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Charlee Bear Products Celebrates 25 Years of Healthy, Natural Dog Treats Made in the USA

More than 25 years ago, a company set out to develop a healthy, natural, low calorie dog treat that would be so delicious, dogs would respond over and over. A treat made in the United States that would be great for training and rewarding dogs of all sizes and ages, plus reinforce the bond people have with their dogs. Original Charlee Bear® Dog Treats were introduced and Charlee Bear has become a pioneer in the natural dog treat market.  “Twenty-five years ago, our simple natural ingredients, our easy to understand ingredient list, and our low calories were groundbreaking,” said Ava Olsen, Charlee Bear Brand Manager, who has been with the company since it started.

Original Charlee Bear Dog Treats

With the help of veterinarians, food scientists, bakers, trainers, people, and dogs, Original Charlee Bear® Dog Treats were developed. “For over 25 years, Charlee Bear has been making the loving bond between people and dogs stronger, one little healthy treat at a time,” Olsen said. “Our earliest treats were made by hand in a neighborhood bakery and delivered to stores in our own cars. We don't make our treats by hand anymore because our ‘Pocket Perfect®’ treats are used by trainers and dog lovers all over the United States and Canada.”

Grain-Free, All Natural Bear Crunch

In response to consumer requests, Charlee Bear introduced Bear Crunch, a low-calorie, grain-free dog treat, in 2014. Three Bear Crunch flavors were created using turkey, chicken, pork, chick peas, berries, fruits and vegetables. “We stuck to simple natural ingredients that are low in calories and high in flavor,” Olsen said. “Trainers and doggie parents regularly tell us that dogs love these treats. Bear Crunch has a ‘special light crunch.’ Our Grain Free treats are also ‘Pocket Perfect®.’ Keep some in your pocket for fun on a walk or outing. Even senior dogs love the light crunch and are able to enjoy it.

Low In Calories

Olsen said there is a growing concern around doggie obesity and how it robs dogs of their health and joy for life. “At three calories or less per treat, Charlee Bear allows dogs and pet parents to enjoy the fun of treats but still maintain a healthy weight,” she said.
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