience that is “exactly like nothing else.” 

About The Draftsman Hotel

With 11 stories, 2300 sq. ft. of meeting space and over 150 rooms, this vibrant upscale boutique hotel is as artful as it is intelligent. The Draftsman is pet-friendly and resides in the heart of downtown Charlottesville next to the UVA Medical Center. The evocative spirit of Virginia’s original voices and visions of 3 Presidents—Madison, Monroe and most notably, the profound ingenuity of Thomas Jefferson—are presented in engaging ways with references to the past, present and future of this storied, historic region.

About Autograph Collection Hotels

With more than 150 independent, one-of-a-kind hotels in the world’s most desirable destinations, Autograph Collection Hotels is a diverse and dynamic portfolio that champion values of vision, design and craft. Exactly like nothing else, Autograph Collection Hotels are hand selected for their rich character and uncommon details each celebrating the founder’s passion, thoughtfulness of design, inherent craft and connection with the locale. For more information, please visit, and explore our social media channels on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to learn more about championing the independent spirit that is #ExactlyLikeNothingElse.

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Blog  >  A Perfect Read for Pet Lovers

A Perfect Read for Pet Lovers

The Endless Path

by Laurie Plessala Duperier and Ganimedes Duperier

The authors of this magical and moving memoir, Laurie Plessala Duperier and her chocolate Laborador Ganimedes, shared a very special bond and life together. Laurie helped “Gunny” through many serious health challenges, and Gunny inspired Laurie to change her life and to find her true calling.

Laurie was able to access Gunny’s thoughts with the help of an animal communicator resulting in a fascinating and entertaining human and canine collaboration. Most of the book’s chapters begin with a quote from Gunny. He introduced Chapter 1 saying that he hopes “this book will inspire people. I like to think that this could be a start of the human race understanding the animal kingdom.”

The Endless Path takes us to Hong Kong and Switzerland where Laurie practiced international corporate law, as well as Spain where she met her husband and walked the ancient Christian pilgrimage Camino de Santiago (a physically challenging path) many times. Unfortunately, Gunny had serious health issues in each of those countries as well as when his family moved back to the United States.

Laurie adored Gunny and advocated for him ensuring that he had the best medical care even when doctors disagreed with her ideas (her instincts always turned out to be right). Sometimes Laurie consulted Gunny about his care and asked if he wanted certain procedures. Gunny had a warrior’s spirit and lived to be 15 years old despite his illnesses.

While exploring Gunny’s feelings we learn that initially his thoughts were basic like “I want a new bed. Mine is not comfortable.” After a near-death experience in Switzerland Gunny’s musings become more philosophical. He shared memories from prior lives and revealed how surprised he was when he first saw his reflection in a puddle and discovered that he was a dog in his current incarnation. He preferred being human because dogs have less control over their existence. He also explained that he felt a duality in which he had human thoughts but his nature forced him to do canine things like “eat disgusting things.” He confirmed Laurie’s notion that they were soul mates and described their encounter in a past life.

Their love story continues as Gunny contacts Laurie from the great beyond.

The Endless Path’s provocative and seminal tale of love and communication between species fills one with hope and a new awareness of possibilities in the universe. As Gunny observed, “We are all connected to the same consciousness. Life is life, souls are souls.” We learn a great deal from that adorable philosopher.

The Endless Path is available on Amazon and from Barnes and Noble.

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Blog  >  Woman Saves Over 500 Parvo Pups and Receives UnSung Hero Award

Woman Saves Over 500 Parvo Pups and Receives UnSung Hero Award

The Petco Foundation recently honored Shannon Wells of the Kansas City Pet Project at the foundation’s annual awards gala on June 8th in San Diego, California. Wells was presented with the Unsung Hero Award, which recognizes individuals whose commitment and story of dedication exemplifies their love for animals.

The Petco Foundation gathered more than 450 guests at this year’s “Celebration of Love” Lifesaving Awards, which recognized seven organizations and individuals from across the country for their dedication, determination and actions to create lifesaving impact for pets in need.

Wells was recognized for her selfless dedication to her work at Kansas City Pet Project, specifically in creating a special Parvo Ward at the underfunded animal control shelter. Through Wells’ program, she and her team have saved more than 500 puppies and have a 94% save rate for all parvo dogs.

“The Petco Foundation’s Lifesaving Awards are a way to celebrate and recognize the incredible, lifesaving work that takes place across the country,” said Susanne Kogut, president of the Petco Foundation. “The individuals and organizations honored this year are changing the landscape of animal welfare and setting an example for others. We’re grateful for all they do to save lives and are thrilled to bring their work into the spotlight.”

“Shannon Wells has been quietly saving the lives of more than 500 dogs and puppies in Kansas City over the past six years that arrived at our shelter with deadly parvovirus,” said Teresa Johnson, CEO/Executive Director of KC Pet Project.  “We are so proud and honored that the Petco Foundation has recognized and honored this compassionate, dedicated woman for her amazing work with the 2018 Unsung Hero Award.”


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In honor of National Feed a Rescue Pet Week, Rescue Bank., a Signature Program of, and The Animal Rescue Site celebrate the success story of a stray dog named Addie.  The goal of this charitable week (July 23-29) is to raise funds to provide 5 million meals for homeless pets across the country and to find Addie a forever home. 

Addie is a stray dog that was found by an Arizona rescue and was diagnosed with a rare condition that resulted in the erosion of her joints. Addie had gone so long without treatment that the carpal joints in her front legs were basically nonexistent and she had resorted to crawling on a daily basis.  

“Rescue Bank’s impact goes beyond providing meals to homeless dogs and cats,” said Elizabeth Asher, executive director for Rescue Bank. “Because we provided meals to Addie’s rescue, they were able to take the money they saved and spend it on life-saving rehabilitation for Addie. They were also able to provide front leg braces that gave her the opportunity to walk, run and play again!”

During National Feed a Rescue Pet Week, the pet-loving community can support more rescue dogs like Addie and visit . A $10 donation will pay to deliver 400 meals and saves animal welfare organizations $170 in food costs. 

In addition to providing a direct donation, animal-lovers can contribute to the cause by shopping on the site or with a free daily click at The Animal Rescue Site



About Rescue Bank
Rescue Bank, a Signature Program of, is the world’s largest pet food distribution program. Rescue Bank operates on the national food bank model to community-based animal welfare groups that typically lack access to resources. Rescue Bank recognizes that these smaller, less-visible groups represent a substantial portion of America’s animal rescue resource.

Rescue Bank works with name-brand suppliers to deliver donated pet food for both the on-going needs of more than 1,800 animal welfare organizations and the immediate needs of communities after disasters such as hurricanes, floods and fires. Since establishing its national network in 2011, Rescue Bank has delivered over 275 million meals of nutritious, wholesome pet food.

For more information visit or find us on Facebook at

About is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that works to improve the health and well-being of people, pets, and the planet. Over the last 10 years, has given over $150 million in cash and in-kind grants to over 5,000 charitable partners worldwide and created and operates several Signature Programs to help animals, including Rescue Rebuild and Rescue Bank. To learn more, visit or follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

About The Animal Rescue Site

Founded in 2002, The Animal Rescue Site provides food and vital care for some of the eight million unwanted animals given to shelters every year in the U.S., as well as animals in desperate need around the world. Over four million animals are put to death every year in the U.S. alone because they are abandoned and unwanted. Together, we can change that.

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Blog  >  Want a Paw-fect Summer? Check Out These Expert Tips and Round-Up of Helpful Products

Want a Paw-fect Summer? Check Out These Expert Tips and Round-Up of Helpful Products

Can’t wait to get outside or hit the road with Fido? Have plans to explore the great outdoors or just enjoy your own backyard or pool? Whatever you do or wherever you go, make it a wonderful time by being prepared.

Here are a few tips and products that will ensure you and your pets have a safe and happy summertime.

Water Safety

Taking Fido along on your boat can be great fun, especially for water-loving dogs like labs. Ensuring your pet’s safety is as easy as doing some preliminary training and following a few precautions. According to pet safety expert Arden Moore founder and instructor of Pet First Aid 4U, “All dogs joining you for a boating trip need to know how to swim and paddle wearing a dog life jacket and have successfully completed 'dog over board' maneuvers in which you practice training your dog to come to a designated spot near the boat and use a ladder or accept being "rescued" using a safety net.” Moore says that you should, “Always make these training sessions’ upbeat and heap on the treats.” Training your dog to safely board and depart from your boat and or pool is worth the time. “Show them the right spots to enter/exit and take your time training them. Don’t rush your pet or become impatient while teaching these potentially life-saving skills, it will pay big dividends, if your pet gets into trouble.” Moore also cautions you to “supervise your dog while on board a boat and tether him, especially if you are moving at high speed”.


Teaching your dog water and boating safety will give you both peace of mind.  Photo credit: Ruffwear


Dogs should also wear a life jacket while in water craft or on surfboards or paddleboards. A life jacket can keep a pet afloat if they fall into the water and are injured or knocked unconscious. A dog hit by an errant surfboard or other device can be unable to swim and can drown as a result. Ruffwear has a life vest that comes in sizes from xxSmall to xLarge and is well-made and comfortable for your pet.

To help train your pet in boat/water safety, you can try Crazy Dog small bite size treats to maintain his attention. Recommended by thousands of professional dog trainers, these yummy bites are irresistible to your pooch.

Dr. Deborah Mandell, VMD, DACVECC advises, “If your pet loves to swim, watching him can be a lot of fun. However, there are still safety tips that should be followed. Monitor for signs that he or she may be getting exhausted- many dogs will keep swimming no matter what, so make sure you let them periodically rest. Make sure there is a place with shade for them to rest as well. If you go to the beach, look out for beach restrictions- not only the time of day dogs are allowed, but also areas where they are or are not allowed. This is for safety reasons. Always look at ocean reports to make sure the water is not too rough or choppy or has dangerous waves.”


Dr. Mandell is a professor in ER and Critical Care Medicine and is a pet safety advisor for the Red Cross.  Photo credit: Dr. D. Mandell


On the Road Again

If spending time in your RV or SUV crisscrossing the country is your idea of summer fun, the following items can make the trip more pleasant.

Some pets love to travel, others not so much. If you have a reluctant traveler, try using some Rescue Remedy before you hit the road. Made in England for over 80 years, this safe botanically based formula helps ease your pet’s anxieties.

The Yummy travel bowl is a pet owner’s best friend. A three-in-one bowl that holds water, serves as a food bowl and has a tight lid that makes it spill-proof, it is a must have for car, RV, or plane trips. For quick trips to the local park or pool, use the convenient collapsible Petmate Silicone Round Travel Pet’s Bowl. To keep your pal safe on the road or in the air, sleepypod’s mobile pet bed is a bed, carrier, and car seat, all in one.  The bed is also crash tested at a standard set for child safety restraints, making your pet as safe as possible.

Does your vehicle or RV look like a Wookie exploded inside it? Try using the Kurgo car and truck seat covers and hammocks. Made to fit everything from bucket seats to large truck/SUV’s back seat, these covers make it easy to keep the mess under control. To help with your pet’s shedding, you can use the Shed Defender, an ingenious onsie for your dog that they can wear both indoors and out to keep shedding to a minimum. The garment can also protect your pet while outdoors by preventing ticks, burrs, and bugs from settling into their fur. Regular grooming with the HandsOn Gloves can help too. These #1 ranked gloves are a must for a clean and happy dog.

Wondering how you are going to get Fido safely into the RV, truck, or into your vacation condo this summer…no worries, PetSafe’s pet ramps will help your friend climb into any vehicle, grooming table, short flights of stairs, etc. and is especially good for pets with mobility problems like arthritis.

Exploring new territory can get Fido excited and that exuberance is hard on the neck and throat if wearing a traditional collar and leash. If your pet is constantly pulling and straining when you encounter new situations, you might try the Buddy Belt system. An innovative harness that is easier to use than traditional types, Buddy Belts offer both comfort for your pal and control for you, without undue strain on your pet.


Running the trails can be a great bonding time, but be sure to protect Fido’s feet from rocks, hot sand, and other hazards. Photo credit: Ruffwear


Into the Wild

When you spend time outdoors, using good judgement and being prepared is important. Arden Moore, Pet Safety expert, advises, “Being outdoors more puts pets at risk for injuries, insect stings and overheating on hot days”.  Using common sense goes a long way in protecting your pets. 

 One of the best ways to give yourself a more serene summer is to safeguard your pet with the Help4Pets emergency tag. If your pet gets lost while traveling/camping, this can be a life-saver. The Help4Pets staff is on call 24/7 with alternate contact information and instructions in case of an emergency situation. If you are on a plane, in a movie, or in the middle of nowhere without cell service, Help4Pets will take care of your pet. They will also replace the tags for free, if they are lost or damaged, even chewed.

Sunscreen is also an important item you should add to your summer safety kit. Dr. Mandell, veterinarian says, “There are dog specific sunscreens that should be used when going outdoors this summer. Places that have less or no fur are at risk- the nose, muzzle, ear tips and belly- should have sunscreen applied. Make sure it is dog approved sunscreen so you know it is safe for dogs. Never use sunscreen that has zinc oxide or PABA as these are toxic to dogs if ingested.”

“Your dogs' paws and pads can get burnt on very hot sand, always check their paws after a trip to the beach for any burns or stuck objects (i.e. shells).” Dr. Mandell warns. Protecting your dog’s feet from rocky trails and hot rough pavement is important too.  Ruffwear has an array of outdoor gear to keep your pet safe whether on the beach or on the trail.

Want a doggie snack that won’t get sticky in your pocket? Try Charlee Bear treats, they have a line called Bear Crunch that is grain-free with flavors like bacon/blueberry and at only 4 calories per treat, you can feel good about rewarding your friend with Charlee Bear treats. 

If you own a small dog and enjoy spending time outdoors with your pet, it would be worthwhile to take a look at Michael Caruso’s new invention, the Raptor Shield Vest. As people encroach on wildlife territory, encounters with birds of prey are on the rise. When these birds see your pet, they see a meal, not a beloved part of your family. The ingenious Raptor Shield is made of polycarbonate, the same material used in bullet proof windows. The vest is designed to make it impossible for the bird’s talons to penetrate the shield and harm your dog. It can also help protect your pet against other animal attacks, buying them some time to escape before they are severely injured. The Raptor Shield Vest is designed to be comfortable for your pet year round.


Summertime Safety Article shared by Guest Blogger Tamra Bolton

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Blog  >  Sleepypod Introduces Go Bag for Pet Parents

Sleepypod Introduces Go Bag for Pet Parents

Sleepypod®, a Pasadena-based company known for redefining pet products, introduces Sleepypod Go Bag. Sleepypod Go Bag is built for pet travel, but clever enough for human travel. It organizes pet and human travel essentials in a go anywhere bag.

“Pet travel is on the rise thanks to pet-friendly hotels, attractions, and workspaces,” says Michael Leung, Sleepypod co-founder and lead product designer. “Since pets rely upon their owners for everything from food to protection, getting to a destination is not without challenges.”  

Leung believes Sleepypod Go Bag will appeal to on the go pet owners who are looking for a simple way to organize a trip with a pet.                                            

“Adding a pet to the travel equation requires an extra element of organization,” Leung continues. “Traveling with a pet is not as easy as grabbing a leash before heading into a car or onto an airplane.“The list of pet travel essentials becomes more complex and lengthy depending on the travel method and length of stay, so a good travel organizer can help make for a happier, hassle-free experience. “When on the road with your pet, Sleepypod Go Bag makes it easier to find what you need and where you need it,” Leung concludes. 

Sleepypod Go Bag’s tapered profile makes it comfortable for cross-body carrying, while the streamlined grab handle amplifies on-the-go convenience. Travel is made easier by two mini packing cubes and an insulated food pouch. Thoughtful features include gusseted side pockets for water bottles or cell phone, an exterior utility ring for hanging a leash or flashlight, exterior zippered pocket for easy access items, padded main compartment and an interior pocket for separating documents or cradling a tablet/computer, and an interior lanyard for attaching keys.

As with Sleepypod’s award-winning pet carriers, the exterior of the Sleepypod Go Bag and its packing components are made from heavy duty, luggage grade ballistic nylon.


• Padded main compartment 

• Top zip with double zipper pulls

• Tapered profile for comfortable cross-body carrying

• Structured design with flat base for stability

• Streamlined grab handle 

• Adjustable shoulder strap with comfort padding 

• Single zipper front pocket for easy access items

• 2 gusseted side pockets for items like beverage bottles or phone

• Utility ring for hanging items like a leash or flashlight

• Easy clean exterior is made of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon 

Main compartment

• 2 small pockets for smaller items

• 1 large padded pocket for essential documents, computer or tablet

• Lanyard for hanging items like keys

Included organizers

• 2 padded, mini cubes in Glacier Silver color with double zipper pulls for organizing travel essentials

• 1 insulated food bag in Glacier Silver color

• Easy clean exterior is made of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon 


• Go Bag main compartment - dimensions: 16 inches (tall) x 14 inches (wide) x 5 inches (deep)

• Go Bag main compartment with side pockets extended - dimensions: 16 inches (tall) x 16 inches (wide) x 5 inches (deep)

• Go Bag weight: 1.2 pounds

• Mini Cube - dimensions: 4.5 inches (tall) x 6.5 inches (wide) x 4.5 inches (deep)

• Mini Cube weight: .25 pounds

• Insulated Food Bag - dimensions when fully open: 13 inches (tall) x 7 inches (wide) x 4.5 inches (deep)

• Insulated Food Bag - dimensions when rolled close: 7 inches (tall) x 7 inches (wide) x 4.5 inches (deep)

• Insulated Food Bag - weight: .45 pounds


• Jet Black

• Glacier Silver

• Strawberry Red

• Robin Egg Blue


Retailers may begin ordering Sleepypod Go Bag beginning June 26. Products will be available for consumer purchase on July 16.

About Sleepypod

Look behind the beautiful designs and you’ll find multiple functions, durable materials, and safety beyond compare. Sleepypod pet products have earned numerous awards and accolades for safety and design innovation. Every Sleepypod carrier and car safety harness has been independently tested and certified with a top safety rating from the Center for Pet Safety. Pets travel safer with Sleepypod. 


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Blog  >  Cat Cave your Dog will love too!

Cat Cave your Dog will love too!

It’s great to receive product that both dogs and cats can enjoy. Enter the Cat Cave by Pet Magasin.

This four-way snuggly bed and hideaway was an instant hit with my rescue dog, Honey. The plush high-quality bed features a faux-fur lining and trim, a combination of fleece and foam padding, and a microfiber outer shell. Honey was drawn to it right away and began ‘making her bed’ with a little pull here and a little shove there. Pet parents know what I mean.

The Cat Cave morphs in to a cave, flat bed and pod. I am sure Honey will get to all those configurations at some point.



One of the nicest beds/caves/pods I have seen in a long time. Go to their website to learn more!



*FIDO Friendly received product for review.

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Blog  >  Plastic Surgery for Dogs: It’s Not Just Cosmetic

Plastic Surgery for Dogs: It’s Not Just Cosmetic

As plastic surgery for pets gains popularity, controversy surrounding the ethics of putting one’s animal under the knife grows along with it.

While plastic surgery is typically associated with cosmetic enhancement to compliment the physical aesthetics of humans, in many instances certain procedures are required strictly to improve the health, happiness and longevity of patients. In other words, plastic surgery is often a medical necessity, not strictly a cosmetic indulgence. The same thing goes for pets -- although with animals these procedures are almost always conducted for medical reasons, arguably as they should be.

Breed-specific issues

Many prospective pet owners set their hearts on a particular breed without conducting enough research into the types of health issues they may be predisposed to and/or develop throughout their lives. These usually well-meaning people are so wrapped up in the idea of becoming dog parents that they overlook the degree of maintenance and care, not to mention financial responsibility, they’re signing up for upon adopting an animal. Skin conditions, eye infections, and breathing issues are common breed-specific problems your dog may encounter over the course of its lifetime.

These issues frequently pop up with Bulldogs, Shar-Peis, and other wrinkle-skinned or brachycephalic, short-nosed dogs. Many of these creatures would benefit enormously from corrective measures like facelifts, eye lifts, or rhinoplasty, depending on their breed. Not only do these procedures relieve them of the discomfort inherent to their respective breeds, but of the health risks that accompany these predispositions.

One of the more common procedures performed on dogs with excessive amounts of facial skin is called entropion surgery. This procedure essentially lifts a dog’s eyelids, giving them better sight. It also cuts down on infections caused by bacterial growth in the folds of the skin, and  reduces the frequency of corneal scratches caused by the eyelid rolling inward toward the eye.

Dog breeds with excessively wrinkled or loose skin benefit from corrective surgeries like facelifts and tummy tucks. Skin folds trap moisture, bacteria, and yeast, which in turn can lead to painful infections. This most commonly occurs with Bulldogs and Shar-Peis, but also with dogs who lose excessive amounts of weight and are left with loose skin in and around their undercarriage. It’s important to speak to your vet about the amount of recovery time your dog will require post-op, as with either surgery it can be rather extensive, largely depending on the location and amount of skin removed.

Brachycephalic syndrome is another example of a predisposed veterinary health issue commonly treated with corrective surgery. It occurs in dogs with shorter noses, like bulldogs and pugs. The problem is the length of these dog’s muzzles are too short for the length of the roof of their mouths. This blocks the trachea, which causes snoring as well as breathing issues should the dog be overheated, overweight, or excited. The dog’s respiration is inhibited because of the physical structure of their muzzle.

To correct these issues, veterinarians perform a nasal wedge resection, which is effectively a nose job for your dog. During this procedure, small wedges are removed from the black portion of the nostrils, enabling the nasal passages to open wider so the dog is able breathe with ease.

Cosmetic concerns

Of course, not all plastic surgery for canines is performed for medical reasons. Some owners are opting for surgery purely for cosmetic reasons. For example, silicone testicle implants are becoming popular with owners who have had their dogs neutered. Neuticles come in sizes suitable for dogs ranging from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. They are slipped in while your dog is being neutered, so no additional surgical procedures are necessary.

While these implants aren’t medically necessary for a dog’s health, some owners believe they improve their dog’s self-image. In reality, any difference a procedure like this could possibly make should be considered far more for the owner than for the dog itself.

Although it could be argued that the way we view our pets affects how we relate to them, and by extension a strong owner-dog bond suggests we might provide them with more affection and other forms of positive attention.

Ear cropping and tail docking are still common practices, but the number of veterinarians willing to perform these procedures is rapidly diminishing due to the questionable ethics involved. Other cosmetic options include Botox injections to clean up a dog’s facial features, tummy tucks for overweight dogs, and breast reductions for dogs that have sagging mammary glands due to over-breeding.

Canine surgery isn’t cheap, but many people (of means) are willing to pay for it. Unless deemed medically necessary, few pet insurance plans will cover plastic surgery. Even when it is considered to be a medically necessity, some plans only cover a small portion of the costs. Procedures range anywhere from $200 to $500 for eye lift surgery, and well into the thousands for more complicated procedures.

Risks and side effects

There are always risks to consider when thinking about plastic surgery for your dog. Anytime anesthesia is used, there is the possibility of an allergic reaction that could lead to swelling, difficulty breathing or anaphylaxis. Other issues that could arise include excessive bleeding, infection, and a slow recovery rate. Also, your dog will need to undergo a full check-up before going forward to ensure they are healthy enough to withstand the physical stress of going under the knife.

Other serious considerations should include the emotional toll and potential discomfort your pet may experience from any of these procedures. Dogs obviously aren’t able to vocalize the way we can and thus may be in greater pain than their owners are able to see.

Finally, remember that there will be a recuperation period for your dog after surgery. This often involves regular doses of oral medications for both pain and infection prevention, the application of topical medications, the use of an e-collar to restrict your dog’s access to the surgical site, and the limitation of exercise and activities until your dog fully heals.

As such, these aren’t decisions to be made lightly. And should you choose to go ahead with it, make sure that you’ll have the time to devote to your dog’s post-op needs. Ideally, plan your dog’s surgery when you have some vacation time coming up, or arrange for a friend or family member to keep an eye on your dog while you’re at work.

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Blog  >  Aromatherapy on the Go!

Aromatherapy on the Go!

Make the most of your aromatherapy with these uniquely designed Bracelets by ARAVINDATM. The perfect way to diffuse your essential oil on the go!

MOJO is a motivational bracelet that engages your senses by combining aromatherapy and color therapy into a slap bracelet. Using a unique super absorbent microfiber material that captures the aroma and diffuses it around you throughout the day.

Their designs were inspired by color therapy principles to help balance the body's energy centers, and enhance the desired effect of the Aromatherapy. These stylish designs will also fit diverse lifestyles.



Each MOJO bracelet comes with a complimentary ARAVINDATM signature essential oil blend made with 100% natural and pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Each of our blends has unique characteristics that are known to enhance emotional balance. Because they are not diluted, these blends will not stain your bracelet.




FIDO Friendly received product for review.

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Blog  >  Canopy by Hilton Bethesda North has their Paws in the Neighborhood

Canopy by Hilton Bethesda North has their Paws in the Neighborhood

Canopy by Hilton, Hilton’s Lifestyle Brand Partners with Planet Dog to offer Pet-Friendly Programming Across has partnered with  Planet Dog to offer Pet-Friendly Programming for guests and their Pawfect family members.  Paws in the Neighborhood ensures all guests, both two-legged and four-legged, are set up to have a just-right, local experience even before walking through the door.

"We chose to partner with Planet Dog as their values and community-focused initiatives mirror those of Canopy by Hilton," said Gary Steffen, global head, Canopy by Hilton. "Known for their commitment to promoting dog health and welfare and consistent dedication to making the world a better place for all dogs, Planet Dog seemed like the natural fit when looking for a like-minded partner to align ourselves with for the Paws in the Neighborhood program."

Surprising extras are a core part of the Canopy check-in experience. Just as human guests receive a gift from the neighborhood upon arrival, their canine counterparts will receive their own Paws in the Neighborhood welcome gift, which includes:

  • Paws in the Neighborhood Cinch Pack
  • Planet Dog Orbee ball, called the "world's best and most durable dog ball" by industry experts
  • House-made or locally-sourced dog treat
  • Dispenser of pickup bags
  • Planet Dog and Canopy by Hilton dog's guide to the neighborhood
  • Eco-friendly, fleece-lined leashes and collars (available at welcome table) from Planet Dog's best-selling hemp line

Once checked-in, guests and their four-legged friends can settle into their Just-Right Room, complete with a Just-right dog bed, a Canopy placemat, "Woof!" door hanger tag and Planet Dog food and water bowls. There is also a filtered spring water station on every floor of the hotel, so both guests and pups can refuel throughout their stay.

Canopy by Hilton provides a locally-inspired experience, and no exceptions are made for guests traveling leash-in-hand. As part of the Paws in the Neighborhood program, each guest will receive a dog's guide to the neighborhood, a handy directory to local dog-centric spaces and services including parks and squares, beaches and trails, groomers and vets, dog treat bakeries and dog-friendly eateries - anyplace in the area where dogs and their people gather. Each Canopy dog's guide to the neighborhood is written by local Canopy Enthusiasts with recommendations from Planet Dog for a true insider's perspective on the local canine scene. To bring the experience home, every Canopy guest will be given access to a Canopy promo code for 20 percent savings every time they shop with Planet Dog.

Chief Enthusiast Alexandra Byrne is planning on producing Pup-centric programming, that dog lovers can expect Yappy Hours, Halloween Pet Costume Contests, and other similar events at Canopy Bethesda North.

Follow #CanopyPaws on Instagram 

See more here

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Blog  >  Surfs Up FIDO Style

Surfs Up FIDO Style

What do you do when your dog loves the water, loves to be with you all the time, and loves the beach? Well, you teach them how to surf, of course! Dog surfing is one of the most popular growing new sports and activities for dog lovers. It allows dogs to spend time with their owners, get exercise, enjoy the beach, and learn a new skill and challenge.

   People ask, “Can dogs surf?” Indeed they can, and they do! Dogs love to be with their human friends, and often they want to join in on the fun, especially surfing. Top surfers believe that dogs who learn to surf also develop a unique attitude, knowing they have something that sets them apart from other dogs in body and mind.



"Dogs flourish in the positive energy of their human partner and the environment", says Charly Kayle, Animal Reiki practitioner and host of "mind·body·paws: Holistic Living For You & Your Animals" on As a dog surfing judge in Northern California, Charly sees firsthand the positive effects on the pups. "Every part of their being is alive, which is as healthy as it gets. You can see the pride and excitement in their essence after they slide into the surf, which is amplified by the cheering of the crowd. Most importantly, if a dog does NOT want to continue riding the waves, we stress that they can discontinue at any time with no penalties and no shame. Safety and enjoyment are the most important considerations for all."



The very first dog surfing competition was originally created by TCB Cafe Publishing as the "Small Wave Surf Dog Competition" in 2006. This pioneering surf dog competition was conceived and developed by the author of the book, The Dog's Guide to Surfing, who proposed to a Southern California hotel the idea and to host the competition. The debut event took place at the Loews Coronado hotel in San Diego, and its success was so great that it has spawned several similar dog surfing events across the world, including many in California, Florida, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

There are indeed several dog surfing events that take place annually across the globe. These include the Dog Surf-A-Thon in Southern California, as well as events in Jupiter California, and even Galveston Texas. It goes without saying that Australia, a big surf and culture, has a fantastic dog-surfing event.

A sample list of dog surfing events worldwide includes:

  •     World Dog Surfing Championships (Northern California)
  •     Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon Dog Surfing Competition (Del Mar Dog Beach, California)
  •     Surf Dog Competition | SurfDog - Huntington Beach (California)
  •     Unleashed by Petco Surf Dog Competition (formerly Loews, California)
  •     Noosa Festival of Surfing on Queensland's Sunshine Coast (Australia)
  •     Surfing Dog Spectacular (Australia)
  •     VetShopAustralia Surfing Dogs
  •     Florida International Dog Surfing Championship (Florida)
  •     Hang 20 Surf Dog Classic (Florida)
  •     Ohana Surf Dog Competition (Galveston Humane Society, Texas)
  •     Dog Surf Competition Playa Los Cerritos (Cabo)

With all these events taking place, the sport is growing. One of the goals of the World Dog Surfing Championships is not only to hold an annual event that ties them all together, but also to keep track of the performance of these events from an athletic standpoint. That is why the World Dog Surfing Championships have also been keeping track of every dog’s performance and scoring so that it can publish a regular list of the Top Dog Surfers in the world, similar to one that is published by the all-human World Surfing League.



This is just the 3rd year for the World Dog Surfing Championships, which take place outside of San Francisco in Pacifica, California. Despite it being relatively new, the event has become one that dog surfing lovers cannot miss. Fans from across Northern California come to attend, and dogs from across the world come to compete. One noticeable difference between Northern California and Southern California is the weather. Northern California is a bit cooler than some of the Southern California and Hawaiian dogs are used to, and most of the humans wear wetsuits while in the water instead of swimsuits. Of course all of the dogs wear lifejackets, because safety comes first.

As with all of the dog surfing competitions, the goal is to raise money for dog charities. In 2018 the World Dog Surfing Championships hope to raise money for the Peninsula Humane Society as well as the Rocket Dog Rescue organization.

We wish them all good luck, and Mahalo! (“Thank You”)

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World Dog Surfing Championships

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Blog  >  Time to Hit the Road Jack! Get Ready for that Road Trip!

Time to Hit the Road Jack! Get Ready for that Road Trip!

Part 2*

So you think you’re set for that road trip with your pet….but are you?  This mini-series from New Mexico’s pre-eminent Pet Travel Guru, Travelin’ Jack, Roving Bulldog Reporter, will help you plan that special pet-friendly vacation!  Here are a few tips for the road-wise travelers--both 2 and 4-footed. * Need to catch up?  Read Part 1 here !

Pre-planning is the key to a successful road trip with Fido.  Following are a few tips for your road trip.

  • Research your pet-friendly hotel options on-line. BUT don’t rely totally on the information from these searches.  Some websites are out-of-date on pet-friendly locations. Many hotels are adding rooms...or becoming pet-friendly due to increasing demand.  Some websites only include paid advertisers. 
  • After you research the hotel….
    1. Call EACH hotel for their specific rules prior to the trip. Pet-friendly hotels don’t have the same rules.  Breed or size restrictions, number of pets allowed, number of pet-available rooms, and fees can vary. 
    2. CALL AHEAD to each hotel to verify their current pet-friendly policies.  Some hotels will make exceptions (like weight) once you talk with them directly.
    3. Always ask about pet-friendly room locations.  Some pet-friendly rooms might include: ground floor location, tile floors, or patio settings.  These make handling Fido at the hotel more convenient.
    4. BOOK that pet friendly room reservation. Many properties have specific rooms assigned as pet friendly. They can book up. Without a reservation and if all the pet-friendly rooms are occupied, that hotel may not allow the pet upon arrival.
    5. Check out the hotel setting for the traveling pooch as well.  Are there acres of grassy roaming areas?  Or just a cement driveway?  
  • Is Fido crate trained?  Get him ready for his own “home away from home”. If Fido is used to his crate at home, he will adapt easily and comfortably to sleeping on the road.  Make sure the crate is big enough to turn around in and relax comfortably.  Invest in a folding travel crate. They don’t occupy much room in the car.



  • Take Fido for short car trips around town.  Get Fido comfortable riding in the automobile BEFORE the road trip. It results in a more relaxing road trip for all. 
  • Pet Luggage.  You’ve packed your suitcase…make sure to pack Fido’s so he can be a haute couture traveler. Like a bandanna or a new T-shirt for Fido will make Fido feel like a star. 
  • Special Pet Gear.  Going on a specific adventure? You may need special pet gear.  Boating? Get a pet lifejacket for Fido.  Riding sidecar on a motorcycle? Get those Doggles on! Winter Vacation?  Pack sweaters and paw protector boots. You get the idea.



  • Walk your dog in unusual places. This prepares him for potty stops in unknown areas.  Don’t forget to pack the poop bags to clean up after his deposit!
  • TRAINING 1-2-3s.  Every pet should have some personal training before traveling.  Even the basics, COME, STOP, and SIT help while on the road.
  • Plan ahead for Fido’s special needs. Does he get car-sick or fearful? Does he have special medication needs? Be prepared with the correct meds from your vet. 

Now that you’ve done your planning, it’s Time to Hit the Road! 

Follow Travelin’ Jack at

Photos courtesy of LuAnne DeMeo

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Blog  >  July 4 Holiday Safety Tips for FIDO

July 4 Holiday Safety Tips for FIDO

While the 4th of July can mean fun, food, friends and fireworks for people, for our pets, it can feel more like a scary alien invasion! Each year over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the U.S. and more pets are lost on the Fourth of July than any other day: according to the ASPCA, nearly one-in-five lost pets go missing after being scared by fireworks. In fact, July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters, which fill up quickly with animals who panic and flee the bright lights and loud noises of holiday celebrations.

Make July 4th a more pet-riotic holiday by following these steps for a stress-free day for both you and your fur-kids from Michelson Found Animals Foundation Executive Director, Aimee Gilbreath. 

  1. Be Prepared. The Fourth is a great annual reminder to be prepared in case your pet escapes or gets lost. There are three key steps to follow to increase the safe return of your pet:
    1. Make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag with the correct information 
    2. Make sure your pet is microchipped
    3. Double check that your pet’s microchip is registered and contains the correct name and your current phone number and address, otherwise there’s no easy way to reach you if they’re found! If your pet is chipped but not registered, you can register for free here.
  1. Head indoors before the fun begins. Don’t wait for the fireworks to be in full swing before taking care of your pet. It’s best to bring him or her indoors or put them in a cozy spot well ahead of the first boom of fireworks. In addition, create a safe, escape-proof space in your home. Lower the blinds, close the windows, provide a bed or crate where they feel comfortable, offer a special chew or toy to distract them and turn on the TV or radio to help mask the noises outside.
  2. Wrap them up. Confining movement in dogs and cats actually has a calming effect on them, which is why you might want to consider an anti-anxiety wrap or coat.  In a pinch, you can even create one from a scarf.
  3. Check the Locks:  Make sure that your doors, gates and windows are all closed prior to the fireworks display. Not only will this help muffle the loud sounds that frighten pets, but it will help prevent an escape!

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Blog  >  Myths About Shelter Dogs and the Doggone Truths You Need to Know

Myths About Shelter Dogs and the Doggone Truths You Need to Know

Growing up, we all heard the idiom, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” These words are meant to encourage open-mindedness – even when things are seemingly unattractive, unfamiliar or in some cases, unexpected. However, these wise words are often forgotten when people think about bringing a pet into their homes. In fact, people tend to have a very specific picture in mind when imagining life with a dog or cat, and due to a number of common misconceptions, they sometimes overlook the option of bringing home one of the millions of deserving animals currently living in shelters.

Here are a few common myths about shelter pets, and the “doggone” truth about them:

Myth 1: Shelters only have mutts. There are no pure breeds available.

Fact 1: Shelters have their fair share of mutts – no doubt about that. But there are rescue dogs that are purebred. You might just need to have some patience and wait for one to be brought in. There are also rescue groups that are breed-specific, so if you really want a certain breed, you can look into adopting from one of those organizations.

Myth 2: Shelter animals have more health issues that will be costly for me to address.

Fact 2: Many shelters ensure pets that are adopted have seen a veterinarian and are given a clean bill of health before heading home with you. And if something is wrong, they will let you know ahead of time so there are no surprises – at least none that you could have potentially been aware of or predicted at the time of adoption.  In addition, many health issues are easily treatable so don’t dismiss a potentially great pet whose condition may be temporary or easily resolved – simply switching their food to a premium recipe like Petcurean’s GO! Solutions could make a world of difference. And there are many affordable pet insurance options that can help offset costs over the life of your pet. 

Myth 3: Shelters are full of old and/or ugly animals.

Fact 3: You can find dogs and cats of all ages at shelters! And there’s nothing wrong with taking home an adult dog or cat. Puppies and kittens are certainly cute, but they aren’t for everyone. They require lots of attention, training exercises and socialization to become well-behaved adults, and not everyone wants or is able to make that kind of commitment. Older pets on the other hand, are often better behaved, potty trained and less energetic. Whichever your preference, you should have no problem find a pet in your desired age-range. 

Every dog no matter whether “conventionally cute” of “enduringly ugly” is a treasure chest of love and affection and it’s time to celebrate every animal’s individual uniqueness! Our friends at Petcurean just held an amazing contest called “Uplift the Underdog,” which shone a light on rescue dogs in Seattle, Portland, Toronto and Vancouver that are often overlooked due to age, looks, and/or dietary needs. The goal was to help find these deserving dogs their forever homes and help break down the stigma often associated with shelter animals. Contest prizes included Petcurean pet food for the finalists and their shelters, a makeover grooming service, and a Petcurean gift basket filled with supplies, toys and more. Talk about not judging a book by its cover – Petcurean just helped crack the book wide open for so many “underdogs”!

Myth 4: All shelter animals have experienced abuse or neglect, making them “damaged goods.”

Fact 4: Shelter animals have so very much love to give. Even with abuse or neglect in their past, these animals can make a full emotional recovery in due time – especially when they’re placed in a loving home and given the right care and attention. Many of these animals are just so happy to finally end up in safe, caring environments that they are even more loving and loyal to their adopted families. Others came from loving homes but were surrendered by their owners due to unexpected circumstances, like relocating for a job.

Myth 5: Shelter pets have behavioral problems and won’t adapt well to living in my home.

Fact 5: There are so many reasons, beyond behavioral issues, that pets are brought into shelters – owners could have moved to a place that doesn’t allow pets, they may have been overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to go into training their pet, the animal could have been a runaway, or it could have been born on the streets. Most of the animals that are dropped off at the shelter would make wonderful additions to a loving family. And those that wouldn’t, usually aren’t eligible for adoption!

Now ready for the BEST TRUTH?  When you adopt a shelter pet the world get’s a little kinder – and the world needs more kindness! 

If you, a family member, or a friend are thinking about welcoming a new pet into your family, I encourage you to do a little “digging” into your local shelters. If you are not sure if you are ready to adopt, or unsure which type of dog/cat you are looking for, many rescue groups and shelters have foster programs. 

Fostering allows you to learn more about the animal you are looking to adopt, and if your lifestyle/personalities are a match. It also helps you gauge if you are ready for the commitment and responsibility of caring for a companion. It also helps the animal by getting them into a temporary home, making space for a new animal at the rescue or shelter, and increases their chance for adoption. And if you fall in love with your foster, you can adopt - it's a win win!  You never know – the dog or cat you’re meant to bring home may just be the complete opposite of what you expected!  And finally, when it comes to feeding your new family member why not try a healthy (premium recipe) choice like Petcurean’s GO! Solutions - 

FIDO fans can download a coupon for $5 off Petcurean kibble, by clicking here and using coupon code PAWSOME5




Fido Friendly is proud to be a Petcurean Blogger Advocate

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Canine SurFURs and Stand-Up Paddle Boarders Splash into Summer Surf Class this July…  

While it’s no strange sight to see first-time surfers take to the waves along the Southern California coast in summer surf camps, visitors to Del Mar North Beach may be doing a double-take. The beginning of summer at the dog-friendly beach also signals the return of the annual furry surf school – Helen Woodward Animal Center’s annual Dog Surf and SUP Lessons! The highly-anticipated classes are taught by beloved local group SoCal Surf Dogs with opportunities to join in all summer long. Originally offered to prepare beach-loving pups for the Center’s Annual “Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon,” scheduled for Sunday, September 9th this year, the lessons have expanded to accommodate pros and beginners alike. The lessons kick off at 8:30am on Sunday, July 8th at Del Mar Dog Beach.

The summertime surf classes will feature expert instruction from legendary leaders of the pack – the SoCal Surf Dogs – teaching basic and advanced surFUR techniques.  Classes are great for dogs and their owners at any experience level.   Those more inclined to the calmer seas may choose to enroll in stand-up paddleboarding, with SoCal SUP Dogs leading the instruction.   SUP classes will take place in the Del Mar Dog Beach Channel at the 8:30am timeslot when the waters are most mellow.

“This is a great activity for water-loving dogs to try out with their families,” said Jessica Gercke, PR Director at Helen Woodward Animal Center. “If your dog is already a “beach dog”, they may love the sport, and it can be a great bonding experience between pups and owners. Of course, if your dog tries it and isn’t having a blast, you can head right back to dry land for more traditional beach romping. It’s all about safety and fun in the sun!”



Helen Woodward Animal Center Surf Dog lessons offer limited spaces in each class to maximize safety and fun, so spots fill up quickly.  Surf classes run 50 minutes in length and Paddleboarding classes run 70 minutes in length, each take place mostly in the water with brief on-land instruction at the start.   All classes cost $45 with a 20% discount offered off any additional lessons, and include use of the required canine life-vests and surf or paddle boards.   Lessons are scheduled at 8:30am (Stand-Up Paddleboard only), 10:00am, 11:00am and 12:00noon on July 8th, July 22nd, and August 12th, and 26th.


Dogs who take to the waves are encouraged to register for Helen Woodward Animal Center’s 13th Annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon on Sept. 9th, 2018.  All proceeds from the classes and the annual competition go towards the animals and programs at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

For more information, questions or to register, go to or call (858) 756-4117 x 350.  You may also stop by Helen Woodward Animal Center at 6523 Helen Woodward Way, in Rancho Santa Fe.

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Blog  >  AKC Canine Retreat – Where They Treat Your FIDO Like Their Family

AKC Canine Retreat – Where They Treat Your FIDO Like Their Family

AKC Canine Retreat is a new standard of dog care. Offering the ultimate dog experience tailored to individual needs and temperaments, AKC Canine Retreat provides a wide selection of expert services, including personalized daycare, walking, jogging, training, grooming, bathing and overnight stays, as well as a retail component for dog accessories, diets, treats and more.

The six AKC Canine Retreats are situated across Manhattan in Chelsea, Tribeca, Upper West Side, Upper East Side and Midtown West, where the best care possible is provided in safe and nurturing environments.

For more information, visit


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Blog  >  Conference Calls With Fido: Wellness® Natural Pet Food Names Most Pet Friendly Companies of 2018

Conference Calls With Fido: Wellness® Natural Pet Food Names Most Pet Friendly Companies of 2018

The second annual list of pet-friendly companies—created in celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day®—is here!  It includes breweries, dating services and more!

What would you do to avoid those pleading puppy dog eyes each morning when you leave for work? A new survey from Wellness® Natural Pet Food found that more than one third of Americans would swap other employee benefits for a dog-friendly workplace, including sacrificing vacation time, giving up the ability to work from home and taking a pay cut. Pet-friendly offices are so important to employees that 44 percent of Americans would consider a career move for a pet-friendly workplace. 

This new research proves the power of a pet-friendly workplace when it comes to attracting, and retaining employees, just in time for Take Your Dog to Work Day®, an annual event first established by Pet Sitters International, Inc., held this year on June 22.

While Wellness Natural Pet Food celebrates the event each year at their Tewksbury, MA offices—complete with dog grooming and massages, a biscuit bar, raffles, a jumpy house K9 officer demo and more—they wanted to roll out the red carpet for other companies with a similar passion for pets by curating its second annual list of America’s Most Pet Friendly Companies.

“Allowing pets in the office offers employees a fun way to bring their full attention to work while giving our furry friends companionship they might not otherwise have during the workday,” said Dr. Danielle Bernal, Staff Veterinarian for Wellness Natural Pet Food. “Last year, we started celebrating companies that offer this benefit year-round and wanted to continue to recognize offices with pet parent perks. Hopefully we inspire others to implement their own pet-friendly policies so more pets and their parents can enjoy the rewards of dogs in the workplace.”


America’s Most Pet Friendly Companies of 2018 include:


1.     Tito’s Handmade Vodka (Austin, TX) – In addition to allowing dogs in the office each day, Tito’s goes above and beyond for pets in need. During the early years of the company, Tito’s Handmade Vodka took in abandoned animals that wandered around its distillery. As the company grew, so did its desire to help the community with the launch of its Vodka For Dog People program. The program works alongside animal charities to help save the lives of hundreds of animals.


2.    Petcube (San Francisco, CA) – Not only is its office pet-friendly, many of Petcube’s events and corporate functions are as well! Employees enjoy perks like dog walking and pet sitting, pet insurance, on-demand vet consultations and more through their Petcube Care membership program. Best of all, employees get early access to cutting-edge pet technology products and services that the company is developing.


3.    Harpoon Brewery (Boston, MA) – Harpoon Brewery’s CEO, Dan Kenary, is a dog lover who decided to bring that passion to the workplace by allowing dogs in their office every day. Many employees’ dogs frequently visit the Boston and Windsor (NH) Breweries as well.


4.    BISSELL Homecare (Grand Rapid, MI) – Bissell knows that allowing pets in a workplace can reduce stress and lift spirits, and its annual employee survey indicates that being able to bring their pets to work is a top reason why employees love working there. Their office has Pet Spot, an area designed specifically for pets with dog treats, water bowls, doggy cleanup kits, walking paths as well as occasional special treats, like doggy ice cream. Bissell also infuses its love for pets into its BISSELL Pet Foundation that offers various fun pet-focused products.


5.    Glassdoor (Mill Valley, CA) – Glassdoor has nearly 30 dogs in its headquarters every day. Knowing that a dog-friendly space allows employees to bring their whole selves to work, the company has had a dog-friendly workplace since 2013 and works to help jobseekers find pet friendly workplaces through its website. The office also has designated areas for those who have allergies to keep everyone safe and comfortable.


6.    Zoosk (San Francisco, CA) – While the online dating service helps men and women find relationships, Zoosk understands the importance of the relationship between pet parents and their fluffy friends. It welcomes dogs on a daily basis and recognizes a pup per month with a special award. Zoosk thinks the best way for employees to alleviate a “ruff” day is to take a break and play fetch with one of the many Zoosk doggies on staff.


7.    Zogics (Lenox, MA) – As one of the country’s largest suppliers to the health and fitness market, Zogics cares as much about their pets’ health as it does humans! Headquartered in the Berkshires surrounded by acres of outdoor space and 15 miles of dog-friendly trails, a day at its office is pooch paradise. Its “Pawternity” policy gives new pet parents an extra week of PTO, a pet store gift card, and a lifetime supply of Zogics Pet Shampoo. Their pets are also an integral part of their work—which includes an internal Slack channel devoted to pets.


8.    O.H.S.O. Brewery, Distillery and Restaurant (Phoenix, AZ) – All of its brewery locations have dog-friendly patios and walls filled with images of guest and employees’ dogs. It also offers complimentary homemade dog treats, a burger for dogs, and “barking bars” with taps that pour water for doggy water bowls. The company also hosts monthly giveback nights where 20 percent of sales go to local animal shelters and adoption events.


9.     Fueled (New York, NY) – To make the office as comfortable as possible and add an irreplaceable sense of warmth and joy to its work environment that only pups can bring, Fueled allows dogs in its office every day. It even has a company dog mascot that has worked alongside employees for years, a Brussels Griffon named Frasier. Employees can’t imagine their office without him!


10.  TerraCycle (Trenton, NJ) – TerraCycle welcomes dogs in its office, with designated conference rooms and outdoor spaces for the office pups. The innovative recycling company is also committed to sustainability in the pet industry, supporting recycling efforts of empty packaging to help minimize the footprint the pet industry leaves behind.

To learn more about best practices for a pet-friendly office, view Wellness Natural Pet Food’s “petiquette” tips, which include insights from Staff Veterinarian Dr. Danielle Bernal:

About Wellness®:

At Wellness, we’re a family-owned company of pet parents on a mission to raise the bar in pet food, because we believe the right choice at mealtime forms the foundation of a long, happy life together. That’s why we do things the right way, not the easy way—we are 100 percent focused on natural nutrition all the time, crafting our pet food and treats recipes that are carefully sourced and thoughtfully prepared. That means we use the finest, natural ingredients, ensure the highest quality standards, and create delicious recipes pets crave to make every mealtime count. Like you, we know that our pets provide us unconditional love, and providing uncompromising nutrition is one way we can do the same for them. To learn more about Wellness Natural Pet Food, visit and, and find Wellness on Instagram and Twitter: @wellnesspetfood.

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Blog  >  Pittsburgh Shadyside Inn Annouces Program to Help Rescued Pets Find A New Home

Pittsburgh Shadyside Inn Annouces Program to Help Rescued Pets Find A New Home

Shadyside Inn All Suites Hotel, one of Pittsburgh’s most pet-friendly hotels, has announced a program to allow hotel guests to receive a free pet adoption after completing a five night stay at the property. Starting on April 30th, guests signed up for the program will receive a credit towards adoption from their local shelter, giving hope to animals in need and allowing guests to make a difference in their local community.

According to the American Pet Products Association, pet travelers are on the rise as 37% of travelers travel with their furry companions, up from 19% from a decade ago. "Pet-friendly hotels are increasingly becoming a requirement for travelers," said Anthony Melchiorri, Hospitality Expert and Host of Travel Channel's Hotel Impossible. "With this spike in pet travel, these hotels offer an unforgettable travel experience as pets are a big part of the family dynamic. Shadyside Inn is a shining example of a hotel featuring a pet friendly approach that caters to our furry friends with customized amenities including a spacious dog park on the premise.”

Shadyside Inn has a longstanding commitment to helping animals in need. President/CEO Jonathan Plesset is a co-founder of PAART (Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team) a rescue organization dedicated to providing animals a second chance by offering free air and ground transport from danger to safety. PAART’s trained volunteer pilots and drivers provide help to thousands of animals a year that are in danger of being euthanized by an underfunded shelter, displaced by a natural disaster, or in an abusive situation. Plesset and his co-founder Brad Childs, both pilots, started PAART as a way to use their flying skills in a creative way to create real change in an area of passion. PAART has grown from two founders with one airplane, to an organization with over 200 volunteers, multiple airplanes and ground rescue vehicles. Since its inception, PAART has rescued over 7,000 animals.

“Everyday there are animals waiting for our rescue teams to arrive and give them the second chance they need. Our hotel guests can now play a PAART in completing their story by adopting one of these rescues into their homes,” said Jonathan Plesset, President and CEO of Shadyside Inn and a co-founder of PAART.

Shadyside Inn is located in the heart of Shadyside, one of Pittsburgh’s most vibrant neighborhoods and within a mile of multiple universities and cultural attractions. A genuine independent hotel offering a long list of amenities, all suites at the hotel were former full apartments so guests can feel at home during their stay. The hotel has a pet-friendly policy and features a dog park on property so four-legged friends can play safely nearby.

Pittsburgh has been recognized internationally as a top travel destination. Travel & Leisure and Harper’s Bazaar have both voted it Best Places to Travel To in recent years and the Steel City has been revered for its flourishing arts scene. As the city’s culture is experiencing a renaissance, creatives and visitors alike are flocking to the area to experience world-class museums, breathtaking views, inventive cuisine and outdoor activities.

To qualify for the free pet adoption program, hotel guests must pass shelter background checks and be cleared for adoption first. Guests will receive a $250 credit towards adoption at their local shelter. All adoptions must be for a reputable 501(c)(3) shelter in good standing. No adoption fees will be paid to any third parties or agents. Applicants must work with local shelter and adopt an animal that is currently in that shelter. Limit of one free adoption per reservation and must book with hotel directly (no third party reservations). View complete set of rules and more information here.

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Blog  >  Aloft Orlando Downtown Launches Foster Dog Program with Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

Aloft Orlando Downtown Launches Foster Dog Program with Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

Aloft Orlando Downtown, a McKibbon Hospitality hotel, is pleased to announce the launch of its foster dog program in partnership with the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. Through the program, Aloft Orlando Downtown will house one dog at a time that can be permanently adopted by hotel guests and locals. Each dog will live in a custom-built dog house and enclosure, which was donated and designed by RLF Architects of Orlando.

“We are humbled to work with the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando to launch this wonderful new program,” said Craig Leicester, general manager, Aloft Orlando Downtown. “In addition to helping more dogs find their forever homes, the program allows guests to enjoy yet another pet-friendly amenity at our hotel. We are also proud to be the newest McKibbon Hospitality hotel to launch the program.”

The one-of-a-kind foster dog program originated at McKibbon Hospitality’s Aloft Asheville Downtown hotel and has since inspired ten other hotels across the country to start similar programs. In total, these programs have found permanent homes for hundreds of dogs. Two other McKibbon Hospitality hotels, Aloft Greenville Downtown and Aloft Tallahassee Downtown, also have successful programs in partnership with local rescue organizations.

“McKibbon Hospitality and the Aloft Orlando Downtown are setting a great example by advocating for the compassionate treatment of animals and the importance of pet adoption in our communities. We look forward to being involved in such a unique and special program,” said Cathy Rodgers, Director of Philanthropy and Marketing at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.


Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando provides shelter and care for over 7,000 homeless cats and dogs each year. In addition to sheltering, the organization also focuses on innovative programs that reduce the number of unwanted pets in the community through prevention, rescue and education. The organization’s goal is to make Central Florida a happier, healthier place for pets and people.

In total, nearly 200 dogs have found forever homes through the four McKibbon Hospitality hotels.


To learn more about McKibbon Hospitality and its commitment to the communities it serves, visit To learn more about Aloft Orlando Downtown, visit

About Aloft Hotels
With more than 140 hotels now open in over 20 countries and territories around the world, Aloft Hotels, part of Marriott International, Inc., delivers a fresh approach to the traditional staid hotel landscape. For the ‘always on’ next generation of traveler, the Aloft brand offers a tech-forward, vibrant experience and a modern style that is different by design. Aloft is proud to participate in the industry’s award-winning loyalty program, Starwood Preferred Guest®. Members can now link accounts with Marriott Rewards®, which includes The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® at for instant elite status matching and unlimited points transfer. For more information, please visit and follow along on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Blog  >  Time to Hit the Road Jack!  A Road Travel Guide for You and Your Pet

Time to Hit the Road Jack!  A Road Travel Guide for You and Your Pet

Part 1

So you think you’re set for that road trip with your pet….but are you?  This mini-series from New Mexico’s pre-eminent Pet Travel Guru, Travelin’ Jack, Roving Bulldog Reporter, will help you plan that special pet-friendly vacation!  Here are a few tips for the road-wise travelers--both 2 and 4-footed.

Today, more and more families consider their pet a family member and elect to take Fido with them on vacation instead of leaving him behind.  If you are in that group, you’re not alone. Pets make great travel companions. More and more locations are welcoming pets, making it easy to bring Fido along on vacation.

Travelin’ Jack thinks certain trips are just better pet-cations.  Outdoor activities…..hiking, camping, picnicking with the family, places that allow pets.  Plan accordingly.  If there is a people-activity that doesn’t include Fido, check out Doggie Day Care options or Pet Sitters.  The key to a successful trip is to prepare BEFORE you jump in the auto!

You pack for yourself, ensuring you have proper travel clothes, sun screen and personal meds.  The same goes for your pet.  Here’s a handy guide to make it easier to pack for Fido:  

Travel Check List

  • Leashes (as in multiple).
  • ID Tags (with cell phone contact numbers).
  • Food & Water Dishes.
  • Health Certificate (up-to-date from your local vet).
  • Specific documents like Service Dog tags/papers.
  • Carrier Crate or Pet Car Harness.
  • Blanket and/or Bedding.
  • Extra sheets to cover furniture if pet will sleep in bed with you.
  • Food. Prepare single serving packs in individual baggies for each meal on the trip. Include several days extra supply of food. 
  • Bottled Water and portable water bowl.
  • Healthy Pet Treats.
  • Clean-up Baggies/Litter Supplies.
  • Favorite Toys.
  • Pet First Aid Kit (should include gauze, bandages, adhesive tape, hydrogen peroxide, ointment, scissors, tweezers, rubbing alcohol).
  • Grooming Supplies (shampoo, wet-naps, nail clippers, comb/brush, and cleaning towels).
  • ID Kit (your pet’s photo with written description including: name, breed, gender, color/markings, weight, height, distinctive markings.
  • Emergency Clinic Information.  Research in advance a list of 24-hour veterinary clinics for each destination.

Got this list handled?  That’s Part One of the preparation.  The next chapter (look for it next month!) includes those special TIPS for a dog-dandy road trip for the entire crew.  

Follow Travelin’ Jack at

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Blog  >  The Must Have Essential for Summer Travel?  Moso Keeps Clothes & FIDO’s Space Fresh!

The Must Have Essential for Summer Travel?  Moso Keeps Clothes & FIDO’s Space Fresh!

If you and FIDO are on the go this summer, then this NEW line of Moso Natural, Active Life Mini Moso Bags that help keep FIDO's space smelling great is for you! 

These bags are specifically designed for those who lead active lifestyles and are always on the go. Moso Bags contain bamboo charcoal which actively eliminates moisture and unwanted odors, keeping even the most active traveler fresh!


New! Active Life Mini Moso 50gr Bags

  • These powerful deodorizers work 24/7 to eliminate sweat, moisture, and odors so you can confidently pursue your active lifestyle!
  • Chemical free, fragrance free and non-toxic
  • Athletic jersey fabric safe to use near any material
  • Includes two Mini Moso Bags
  • Reusable for up to 2 years and 100% Sustainable- once the Moso Bag is completely used it can be opened and spread throughout the garden to promote plant growth!
  • MSRP $9.95
  • Available online at




Product provided to FIDO Friendly for review

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Blog  >  Let’s Help Petcurean Uplift the Underdogs - One Lucky Pup with Free Food for Life

Let’s Help Petcurean Uplift the Underdogs - One Lucky Pup with Free Food for Life

As part of its commitment to putting pets first, premium pet food manufacturer, Petcurean, is pleased to announce its “Uplift the Underdogs Contest,” an online contest open to all rescue groups and animal shelters located in Seattle and Portland, and their surrounding areas. Open now through June 1, the contest will help increase adoption consideration for “underdogs” – dogs who are traditionally less likely to get adopted due to age, appearance, or other issues. By inspiring people to see beyond these so-called imperfections and focus on the amazing heart and spirit of the dogs, the contest will help underdogs find the loving homes they deserve.

In 2017, nearly 13,000 dogs were rescued by the Seattle Humane Society and Oregon Humane Society alone.   When you factor in dogs rescued by other local rescue groups and shelters, this already impressive number climbs much higher.  While some dogs get adopted very quickly, others have a much harder time finding their forever home.

The Uplift the Underdogs contest intends to shine a light on dogs that were rescued but haven't been adopted and still need loving homes. Rescue organizations are encouraged to submit details about their most deserving dogs for the chance to win a lifetime supply of Petcurean's GO! Solutions® food for the winning dog and a 500lb donation of pet food to the shelter or rescue group.

“We believe all dogs are deserving of forever homes. Whether they're older, have dietary issues, aren't conventionally cute, or face unique challenges of any sort. We want to encourage people to give these overlooked dogs forever homes,” said Christine Mallier, PR & Community Relations Manager at Petcurean. “It's what's inside that counts and these dogs all have so much love to give. At Petcurean, we recognize and celebrate the unique traits that each individual dog has and are committed to helping them live healthy, happy lives full of love.”

After completing the online application form, two finalists from each city will move to the next round, along with four finalists from Canada.  During this round, consumers will vote for their favorite dog through Petcurean's Facebook and Instagram. The dog that receives the most comments and likes over one week will be awarded the grand prize. The winner will be announced on June 18.

Prizing details:

Grand Prize

  • Lifetime supply of Petcurean's GO! Solutions dog food
  • Feature in a Petcurean marketing campaign
  • Promotion on Petcurean's website and social channels
  • Free make-over grooming service
  • 500lb donation of Petcurean pet food to the winning dog's shelter/rescue group
  • A Petcurean gift basket filled with supplies, toys and more

All Finalists

  • 1-year supply of Petcurean's GO! Solutions dog food
  • Free make-over grooming service
  • 500lb donation of Petcurean pet food to the winning dog's shelter
  • A Petcurean gift basket filled with supplies, toys and more

“Shelter dogs are already underdogs due to a lot of misconceptions about how they wind up there in the first place. And those with “issues” are the underdogs of the underdogs, having a much harder time finding their forever home,” continued Mallier. “We hope that all dogs featured in the contest find forever homes, and we encourage all rescue organizations and shelters in the area to participate, as this is a great opportunity to generate more visibility and awareness for these groups who tirelessly advocate for the adoption and welfare of pets day and night.”

For more information on Petcurean's Uplift the Underdog contest and to enter, visit Eligibility restrictions apply. Entry is open now through June 1, 2018.

GO! Solutions is available at independent pet specialty retailers nationwide. For more information about GO! or to find out which recipe is best for your pet, visit

About Petcurean
Petcurean is a family-owned Canadian company that creates premium-quality pet food recipes; GO! Solutions, NOW FRESH, GATHER and SPIKE treats for dogs and cats (and cats and dogs). GO! provides solutions for your pet's unique dietary needs; NOW FRESH offers dry and wet pet food recipes with 100% fresh meat and fresh omega oils; GATHER is crafted from certified and organic ingredients, sustainably produced; and SPIKE lets you reward your dog with treats made using all-natural ingredients. Petcurean pet foods are sold exclusively through pet specialty retailers in Canada, the United States, and more than 30 countries internationally. At Petcurean, with every decision they make and every recipe they create, they put pets first. Please visit to learn more


FIDO Friendly is proud to be a Petcurean blogger advocate

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria,, a leading non-profit for the health and well-being of people, pets, and the planet, is providing ongoing critical needs and supplies to Puerto Rico. Victims of the storm are still suffering from lack of water and power outages as well as other issues, and is encouraging people to support their disaster relief efforts.

 “Since the beginning, has made the victims of Hurricane Maria a top priority by providing food, shelter, relocation transportation and medical supplies as well as supporting local charities to aid recovery efforts, “ said Liz Baker, executive director of “We want to remind people that the communities of Puerto Rico still struggle daily and need our continued support on their long road to recovery.”



To date, has awarded more than $3,608,520 worth of product donations (pet food, veterinary, and human medical supplies, etc.) and cash grants to those affected by the Hurricane Maria.  Ongoing active recovery efforts in Puerto Rico that still need support include:

Partner Programs: is currently providing monetary support to the following partner programs in Puerto Rico:

·       “Spayathon” for Puerto Rico, aims to spay/neuter 20,000 animals in underserved communities across the Commonwealth by 2019.

·       Force Blue’s initiative to embark on a dive project to repair critical coral reefs devastated by the storm.

·       Team Rubicon’s efforts to install storm proof roofs over the next year on the island.


For a full summary of disaster relief efforts for Hurricane Maria made possible by, please visit:

To learn how you can help support and/or donate, please click here!

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Blog  >  Chem-Dry Raises Over $28,000 in First Year of Partnership with Best Friends Animal Society

Chem-Dry Raises Over $28,000 in First Year of Partnership with Best Friends Animal Society

To encourage pet adoption in the United States and further its commitment to providing healthier homes for families and their pets, Chem-Dry launched a Cleaning for the Paws initiative. As part of the initiative, Chem-Dry teamed up with Best Friends Animal Society to raise awareness and funds to support shelter pet adoption and help the organization in its efforts to find homes for all rescue pets. At the end of March, Chem-Dry wrapped up its first year of this partnership, for which they set a goal of raising $25,000. Through successful fundraising activities and community events, Chem-Dry and its franchise owners surpassed their goal by raising over $28,000 and have already committed to and launched their second of year of the partnership.

For more than 30 years, Best Friends has worked to end the killing of pets around the country simply because they don’t have a place to call home. Recently the organization planted a stake in the ground to help achieve No Kill across the country by 2025. In an effort to raise funds to help achieve its mission, the organization has partnered with companies like Chem-Dry, which is the country’s leading carpet and upholstery cleaning service with a network of over 2,000 U.S. locations serving 7,000 homes and businesses each day.

In 2017, Best Friends transferred nearly 10,000 animals from county shelters into regional programs, and overall, helped more than 191,000 animals though programs made possible from partnerships with brands like Chem-Dry. Best Friends is working to discover the individual needs of each community and its animals by providing lifesaving resources where they are needed most. The support of donors like Chem-Dry is what makes this important work possible.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the effort and passion that our franchise owners invested in this program and the outcome we achieved — it was a rewarding experience from every perspective, but mostly with the impact we are having with Best Friends toward such an important cause,” said Dan Tarantin, CEO of Harris Research, Inc., parent company to Chem-Dry. “We are confident our second year of the partnership will build on the network participation and success we had this past year as we help even more rescue pets find homes. Since Chem-Dry’s mission is to help people live more healthfully through our wide array of services, encouraging people to adopt rescue pets and helping families create a happy and healthy home for their families and pets is a perfect fit for us.”

With 85 percent of Chem-Dry customers owning pets, the brand is dedicated to helping families maintain a happy, healthy home for all members including pets. During the first year of the partnership, funds were  raised through multiple methods including the sale of specially marked cans of Chem-Dry World Famous Spot Remover – with each can generating a $1 donation to Best Friends – plus customer add-on donations, local promotional offers with a built-in donation, participation in Best Friends’ “Strut your Mutt” events around the country, and direct online donations at Chem-Dry Cares. Chem-Dry franchise owners from across 40 states participated in the program and accounted for the roughly 20,000 promotional cans that were sold.

“Our national partnership with Chem-Dry was such a success and their support for our organization has made an impact on the lives of thousands of animals,” said Eric Rayvid, director of public relations for Best Friends Animal Society. “It’s important to our organization to work with brands whose mission aligns with ours and we are excited to build on last year’s accomplishments with Chem-Dry to have an even stronger year two together.”

Having launched the second year of its partnership with Best Friends earlier this month, Chem-Dry has set a year two fundraising goal of $30,000. To achieve this goal, Chem-Dry will be having two major promotional pushes this year, one in the spring that is already underway and one in the fall. In addition, the company has continued its promotional can program, has printed up special Cleaning for the Paws t-shirts for franchisees who participate and expects to gain more involvement and support for local events, including Best Friends-organized ‘Strut Your Mutt’ events taking place in numerous cities around the country.

To make a donation, please visit A small donation can help keep dogs and cats out of shelters and help find safe, permanent homes for rescue pets.

For more information on Chem-Dry or to find a local operator, please visit

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Blog  >  Aloft Asheville Downtown Finds Forever Home for 100th Foster Dog

Aloft Asheville Downtown Finds Forever Home for 100th Foster Dog

The Aloft Asheville Hotel is celebrating a milestone for the foster dog program that has served as a catalyst for similar programs at hotels across the country.  FIDO loves that!


Lolly, a Papillon Chihuahua mix, went home today with the Hultin family from Flat Rock, marking the 100th dog to find its forever home through the foster dog program at Aloft Asheville Downtown, a McKibbon Hospitality property.


“We couldn’t be more excited to be Lolly’s forever family,” said Karen Hultin. “Adopting her through Aloft Asheville and working with their foster dog partner, Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue, has been a wonderful experience. Their program is an excellent model that helps save the lives of dogs in need and serves as a fun perk for travelers and locals visiting the hotel.”

Since its launch in 2014 at the dog-friendly Aloft Asheville Downtown, the foster dog program has been featured in national news outlets and served as a catalyst for similar programs launched in seven states across the country as well as one in Canada. Three other McKibbon properties, the Aloft Greenville Downtown, Aloft Orlando Downtown, and Aloft Tallahassee Downtown, have started similar programs. In total, more than 200 dogs have found forever homes through the four McKibbon Hospitality properties.

“As someone who has been involved in our foster dog program since the very beginning, it has been truly wonderful to watch so many dogs find their forever homes,” said David McCartney, general manager of the Aloft Asheville Downtown. “In addition to making such a significant impact in Asheville, we are proud to have inspired other hotels across the country to do the same. We hope that more hotels will continue to adopt this model so that together as an industry, we can save the lives of more dogs in need.”

Through the program, Aloft Asheville Downtown partners with Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue in Fletcher, North Carolina. The hotel houses one dog at a time that can be permanently adopted by hotel guests and locals. By taking dogs out of the traditional shelter and letting them stay at the hotel, guests can interact with the dogs in an intimate setting and get to know them before adopting.



Aloft Asheville Downtown Foster Dog Program

  • Since its launch in 2014, Aloft Asheville Downtown’s dog adoption program has found forever homes for 100 dogs.


  • The hotel houses one dog at a time who wears an “Adopt Me” vest and can be adopted and taken home by guests staying in the hotel. The program screens and matches each four-legged friend with the right adoptive parent.


  • The hotel partners with Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue in nearby Fletcher, North Carolina to foster dogs in need of a forever home. As a result of the program, overall adoption rates at Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue have doubled.


  • The adoption program has served as a catalyst for similar programs launched in seven states across the country as well as one in Canada.


  • In addition to Aloft Asheville Downtown, foster dog programs have been implemented at 10 other hotels: Aloft Greenville Downtown (a McKibbon Hospitality Property); Aloft Orlando Downtown (a McKibbon Hospitality Property); Aloft Tallahassee Downtown (a McKibbon Hospitality Property); Aloft EpiCentre Charlotte; The Element West Des Moines; The Sheraton Four Points (Wakefield, MA); The Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield; The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa (Rancho Mirage, CA); Fontainebleau Miami Beach; and The Westin Ottawa.


  • The Aloft Asheville Downtown dog adoption program has gone viral on social media and been featured in People, O Magazine, Condé Nast, The Huffington Post and on the NBC Nightly News and The Meredith Vieira Show, among other leading news outlets.


  • Aloft Asheville Downtown is a dog-friendly hotel and allows guests to bring their pets free of charge. The hotel team’s goal is to make dogs feel at home during their stay by providing water dishes, a signature pet bed, dog toy and a locally baked doggy treat.


  • Guests can take their pup on the hotel’s outdoor Air Level, which is complete with an artificial turf path made just for dogs to walk and play. During the weekend, the hotel typically has 15 or more dogs enjoy the Aloft Asheville Downtown experience.


To learn more about Aloft Asheville Downtown, visit here. To learn more about McKibbon Hospitality and their commitment to the communities they serve, visit here.

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Blog  >  Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks - A Natural Choice Pet Parents Love

Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks - A Natural Choice Pet Parents Love

FIDO isn’t the only one who hates mosquitos and scratching, pet parents want to be free of those nasty pests too.  Finding a natural choice is very to important to FIDO, which is why we dig (wink wink) these sticks!


Ward off pests with natural mosquito repellent incense sticks. High concentrations of citronella, cedar wood, rosemary, and other oils naturally combat mosquitoes and smell great, too. This formula doesn’t contain any DEET or petroleum, and the incense is clean-burning, so you can feel good about using it.



  • Pack includes 12 Incense Sticks per tube
  • Burn time of 2 - 2.5 hours per incense stick
  • Provides 12 ft. radius of mosquito protection
  • Made with all-natural plant based ingredients
  • DEET and petroleum free
  • Ingredients: 4.5% rosemary oil, 2.0% peppermint oil, 1.5% citronella oil, 1.0% lemongrass oil, 1.0% cedarwood oil, bamboo sawdust & wood
  •  For best results, light incense on your patio or deck 10 minutes prior to your outdoor activity. For even greater coverage, place several incense sticks around your area of use, spacing them 12 feet apart.
  •  MSRP $12 (incense sticks); $10 ( ceramic incense holder)
  •  Available at




Product provided to Fido Friendly for review

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Blog  >  Spotlite LED Makeup Mirror - Calling on Pet Moms On The Go!

Spotlite LED Makeup Mirror - Calling on Pet Moms On The Go!

You love to travel –we know you do!  And looking your best when out and about with FIDO is as important as finding the perfect color or coat for your pup; and this super versatile makeup mirror is the perfect travel accessory for pet moms!

Look your best with this makeup mirror with lights that create a natural daylight experience to give you a truer and brighter reflection. Rechargeable and portable, the LED-lighted mirror can be rotated 360-degrees to get the perfect angle, and there are two magnetic magnifiers that help you see all the details.




  • Includes neoprene case, two removable magnetic mirrors with 5x and 10x magnification, one microfiber cleaning cloth, one USB charging cord, USB charging plug is not included
  • Ultra-bright natural daylight that is up to 10 times brighter than other makeup mirrors
  • Premium LED lights never need to be replaced
  • Removable magnification mirrors great for close-up work like tweezing or fixing lashes
  • Convenient and portable cordless operation
  • Lithium battery is rechargeable by USB cable and lasts several hours between charges, features a low battery sensor and alert
  • The 360 degree rotation allows for adjusting the mirror tilt and viewing angle
  • Features a touch-sensitive dimmable switch and built-in tray for magnifying mirrors or makeup storage
  • Folding laptop design is compact and travel-friendly
  • Touch-sensitive light is dimmable and has an auto-sensor on/off switch
  • Non-degrading light maintains maximum brightness even with low battery
  • Please note: USB charging plug is not included
  • MSRP $100
  • Available at





Product provided to Fido Friendly for review

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Blog  >  Wag! Funds 5 Million Meals for Shelter Dogs Across America

Wag! Funds 5 Million Meals for Shelter Dogs Across America

 Wag!, the number-one, on-demand dog care app, through its partnership with charitable organization, has reached a milestone of funding 5 million meals for dogs in shelters and rescues across the country. Every time a pet parent purchases a walk with Wag!, it generates a donation that pays for one meal for a rescue dog.

“We are so proud to partner with to provide meals for adoptable dogs as they wait for their forever homes,” said Hilary Schneider, CEO of Wag!. “Helping rescue pets has been part of Wag!’s mission since our founding. While providing 5 million meals is an impressive achievement, we look forward to making an even larger impact through our ongoing work with animal-welfare organizations to improve the quality of life for shelter dogs waiting to be adopted.”

Each year, nearly 4 million dogs enter animal shelters and rescues nationwide and these organizations take on the extraordinary costs of dog care—including medicine, beds, toys, and food. Sponsoring meals through the’s Rescue Bank program helps participating animal-rescue groups save thousands of dollars a year in food costs, allowing them to shift scarce funds to other needs, such as spay/neuter and vet services, facility improvements, and adoption events.

“Wag!’s amazing support helps us feed hundreds of shelter dogs daily. This partnership is so significant to our work in serving animal-rescue organizations all over the country,” said Liz Baker, executive director of

The partnership between Wag! and began in October 2016 and has produced numerous success stories such as that of Sienna (pictured above), one of 11 dogs rescued from an abandoned home in Dallas. When Sienna arrived at Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue, she was pregnant, sick, severely malnourished, and in need of a lot of tender loving and care. After being put on a diet of special food made possible through Wag! donations, her health recovered quickly, and she was soon adopted by a young couple committed to caring for her.

In addition to food donations, Wag! and raised more than $57,000 for pets affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, which devastated Texas and Puerto Rico in August 2017.   Last December, both organizations worked with Wag! creative strategist and investor, actress Olivia Munn to hold a Shelter Dog Toy Drive at the LASPCA in Long Beach, Calif., which raised more than 30,000 toys that are being distributed to animal-rescue organizations nationwide.

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Reliefband Technologies, LLC, an innovator in wearable technology that treats motion sickness, has launched its advanced Reliefband® 2.0 model. Reliefband® technology provides an effective and drug-free solution for controlling nausea, retching and vomiting associated with motion sickness, virtual reality activities, chemotherapy and morning sickness associated with pregnancy. Reliefband can also be used as an adjunct to antiemetic therapy in reducing post-operative nausea.

Featuring clinically proven, FDA-cleared technology, Reliefband 2.0 is designed to suit the needs of people whose lives are deeply impacted by nausea associated with motion sickness. This effective device allows them to travel without fear of sickness and enjoy common leisure pursuits such as cruising, fishing, amusement rides or immersing themselves in a VR game.

Reliefband 2.0 uses Reliefband Technologies’ patented Neurowave™ technology, endorsed by healthcare professionals, that emits accurately programmed pulses with highly specific waveforms, frequency and intensity to modulate the median nerve on the underside of the wrist. This stimulation of the nerves known as (“neuromodulation”) uses the body’s natural neural pathways to block the waves of nausea produced by the stomach. This easy-to-use, comfortable and adjustable wearable helps put people back in control, so they can live their lives in full motion.


Major highlights for Reliefband 2.0 include:

  • The unique “J-shaped smart band” makes the device easy to put on your wrist, and more comfortable to wear over extended periods of time.
  • The stunning design rivals the most fashionable wearables and makes Reliefband 2.0 wearable in any social setting.  
  • Reliefband 2.0 features a latex free band and includes hypoallergenic 316L Surgical Steel contacts, ensuring a more efficient transmission of current—while maximizing user comfort.  
  • Reliefband 2.0 contains an intuitive display with 10 intensity settings that can be moved up and down at the touch of a button. This range of settings enables users to find the precise setting that is optimal for their personal needs.
  • A fully charged battery that lasts approximately 17 hours on the mid-intensity level and recharges quickly.


For nearly 20 years, Reliefband® technology has been prescribed by doctors for the treatment of nausea and vomiting.  Now, Reliefband 2.0 integrates all these indications including motion sickness, morning sickness, post-operative nausea\ and nausea caused by chemotherapy into this brand-new device. The signals generated by the device travel through the body’s central nervous system to the higher emetic center of the brain.

Reliefband 2.0 is priced at $174.99 and will be available online at and on Amazon.


Reliefband 2.0 provided to FIDO Friendly for this review

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Blog  >  Petcurean Introduces New Small Breed Recipes with 100% Fresh Fish & Red Meat - Kibble Style

Petcurean Introduces New Small Breed Recipes with 100% Fresh Fish & Red Meat - Kibble Style

Small dogs have big reasons to run to their food bowls with the launch of Petcurean’s two new NOW FRESH small breed recipes for adult dogs: Small Breed Grain Free Red Meat, and Small Breed Grain Free Fish. As the population of small breed dogs continues to grow, currently representing 52 percent of the U.S. dog population1, so does the demand for recipes that are specially formulated for small breeds. Petcurean’s small breed kibbles are one of the smallest in the market, featuring a unique clover shape for easy chewing and digestion, and are made with 100 percent fresh meat, 100 percent fresh omega oils, and zero rendered ingredients.


“As pets are increasingly being recognized as family members, pet owners are calling for more premium pet foods that reflect their own health trends,” said Jenna Fortin, Director of Marketing at Petcurean. “We developed these two new recipes to meet pet parents’ desire to nourish their companions with natural, high quality ingredients, while addressing the specific nutrition and dietary needs of small breed dogs.”


The new NOW FRESH Small Breed Grain Free Red Meat and Fish recipes for adult dogs feature 100 percent fresh lamb and pork or 100 percent fresh trout, salmon, and herring. Other recipe highlights include:

  • Coconut oil, easily digested and absorbed to promote skin and coat health, weight loss, improve cracked paws, and to increase energy.
  • Egg, an ideal protein because it’s 100 percent digestible and has the ideal amino acid composition for dogs and cats.
  • Parsley and peppermint, natural ingredients to promote fresh breath.
  • Apples, high in vitamin C, fiber, and good for the digestive tract.
  • Grain-free, gluten-free: Zero grains, gluten, wheat, beef, chicken, corn, or soy.
  • Zero rendered meats, by-products, added growth hormones, or artificial preservatives.




NOW FRESH Small Breed recipes are formulated with ingredients that help support oral health and fresh breath, including sodium tripolyphosphate, which binds calcium to protect teeth from tartar formation, and parsley and peppermint, which are natural ingredients that contribute to fresh breath. In addition, the small clover-shaped kibble contributes to high palatability, easy chewing, and effective digestion.

As with Petcurean’s other NOW FRESH Small Breed recipes, the new Red Meat and Fish recipes are great for rotational feeding – which helps keep small breed notoriously picky eaters eager for mealtime. All formulas feature the same basic ingredients, so there is typically no transition period required. Another great way to pique a dog’s palate and add moisture to their diet is to feed the small breed dry food in combination with Petcurean’s NOW FRESH stew recipes for dogs, which launched in fall 2017. This also makes for a tasty (and healthy) treat!

Petcurean’s new NOW FRESH Small Breed line is now available at pet specialty retailers nationwide for MSRP $32.99 for a 6-pound bag of the Red Meat recipe and MSRP $28.99 for a 6-pound bag of the Fish recipe.  And, you can download a coupon for $5 off Petcurean kibble here – use coupon code  PAWSOME5

For more information about NOW FRESH Small Breed, click here  



FIDO Friendly is proud to be a Petcurean Blogger Adovocate and this is a paid post.

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Blog  >  National Dog Bite Prevention Week® (April 8 -14) American Humane Offers Tips to Stay Safe All Year

National Dog Bite Prevention Week® (April 8 -14) American Humane Offers Tips to Stay Safe All Year

Every year more than 4.5 million Americans, more than half of them children, are bitten by dogs.  As part of the National Dog Bite Prevention Week® coalition, American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization, encourages adults to protect both children and dogs, and learn the importance of pet owner responsibility.

“Dogs are our best friends, providing love, comfort and protection,” says Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane. “But it’s up to us humans to be good friends to them as well by protecting everyone around us – ourselves, our kids, and our dogs – from the dangers and consequences of dog bites.”

Dogs can bite for many reasons, including improper care and/or a lack of socialization.  All dogs, even well-trained, gentle dogs, are capable of biting however when provoked, especially when eating, sleeping or caring for puppies. Thus, even when a bite is superficial or classified as “provoked,” dogs may be abandoned or euthanized. Therefore, it’s vitally important to keep both children and dogs safe by preventing dog bites wherever possible.

“A dog bite can have a profound effect not only on the victim, but on the dog, who may be euthanized, and the dog’s owners who have to cope with the loss of a beloved family member,” said Dr. Kwane Stewart, Chief Veterinary Officer for American Humane’s “No Animals Were Harmed®” program, speaking at the National Dog Bite Prevention Week Coalition kick-off event in San Diego on April 5. “All those who have a canine companion need to make sure they know the steps they can take to prevent their dog from biting someone.”

To reduce the number of injuries to people and the risk of relinquishment of dogs who bite, American Humane offers the following suggestions:


For Children:

  • Never approach an unknown dog or a dog that is alone without an owner, and always ask for permission before petting the dog.
  • Never approach an injured animal – find an adult who can get the help s/he needs
  • Never approach a dog that is eating, sleeping or nursing puppies.
  • Don’t poke, hit, pull, pinch or tease a dog.


For Dog Owners:

  • Never leave a baby or small child alone with a dog, even if it is a family pet.
  • Interactions between children and dogs should always be monitored to ensure the safety of both your child and your dog.
  • Teach your children to treat the dog with respect and not to engage in rough or aggressive play.
  • Make sure your pet is socialized as a young puppy so it feels at ease around people and other animals.
  • Never put your dog in a position where s/he feels threatened.
  • Walk and exercise your dog regularly to keep him/her healthy and to provide mental stimulation.
  • Use a leash in public to ensure you are able to control your dog.
  • Regular veterinary care is essential to maintain your dog’s health; a sick or injured dog is more likely to bite.
  • Be alert, if someone approaches you and your dog - caution them to wait before petting the dog, give your pet time to be comfortable with a stranger.


American Humane also offers a free online booklet available for families with children called “Pet Meets Baby,” providing valuable information on introducing a new child to a home with a pet – or a new pet into a home with a child:



About American Humane

American Humane is the country’s first national humane organization, founded in 1877. For more information, please visit today. 

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Blog  >  Raptor Shield Protects Small Pets from Birds of Prey.

Raptor Shield Protects Small Pets from Birds of Prey.

We are blessed to live on the Snake River in Idaho. For many years we have enjoyed our solitary views of the hills and the sightings of hawks, eagles and owls. This is until we adopted our 12-pound Honey, a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix.

I started to worry about her running up and down our back yard lately and anxiously eyeing the sky for a bird of prey that I was certain would pick up this precious cargo and carry her away. This thought filled my days and I could not allow her outside with her lab and boxer brothers without being outside myself.

One day I was reading a pet magazine and saw an ad for Raptor Shield. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had no idea this company existed and it was an answered prayer. I immediately researched the company to find out that a near tragedy was the impetus for the invention of the Raptor Shield.

William Caruso invented the shield after a Red Tail Hawk attacked his nine-pound Silky Terrier, Daisy. Daisy did survive the attack and with much time and research, he designed the shield using Polycarbonate, a material typically used in bulletproof windows. The bird’s talons cannot puncture your dog’s skin, thereby preventing birds of prey from flying away with your dog.

Once the Raptor Shield arrived, I used the provided attachments to make it fit perfectly to Honey. She wasn’t sure about this product when I first placed it on her. She looked confused and wouldn’t move. I had a good laugh about this and after a treat or two and play time in the backyard, she was running around like her normal energetic self and playing chase with her furry brothers.



Thank you Raptor Shield for inventing this life saving product and bringing me peace of mind. I can now enjoy life again on the river while watching Honey playing safely.




Designed to be comfortable for everyday use, the lightweight jacket is cool in the summer and warm in the winter and comes in sizes to fit dogs from two to 22-pounds.


Note: author provided product for review.

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Blog  >  Creating Pet Friendly Outdoor Spaces & Dog Friendly Gardens

Creating Pet Friendly Outdoor Spaces & Dog Friendly Gardens

Just like our homes, our gardens need to be safe too – and not just for humans.

From your pet rabbit enjoying a rummage in the flower beds to your dog or cat enjoying the garden, there are many potential dangers to pets (and wildlife too). Do you know what they are?

PLANTS present the most danger to plants with some presenting a danger if they are ingested or eaten, others if they are touched or brushed against. It is not just the leaves and flowers either – it can be their seeds and flowers and in the case of spring flowers, the bulbs and tubers from which they grow.

CHEMICALS we commonly used in the garden can also present a problem. Chemical weed killers along with insect control such as slug pellets can be harmful and even toxic to dogs, cats, and other animals and birds. Although manufacturers are making changes to their formulas to try and stop this happening, pet owners are urged to check the packaging for instructions and what to do if the product is accidentally swallowed by humans and pets.

LANDSCAPING and other items we use in the garden can also be a nuisance to pets and other wildlife. From curious cats falling in ponds to dogs being hurt exploring sections of the garden that present hazards and dangers to them, the best policy is prevention. But how can you make your garden human and pet-friendly?

Thankfully, the pet-loving team at Rattan Direct have come up with the answer with this handy infographic on creating a dog and cat-friendly outdoor space.



Included is a definitive list of plants that can be problematic if Fido decides to eat them or Tiddles enjoys munching on their leaves! Take a look at what small changes can save a lot of heartache with their guide to a dog-friendly garden.

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Blog  >  Pop Superstar Sia Partners with the ASPCA to Help Fight Puppy Mill Cruelty

Pop Superstar Sia Partners with the ASPCA to Help Fight Puppy Mill Cruelty

The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) and pop superstar Sia released a video today as part of the ASPCA’s new anti-puppy mill initiative, Barred From Love, urging the public to join the fight for love and speak out against the cruel puppy breeding industry.

Breeding dogs in puppy mills are often kept in dark, cramped and dirty conditions where they never get to experience love and kindness. Sia lends her voice to the ASPCA’s animated video encouraging supporters to join the fight for love and share the truth about the cruel commercial breeding industry on social media. The ASPCA’s #BarredFromLove campaign also encourages dog lovers to adopt from a local shelter or rescue group or learn how to sniff out the good from the cruel when it comes to finding a dog breeder.

"Anyone who loves dogs would be appalled to learn about the horrible things happening to dogs in the cruel breeding industry; not just the puppies, but the mother dogs, who spend their lives pumping out puppies for profit,” said Jennie Lintz, director of the ASPCA’s Puppy Mills Campaign. “The ASPCA is grateful to Sia for lending her voice to our Barred From Love campaign to encourage people to help fight for the love all dogs deserve so we can put an end to these cruel practices."

This video narrated by Sia urges dog lovers to join the fight against cruel dog breeding



About the ASPCA®
Founded in 1866, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is the first animal welfare organization in North America and serves as the nation’s leading voice for animals. More than two million supporters strong, the ASPCA’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, the ASPCA is a national leader in the areas of anti-cruelty, community outreach and animal health services. For more information, please visit, and be sure to follow the ASPCA on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Blog  >  It’s Not Luck That Keeps FIDO Safe - It’s Safety Reminders and Tips Like These

It’s Not Luck That Keeps FIDO Safe - It’s Safety Reminders and Tips Like These

FIDO has been a big fan of Petcurean for quite a while now.   We just love the passion and purpose they put in to their products, and how they aspire to go above and beyond by creating recipes that nobody has thought of making, while using the finest of ingredients, like premium quality market-fresh meats, veggies, fruits and berries.  Petcurean offers great choices of healthy AND tasty kibble.  When it comes to ingredients, their motto is only the best of the best will do. Their trusted network of farmers, ranchers and producers provide them with a consistent source of healthy, premium quality market-fresh meats, veggies, fruits and berries. They cook with creativity, energy and an overarching love for our cats and dogs. Then, with the Petcurean seal of approval, their food goes out to be enjoyed by pets the world over.  (And, you can download a coupon for $5 off Petcurean kibble here – use coupon code  PAWSOME5 )


Their commitment to healthy pets goes beyond their product offerings and as March 18 - 24 is NATIONAL ANIMAL POISON PREVENTION WEEK we wanted to share this important information they passed on to us.


March may be a month for luck and good fortune, but did you know that the iconic shamrock is actually toxic to cats and dogs? You may be surprised by how many common household plants and human foods are poisonous to pets. As pet parents, our hearts break when our furry loved ones get sick. While most instances of poison result in mild to moderate symptoms like discomfort, diarrhea or vomiting, some foods and plants can cause major health issues and even death.  Please take note of these important tips for protecting your pet and avoiding hazardous materials. 



  • Chocolate – Most pet lovers know that chocolate is a big no-no for Fido. Chocolate is harmful because of a toxic agent called theobromine, which can make your pup extremely ill and even lead to death.
  • Grapes – A lesser known fact, grapes can lead to kidney failure in dogs. If you want to give your pup a sweet and healthy treat, opt for blueberries instead. 
  • Mushrooms – If you have a dog that spends a lot of time outside, it’s crucial to check your yard for mushrooms. There are many species of mushroom that are toxic to pets, such as the Amanita phalloides or ‘Death Cap’ mushroom, a potent poison at only 3 grams. Since there’s a multitude of other species that can harm your pet, it’s best to keep your lawn clean of any mushrooms just to be safe.
    • If you suspect your pet has ingested a poisonous mushroom, take them to the vet and bring the mushroom so the clinic can identify what type of toxin or poison they are dealing with.



  • Tuna – Although tuna is the classic delicacy for a cartoon cat, you should only feed your cat tuna when it’s produced in a cat food format. Tuna made for humans can cause digestive problems in your cat if fed as an occasional treat. Feeding them tuna on a more consistent basis can cause a painful condition called steatitis, or inflammation of the body's fat.
  • Dairy products – Perhaps as iconic as cats and tuna, cats and milk are also a popular pairing. However, as cats age, they can become lactose intolerant causing them to vomit or have diarrhea after ingesting dairy.
  • Lilies – The most common type of lily is toxic to cats only. If your cat eats a lily, it can lead to kidney failure which, if not treated quickly, may result in death.


HARMFUL PLANTS: Many common household plants can have negative effects on your beloved pet. Check your home and make sure you don’t have any of these around!

  • Aloe – There are more than 500 species of aloe vera, all of which are poisonous to your pet. Its toxin, saponin, acts as a defense mechanism and will harm your pet if ingested.
  • English Ivy – English Ivy is one of the most common forms of ivy to grow along the sides of walls and fences, making them easily accessible by outdoor pets and therefore, especially dangerous.
  • Sago Palm – This plant is also a common landscape feature, but a little more difficult for your pet to eat. However, Sago Palm is highly poisonous to pets and can even be fatal.
  • Shamrocks – While relatively harmless in small quantities, a large consumption of shamrocks can lead to kidney failure in your pet.


Some foods, such as grapes, chocolate, and onions, are dangerous to both cats and dogs. If your pet is exhibiting any of the below behavior, they may be reacting to something poisonous and should be taken to a vet for immediate attention. You can also call the Animal Poison Control Center 24/7 at 855-764-7661 for less urgent concerns or questions.

  • Vomiting or Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Weakness or Lethargy
  • Yellowing of the skin (jaundice)
  • Uncoordinated movements
  • Excessive drooling (ptyalism)
  • Seizures
  • Coma


For more important information and healthy ideas for FIDO and for Fluffy visit Petcurean here.

If you’d like to have your FIDO (or Fluffy) try one of their healthy & delicious recipes you can download a coupon for $5 off Petcurean kibble here – use coupon code  PAWSOME5 )



FIDO Friendly is proud to be a Petcurean Blogger Adovocate and this is a paid post.

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Blog  >  Embassy Suites by Hilton Mandalay Beach Resort in Oxnard Now Welcomes Pets!

Embassy Suites by Hilton Mandalay Beach Resort in Oxnard Now Welcomes Pets!

Pet lovers no longer have to worry about leaving their pet behind when visiting the Embassy Suites by Hilton Mandalay Beach Resort located along the scenic Central Coast of California.

The resort is now pet friendly and welcomes those furry, lovable pets to enjoy the seaside experience along with their owners. 

“Oxnard is a pet friendly destination with dogs allowed on the beaches and at many of the restaurants that offer patio dining,” stated Christian Hellot, Director of Sales & Marketing at the Embassy Suites.  “Our property is conducive for pets with its wide-open walkways and beachfront location,” he added.

The Embassy Suites by Hilton Mandalay Beach Resort is the only all suite hotel in southern California to sit directly on the beach.  Its unique layout includes spacious two room suites and features daily cooked-to-order breakfast and a complimentary Manager’s Reception each evening.  The property contains a beautiful freeform swimming pool and two large Jacuzzi’s.  Guests can also enjoy the tennis courts and bike rentals offered on property.  The Coastal Grill Restaurant provides delicious California cuisine with fresh ingredients from the local farmers’ markets. 

In addition, the Embassy Suites is located adjacent to the Channel Islands Harbor allowing for guests more opportunities for dog walking and enjoying the picturesque sights along the way. 

A pet deposit of $65 is required for accompanying pets.  For more information, call the Embassy Suites by Hilton Mandalay Beach Resort at 805-984-2500   or online at



About Embassy Suites by Hilton Mandalay Beach - Hotel & Resort

Embassy Suites by Hilton Mandalay Beach - Hotel & Resort creates an ambience of far away destinations set in a tranquil ocean-front location, situated on the beautiful Pacific in-between Santa Barbara and Malibu.  The only all-suite hotel in Southern California to sit directly on the beach, the resort contains 250 two room suites and features the signature amenities standard at any Embassy Suites Hotel including free cooked-to-order breakfast each morning and a complimentary two-hour Manager’s Reception each evening.  The guest suites have a living area with a sofa bed, dining/work table, two HD TV’s, high-speed Internet access, a wet bar, mini-refrigerator, microwave oven, separate private bedroom and 2 private baths. Onsite amenities include a large freeform swimming pool, which is adjacent to a large whirlpool.  A second whirlpool specifically for adults is also on property, allowing for more privacy and relaxation.  In addition, the resort contains a workout room, lighted tennis, volleyball, sport courts and business center.  Guests can enjoy spa services in their suite or in the treatment rooms. Bicycle rentals are conveniently located on site, and nearby options include the opportunity to surf, kayak, sail, paddle board and boat, as well as enjoy the sun-soaked California beaches.  Shuttle service is available to limited destinations Monday-Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm including Channel Islands Harbor ($3 roundtrip), Ventura Harbor Village ($5 roundtrip), and The Collection of Riverpark ($7 roundtrip).

About Embassy Suites Hotels
Embassy Suites Hotels, one of Hilton Worldwide’s twelve market-leading brands, is dedicated to delivering what matters most to travelers. The full service, upscale brand offers every guest a two-room suite, free cooked-to-order breakfast and a nightly two-hour reception with complimentary drinks* and snacks. Both leisure and business travelers looking for a relaxed, yet sophisticated, experience will feel right at home with brand-standard amenities like inviting atriums and complimentary 24-hour business and fitness centers. Embassy Suites Hotels has more than 250 hotels with more than 40 in the pipeline. For more information, visit, and connect with Embassy Suites at, and

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Blog  >  Who Let The Dogs In?  The Bristol Hotel Did!

Who Let The Dogs In?  The Bristol Hotel Did!

The Bristol Hotel, like the city of San Diego, makes vacationing with your pet simple. Pet-friendly parks and restaurants are a short walk away. If you’re craving a day at the beach, San Diego has multiple dog-friendly options just a quick drive from the hotel. Vacations should always be refreshing, and The Bristol understands a furry companion can be key to a fulfilling getaway. 

The Bristol is a pet friendly hotel in San Diego where you and your pet will feel right at home. The Bristol is a welcome haven for discerning travelers and their pets. From their Pet Friendly hotel package to San Diego's welcoming and pet friendly attitude, you and your pet will have a tail-wagging time!


Pet Friendly Hotel Package Includes

  • Overnight accommodations in Superior Series guest room
  • Welcome amenity upon arrival for your pet
  • Pet bowls and pet bed placed in your room for your pet's use throughout your stay
  • Nightly turndown service for you and your pet


Please Note The Bristol Hotel Pet Policy

  • Simply fill out the pet registration form upon check-in (view and download the PDF form here)
  • They ask that all pets are accompanied by his or her owner at all times.
  • A $25.00 per day/per room pet fee applies.
  • Up to two pets are allowed per room (no size restrictions).

Give then a call or send an email prior to your stay with any questions regarding bringing your pet to stay at The Bristol.

Phone: 619-232-6141

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Blog  >  Fetch for Pets Brings Arm & Hammer to the Dog Bath

Fetch for Pets Brings Arm & Hammer to the Dog Bath

Bath time just got sweeter (smelling) for FIDO!

Fetch for Pets is launching a line of Arm & Hammer pet grooming products including Oatmeal Shampoo, Tearless Puppy Shampoo, Deodorizing Shampoo and Spray, and Dry Shampoo which come in fun, exotic scents like vanilla coconut, coconut water, kiwi blossom and blood orange.  The safe & effective ARM & HAMMER formulas include the signature, odor absorbing ingredient, baking soda, that’s been used to clean and deodorize for over 100 years. There’s no better way to keep your furry family member a clean one.

The grooming line follows the success of Arm & Hammer pet dental care that’s been available at Pet Specialty retailers since 2010. “Arm & Hammer is a household name that is synonymous with all things clean, so it makes perfect sense, after years of success in pet dental care, to transition to pet grooming”, said Fetch President & CEO, Steven Shweky.



Arm and Hammer pet grooming products range in price from $3.99 to $5.99 and will be available for distribution across all channels in the United States & Canada as well as in select international territories in April 2018.  Arm & Hammer is a household name that spans across of variety of consumer categories including dental care, personal care, air care, laundry care and more. Consumers already use baking soda for a variety of at home cleaning remedies and now they can offer the same trusted solution to their pets grooming routine.

Click here to learn more about Arm & Hammer Grooming 

About Fetch…for pets!

Fetch for Pets is a leading pet product manufacturer dedicated to bringing major global brands to the pet industry. We develop cross category pet product lines based on retail and market demand as well as industry trends. Fetch has launched thousands of products with strategic licensing partners under brands including Burt’s Bees, Arm & Hammer, Shout!, CHI, BioSilk, Glad, Fresh Step and more. Fetch also provides private label development and manufacturing for top retailers including Target, Walmart, PetSmart, Petco, Meijer and Walgreens. Working closely with retailers, brand teams and factories, our team builds cutting edge programs that raise the bar on quality, value and innovation.

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Blog  >  Celebrate The Year of the Dog with ZENS Lifestyle

Celebrate The Year of the Dog with ZENS Lifestyle

FIDO is digging these beautiful Zen Dog coffee mugs.  Painted to look like a dog smiling at his master, new Year of the Dog mugs by ZENS Lifestyle are the perfect way to celebrate the lunar new year. Traditional patterns and techniques give the mugs a festive appearance.  Great price point too, at $41.00

ZENS Lifestyle was founded in 2009, Zens is a home interior lifestyle brand that promotes healthy living by creating contemporary teaware and home decor that encourages us to pause every once in a while and simply enjoy the moment. 

Working with designers from all over the world, Zens has grown to become a leader in home and lifestyle products with offices and outlets in 6 countries. We believe in building partnerships with like-minded people brands as we continue to promote the benefits of living a life in balance.

To see more (and order these FIDO fabulous mugs) visit them here 


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Blog  >  How to Be a Doggy Dentist During National Pet Dental Health Month

How to Be a Doggy Dentist During National Pet Dental Health Month

As pet parents, we do whatever we can to keep our pets happy and healthy, but is their dental health as good as it could be? Dental health is crucial to the overall well-being of your pet and can have serious consequences if left unchecked. 

Similar to humans, poor dental hygiene causes bad breath, plaque, tartar, gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth root abscesses in dogs. At its worst, bad dental health can contribute to more serious health issues. Inflamed gums, for example, can cause bacterial infections that can affect organs such as the heart and kidneys with extreme cases resulting in death.

Good dental health is paramount for your pet. Healthy teeth aid in chewing which leads to proper digestion by allowing enzymes to break down their food. Some preventative measures you can take is teaching your pup at a young age to open their mouths and allowing you to look inside. This training will prepare them for getting their teeth brushed, which should start as early as possible. Be sure to use a toothbrush and toothpaste specifically designed for pets.

Did you know small dogs are more prone to dental issues? With their small mouths and even smaller teeth, keeping an eye on their dental health can be especially challenging. While manually brushing their teeth is the best option, you can also look for pet food that supports dental health such as the NOW FRESH Small Breed recipes from Petcurean.


The NOW FRESH Small Breed recipes are formulated with ingredients that help support oral health and fresh breath, including sodium tripolyphosphate, which binds calcium to protect teeth from tartar formation. Peppermint and parsley are also included as natural ingredients to promote fresh breath. In addition, the small clover-shaped kibble is one of the smallest in the market, contributing to high palatability, easy chewing, and effective digestion.

If your dog is exhibiting a preference for soft food, is eating on one side, or yelps when chewing bones or toys, take them to a vet to identify the problem. There’s no way better way to celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month than making sure Fido’s bite is healthy and strong!

READY TO SHARE PETCUREAN WITH YOUR PUP?  You can download a coupon for $5 off Petcurean kibble here – use coupon code  PAWSOME5


FIDO Friendly is proud to be a Petcurean Blogger Adovocate

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Blog  >  Key Considerations in Planning a Pet-Friendly Vacation Adventure

Key Considerations in Planning a Pet-Friendly Vacation Adventure

Thinking about taking your pets on vacation?  For many people, pets are a vital part of the family, and the special bond shared with them is as close as the ones shared with human relatives. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly common to include pets on family vacations.

The main considerations that you must address include how to keep your pets comfortable on the journey, where to stay, and which pet-friendly activities to seek out on your trip.

The Journey

Whether you will be arriving at your destination by car or plane, transporting pets requires special planning. If you will be flying, the first step is to research your preferred airline’s pet policy. If your pets are small and will be permitted to travel under the seat in front of you, be sure to bring a well-ventilated, airline-approved carrier that is large enough to comfortably stow your furry friend. If you have larger pets, consider first checking with your veterinarian to ensure that their health and demeanor are compatible with a flight alone in the cargo hold. Plan to transport them in sturdy crates that are approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), have secure latches, and are clearly labeled “Live Animal,” along with your name and contact information.



If you are driving to your destination, be sure to take a rest stop every few hours in order to let your pets stretch their legs and relieve themselves. As tempting as it is to allow pets to roam freely in the car, they should be kept in carriers or crates restrained by a seatbelt in order to help keep them and other occupants safe in the event of an accident.

Regardless of your chosen means of transportation, it is crucial to ensure that your pets are up to date on vaccines, flea and tick medications, and other preventative health measures in advance of your trip. Have their medical records with you, as many airlines and hotels require proof of vaccinations. 

Choosing a Place to Stay

Any time you are traveling — and particularly when your travel companions include pets — selecting the right lodging accommodations is one of the most important steps in planning a successful trip. As you begin researching hotels at your destination, do not assume that a property truly welcomes pets simply because they claim to be “pet-friendly.” Many hotels that boast this designation charge additional fees or relegate guests with pets to the least desirable rooms. To determine whether you and your pets will be made to feel comfortable at a pet-friendly hotel, read reviews to determine how other four-legged guests have been received, and call the hotel to try and gauge their attitude toward animals. Ask whether they provide any special items or services to help pets feel more at home.

No matter how welcoming of pets a hotel is, it is important to understand and abide by the rules. For example, many hotels ask guests to avoid leaving their pets alone in the rooms, as the unfamiliar setting may cause them to become anxious and disruptive to other guests. Therefore, if you are planning an excursion and will be unable to bring your pets along, either kennel them in their crate or find a nearby pet daycare to mind them temporarily.

The Southwest — A Vacation Haven for People and Pets

If you are considering a Southwestern getaway for your vacation, Sedona, Arizona promises a stunning and rejuvenating experience for humans and pets alike. Nestled in the heart of the state, Sedona is known for the profound beauty of its natural red rock formations, a thriving arts and culture scene, and a strong sense of peace and spirituality.

Sedona offers an exciting array of activities for pet owners. Visitors and their pets will enjoy strolling the streets of Uptown Sedona, which is filled with art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants, many of which have pet-friendly patios. The area is also home to a wide variety of hiking trails, with options suitable for different skill levels. Popular pet-friendly trails include Bell Rock Pathway, West Fork Trail, and Margs Draw, all of which offer easy to moderate treks as human and canine hikers enjoy an up-close look at the breathtaking scenery for which Sedona is famous. Pets are also welcome at Slide Rock State Park in the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon.

Due to its central location within Arizona, Sedona is a relatively short drive from many of the state’s highlights. Offering one of the most majestic experiences in the Southwest — and, arguably, the world — the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is only two hours away from Sedona. Leashed pets are allowed in designated areas of Grand Canyon National Park, including certain trails above the rim. There is also a kennel at the South Rim, allowing visitors to safely keep their pets while they explore the awe-inspiring beauty and magnitude of this natural wonder. The secret to visiting this world wonder is to make it a day trip from Sedona, thereby missing the crowds; leave Sedona by 8:00 a.m. and be back by 6:00 p.m., just in time for dinner.



After a day of exploring Sedona and the numerous attractions nearby, visitors and their pets will be enthusiastically welcomed at El Portal Sedona Hotel, a twelve-suite boutique hotel offering unpretentious luxury in the heart of Sedona.  El Portal does not charge any pet fees, and upon arrival, four-legged guests receive a basket containing treats, a blanket, and waste bags. Human and pet guests alike enjoy personalized concierge services throughout their stay. Six of El Portal’s suites have attached, fenced-in, pet-friendly patio spaces, and there are many walkable areas surrounding the property for dogs and their owners to explore.



Several publications have recognized El Portal for its commitment to guest and pet satisfaction. For instance, Dogster Magazine recently named El Portal the second most dog-friendly hotel in the country, and USA Today’s travel award contest ranked it number one in the “Best Pet-Friendly Hotel” category. In addition, El Portal is a AAA Four Diamond Hotel, has been ranked as one of the top hotels in the Southwest by Conde Nast Traveler, and has consistently received TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence Award.

For more information on the El Portal experience for guests and their pets, visit  Or contact them at 1.800.313.0017

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Blog  >  The Westin Mission Hills, Great Palm Springs -  Celebrates the 100th Dog Adopted

The Westin Mission Hills, Great Palm Springs -  Celebrates the 100th Dog Adopted

The world is going to the dogs at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa as the hotel celebrates the 100th dog adopted through its one-of-a-kind doggie adoption program.

For nearly three years the Palm Springs hotel has partnered with Animal Samaritans to feature one pup at a time in the pet-friendly hotel’s lobby. Housed in an elaborate doghouse (which is a replica of the hotel!) the dogs are front and center as guests are welcomed on property. Lady, lucky pup number 100, was adopted by Miguel and Sandra Melendez of Pomona, CA.

“Philanthropy is part of our hotel’s mission and this program is one of the most satisfying and fun ways we are able to give back", said Tom Scaramellino, General Manager of the Westin Mission Hills and doggie daddy to Wyatt, the 96th dog adopted at the hotel.

While a dog might seem an unlikely souvenir, visitors throughout the country and Canada have adopted pooches.

Dog #42, Pom Pom Charlie, a 10-year-old Pomeranian, fortune changed when fashion blogger Lara Eurdolian fell in love with him on a trip. The pup went from being in a shelter to living it up in the Big Apple and starring in his own Instagram feed.  For his one year anniversary of adoption, Eurdolian made this video.

"I had no plans to adopt or own a pet at the time we arrived at the Westin. I'm grateful everyday for my best friend. Rescuing Charlie was the best decision of my life," said Lara Eurdolian. 


Lucy and Roxy (#81 and #82) arrived at Animal Samaritans bonded from being together in the same household. Sadly, the shelter had no luck adopting them together. Lucy came to the Westin first, and was immediately scooped up by Ronen Hazarkika and Mary Bartikiewicz of Ladera Ranch, CA. When the couple heard the story, they met Roxy the next day, and took her too.

When Petal (#71) arrived at Animal Samaritans after being rescued from the side of the road, her hair was so matted workers couldn’t tell if she was a girl or boy. After a puppy makeover she made her debut at the Westin and was adopted by Laura Harker of La Quinta, CA.

“The Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa has been a blessing for our homeless shelter dogs.  The partnership works because the staff understands that pets are family, and they are committed to providing the necessary time to feed, water, walk and socialize the dogs we entrust to them,” said Tom Snyder, CEO of Animal Samaritans.

Whether you adopt a Westin dog, or come to the hotel with your own furry friend, the hotel rolls out the doggie red carpet with a special Patio Pooch Menu offered at the hotel restaurant’s patio (or in-room) and a Heavenly™ Dog Beds so Fifi and Fido are as comfortable as their human.



About The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa

The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa is a 512 room, AAA four-diamond resort nestled in the heart of the Palm Springs Valley. Spread out over 365-acres, the resort offers spacious guest rooms and suites, over 65,000 square feet of meeting space, two championship golf courses, an intimate spa, seven lighted tennis courts, three pools, a 75-foot waterslide and multiple dining options to include the signature Italian restaurant, Pinzimini. For more information, please visit

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Blog  >  Craddock Terry Hotel Lynchburg, VA Welcomes New Puppy Penny Loafer

Craddock Terry Hotel Lynchburg, VA Welcomes New Puppy Penny Loafer

Craddock Terry Hotel is a 44-room storied hotel situated along the banks of the James River, Craddock Terry Hotel is Lynchburg, Virginia’s only boutique hotel.


Formerly an old shoe factory, the Craddock Terry Shoe Company was once the fifth largest shoe company in the world. The other half of today’s hotel building housed the William King Jr. Tobacco Warehouse. Hal Craddock, the great grandson of John W. Craddock, was the chief architect of the Hotel and lovingly took nearly five years to restore the two buildings. During the renovation, great pride was taken to retain the original industrial feel, with exposed wood beam ceilings, brick and stone exterior walls and nine-foot tall windows, while at the same time updating the buildings into a modern first-class facility. 

Today the decor throughout the hotel is accented with lovely historical artifacts mixed with modern artwork, and a unique collection of shoe memorabilia - breakfast is delivered in old fashioned shoe shine box, which is set on the guests bed in the evening and placed outside the door to receive complimentary breakfast the next morning. 

5 Reasons Why You Need To Stay at Craddock Terry Hotel:


  • Hotels With a Past: This this boutique hotel is housed in a former shoe factory - the fifth largest in the world at one point, actually! This quirky history is felt in so many elements of the hotel to this day. 



  • Pet-Friendly Travel:  (FIDO’s favorite reason!) As soon as guests walk through the door, they will be greeted by the hotel’s mascot, Buster Brown. The “official greeter” of Craddock Terry Hotel, Buster is a 9-year-old Wirehaired Fox Terrier. Buster even acts as a tour guide - guests can take him on walks or runs to explore the local area during their visit. Buster is now joined by Penny Loafer, a brand new female Wirehaired Fox Terrier puppy. Beyond furry friends to play with, dogs staying at Craddock Terry can enjoy special treats, food/water bowls and a large outdoor space to run when visiting. 




  • Great American Road Trips: Off-the-radar Lynchburg, VA is the perfect place to check-out and check into Craddock Terry Hotel. Take in the sights and experience a technological detox while you explore the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Popular with avid motorist and motorcyclists traveling from Asheville, NC, or Charleston, SC, this quaint and historic town makes for the perfect road trip stop off. 


  • Affordable Weddings & Events: With rates starting at $169, while still boasting dramatic views of the James River and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Craddock Terry Hotel offers the perfect venue for an under-the-radar wedding destination. With nearly 4,000 sq. ft. of newly renovated meetings and events spaces, weddings of all sizes can be accommodate. Wedding guests will have endless activities during the wedding weekend - the property is just a short walk from historic downtown Lynchburg, where you’ll find everything from community markets and museums to cultural venues and outdoor activities. Guests can walk, hike or bike through a variety of nature trails, taste their way through nearby wineries and wonder through community markets and antique shops. For history lovers, Lynchburg has been the backdrop to everything from the Civil War battles to plantations, wineries, lush gardens, countless cultural and outdoor activities, annual festivals and events and Poplar Forest, the home of Thomas Jefferson. 



  • Homecoming Hotels / Collegiate Travel: Close proximity to Liberty University, Lynchburg College, or Randolph College makes Craddock Terry Hotel an ideal choice for family and friends visiting colleges that want to actually get a true feeling for the local community.


To learn more and book your stay (today!) click here!

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Helen Woodward Animal Center’s 6th Annual Event Celebrated Orphan Pets in “PAWthentic” New Orleans-Style Tradition!  

WHAT: Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.  (February 12, 2018) – Yesterday morning, Helen Woodward Animal Center highlighted the fun and joy of orphan pets by marching its most colorful celebration back into Farmer’s Market in Rancho Santa Fe.  The event invited participants to support animal rescue in Mardi Gras-style by joining a colorful Doggie Gras Parade down “BourBONE Street” in “CATon Rouge.”  The attending pooches impressed in some of the most creative costumes to date!

Doggie Gras festivities also included a variety of family-friendly activities including picture-taking against New Orleans style-backgrounds, Doggie Gras themed mask-making, opportunity drawings and, of course the awarding of “2018 Best Doggie Gras Float” and “2018 Best Dressed Pet” with special gifts from Foppers Gourmet Treat Bakery awarded to the winners!  Canine competitor Sir Ruffles Von Plume took the 1st place award for his costume and terrier Sammy King Octodog took home the 1st place award for his bubbly “Under the Sea” themed float. 

Of course, at the heart of all the frivolity was the mission of rescue and eight Center orphan pups were there to show off in Doggie-Gras decorated floats and seek the crowd for the perfect family and a forever home.  All money raised from contests and opportunity drawings went directly to the pets and programs at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

WHERE:  At the Rancho Santa Fe Farmer’s Market in the Del Rayo Village Shopping Center in Rancho Santa Fe

 WHEN:  YESTERDAY, Sunday, February 11th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Sixth Annual Doggie Gras Parade was FREE to the public to attend. 






About Helen Woodward Animal Center

Helen Woodward Animal Center is a private, non-profit organization where “people help animals and animals help people.” Founded in 1972 in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., the Center provides services for more than 57,000 people and thousands of animals annually through adoptions, educational and therapeutic programs both onsite and throughout the community. Helen Woodward Animal Center is also the creator of the International Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption drive, the International Remember Me Thursday® campaign and The Business of Saving Lives Workshops, teaching the business of saving lives to animal welfare leaders from around the world.  For more information, go to:


Rancho Santa Fe Farmer’s Market

Nestled in the Del Rayo Village in Rancho Santa Fe every Sunday morning from 9:30am to 2:00pm, the founders of the Rancho Santa Fe Farmer’s Market have worked to create an environment more like a European Farmers Market, where people don’t just rush in with a list in their hands, but rather they come for the experience of the market itself.  It is a weekly gathering place to nourish not only your body but your soul.  For more information go

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Blog  >  Yappy Hour Returns for Tail Wagging Fun at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel

Yappy Hour Returns for Tail Wagging Fun at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel

Fetch a calendar and bark the dates for Yappy Hour, the monthly cocktail party for canines and their companions at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Posh pups, haute hounds, and dapper doggies will enjoy complimentary house-made dog biscuits and refreshing libations, thanks to bacon, chicken, beef and vegan water, while their companions sip a glass of Mutt Lynch Unleashed Chardonnay, Merlot Over and Play Dead, or Chateau d’Og Cabernet Sauvignon. Cocktails, beer and a selection of barbecue items are also available for purchase.

Supporting the resort’s Community Footprints program, proceeds from Yappy Hour benefit The Veterans Initiative™ of Canine Companions for Independence.



Release the Hounds for Yappy Hour 2018 on

·        Thursday, May 10, 2018 | 5 to 8 p.m.

·        Thursday, June 14, 2018 | 5 to 8 p.m.

·        Thursday, July 12, 2018 | 5 to 8 p.m.

·        Thursday, August 9, 2018 | 5 to 8 p.m.

·        Thursday, September 13, 2018 | 5 to 8 p.m.

·        Thursday, October 25, 2018 – Yappy Howl-O-Ween | 4 to 7 p.m.

·        Sunday, December 2, 2018 – Yappy Howl-iday Celebration |

                                                             11  a.m. to 2 p.m.


And as Bruce Brainerd, general manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel said, “Over the years, Yappy Hour has not only been an exciting event that brings the local community and their dogs together, but it has raised significant funds in support of animal charities that change lives. It’s truly an honor to host Yappy Hour and the assistance we are able to provide to Canine Companions could not happen without the generosity of our friends, neighbors, and business partners.”

With a dramatic increase in wounded veterans, The Veterans Initiative provides an opportunity for veterans to regain their independence through the support of Canine Companions assistance dogs. Canine Companions is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly-trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships.

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Blog  >  Petcurean GO! Sensitivity & Shine New Pollock Recipe Has Us Hooked

Petcurean GO! Sensitivity & Shine New Pollock Recipe Has Us Hooked

FIDO is a big fan of Petcurean & when they offered us the opportunity to taste their GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE  new POLLOCK recipe we jumped at the chance to give our feedBARK!

Petcurean is an independent, Canadian-owned family business that's been around since 1999.  They pride themselves on creating recipes with passion and purpose, recipes that nobody has thought of making. When it comes to ingredients, their motto is only the best of the best will do. Their trusted network of farmers, ranchers and producers provide them with a consistent source of healthy, premium quality market-fresh meats, veggies, fruits and berries. They cook with creativity, energy and an overarching love for our cats and dogs. Then, with the Petcurean seal of approval, their food goes out to be enjoyed by pets the world over.

Petcurean products are sold exclusively through pet specialty stores and they take sensitivities seriously: Food sensitivities in pets are a growing concern and GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE Limited Ingredient Diet pet food provides a solution with a single source of meat protein and as few ingredients as possible to meet the nutritional requirements of dogs and cats. New to the line are MSC-certified pollock recipes for cats and dogs, and a grass-fed lamb recipe for dogs These tasty new recipes contain premium quality meat or fish protein (fresh meat + meal) as their first two ingredients, followed by coconut oil for easy digestion and energy, tapioca, an easily digestible source of carbohydrates, chicory root, a pre-biotic that promotes digestive health.

Their new MSC-certified pollock recipe for dogs (and cats!), features sustainably harvested Alaskan pollock, one of the most abundant and versatile fish in the world. A part of the cod family, Alaskan pollock has high nutritional value and is an excellent source of protein, minerals and omega fatty acids, and is low in carbohydrates, cholesterol and fat.  FIDO likes that!

TASTE TIME! We received our bag of GO! New Pollock recipe and we were ready to go.  Taste Tester Aussie rescue pup Dewey is already a big fan of Petcurean’s NEW NOW FRESH stew and pâté recipes so she was wagging to go at trying this new menu offering.

Based on our vets suggestion, we gave Dewey 4 smaller portions throughout the day rather than her normal twice a day bowls of food.  She was onboard and GOBBLED up  this new recipe!  She enjoyed her new food the whole week of our test, had no tummy issues and was full of energy and playing frisbee daily.  Dewey and FIDO definitely give Petcurean a BIG smile & two paws up!



Want to have your pup try one of Petcurean’s tasty & nutritious recipes? Right now you can get $5 off coupon on any bag of NOW FRESH, GATHER or GO! Now - Just head to and ENTER code PS138ZW997


FIDO Friendly is proud to be a Petcurean Blogger Adovocate

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Blog  >  Nation’s Top Animal Welfare Organizations Launch Innovation Showdown

Nation’s Top Animal Welfare Organizations Launch Innovation Showdown

The 2018 Innovation Showdown, which launches today, invites organizations and companies to compete for the chance at an investment of up to $350,000 for innovative ideas to save animal lives and get feedback from the nation’s top animal welfare experts.  Recognizing and rewarding lifesaving innovation has been an area of focus for many of the nation’s top animal welfare organizations. It is a collaborative project with a goal to spark lifesaving creativity to help the animal welfare industry reduce the number of animals euthanized in this country. 

(Picture features last year's Innovation Showdown with top winners from ACC of NYC  and  Brandywine SPCA on stage with Shark Tank's Daymond John, Jane Lynch, Susanne Kogut, executive director of the Petco Foundation and Jackson Galaxy.)

The Innovation Showdown, originally created in 2017 by the Petco Foundation and Jackson Galaxy Foundation, is modeled after the critically-acclaimed Shark Tank for entrepreneurs, but with one major difference. The Innovation Showdown’s ultimate goal is not a financial return on investment but a lifesaving return on investment – that is to save the lives of more animals in need.   

“The Innovation Showdown aspires to encourage ideas that will change the landscape of animal welfare,” said Susanne Kogut, the Petco Foundation Executive Director.  “All of the participating national organizations share the same goal -- to end needless euthanasia of animals in this country.  By joining forces in this year’s Showdown, we can make a meaningful impact with a more significant investment pool and feedback from the industry’s experts to debate the lifesaving potential of each new idea.” 

Participating organizations include, the ASPCABest Friends Animal SocietyThe Humane Society of the United StatesThe Jackson Galaxy ProjectMaddie’s Fund®Michelson Found Animals Foundationthe Petco Foundation and the WaterShed Animal Fund.  

“Partnering with the industry’s top dogs, and cats, through the Innovation Showdown is a great way for us to support and foster big, positive, transformational change for animals,” said Jackson Galaxy, cat expert, author, entrepreneur, founder of the Jackson Galaxy Project, and host of “My Cat from Hell.” 

Innovative ideas to save animal lives are now being accepted online until February 16th.  Two finalists will be chosen initially and selected additional ideas will compete for the third Wild Card finalist spot.  The grand finale will take place on May 16th at the HSUS Animal Care Expo, where the three finalists will make their pitch on stage to the judges.

Eligibility: Non-profit or municipal animal welfare organizations and for-profit companies, provided their idea is to support the mission to save animal lives. Judging panel of Innovation Investors: Matt Bershadker (ASPCA), Julie Castle (Best Friends Animal Society), Jackson Galaxy (the Jackson Galaxy Project), Mary Ippoliti-Smith (Maddie’s Fund), Aimee Gilbreath (Michelson Found Animals Foundation), Susanne Kogut (the Petco Foundation) and Christy Counts (WaterShed Animal Fund)

“The Humane Society of the United States is thrilled to host the Innovation Showdown at Animal Care Expo,” said Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the HSUS.  “Innovation is a critical pathway to helping us solve problems in our field and to strengthen the human-animal bond.  As the premiere educational event for animal welfare professionals, Expo is a great venue to showcase big, new ideas in our field.”  

Last year nearly 200 idea submissions were received and two winners, the Animal Care Centers of NYC for their digital shelter concept ($100,000) and Brandywine Valley SPCA for “Mama in a Box” a kitten feeding solution ($50,000), took home the top two honors.  View videos of the first-ever Innovation Showdown winners here:

Join the conversation on FacebookTwitter and Instagram using the hashtag #InnovationShowdown. 


About the Petco Foundation

At the Petco Foundation, we believe that every animal deserves to live its best life.  Since 1999, we’ve invested more than $200 million in lifesaving animal welfare work to make that happen. With our more than 4,000 animal welfare partners, we inspire and empower communities to make a difference by investing in adoption and medical care programs, spay and neuter services, pet cancer research, service and therapy animals, and numerous other lifesaving initiatives. Through our Think Adoption First program, we partner with Petco stores and animal welfare organizations across the country to increase pet adoptions. So far, we’ve helped more than 5.5 million pets find their new loving families, and we’re just getting started.

Visit to learn more about how you can get involved.

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Blog  >  Two GREAT Travel Accessories from The Grommet

Two GREAT Travel Accessories from The Grommet

We received two great travel accessories from to review and both are unique and much appreciated by those of us who travel if no more than for a weekend getaway, these two products are must haves for 2018.


The PACK Gear is a handy travel organizer that fits neatly in to your luggage or to simply hang on the door making clothes and sundries easily accessible. Four closable compartments keep your stuff accessible and securely in place. 



AirScale is a two-in-one luggage scale AND phone charger! This is such a brilliant concept.  The unit is very sleek in design and will hold and weigh up to 88 pounds. When my husband and I travel we seem to return with more items than what we started out with so being able to weigh our bags ahead of time helps us breath a sigh of relief and gives us the chance to redistribute items if necessary.  The AirScale is capable of charging Smartphone’s 2.5 times and includes a USB cable, luggage strap with hook and carrying pouch.


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Blog  >  The Honest Kitchen Partners with Mammoth Mountain Avalanche Dogs to Fuel Up with Food

The Honest Kitchen Partners with Mammoth Mountain Avalanche Dogs to Fuel Up with Food

The Honest Kitchen and Mammoth Mountain announced a partnership today that has tails wagging and mouths watering. As the new dog food provider for Mammoth’s patrol dogs, Eastside k9, The Honest Kitchen will support the hard and important work of a highly specialized and trained team of dogs that help keep skiers and snowboarders safe at one of North America’s premier mountain resorts.

“Our patrol dogs spend countless hours out on the snow helping to keep our guests safe. They deserve the very best and this partnership with The Honest Kitchen provides that,” said Joani Lynch, Mammoth’s Vice President of Marketing. “As a brand built on integrity and ingenuity, The Honest Kitchen is one we’re excited to align with and we look forward to doing that in some new and creative ways.”

In addition to providing food for Mammoth’s current and retired avalanche dogs, the partnership will leverage the combined social influence of two of the leading brands in their respective industries; including co-branded social content and in-resort activations. Mammoth’s avalanche dogs will now proudly wear an Honest Kitchen patch on their vests and patrollers/ handlers will distribute information and discounts at events and various functions.

Mammoth Mountain is one of our favorite places to play, and we are thrilled to support the hard-working dogs of the mountain with hearty, human grade food,” said Mike Steck, Chief Marketing Officer of The Honest Kitchen. “The best mountain, with the best patrol dogs, now serves the best food.”

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Blog  >  Senior Dog Inspires $35K in Grants for Baltimore Shelter

Senior Dog Inspires $35K in Grants for Baltimore Shelter

This story of a senior dog who won a $10K grant for a Baltimore Shelter (BARCS) and then  only weeks ago just won another $25K (grand prize - announced today) in the Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes People’s Choice Awards, will warm your heart this holiday season.

Kaylee, an American Staffordshire terrier was adopted from a Baltimore Shelter at 11 years of age at the request of a 9-year-old child named Raven -- "to adopt the oldest dog in the shelter."  The family agreed and after adopting her they discovered she had cancer  with a prognosis of only 2 months. Therefore the family set out to create Kaylee’s Bucket List to give her the best life ever.  Kaylee has since passed her 2 month mark and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Kaylee inspired Raven's mom, Melissa Davis, to submit this essay to the Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes.

“I want to adopt an old dog,” Raven, my nine-year-old, said. “One that no one else wants.”


“That’s very kind of you,” I said, “But when you adopt an old dog, you don’t know how long you’ll have them. They could live for years or months or only weeks.”


“I know,”the child said. “But I don’t want them to die in the shelter. They don’t deserve to die alone.”

Having no argument to that logic, we set off to BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore and asked to see their oldest dog. Kaylee had been there for three weeks in a place that usually sees dogs adopted pretty quickly. When they brought her out to meet us, she leaned into my chest and I knew she was ours.

But despite the excellent care from BARCS, Kaylee wasn’t a healthy dog. Her owners surrendered her when they could no longer afford the care for her torn CCL, early kidney disease, and what they thought was a urinary tract infection. She was a fixer-upper, you could say, but Raven was right: she deserved a home. We took her to ours the next day and scheduled an appointment with our vet.

After two weeks of extensive testing, we learned that Kaylee has metastatic thyroid carcinoma. By the time we adopted her it had already spread to her lungs, and it would be terminal. And while I can’t say we fixed her up and she’s healthy, I can say she is getting her happily ever after.

Kaylee has taught us so much in the few months she’s been with us. She loves with her whole heart in a way that is just incredible. Every person she meets is her new friend, and she happily accepts love and pats. Despite being surrendered by her previous owner, she trusts us fully. She fills our house with happiness with her smiles, butt wags, and insistence that she have ALL the belly rubs.

My children have learned compassion in a way I’ve never dreamed possible. They happily gave up a vacation to Disney World because we needed the money to pay for Kaylee’s care. They told me, “That’s ok. We wouldn’t want to go without her anyway.”

On top of the joy she’s brought to our home, Kaylee has reminded us of the good in the world. We created a bucket list for her to ensure the end of her life is the best part of it, and through that we’ve connected with so many incredible, giving, kind people. She’s developed a following around the world and has shown others the immense value in adopting senior pets.

We thought we were rescuing Kaylee that day, but as it turns out, she was rescuing us. We didn’t know what we were missing until she was here.

We will love her for the rest of her life and every day after.

Each year, the Petco Foundation invites adopters to share the story of how their adopted pet changed their lives during the annual Holiday Wishes campaign, giving the organization that they adopted from a chance to receive a grant award. This story by Melissa Davis won BARCS Animal Shelter in Maryland a 2017 Holiday Wishes award.

For more information on the Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes please visit HERE

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Blog  >  LA Animal Services Offers Safety Tips to Keep your Pets Healthy and Happy this Holiday Season

LA Animal Services Offers Safety Tips to Keep your Pets Healthy and Happy this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a joyous time of year when everyone is decorating, cooking and coming together to celebrate and create memories with their family, including their furry family members. With all the hustle and bustle during this time of year, we can easily forget about the potential dangers that may come along with all the festivities. LA Animal Services wants you to keep the following hazards in mind to keep your best buddy safe during the holidays.


       1.  Beware of décor

Our beloved pets often see holiday décor as something to play with  or eat that can be very dangerous to them. Tinsel, if consumed, can cause intestinal blockage and breakable ornaments and other glass decorations can cause injuries. Put tinsel and fragile decorations up high and out of reach from your pet. Be careful of electric lights and wires that can cause burns if the cords are chewed.

If you put up a Christmas tree consider tying it down to a door frame so your pet doesn't tip it over. If the tree is real, keep the water covered and inaccessible. Tree water may contain fertilizer and other harmful chemicals.

        2.  Flowers and festive plants

You probably worry over poinsettias making your pets sick, the truth is that these festive plants only cause mild to moderate gastrointestinal irritation. However, there are other seasonal foliage that you should be more wary of such as amaryllis, holly, lilies and mistletoe that can be dangerous and even poisonous to pets who decide to eat them.

3.  Holiday feasts

We have a tendency to include our pets in our holiday meals, which often results in overindulgence. Even when we don't purposely include them, the agile and creative dog or cat can capture a special treat from the kitchen counter, trash or even the dining room table.

Dogs and cats suffer very serious and sometimes fatal consequences from turkey or chicken bones, too much rich and fatty foods, yeast dough, chocolate and just plain overeating. Instead of giving your companion animal leftovers, stop by a pet food store and purchase some new dog biscuits or cat treats. 

4.  Keep away from noisemakers

While celebrating, it is easy to forget that loud noises and celebratory poppers or noisemakers can scare your furry friend. Even if your pet doesn't seem obviously upset by noisemakers and fireworks, they can still cause harm to pets if burned or if they accidentally ingest them. Try creating a safe place in your home where your pet can have some quiet space if needed.

5.  Plan ahead

If you are not going to be home or in the room with your pet, unplug decorations and take out the trash to make sure your pet doesn't sneak any food scraps. If your pet is not acting like himself or herself, consult your veterinarian and make sure you know how to get to your 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic before there's an emergency.

Always make sure your pet has up-to-date identification. If for any reason your pet escapes during the holiday chaos, a collar with a current license and/or ID tag on them and a microchip that's registered with your contact information, will help reunite you with your companion animal.

By keeping these precautions in mind, the holiday season can be enjoyable and safe instead of stressful for you and your two and four-legged family members.

See more about LA Animal Services here and how to donate! 

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Blog  >  Ringing in the New Year with a Focus on Fit and Fabulous FIDO

Ringing in the New Year with a Focus on Fit and Fabulous FIDO

Tis’ the season to be jolly AND to celebrate the past year while putting our best PAW forward as we get ready to bark in the new year!

Pet parents know that keeping FIDO happy and healthy also brings joy and happiness to the entire family.  Whether we have had a great day or a crazy, stressful day, they greet us at the door with never ending love and devotion – the best gift we can give back to them is keep them healthy, fit and full of energy with exercise, lots of love, and a nutritional diet.

A good healthy food option?  We love that our friends at Petcurean offer many different healthy and delicious recipes because every pet is different.  They are experts in crafting recipes designed to meet the needs of dogs *and cats) of all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ages.  If your FIDO needs the quick energy that comes from eating whole grains, they have a whole grain recipe they are sure to love.  If your dog does better with a grain-free recipe, they have got those, too. High protein, moderate protein, limited ingredients, life-stages, different kibble shapes and sizes; they offer options for all tastes and dietary considerations.

 A FIDO favorite?  NOW FRESH™ Kibble and NEW super yummy  stews (we just did a tasty test drive review last month – check out the video below too) – It’s no surprise that dogs and cats love the freshness of NOW. It’s so fresh, it’s like eating off the kitchen counter (down, girl). Packed  full of nutritious ingredients like 100% market-fresh meat or fish. 100% fresh omega 3 & 6 oils from coconuts and canola. - 0% grains, gluten, wheat, beef, chicken, corn or soy  AND 0% rendered meats, by-products, added growth hormones or artificial preservatives- FIDO likes that!  (Puppy, and Adult recipes are also available)



We also love the Petcurean guarantee - It doesn't happen very often, but if your pet refuses to eat one of their foods or has a physical issue with a Petcurean recipe, just return the bag to the local pet specialty store where it was purchased (with your receipt). You will receive a full refund, or an exchange for another Petcurean product.

ALL their yummy recipes are “created to put more life in to your pet” - We couldn’t think of a better sentiment and focus for FIDO for the new year.  Visit their website for information about all their wonderful products!

Happy Holidays & Paws Up to making things GREAT for FIDO in 2018!



Fido Friendly is proud to be a Petcurean Blogger Advocate.  Petcurean provides products for our review and promotion

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Blog  >  Outward Hound® Recapitalizes with J.W. Childs Associates

Outward Hound® Recapitalizes with J.W. Childs Associates

Outward Hound® has entered into a partnership with consumer products and retail expert J.W. Childs Associates in a deal announced today.

J.W. Childs has a successful portfolio of current and exited investments that include notable successful brands including Meow Mix, Hartz, Pinnacle Foods, Kosta Browne, Mattress Firm, Bass Pro Shops, and many more.

“Outward Hound will continue creating innovative products in the pet space and could not be more excited about our new partnership with J.W. Childs that will take us to the next level with both our retail partners and consumers,” said Outward Hound® Founder & CWO (Chief Woof Officer) Kyle Hansen. “We completed four acquisitions over the last 3 years including Petstages, Dublin Dog, Nina Ottosson and Bionic with the goal now of expanding our portfolio even more in current and new categories.”

“We’re excited about our investment in Outward Hound® and the fantastic leadership team that has built one of the fastest growing brands in the pet space,” said J.W. Childs Partner David Fiorentino. “The innovative product portfolio in multiple categories create exciting opportunities to deliver great products for pet parents around the world and accelerate growth.”  

Four executives from J.W. Childs will join the Outward Hound Board of Directors: Partners David Fiorentino and Adam Suttin, Vice President Kyle Casella and Operating Partner Philip Damiano.

Philip Damiano Operating Partner at J.W. Childs and former CEO of Idea Paint, COO of Velcro and President of Esselte, a Rubbermaid Company will be appointed Chairman of the Board, working closely with Mr. Hansen and management.

Philip commented, “I’ve been actively involved in numerous brands over the last three decades and am extremely impressed with the best-in-class performance the Outward Hound® management team has delivered.  I’m excited to be working closely with Kyle and the great team as they continue to grow and develop the Outward Hound® brand portfolio around the world.”

About Outward Hound 

Outward Hound® creates meaningful innovations with the best team in the industry that solve big problems for pet parents and is a leader in dog & cat supplies sold around the world. Outward Hound is an award-winning innovator, manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality toys, games, gear, collars, and feeders under the Outward Hound, Petstages, Bionic, Nina Ottosson and Dublin Dog brands.

For more information, please visit and check out how we Raise The Woof on Facebook or Instagram every day.


About J.W. Childs Associates 

J.W. Childs is a Boston-based private equity firm focused on investing in middle-market growth companies. Since inception in 1995, J.W. Childs has invested in excess of $3.5 billion of equity capital in 48 companies across the consumer, specialty retail and healthcare industries. The firm’s success has been built on its industry focus and the extensive operating expertise of its partners. For more information, please visit

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Blog  >  Silver Muzzle Cottage – a Safe Haven for Homeless Dogs in the Twilight of Their Life

Silver Muzzle Cottage – a Safe Haven for Homeless Dogs in the Twilight of Their Life

In Elk Rapids, Michigan, homeless dogs who are in the twilight of their life may be fortunate enough to wind up in the care of the Silver Muzzle Cottage – the only dog hospice care facility in the state, and one of the few in the nation. Two years ago, Kim Skarritt founded the rescue and hospice program after encountering a large number of aging dogs who had been abandoned, for one reason or another, by their owners.


Skarritt’s hospice program provides for elderly dogs who have lost their home because an owner died, moved to a nursing home, or even because someone decided that they no longer wanted to care for their aging pet. After seeing “too many” elderly dogs in shelters, Skarritt was motivated to open a facility where these cast-offs of society could spend the twilight of their life receiving the love and care that they not only needed, but deserved. She explained, “We just do not want to see them die alone in a shelter.”

The Silver Muzzle Cottage is located inside of a large warehouse space next door to Bowsers by the Bay, a premiere cage-free fitness and social rehabilitation center for dogs, which is also owned by Skarritt. When Skarritt created the canine hospice center, she aimed to make it feel like a home – from couches and end tables, to throw pillows and decorations. Skarritt told FIDO Friendly, “To be honest, the décor was more for the volunteers who are like family to our dogs. I wanted the space to be a place that people would want to hang out in. But I believe that the warmth of the environment does play a part in each dog’s comfort level.” She added, “they don’t necessarily care if there is a fireplace or decorations, but they know and appreciate the difference between a cinder block wall kennel and a room with a bunch of fluffy dog beds.”

Canine residents of the Silver Muzzle Cottage do not live in cages, even at night…and they are never alone because Skarritt calls the hospice cottage home herself. She even has her own specially designed area to sleep in.

Dogs at the hospice center receive care and attention from Skarritt, as well as from dozens of kind-hearted volunteers who not only tend to their needs but also spend quality time snuggling. Finding people to volunteer their time to spend with the dogs has never really been an issue. Skarritt told FIDO Friendly, “Everyone loves being with the dogs. We often get people that travel a great distance just to see the facility and help with the dogs.” However, finding volunteers for the administrative side of things has proven to be “challenging.

Photo credits: Kim Skarritt

Despite the advanced age of the dogs, many are actually adopted from the hospice center into new homes, thanks in large part to the social media networking efforts on the Silver Muzzle Cottage Facebook page. For those who don’t get adopted, there is no shortage of unconditional love for each and every resident of the hospice center. Skarritt and her volunteers have one mission – to ensure that each Silver Muzzle Cottage dog enjoys an amazing life – whether it is for two days, two weeks, or two years. Skaritt said, “they know that when they left this world, they mattered to somebody.”

Committing one’s life to dogs who are at the end of their own can be emotionally taxing, but the experience has taught Skarritt to “live in the moment.” She explained, “I try not to focus on the limited time I’ll have with them, and to stay focused on the aspect that we are, in some cases, changing the dog’s perception of humans and the world around them. I feel that we are blessed and honored to be given the opportunity to be there for them when it is their time to cross over.”

She added, “I see it as our final and most important gift to them. The comfort that comes with knowing the dog didn’t have to suffer, and that they left this world knowing that they were loved surpasses the heartache of losing them.”

When asked to provide final thoughts about the homeless senior dog situation, Skarritt told FIDO Friendly, “Reducing the number of homeless senior dogs is partly impacted by economics; in many cases life happens and people don’t have a choice in whether or not they keep their pets. But all too often, many of our rescues are simply abandoned and it’s obvious that they never really had great care or love to begin with.” She added, “THAT is the real problem and I continually try to shed light on that. The population of homeless senior dogs is a reflection of our humanity (or lack thereof), and many people are not aware of this.”

For more information on Silver Muzzle Cottage visit:

Silver Muzzle Cottage website 



Author Penny Eims is a Freelance writer who shares her love of dogs (and all animals!) on the Pet Rescue Report and Shelter Me TV.

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Blog  >  How to Make Your Garden Fido-Friendly

How to Make Your Garden Fido-Friendly

Dogs love the outdoors. Even in winter, they will become bored of sleeping by the fire and instead keep themselves entertained by exploring nature. Your garden is full of wildlife and smells that will stimulate your dog’s senses, as well as plenty of opportunities to dig and play.

Dogs dig for a number of reasons, from looking for rodents to finding a cool place to sit. It is vital that you keep your garden suitable for dogs, so that Fido is happy and the garden doesn’t get destroyed. Keep your home and garden dog-friendly with the following tips.


You and your dog probably view the garden in a different way. You want something full of beautiful, well kept plants. Your dog wants to destroy or eat anything it finds. This means you must ensure that anything you plant will not be poisonous to your pets, since some plants can kill a dog in under an hour.

You can find a full list of toxic plants online, but common poisonous plant life includes oak trees (acorns), apples, ivy and mistletoe, so while you’re feeling festive this winter, you could be putting your dog in danger. Many more plants may cause your dog to throw up so the eating of any plant should be discouraged.

You should also ensure that your plants are robust, perhaps by placing them in plant pots. Using large plants, such as lavender hedging, as a border can make it difficult for dogs to enter and cause damage to more delicate flowers.


Eventually your dog will become bored of your backyard and want to explore the neighbor’s, especially if they have pets of their own. Since dogs can dig and jump as high as six-feet, a seriously robust fence is required.

Wire fencing can be cheap and strong, making it impossible for even strong dogs

 to chew their way through. Alternatively, a wooden fence would prevent the dog from seeing in to the next-door garden, allowing them to focus on their own domain.

The exact fence you install will depend upon the size of your dog, but just make sure there are no gaps or weak points.

Using a designated area can help with security. You can train your pet to stay within this fenced area to stop them from exploring the outer perimeters of the garden. This can be encouraged by filling the dog area with their favorite toys. A sandpit can be used as a place for them to use the toilet. Your dog may enjoy playing in or drinking from the fountain, so distracting them by putting a water bowl in the “dog area” will reduce the need to clean the fountain.

Mud Room

So you’ve made the perfect play area for your dog. After spending time digging in the designated area, they’ll want to come back inside. To keep the interior of your house from becoming dirty, consider building a mudroom.

This is an entryway where your dog can be let back into the house. Ideally, this room would contain a large sink, where you can wash off your dog before letting them access the rest of the house. Then simply towel them dry and you can ensure that your dog is still able to enjoy the outdoors, without creating too much cleaning inside. The floor should be made of hard tile, so that it can be easily cleaned with a mop.

As a pet guardian, you realize the need for a garden to keep your pet active and happy. However, the garden is also for you, so use these tips to keep both your plants and your dog safe and secure.


By Lucy Wyndham, contributing writer

Lucy Wyndham began her career as a caregiver before working her way up through the system to become a Care Home Manager. After starting her family, she took a step back to indulge her love of writing. 


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Blog  >  TurfMutt Shares Winter Storm Safety Tips for Pets

TurfMutt Shares Winter Storm Safety Tips for Pets

Lucky the TurfMutt is a former street dog who spent cold days and nights without a home before he was rescued by Kris Kiser, President and CEO of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI). Now, Lucky has a warm bed to sleep in and a new mission – to teach kids and their families about the importance of our living landscapes.

This superdog knows that part of taking care of the family yard in the winter months includes cleaning up from snow and ice storms. “Even though we have fur coats, pets feel the cold just like humans do, and I know just how uncomfortable that can be first-paw from living on the streets before Kris rescued me,” says Lucky the TurfMutt. “I want to encourage families to ‘bone up’ on these tips for keeping everyone in your family – including your pets – safe and warm this winter.”

Reduce outdoor activities when temperatures dip low. Your pets will always be most comfortable inside with you, but it’s imperative you keep them indoors during severe weather.

Using a snowthrower can make quick work of snow removal and can create a path to your pet’s bathroom area. But always keep kids and pets away from the equipment.

Don’t cut your dog’s fur in the wintertime. Pets naturally develop winter coats to protect them from the harsh, cold elements.

After bathroom breaks and walks, check your pet’s ears, paws and tail for any sign of frostbite.

Keep a dry, clean towel handy to wipe down your pet’s legs, belly and paws after each outdoor excursion. Ice-melt chemicals can irritate their skin and cause serious illness if ingested.

Antifreeze smells and tastes sweet to pets, but it’s toxic to dogs and cats. Quickly clean up any spills, and consider using a brand made from non-toxic propylene glycol instead.

Ensure your pet has plenty of fresh, clean water to drink. Winter air is dry!

Offer a warm, dry place for your pet to rest inside. A pet bed works perfectly.

“Like most dogs, Lucky loves to romp in the snow, but one of our rules is that if it’s too cold for us to be outside, it’s too cold for him, too,” says Kiser. “As guardians of our pets, it’s important that we keep their safety in mind during all kinds of weather.”

To learn more about the benefits of your family lawn for pets and people during all seasons, go to and

About TurfMutt
TurfMutt was created by the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute’s (OPEI) Research and Education Foundation and has reached more than 68 million children, educators and families since 2009. Through classroom materials developed with Scholastic, TurfMutt teaches students and teachers how to “save the planet, one yard at a time.” TurfMutt is an official USGBC® Education Partner and education resource at the U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools, the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Green Apple, the Center for Green Schools, the Outdoors Alliance for Kids, the National Energy Education Development (NEED) project, Climate Change Live, Petfinder and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In 2017, the TurfMutt animated video series won the coveted Cynopsis Kids Imagination Award for Best Interstitial Series. TurfMutt’s personal, home habitat also is featured in the 2017 and the upcoming 2018 Wildlife Habitat Council calendars. More information at

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Blog  >  FIDO Likes Turkey Too - Taking a Tasty Test Drive With Petcurean’s NOW FRESH Stew Recipes

FIDO Likes Turkey Too - Taking a Tasty Test Drive With Petcurean’s NOW FRESH Stew Recipes

FIDO loves that we are partnered with Petcurean and we are always eager to try their new products and share our experience with you!

Petcurean is an independent, Canadian-owned family business that's been around since 1999.  They pride themselves on creating recipes with passion and purpose, recipes that nobody has thought of making. When it comes to ingredients, their motto is only the best of the best will do. Their trusted network of farmers, ranchers and producers provide them with a consistent source of healthy, premium quality market-fresh meats, veggies, fruits and berries. They cook with creativity, energy and an overarching love for our cats and dogs. Then, with the Petcurean seal of approval, their food goes out to be enjoyed by pets the world over.

Petcurean products are sold exclusively through pet specialty stores.  They invest time and resources into educating their partners at pet specialty stores about the nutritional needs of dogs and cats, food intolerances and sensitivities, and pet food ingredients.  FIDO likes that!

Social Media Director Ali Kochie and her FIDO Dewey, an 12 year old Aussie Shepherd rescue, were already fans of Petcurean, (Dewey is partial to NOW FRESH - Grain Free Senior Dog Food Recipe), so they were definitely up for taste testing the NEW NOW FRESH stew and pâté recipes

Like all the yummy and healthy options Petcurean offers, their new NOW FRESH stews and pâtés are perfect served as a treat, topper, or as a complete and balanced meal. They and are available in six delicious recipes: turkey stew for dogs and cats, pork stew for dogs, wild salmon stew for cats, pork pâté for cats and wild salmon pâté for cats. All recipes are non-GMO and made in a human-grade facility with human-grade ingredients including 100 percent fresh wild salmon, turkey or pork, and fresh potatoes, carrots, peas, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and apples - all excellent sources of antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals and dietary fiber to support digestive health. NOW FRESH stews and pâtés are made with turkey bone broth, which adds a great source of collagen and a meaty flavor that both dogs and cats love. Other recipe highlights include:

  • Omega 3 & 6 oils from coconuts and canola to promote skin and coat health
  • Flaxseed, an excellent source of dietary fibre and essential omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • Dried kelp, a natural source of iodine, dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals
  • Zero grains, gluten, wheat, beef, chicken, corn, or soy
  • Zero rendered meats, by-products, added growth hormones or artificial preservatives

We got our two tester soft containers and were ready to go.  Dewey, as always, was very interested in seeing new dog food (!) and more than ready to start our evaluation!

Based on our vets suggestion, we gave Dewey smaller portions of the stew, mixed in with her current dog food throughout the day.  She was onboard and loving this new food option from her first taste, as you can see below.  She had no tummy issues and was full of energy and playing ball daily.  Dewey and FIDO definitely gives Petcurean’s new stew and pate two paws up!

For more information and to get a coupon to try Petcurean food with your FIDO, click here.



FIDO Friendly is proud to be a Petcurean Blogger Adovocate

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Blog  >  Los Angeles Boutique “The Orlando Hotel” Treats Fido Like a Queen

Los Angeles Boutique “The Orlando Hotel” Treats Fido Like a Queen

When You Book The Urban Spa Getaway For Pooch And You Package, You Are In For A Treat.

Girls just gotta spa when staying at The Orlando Hotel, as proven by the smile on FIDO Friendly's very own Honey's face with her stylist at Vanderpuffs for her day of beauty.   Photo Credit: SusanSims

Recently adopted Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix Honey, hit the jackpot when recently visiting The Orlando Hotel which sits between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, and that means of course, Fido-fabulous shops and restaurants.

A stay at The Orlando Hotel gives the guest a pulse of the city, as it is close to everything!  The Grove, the Farmer's Market, CBS Studios, and the Beverly Center are all within walking distance. Nearby attractions include Paramount Studios, Griffith Park, The Hollywood Walk of Fame and The Getty Museum.

The Orlando Hotel has a welcoming atmosphere. The hotel has been a family-run business for over 30 years, and its longtime staff goal is to make the guests stay seamless. The Hotel has 95 stylish and comfortable guest suites. Clean lines and colors of chocolate, burnt orange, and light tan create a warm, modern ambience in contrast to the vibrant buzz of L.A.'s hip Mid City.  The outdoor heated saltwater pool and spa along with the abundant amenities make it a most relaxing getaway.

If you book the Urban Spa Getaway for Pooch and You package, you are in for a treat because both you AND Fido can get pampered at the nearby spa and grooming salon. The package also includes a hiking map to nearby dog-friendly Runyon Canyon.

Publisher, Susan Sims shared their experience:  First we took Honey for her Vanderpuff Spa Day at nearby Vanderpump Dogs, which is the Vanderpump Dog Rescue Center. If the name sounds familiar, you may be one of the many who enjoy the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where one of the cast members, Lisa Vanderpump, is also known for her huge heart concerning animal welfare.

Honey had not had a professional grooming experience before so we left her in good and I walked across the street to the Face Haus.  I normally have very sensitive skin so wasn't completely sold on the idea until my technician informed me of the all-natural products which were to be used.

An hour later and with skin glowing from my best facial ever, my hubby and I walked back over to collect Honey from her spa day too.  She looked like she had a glow as well and was even cutter than ever.  Everyone at Vanderpuff’s treated Honey like royalty and we left feeling pretty great about ourselves thanks to The Orlando Hotel Spa Getaway.

To book your hotel stay click here

To book Spa Day for FIDO click here

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Blog  >  Give The Gift of Health to FIDO This Season With NuVet Plus

Give The Gift of Health to FIDO This Season With NuVet Plus

This is the time of year that people think about giving and family. When it comes to our furry family members, Fido knows the perfect gift!

NuVet Labs has been giving the gift of improved health to family pets since 1997. Their passion for animals has always been, and continues to be, the inspiration for their natural, human-grade nutritional supplements designed to promote improved quality of life for four-legged friends around the world.

The Immune support supplement, NuVet Plus, is specially made to address one major cause of poor health in animals: lack of proper nutrition. The unique ingredients provide full-spectrum nutritional support that helps neutralize the damaging free radicals that pets encounter on a daily basis.



Why NuVet Plus?

  • Improves energy
  • Promotes healthy skin & coat
  • Supports healthy eye & ears
  • Improves digestion

Not only is NuVet Plus ideal for pet health, but the chewable wafer contains “paddle dried” whole chicken liver so dogs love the taste, even the picky ones! NuVet even provides a powder formula with double the chicken liver for extra nutrient-rich flavor.

NuVet Labs also has a hip and joint supplement to help dogs with mobility and flexibility issues. NuJoint Plus and NuJoint DS (Double Strength) provide maximum hip and joint support that is safe for dogs of every age and breed.

Why NuJoint?

  • Rebuilds cartilage
  • Keeps joints lubricated
  • Improves mobility
  • Strengthens hips


NuVet Lab’s produces safe and natural supplements to protect, strengthen, and support each pet. Their supplements are made in the USA and manufactured in an FDA-registered human pharmaceutical facility, following GMP (good manufacturing) standards. The natural, high-quality ingredients are cold processed to maintain their rich nutrients for maximum potency and superior bio-availability. Each ingredient is compounded to maintain its integrity. NuJoint Plus and NuVet Plus can be used independent of each other, or in conjunction to attain the best possible results.

Fido also loves NuVet’s commitment to helping dogs and cats in need, too. All year long, NuVet gives back to the animal community by donating to various rescues and charity organizations to support those that are abandoned and neglected. With a little love, patience and proper nutritional support from NuVet, they too can find themselves back on the path to perfect health and, hopefully, a forever home.

Learn more about the pets that NuVet Labs has helped at

Stay updated by following NuVet on Twitter!



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