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Fixing Fido

Veterinarians travel the world to help abandoned street dogs.

By Jeremiah Alley, Film Producer of Fixing Fido

There was an incredible beauty to the Amazon clouds as they filtered the morning sun over the murky water. Locals, arriving to the market by boat or motorcar, began to unpack their wares. As the market opened up, I observed and pondered numerous things: amongst them—could we have packed heavier cameras? Did I really just eat grilled palm tree larva at 7am? And most importantly, why are there copious amounts of mangy looking dogs? Where did they all come from? Where do they all go? Who is responsible for them? And doesn’t anyone else but me notice they are here?

The toughest part for me was witnessing what seems like downright neglect and indifference toward hundreds and thousands of dogs. It appeared that the entire notion of a “pet” is not a part of their cultural vernacular. All these animals—more than 100,000 street dogs in Iquitos, Peru—have the potential to be amazing companions and become someone’s best friend. The locals just haven’t gotten “it.” Yet.

Fixing Fido is currently a work-in-progress, most recently filming with Dr. Jeff Werber, Lassie’s vet, and a group of young French veterinarians as they changed the lives and mindset of people toward Fido.

Go to to check out recent clips, see behind the scenes photos and learn how you can support the project. You can also follow the project on twitter @fixingfido.

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