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FIDO Friendly Subscriber Spotlight - Meet Beauty and Janice

This week’s Subscriber Spotlight features Janice Trzeciak and her FIDO Beauty.

Beauty's story starts on facebook. One of my friends shared a pic of a pit bull that was on death row at NYAC&C. Something in those eyes just got to me. Having 5 pitbulls already I wasn’t sure about taking another in.  Once I expressed interest in her though, it was almost a done deal.

The only problem was that we were in Pittsburgh, PA  and she was in New York and going to be put to sleep the following day. That was when my soon to be new friends (Susan and Christina), in New York, stepped in.  Susan went to the shelter & adopted her the next day, while Christina kept her for a few days till we could drive up. As it happened Susan had to drive to West Virginia & brought her to us. When we got her she was only 30lbs, 4 years old with Kennel cough & an infection in her mammory glands. She had been used for breeding then just dumped at the shelter. Once her medical issues were cleared up we started working on training.

It took a lot of work but she is now CGC and has done so much in her time with us. She has represented out team in the Susan G. Komen race for the Cure "Pitties for Titties. She was featured in Life & Dog magazine as one of 50 dogs changing the world. She has represented PetSmart at several Pet Expos we've had booths at.

Just last year she she took 4th place in the Short & Smooth creative Styling contest as one of Santas elves. She loves everyone and spreads so much happiness where ever I take her.

She is the most amazing dog ever!

FIDO thinks you are pretty amazing too Janice! 

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