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ActivPhy For Your Active FIDO

Have you tried ActivPhy for your FIDO?  Read on to learn how this great product works and how YOUR FIDO could win a free month’s supply of ActivPhy AND be featured on ActivPhy’s web site!  

Arthritis in dogs is one of the most common conditions veterinarians diagnose in middle-aged and senior dogs and can seriously impact the quality of life of our companion canines.

The good news is that owners can help their dogs experience fewer episodes of arthritis-related discomfort and potentially take smaller or less-frequent doses of pain medication having mild to severe side effects through the regular use of products that improve the integrity of the canine joint and naturally reduce inflammation.

ActivPhy is a novel nutraceutical that supports your dog’s mobility and therefore his quality of life. Nutraceuticals are products having ingredients derived from food sources that can yield medicinal effects. More specifically, ActivPhy is a chondroprotectant nutraceutical, which means it is product that has protective qualities for joints.

 It’s safe to use in combination with veterinary prescription arthritis medications, but even so its best that you work with your veterinarian to determine the most-appropriate protocol for your pooch.

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TO ENTER CONTEST  - Share a photo of your dog having fun doing their favorite activity by sending to (Please put  ActivPhy in the subject line), along with your name, your dog’s name and where you hail from.

The top three photos will win a free month’s supply of ActivPhy Patented Joint Support Soft Chews and have your dog’s photo featured on ActivPhy’s web site!

Deadline for entries is Sunday June 7, 2015 at 8PM EST.  Winners will be notified on Monday June 8, 2015.

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