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And They Call It Puppy LOVE

February is the month of LOVE …. For our family, our friends and most definitely our FIDO. While we cherish our precious pups it’s important to remember that hugging and cuddling may not always be appreciated by our four legged friends. 

While some pets love being hugged and smothered in kisses, other feel “claustrophobic” when been hugged, especially if they are not permitted to leave.  While FIDO is the protector of the family and prides themselves on herding and keeping the children in the family safe, the hugs of appreciation of small children (who tend to squeeze a wee bit too hard) are not always welcome. Additionally, a pet should only be hugged when you are feeling calm. In the case of an injured pet, or upset pet, hugging is often not the best solution, as this case often nurtures the unwanted behavior, and creates more of the negative behavior.

Now on the flip side, our furry best buddies definitely live in the moment and one of the best things we can do is to be present with them.  Joining them at their level in a calm and focused way will make them feel safe and special. And whether they are in the mood to play ball or tug of war, or just to look out the window intently and eye up the neighbor’s cat, be their human “wing man or woman” and make your time together all about them.  In times of stress, be your pets rock, and let them know that everything will be ok. For some pups, that may mean just sitting with them, and doing nothing else but lightly stroking their head or giving them a calming belly rub. Being present with them IS the best present you can give them.


But of course sharing a yummy treat is also appreciated by FIDO  - and one that we really like? Petcurean’s SPIKE™ treats! With a tagline of “treat others as you’d like to be treated” AND the promise that SPIKE™ contains only all natural ingredients, with zero by-products, added growth hormones, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, it’s a great choice for your best friend!



With their unusually high content of premium quality meat proteins, micronutrients, anti-oxidants and “superfoods” like chia, pomegranate and kale, all lovingly prepared by your friends at Petcurean, SPIKE™ treats not only taste great to FIDO, they make our hearts happy because they are also healthy.  Two Paws Up on that!  So ….. Who wants a treat?  FIDO does!

To see all the great products Petcurean offers visit them here and remember - We also love the Petcurean guarantee - It doesn't happen very often, but if your pet refuses to eat one of their foods or has a physical issue with a Petcurean recipe, just return the bag to the local pet specialty store where it was purchased (with your receipt). You will receive a full refund, or an exchange for another Petcurean product.

Happy February!

FIDO Friendly is proud to be a Petcurean Blogger Advocate.  Petcurean provides products for our review and promotion

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