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4 Money Saving Tips to Help Keep FIDO Healthy

FIDO knows that with the rising cost of living and price of pet healthcare, pet owners are looking to cut costs wherever possible. To help consumers looking to pinch a few pennies our friends at Paramount Rx, a full-service prescription benefits manager (PBM) and provider of discount pet medication program shared these four tips with us for saving money while still keeping FIDO happy and healthy.

4 Tips for Saving Money on Pet Medications

1. Ask your veterinarian for a written prescription - Approximately half of all pet prescriptions can be filled at local pharmacies in the form of human equivalents, including the most common pet medications. Therefore, asking for a prescription from your veterinarian should be the first money saving step all owners take. When combined with the use of a prescription discount card, purchasing human equivalents can result in savings that can add up quickly, adding up to hundreds of dollars a year or more.
2.Use online tools - Online tools are available that allow consumers to research and compare the prices of pet medications, including those that are not readily available at local pharmacies. These tools even offer the ability for the consumer to conveniently order by phone for home delivery.
3.Try a free prescription discount card - Free prescription discount card programs are readily available for pet medications and offer savings of up to 36 percent off the retail price at leading pharmacy chains around the nation. These programs are available for both four- and two-legged members of the family, regardless of age or income. To participate, customers need only to provide the card and a veterinarian’s written prescription when getting drugs filled. 
4.Opt for generics - Generic versions of prescriptions are often cheaper than name brand prescriptions. Buying generic versions in bulk packages will further reduce your overall costs.

With over 150 million pets in U.S. households and over $12 billion spent annually on veterinary care, Paramount Rx introduced to combat the increasing costs associated with pet medications. For more information, please visit .

About Paramount Rx
Paramount Rx is a full-service prescription benefits manager (PBM) focused on consumer-driven health care to help clients provide services for consumers to save money on prescription drugs. The company has tailored programs to help their customers and consumers achieve significant savings with discount prescriptions through a national network of over 54,000 participating pharmacies. For more information, visit .


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