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FIDO Friendly Subscriber Spotlight - Meet Luke and Laurie

We love to hear from our subscribers and this note from Laurie and her service dog Luke was very special and we wanted to share it with you.

Luke is a service dog in training for Warrior Canine Connection.  As his puppy raisers our job is to expose Luke to as many different environments and situations as possible.  In the last 15 months Luke as visited DisneyWorld in Florida, Arizona, St. Louis, and the Maryland/DC/Virginia area.  He has been on more flights than I can count and travels as a real pro!  He is a fan of attending sporting events (Oakland A's, San Francisco Giants and San Francisco Forty-Niners).  His daily trips are pretty mundane...Target, the grocery store, meetings with me, basketball practices, volleyball games, the post office, etc.  I am excited to read your magazine and see recommendations for our future travels!

In addition to the training we do as Luke's puppy parents, he spends 3 or 4 days a week at the Menlo Park VA where veterans who are in program for PTSD and traumatic brain injuries train Luke for his eventual placement with a fellow veteran with disabilities.  

You can also follow his journey at

Laurie Higuera

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