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Cleaning the Easy Way with the FABulous Moneual Rydis

I am not lazy; I am NOT lazy; I am, well, feeling guilty watching the FABulous Moneual Rydis run around my house cleaning carpet and hardwood. It is fascinating. This robot has settings for corners, under the bed, a mop feature and side brush attachments. This is not a gadget. This is a workhorse. The charging station will get the Moneual Rydis up and running in about an hour.

Simply turn it on and press start and off it goes. The filter is easy to remove when full and I was surprised on how much this machine picked up as I had vacuumed a few days prior. I am using this green machine every day now in different parts of the house. Not because I need to, but because it is so much fun to watch it move around chairs, under coffee tables and well, beyond addictive, it is also fun to watch the dogs and cats reactions to the Moneual Rydis as it is whizzing by them. (MSRP: $299.99)

Rydis saves you time, allowing you to spend it towards having a Better Home, Better Life! 

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award and Spark Design Award, Moneual RYDIS MR6550 is an advanced hybrid robot vacuum cleaner utilizing a powerful motor and dry mop. 
With creative and technical advances in engineering and design featuring a BLDC motor, lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batter, motion play, sophisticated algorithm, 
smart sensors and contains a high-efficiency washable filter, Rydis is the helping hand that can change your lifestyle with the touch of a button.

Experience Rydis and its 7 different cleaning modes including automatic clean, corner clean, intensive clean, manual clean, shadow clean, 
motion play and reservation cleaning mode to start saving you time to do other tasks.

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