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Ski and Explore New Mexico

Luxury, great people, amazing culture and most importantly, dog gone fun!

Hidden from highways and byways, New Mexico had time to grow deep in its cultural roots before major transit brought tourists into this artist colony. Known for their artistic movements in sculpture and design, adobe style buildings, vast and talented Native American communities, a huge alternative healing and spiritual community, and the many shades of brown, New Mexico is a culturally rich destination for you and Fido to explore.

Whether it’s skiing some of the steepest terrain in North America in Taos, taking in the rows upon rows of art galleries in Santa Fe, or bonding with locals of Red River, there is something for everyone in New Mexico.

Just off the plane on your way to Santa Fe, and a little hungry? Head over to Body, an all vegan-organic health food restaurant, yoga and spa studio. Dogs are allowed and you can rent a private room or dine al fresco with Fido. The food is deliciously healthy, and though you may not be able to pronounce most of what is on the menu, you will, however, be taken through each item by the very friendly staff who are eager to see you healthfully satiated.

After your glow from this organic health food spa, it’s time to head to your first stop in Santa Fe. The town of Santa Fe is an artsy colony type of town that people drive thru and end up moving to. You’ll likely adopt adobe architecture and find out how many different shades of brown there really are!

There are a few hotels you and Fido will want to cool your heels at. Believe it or not, Santa Fe has one of the few Four Seasons Resorts that does not have a weight restriction for dog visitors. Perhaps that’s because they have large jet tubs in each room. Unfortunately, Fido will have to watch from the sidelines on that one, while you bliss out to candles and enchanting music. Don’t worry; there is plenty for you and Fido to explore at this resort.

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