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Capture The World From FIDO’s Point of View With GoPro

From Great Danes to Dachshunds, GoPro Fetch Mount captured some adorable doggy POV at the Del Mar Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, where more than 6,000 people and their unique dogs came to enjoy a day of spirited competition and water play.

The event was an ideal place to outfit dogs with the new Fetch mount to capture footage of them exploring the shoreline, playing in the waves and making new friends along the beach. 

Throughout the day, they gathered some make-you-smile footage, from the 100-pound Great Dane “puppy” whose jowls flopped as everyone stopped to greet him, to Brandy, the pug who rode an awesome wave all the way down the line. This "Sunday Funday" was packed with exciting doggy adventures all captured from the unique POV of a GoPro camera

For more information and to get the GoPro Fetch Mount for your FIDO visit them here!

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