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Animal Aid USA’s Wheels and Wings to the Rescue

As featured in our FIDO Friendly Summer Magazine issue, we are thrilled to share how hundreds will be participating to save approximately 350 shelter animals from euthanasia in August.

On August 19th and 20th over a hundred volunteers and dozens of animal groups will participate in Animal Aid USA’s largest rescue of the year–saving approximately 350 animals on the euthanasia list at Georgia shelters.

Animal Aid USA co-founders, Lorenzo Borghese and Karen Talbot, along with their dedicated team, will drive to GA to save animals from Liberty, Pierce, Long, Murray and Laurens county shelters.

HSUS, Pets Plus Natural, Friends of Finn, Providence Animal Center, Puppies and More Rescue, Animal Adoption Center of NJ, Camp Papillon Animal Shelter and Delco DAWGS are some of the participating groups that will be assisting in the Wheels and Wings rescue.

“Animal Aid USA provides all the necessary medical care needed, including vaccines, heartworm treatment and spay or neuter,” states Borghese. “The animals then go to our temporary housing center, and when they are ready to be adopted we transport them to our receiving rescues or private adopters across the U.S.”

“We’ve increased our resources this month so we can rescue more animals,” states Talbot. “While 350 new lives will be saved, we will also be transporting the animals who are already at our housing center. Pilots N Paws will fly 75 dogs who are ready for adoption, and the others at the center will be loaded on caravans and transported to our rescue partners in Tampa, Florida and the tri-state area who will find them forever homes.” 

Over 14,000 animals have been saved since Animal Aid USA was founded in 2012. Whether by wheels or by wings, the four-legged companions will be traveling in style with a donated shelter blanket by Kona Benellie, and embarking on their new journey to find the loving homes they deserve.

Animal Aid USA is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization providing education, awareness and resources to the public in an effort to empower positive change for shelter animals. Through monthly transports from high kill shelters to qualified rescues across the U.S., to its spay/neuter clinic providing free sterilization to low income communities, Animal Aid USA strives to improve the lives of homeless animals

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