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Beat Bad Dog Breath Without a Toothbrush

My dogs lick my face.  There, I said it. I can see you nodding your heads and grinning sheepishly, you love Fido and of course, Fido loves to give you a good licking every once in awhile, or perhaps, daily.

Yes, I DO know where that tongue has been. And yet, I forget all about that when the kissing fest begins. There have been a few times that I can recall where the licks were not welcome when after the first ‘kiss’ I smelled something unholy and had to cut bonding time out completely.

I was very intrigued when Orapup created the dog breath brush as a way to end bad breath including Lickies, the flavoring to spread on the brush to entice Fido.  And so armed with the sturdy Orapup dog breath brush and gel, I set out to give both Junior and Jake a good opportunity to test out this theory.

Better act fast, Junior is already hovering over the beef and bacon smell. I think he likes the soft bristles against his tongue. Wait, are dogs ticklish? Jake is circling, waiting for his chance and he pounces, shoves older brother out of the way and commences the lick test.  This could go on all day, tails wagging and fresh breath, what could be better?

Vets love it too:
“Orapup is a great delivery system for the anti-plaque and enzymatic cleaners to get into the entire oral cavity. The cleaner the tongue is, the cleaner the teeth surrounding it will be.” Vet Tech Riggs

A brush for you? Its been around since 2008. The Orabrush tongue cleaner for humans is available and albeit not with Lickies, but hey, get creative.

For more information about Orapup, visit the following:
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