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Blossom – A Story of Senior Adoption

Suzan Paschall shared this wonderful story of senior adoption with FIDO and we just had to share it with all our friends too. We know you will enjoy this heartwarming story!

I spent time preparing my heart for adopting a Senior Dog. I though I would just bring a senior pup home and help her over the rainbow bridge. I saw the picture of a little 15 year old Chihuahua named Blossom at Sunny Skys Animal Rescue and I knew that was the one for me. At age 15, Blossom was on the Euthanize List in Orange County California, someone saw something in here and she by chance ended up on a truck and transported up to Washington State.  Blossom was weary and it was obvious she had one heck of a rough life.   I don't know what drew me to Blossom was it her little nose in the picture or the crooked little tail and funny little walk,  I filled out the adoption papers right away.  Shortly after Blossom came home she inspired me to create a Facebook page called Blossom a New Life Journey From Shelter to Home.

This page although it has a small following, it promotes senior pet care and tries to raise awareness about the needs of Senior Pets in Shelters and it features Blossoms pictures. We hope that the Facebook page will grow and become more active, meaning more discussion on the topics of senior care and senior adoption.  To further promote Senior Pet Adoption we began entering contests and through social media we discuss Blossom and Senior Pet Adoption every chance we get. 

Blossom was selected as runner up Grande Doggie Marshall for the Bellevue, WA, Bark in the Park on the 4th of July, (we don't live in Bellevue) we live in Orting, Washington.  If we see an opportunity for Blossom and her message we take it.   She had a photo shoot for the 2016 Sunny Skys Animal shelter calendar, where she was adopted from  and we have enjoyed other outings which provide the opportunity to talk about the plight of Senior Pets.  Blossom has brought so much laughter, so much love and she has given us a purpose.  I never imagined that by adopting Blossom would result in us meeting so many nice people and go on so many little adventures. Providing Blossom with all this love and attention has been such a joy.  Her life just began at the age 15.  Every contest, every Facebook post and at every chance we get, we talk about how very important it is that the Senior Pets in shelters not be forgotten.   Having purpose, love and laughter in this life, what else can a person ever ask for.  Our entire family has actually become closer because of Blossom.  We have all joined together as a family in helping Blossom and sharing the news about senior pet adoption needs.  

We as a family have never had a dog so wonderful as Blossom.  She is so special, I never dreamed it would be like this. I realized that if people knew and were able to experience all the joy and love Blossom brings our family that there would be no seniors in the shelters, they would all be in their loving forever homes bringing joy and love to those who care. 

Our challenge and goal is to make sure people know the joy of a Senior Pet. There is nothing like it....Puppies are requested and shown in post after post while the Seniors are seemingly hidden and when shown represent sad, it is the senior pet that needs to be shared the most!

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