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Adoption Story

Cane's Bucket List—A beloved dog’s diagnosis of terminal cancer inspired his owners to come up with a creative way to cope with the loss that would come too soon.

By Penny Elms

When faced with the end of a beloved dog’s life, it can be nearly impossible to wrap one’s head around the thought of saying good-bye. While we may hope for our dogs to reach a certain age - one which seems significant enough to make the ache of the final farewell bearable, truth be known, whether our dog dies at seven years of age, or 18, it is going to hurt.

In November, when a couple in North Texas learned that their six-year-old, rescued pit bull, “Cane,” had terminal thyroid cancer, they came up with a creative way to help themselves cope with the devastating news, and a way to ensure that the end of their dog’s life would be the best that it could be.

Cane’s guardians, Anna and Justin Carter, put together a list of memorable bucket list items which included a variety of fun activities, ranging from visiting parks (lots of parks) and taking a dog-friendly family vacation, to enjoying ice cream and an In & Out burger.

As word of Cane’s bucket list spread, local media picked up the story and in doing so, a few more of the items from the wish list were accomplished...including number 14, being featured on NBC DFW News, which in turn, helped to promote positive pit bull awareness, number 15 on the bucket list item, to Paw it forward, inspire humans to adopt more pibbles.

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