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Dog Door Chimes - Music to FIDO’s Ears AND Your FIDO Could WIN Them - Contest Details Here!

FIDO thinks these Dog Door Chimes are lovely AND clever as can be,  and one lucky FIDO fan will win these chimes for their FIDO!


One Winner - One winner will receive one of these beautiful Dog Door Chimes for their FIDO!

How do you win? Submit a sentence or two telling us "Why My FIDO needs Dog Door Chimes” to  - could be a funny reason or a serious one -  (Please put CHIMES in the subject line). Adding a picture of your FIDO is a plus! One winner will be chosen at random and their entry shared on our FIDO Friendly Facebook page.

When does it start and end? The contest starts NOW and the contest ends at 11:59 pm Eastern time zone on Sunday March 25, 2013. FIDO Friendly staff and their families are not eligible to win.

Pssst!  Dog Door Chimes is having a giveaway promotion through their website too – enter here (by 3/18/13), for a second chance to win !

Dog Door Chimes offers a rich harmonic sound and unseen beauty for any decor and style home, including America’s finest residences. House trained or not, they make family life easier from a dog’s point of view, by communicating in a more effective and calming way.

At 3’4” in height, these chimes offer an easy and beautiful way for a dog to say “I need to go out”. With the light touch of a dog’s nose, their owners will hear the rich sound of chimes throughout their home. The centrally suspended, thick walled and capped aluminum tubes, along with the high density striker, give these chimes an outstanding amplified tone and resonance.

Aside from their beautiful sound and eye-catching elegance, these chimes were designed with our 4-legged companions in mind and are simple for them to use.  Installation is made easy with their hidden magnetic connections, as well as designed and built with lasting quality into every chime.


PRODUCT REVIEW -(February, 2013) - Music to my ears!  What is grand, glorious and melodious PLUS serves as a training tool for Fido?

I can’t say enough about how beautiful the Dog Door Chimes are. Forget the fact the founder, Mark Derouchie, discovered quite by accident that these chimes would prove the perfect training tool for his Boxer to let him know he was at the door and needed to go out pronto!

There are two ways to mount the chimes; either by a door hinge method where you slip out the pins on your hinges and insert the apparatus (the chimes do not move when the door is opened) or the wall mount.  It’s a personal choice but I chose the wall mount.

Mounted by our front door, it looks like a piece of art. Instructions come with the product but my dogs did not hesitate sniffing and sounding the chime alarm right away. It did not take long for them to link the sound of the chimes to the opening of the door for their potty breaks.

The Aluminum tubes (chimes) are scratch resistant and lightweight with thick walls for a beautiful sound. You have a choice of three finishes:

Metallic black

The wood is available in three types:

Black walnut

It was a lot of fun working with my black Lab Jr. and my Boxer, Jake. Now if I can just keep my cats from playing around with the chimes. Oh well, its one way to get exercise.

Did I say the chimes sound beautiful? Don’t take my word for it, visit their website and listen for yourself!


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