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Available July 4th - Dyson V6 Top Dog

Powerful cord-free suction - Removes pet hair - This Top Dog Delivers!

Unlike you, pets don’t wipe their paws at the door. Combined with the constant shedding of hair and dead skin, they can quickly spread stubborn dirt all around your home. With a light, compact body and no cord to hold you back, the Dyson V6 Top Dog handheld is engineered to clean where conventional vacuums can’t. So it can remove pet hair and mess from wherever they choose to roam. With four additional tools designed for every space and surface in your home, there’s nowhere for pet dirt to hide.

James Dyson said, “Our digital motors create new technological possibilities. The V6 motor is faster and stronger than its predecessor with a higher power density.”

Integrated motor technology: The V6 motor was engineered specifically for this machine. One and a half times more powerful than the previous motor, it draws more power from the battery source. Nothing wasted.  

2 Tier Radial™ cyclones: 15 cyclones work in parallel across two tiers to capture fine dust. Dyson engineers ensured an equal flow of air throughout the cyclone pack, by engineering the airways to guarantee constant centrifugal forces and high dust separation.

The latest in battery technology: A nickel manganese cobalt battery transmits one and a half times more power than its predecessor, providing powerful suction for up to 20 minutes.

Light, maneuverable and versatile: A small, light, power dense motor in the hand means that the center of gravity is close to the wrist. At only 3.4 lbs, cleaning up after your pet requires little effort. 

Evolution of Dyson handhelds and cordless technology:

·        2006: Dyson launched the first handheld, DC16. The first handheld with patented Root cyclone technology

·        2009: Dyson launched DC30 and DC31, the first handhelds to be powered by the Dyson digital motor V2

·        2011: Dyson launched DC34 – a handheld – and DC35 Digital Slim™– the first cordless vacuum with patented carbon fiber brushes for fine dust pick-up

·        2012: Dyson launched DC44 – the second Digital Slim which also has 100% more cleaner head power than DC35

·        2014: Dyson launches DC58 and DC59 – the first machines from Dyson with the V6 Dyson digital motor – the most powerful cordless and handheld vacuums. 

·        2014: Dyson launches DC59 Motorhead – the first cordless machine with a direct-drive motor in the cleaner head for 75% more brush bar power than DC59 Animal

·        2015: Dyson launches revamped cordless lineup – each cordless has a Dyson digital motor V6.

About Dyson:

·        Dyson has 1,536 engineers and scientists working on a pipeline of technology that stretches out over twenty-five years. 

·        Dyson invests more than $2.5 million a week on research and development and has doubled the number of engineers employed at its UK research and development laboratories in the past two years.  

·        Dyson has expertise in fluid, mechanical, robotic, electrical, thermal, chemical, acoustic, motor, thermo dynamics, testing and software engineering, and is thought to be the only vacuum cleaner manufacturer with an in-house microbiology team. 

Dyson V6 Top Dog 

·        Testing: Dyson prototypes are subjected to 636 different validation tests. On/off buttons are punched 20,000 times. Prototypes are drop tested 10,000 times.  Cleaner heads are slammed into iron table legs. 

·        Patents: There are 350 patents and patent applications worldwide relating to the technology used in Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, including patents relating to Dyson digital motors.

·        Clean time: 20 minutes

·        Hygienic bin emptying: Just push the button to release the dirt directly into the bin.

·        Energy Star Rating: The machine’s battery charger has qualified for the Energy Star rating, due to its energy efficiency.  

·        Weight: 3.4 lbs.

·        Guarantee: The machine comes with a 2 year parts and labor warranty.

·        Tools: Combination, crevice, mini soft dusting brush, mini motorized tool, extension hose and stiff bristle brush 

·        Price: $229.99

·        Availability: July 4th, 2016 on and at select retailers. 

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