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DOG BITES Will Have You Drooling Along With FIDO

DOG BITES by Steve Brooks, Certified Professional Dog Trainer- a FIDO favorite that will have you drooling along with FIDO!

This time of year we spend hours cooking and feasting. Steve Brooks, world-renown celebrity dog trainer, canine behaviorist expert, and talented cook, has published a deliciously decadent cookbook for dogs and their people!

DOG BITES combines Steve’s love of cooking with his 20 years of training expertise to create recipes that foodies will love and their canines can share. Steve’s training methods feature bites of food, as well as other positive reinforcement. He gives readers scientific explanations of which foods are beneficial for their pups and which are harmful. Many brilliant training tips are wedged in between the tasty recipes.

A few of the goodies in the book: Organic Turkey Meatballs, Sweet Pup-Tato Fries, Chicken Pup-Pie, and Blueberry Coffee Cake.

The photos alone will make you and your pooch drool - see more and how to order your today!

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