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DOGTV’s World’s Most Powerful Dogs of 2013

FIDO's friends at DOGTV shared this fun list with us - see who was chosen as a TOP DOG for 2013.   DOGTV selected pups based on several criteria, including on-air screen time, top-billed costars, ratings, awards and earnings. But, the ultimate decision came down to news coverage. These pup-arazzi targets made national headlines in 2013 for their many accomplishments.

FIDO has the giggles as we share the Top 5 Winners!

Brian Griffin, Family Guy

While Oprah might top the Forbes Most Powerful Celebrities list, she’s no match for 2013’s No. 1 dog – Brian Griffin. Family Guy fans everywhere were shocked about the untimely demise of the Griffin family’s beloved dog, Brian. He might be headed for retirement, but his TV death led the way to the show’s best ratings of the year the following week (2.6 million viewers).

Baxter, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues hasn’t even hit theaters and already its canine star has it made. Baxter, Ron Burgundy’s (Will Ferrell) trusted companion, won hearts in the first installment and has been seen doing some major press for the second film. The border terrier is set to play an even larger role in the second film, which, according to Ferrell, has given him quite the ego; nearly costing the entire shoot with his extravagant demands.

Stella, Modern Family

As Modern Family’s resident pet, Stella has become primetime TV’s most famous pooch face. The French bulldog might not be the funniest member of the cast, but she does rub elbows with the likes of Ed O’Neill and Sofia Vergara and entertains more than 4.6 million viewers each week.

Wilfred, Wilfred

As the show’s namesake, Wilfred, the hallucination of Elijah Wood’s character, has made a name for himself as the bad boy of the canine world. This loveable, yet menacing pooch has “charmed” more than 2 million viewers on a weekly basis since its 2011 premier.

Giggy, Vanderpump Rules/Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

By far the most well dressed pup on TV, Giggy has warmed the hearts of millions on not one, but two BRAVO shows. This Pomeranian has nearly outshined his fabulous owner, Lisa Vanderpump, with his accessorizing ways.


For the full list of winners visit DOGTV.


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