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Every day is Bring Your Dog to Work Day at The Honest Kitchen!

At The Honest Kitchen, we’re jolly lucky, because every day is Bring Your Dog to Work Day! We have a pack of about 15 dogs who join us at the office most days. They can be found lounging on their big, squishy dog beds, climbing onto desks or people’s laps for a mid-email snuggle and occasionally skulking into the kitchen to help themselves to an unattended donut.

For anyone considering to take your pet to work this week, we have a few suggested ground rules that we practice to ensure a safe environment for the dogs - and a productive one for their guardians.

  1. We require that all dogs be spayed or neutered prior to coming to work, except where age (under 12 months) or underlying health conditions prevent this from being possible.


  1. Dogs are only allowed to roam freely about the office if they’re able to be well behaved. Staff members use a crate or tie down to confine their dogs when necessary to make sure they don’t frighten Johnny (our UPS guy) or anyone else who might come to visit. 


  1. Barking, running and wrestling aren’t allowed in the office. (Like several of our Dog Rules, this one also applies to the humans, except on Fridays.)


  1. Team members are expected to exercise their pups before work, so the dogs arrive calm and quiet.


  1. Any dog with a contagious infection such as a kennel cough or a flea infestation are not permitted in the office. We are not proponents of across the board usage of anti-flea medications.


  1. Pets should be fed at home to avoid food aggression with other office dogs.  


The benefits to having our dogs with us are endless. Our human staff have the perfect reason to get up and move around a bit and enjoy some fresh air the dogs need walks. When things get a bit stressful, it’s always nice to know your pup is lying under the table at your feet. Petting our four-legged friends helps lower blood pressure and releases mood-boosting endorphins, among a multitude of other health benefits.

We love having our pups at work every day, and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

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