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Ashley Bell

Nominated actress and animal lover Ashley Bell is the 2013 official spokesperson for the 5th annual month long pet adoption tour: Get Your Licks on Route 66®.

Growing up in a vegetarian household surrounded by pets, it is little wonder that Ashley grew up to be a compassionate spokesperson for all animals. She sat down with FIDO Friendly publisher Susan Sims to talk about all things dog along with her documentary, Love and Bananas.

FIDO Friendly: We were so happy that you were able to lend your celebrity status to this years life saving tour and sorry that your dog Honor, who is featured with you on the Fall cover had passed away after the photo shoot.

Ashley Bell: It’s so great to talk with you and such an honor to be part of this magazine and everything and especially have that photo shoot with Honor. Honor passed away a little bit after that and its such a beautiful reminder, a keepsake for my family and I to have that, to have her smile, its so important and meaningful to me, so thank you.

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