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Doggy GOO for FIDO and GOOy CHEWy RELIEF for You

It may be ALLERGY season for BOTH of Us - THE Achoo Sneezing AND the Itchy, Paw Chewing family members, but never fear, FIDO’s friends Doggy GOO and GOOy CHEWy RELIEF have come to the rescue!

Built on the philosophy that rather than mask allergy symptoms with pharma, you can instead build heightened internal immune tolerance to major enviro allergy sources in both “You” and “your Dog”. 

For past 3.5 Yr., DVM Dermatologist Formulated Doggy GOO has been successfully helping our itchy, paw chewing, gunky ear allergy dogs via a GOO-Licious Treat and NOW GOOy CHEWy RELIEF can fight “your” major aero-enviro allergy sources via a GOOy CHEWy Honey Treat.


Doggy GOO for your Dog AND GOOy CHEWy RELIEF for You !  FIDO is feeling Allergy better already. So Now it is your Turn.


For more information and to order today visit - &


Doggy GOO Commercial for dog's with allergies.

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