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Doga - Redefining Healing

Fido may have fun playing Frisbee or taking long hikes, but in recent years new trends have been emerging with pet parents routinely pampering their dogs with Doga and more.

By Claudia Bensimoun

Today, non-traditional healing techniques for Fido are being combined with those of Western medicine. From transformative acupuncture to pampering massage, physical therapy and Doga, the main focus is bringing Fido back to health the natural way, all the while ensuring bonding between pet parent and pooch. There’s another big bonus too: lots of socialization. Even those with dogs that may seem shy benefit from being around different people and dogs.

“We can’t forget that dogs are our best friends. That whatever we do with them just makes life better. And even though yoga is blissful and fun, it is still hard for so many to take the time to actually just get on the mat and flow,” says Jacksonville yoga instructor Suzi Teitelman. “When we bring Fido along, it only takes the joy and love even farther, and for many kills two birds with one stone…spending time with your dog, and spending time with you.”

The pet parent-Doga bond is continuously being forged throughout the U.S. “Doga has all the traditional benefits that yoga comes with…moving meditation, physical flexibility, strength and energy…increased joy and peacefulness. The benefits are hard to stop listing. Doga is one of the most tangible forms of finding contentment, happiness and relaxation. When you get to touch and hug and stretch on your dog while you both do yoga, this is as truthful and pure a moment most dog lovers and dogis will find,” explains Teitelman.

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