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Cover Girl Crystal Hefner

Crystal Hefner is an animal lover and an active and avid animal rights advocate who helps out wherever and whenever she can.

By publisher, Susan Sims

Not just another pretty face, Crystal Hefner regularly volunteers her time with the non-profit organization Pets 90210 and was picked to be on the 2014 Rose Parade float along with Brandon McMillan for the Beverly Hills Pet Foundation. Last year for Playboy’s Halloween party, Crystal auctioned off a pair of tickets to the event on CharityBuzz and donated the proceeds to the Argus Service Dog Foundation which gives dogs to disabled veterans (additionally, the group adopts rescues and trains them for the organization too). I recently had the chance to speak with Crystal about life at the Playboy Mansion with her dogs, Charlie and Lady.

FIDO Friendly » What is your earliest memory of your first pets growing up?
Crystal Hefner » My first pet was a Shih Tzu named Tasha. I loved her so much. I have always been a dog person, I am allergic to cats.

FF » How old were you?
CH » Nine. Before that I had hamsters and mice. I grew up in San Diego and went to the zoo a lot. I was always attracted to animals.

FF » Do you remember how long you had Tasha?
CH » She lived a long time. We had her her whole life.

FF » When and why did you determine to lend your celebrity status to help raise awareness for the plight of homeless pets?
CH » I think it was because we have a zoo at the Mansion. We get animals that have been abandoned by their owners. We have more exotic animals; we have monkeys that someone freed in our neighborhood. It’s awful. So we have taken them in and either found them homes or they just live at the Mansion with us. From that I opened by eyes a bit and started thinking about working with dogs and cats and working at the animal shelter. I work with Pets 90210 by going to their adoption events and help try and get their animals adopted. They have fun events; one is called Woofstock which gets a lot of attention.

FF » How fulfilling is it for you to be involved with the Argus Service Dog Foundation?
CH » We raised money for the Argus Service Dog Foundation. What he (Brandon McMillan) does is incredible. What he does is basically helping vets with PTSD and training dogs to help them (disabled vets) up the stairs.

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