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Leashes and Lovers / Lesson number 19

A dog’s guide to “stay” in a relationship.

By Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Lovers Matchmaker

Dogs are amazing guides for us to learn how to sustain a relationship and they reveal that with three rules: A Blank Slate, Loyalty, and Compromise.

First, dogs live like every day is a Blank Slate—an opportunity to begin anew, and forgive and forget.

For instance, isn’t it amazing how your dog comes running to greet you every time you come home, no matter how you behaved toward your dog before you left? It’s as if the slate is always wiped clean and you have a fresh start with every entrance. Your dog is always delighted to see you and say, “Hi!”

Anne (a reporter/anchor), laughingly admits she’s a little envious of her husband’s diverted attention. “When it comes to the first kiss in the door when my husband comes home from work, he goes straight to Henry [their dog], and he gives Henry kisses first, so if anyone’s getting a little jealous in this family, it’s a little bit of me.”

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