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Animal Victims of Nepal’s Earthquake

In many of the rural villages of Nepal there is almost complete destruction of existing structures. Adam Parascandola and other volunteers from the Humane Society International are working together with a coalition of animal groups both local and international. They are being hosted by Animal Welfare Network of Nepal, but are coordinating with IFAW,WAP,World Vets, and many other local groups.

“We have a large number of vets working directly with us, with other groups, or on their own. These are local and international vets. We are meeting up with the Department of Livestock Services to go with them to some remote villages where they are in need of assistance. We have been working in many villages surrounding the Kathmandu Valley providing medical care to animals in need, and checking on the need for shelter, food and veterinary care,” explains Parascandola.

“Within Kathmandu the larger animal issues are the dogs. The majority of the street dogs are fairing well, but there is concern that feeders may have left, or not have access to food supplies for the dogs. Pedigree has given us a large donation of dog food that we are attempting to get to Nepal. Some is at the airport in Kathmandu, but the items are being heavily taxed and there is resistance in releasing it. We are working on this. We also have veterinary supplies and human relief supplies in the same shipment.

So far HSI has ordered 1000 tarps to distribute to villagers to provide some form of sheltering for their animals before the monsoon season comes. “In many of the relief camps, families are there with their companion dogs. We are working on providing food and other needed supplies to those families.” HSI have also been seeing signs of respiratory disease setting in, as well as injuries. “The main concern at this point is to prevent a disease outbreak which could easily devastate the surviving animal population,”adds Parascandola.

The roads in Kathmandu are challenging and there are areas that are not yet accessible. The areas that are accessible require a lot of travel time between villages, often with some hiking involved. This slows down the response time considerably and there are thousands of villages throughout Nepal in similar situations.

Donations are urgently needed for supplies. Fido Friendly expresses its heartfelt condolences to all those bereaved families, relatives and animals.  For more information, visit: 

Humane Society International:

International Fund For Animal Welfare:

Animal Welfare Network of Nepal :

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