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Create Customizable Essential Products That Celebrate YOUR FIDO With PrideBites™

Ask any pet parent about their dogs and you will hear all about their unique personalities. Some are playful while others are serious or calm. Since they are different, why should they all sleep on the same bed, wear the same boring collar, or cuddle with a random blanket?

Thanks to PrideBites™ you can toss the boring old stuff that all the other dogs use and create totally different, totally customizable, essential products that celebrate YOUR unique dog! PrideBites™ even has complete sets of products that match with each other!

1.) Give your dog a comfy, cozy, one-of-a-kind bed, placemat, leash, or collar with fun fabrics that match his personality and your home’s decor.



2.) Design a puffy coat or warm hoodie that perfectly complements his/her adorable smile and winning personality. Let your pup stand out in a crowd.


3.) Make a durable, interactive and fun toy he’ll be begging to play with!



4.) Snuggle up to a cozy blanket with your dog’s sweet face and name on it. This special feature allows you to ensure that everything you buy won't be appearing in everyone else’s home!



With 8 different essential products and dozens of fun fabrics, colors, and options, the possibilities are endless! Save time going to the store and quickly create designs to purchase when ready. If you are not ready at that moment, no problem! Just save your design for later (or share that saved design over social media for advice!).


We are offering all Fido Friendly followers a 20% discount on all PrideBites products! Click here to redeem your coupon! Explore thousands of design possibilities from anywhere – your phone, computer or tablet and avoid waiting in lines. Remember, at PrideBites™ our motto is “Your Pet, Your Choice.”


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