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Dog Bites with Steve Brooks

FIDOs friend Steve Brooks needs our help and he is offering all sorts of cool incentives for those who donate to his project!

Watch the video below,  to discover details about this exciting new dog training and cooking show, then click fund this project, and share the link on Facebook, Tweet about DOG BITES (share with your  friends and family too!)

DOG BITES with Steve Brooks. My Mission: To take Steve Brooks’ proven training method into the living rooms and kitchens of millions of viewers online and on TV! We know there are plenty of dog owners out there who just aren’t comfortable with training methods presented on TV, many of whom would rather treat their dogs as family members. This project is for all of those people, hopefully you!  

Learn to cook and share dog-friendly recipes and training tips using food as a positive, reward-based training method never before seen on TV!

I have less then a month to fund this project - I’ve helped thousands of dogs over the years, now I need your help. In the long run it will help thousands more dogs, and humans.  Every little bit helps - THANK YOU!




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