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Fido Hits a Home Run

The batter lines up, the pitcher gets ready to sail the ball across the plate, and tails are wagging at stadiums across the country, as more and more ball clubs are welcoming Fido to their rosters.

Several Major League Baseball (and minor league) teams invite well-behaved dogs that are current on their vaccinations to take part in “bark in the park” or “dog days of summer” events at their stadiums. Events generally include a parade at the stadium, prizes for Fido team fanatics, and sometimes a giveaway prize and/or special promotions. Here are a few of our favorite heavy hitters:

A Boomer Revolution

The official canine mascot of The York Revolution baseball team, Boomer performs important duties like greeting fans, patrolling the perimeter, kissing babies, and cleaning up any food remnants along the concourse.

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