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Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

In his own words.

Pet Parents Ryan Beauchesne and Laurence Dionne. Photos and costumes by Ryan Beauchesne

Who doesn’t love to see adorable pet videos and especially the videos of one of the most famous dogs of our time, Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund? Eight-year-old Crusoe took time out of his busy schedule from traveling and PAWtographing his book to visit with FIDO Friendly magazine and talk about his rise to fame.

FIDO Friendly »  Where were you born and what’s your sign?

Crusoe »  I was born in Montreal, Quebec (yes, I’m bilingual) and my sign in Scorpio!

FF » Do you feel that you were destined for fame?

Crusoe »  Yes! When Mum and Dad were raising me as a pup, they noticed I was incredibly photogenic, laid-back, and exceptionally cooperative as a model. And once Dad started posting pics of me on his personal Facebook and getting amazing reactions, that’s when he said, “hey, since you’re so popular with my friends I’ll start up a blog for you!”

FF » What do you do when the ‘puparazzi’ are hounding you?

Crusoe »  Turn and pose. But when I’m not feeling it, I can quite easily disappear back to a normal dog, because unless I’m in a outfit or posing in front of cameras, most times people think I’m just a regular lil ol’ dachshund. At a pet store one time, one lady even looked at me and said, “Hey, he kinda looks like that dog Crusoe”…

FF » What is your favorite time of year?

Crusoe »  Every time. Anyone who’s read my first book knows I love all the seasons. I enjoy sunshine, forest walks, and fishing in the warmer months, I love cozying up by a fire when it gets chillier, and I absolutely LOVE playing with snowballs and destroying snowmen. Since I was raised near Mont Tremblant for first year of my life, I’ve become quite accustomed to long, snowy winters.

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