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Animals Impacted by Typhoon Haiyan to Receive Assistance; Rescue Hotline Established

FIDO's friends at Humane Society International are helping animals affected by Typhoon Haiyan - see how below :

"Following the devastating strike of Typhoon Haiyan, Humane Society International had an expert veterinary team on the ground to assist animals in need. Assessments of the hardest hit areas, including the islands of Leyte, Cebu and Bantayan, took place last week and based on our information, HSI has developed a plan of action to help as many animals as possible.


HSI will offer a mobile veterinary clinic throughout the island of Leyte, with its base in Tacloban. The team will provide direct care to animals, including vaccination, deworming, wound care and food supplies. For those animals that may be roaming and displaced from the storm, HSI will set up strategic feeding and watering stations on the island. And HSI will offer a rescue and transport service to our temporary shelter on the island of Cebu for the many people that had to evacuate and leave their animals behind.

We are asking those families with pets currently in need on the island of Leyte, to contact our rescue hotline 916-386-9126. The HSI team will request details, addresses and photos of pets. The team will do everything possible to find the pets and reunite them with their families."

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HSI's Animal Rescue Team On The Ground In Philippines

HSI's Animal Rescue Team files this report from the field in the Philippines to show a first-hand view of the people and animals that are suffering after Typhoon Haiyan. See what our team is doing to help the animals affected by this disaster.

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