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Dogs Should Only Run For Fun

My name is S. Matt Read and I work as the Research Director for GREY2K USA Worldwide. I am excited to let you know that I will be running a marathon to help save greyhounds! That’s right, I am signed up to race in Quebec City on Sunday, August 27 and would love to have your support. I am running so that the greyhounds don’t have to! 

My organization is dedicated to wiping out the cruelty of dog racing and so far, we have helped to end racing at thirty-one American tracks. We know that as long as commercial dog racing continues, gentle hounds will pay with their lives. They break their backs, their necks and their legs and some are even electrocuted to death! State records show that a racing dog dies every three days in Florida. 

When not at the track, racing greyhounds endure lives of terrible confinement. They are kept in warehouse-style kennels inside stacked cages that are barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around — for twenty or more hours a day. There are no toys for them and no play. Their diet is based on raw, 4D meat — meat that is “unfit for human consumption.” In the UK, it is called “knackery meat.” The dogs end up with terrible teeth and because the industry will not pay for spay/neuter, females are doped up with steroids to prevent them from going into heat. Even worse, greyhounds are given drugs to fix races, including cocaine and amphetamines.

GREY2K USA started with a ballot question in our home state of Massachusetts and now we work around the world to give greyhounds the second chance they deserve.  Right now, we are supporting dogs leaving the newly-closed Mobile Greyhound Park (dog racing ended on Saturday!) and to save 650 greyhounds at the closing Canidrome, China’s only legal dog track. Every dollar you donate will literally help save precious lives!

Please support me in my marathon on Sunday and then join with me in looking forward to the day when all greyhounds are free.

For the hounds,

S. Matt Read

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